Wonderfully drawn explanations and guidance to the wells and rivers found in the Bible; for directions to the mountain, through the valley. And the two trees in the garden and one on the way through steps to get to heaven.

I recommend this read for all creatures created and led to feed off Jesus. Drink the blood and don’t miss what it reveals about God; being Love and sacrificing that Spirit, for us. It was our sin nature, cunning capitalism and for our lack of attention, to details.

Only 5 known senses? No spidey or esp sense of Love? Doesn’t the sun rise and set on the just and unjust? Does Love give freely and take a punch? Come back for more when we need it… Just cause it Loves us?

I came to know through Jesus… I do not like how our faith has led us, as a whole. Look at us all pledged under God. Divided. Not one house with plenty of rooms. We miss the most important Word… Love. That could actually unify us all. All of creation. All things possible. We can each have an undeserved room and enough bounty to live as we were created.

What’s my name? Is what he said. Then we wrestled. I did the same later, when I had to ask him. Babes, come in to this world and know nothing, but an essence of Love. Instinctively.

We corrupt them. With our stories still beholden, just a little. Sell it to me! All of it. Get naked, fetch my water! Seek truth with me. I’m jealous. Tenacious Don’t let go.

The Spirit, or Angel from heaven, said, then we broke bread and drank wine. I woke up at the bottom of the mountain; with no idea how I got there. Just a sea of people before me, staring; alien to me. Well done, I thought, before they clocked me.

At first it seemed, they were giving me a cloak or a blanket. All peaceful like. Eventually the truth prevailed. Like they said it would. Testifying to me, said they were witnessing.

As I witnessed this, it occurred to me. I could introduce them to Love for all Creation. However, they were busy sharing in another's glory. Banging cymbals for them. Creating more confusion about what Love is. Maybe their ears hear something else. Maybe their spirit needs something else. Only Love can give.

In the end they became my bounty. He said. For it came to me by, in, through and for the pleasure of the one who sent me. You can’t guess who that is. It’s unknowable, isn’t it? Unfathomable, wonderful and majestic. And All things, known and unknown. to humans.

Have you broke enough bread to go set the captives free? Drop table scraps and speak in foreign languages? Stretching ourselves beyond imagination? I just want to remind us… all things are possible. Dreams become a better reality?



That's me in the cracker barrel. A picture is worth a 1000 words in this bio. https://www.buymeacoffee.com/pcpcrew

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