Aaron Tarpley
2 min readNov 9, 2020


Wonderful piece… thank you!

Good information to consider. Broaden perspectives and helps us get to truth deeper in current matters… what’s the message… moral of the story?

Sheep are enslaved and demons roam among us? In both forms of heroes, heroine’s and righteous man’s eventual truth, desire for exposure.

Man convicts themselves. Leaning into their understanding. Passing half judgements… For motives that seem shrewd. But are really more cunning.

For the love of money, wealth, power and goods of all kinds. Preserving the earth and its inhabitants, all of creation?

Is that someone’s stolen wealth to seek to retrieve or ill gotten gain, given, then restricted, until finally taken away, to be used for greater goods? By who? I’m curious enough to go dig for more information. What happened to New Amsterdam, who founded New York City? What could possibly happen now?

Are we doing better today? With efforts of Presidents, Kings, Queens and famous merchants and profiteers? Or We the people Under a God’s name… determined to rule by the documented laws. Of men heralding champions for better than slave wages for all?

What’s with all the ships? Whose property passed on? A system designed for manipulation of profits and for bounties on heads. Peace and prosperity for all?

Are we all equal shareholders? In the gains from our past heritage? The cunning, capitalistic ways of profiteering, like pirates. and merchants. Now lobbyists and politicians, cunning representatives elected by the people.

We don’t really understand… how much wealth was created for all of us, during colonization that never ends.

We the people, doin the same thing over and over again; taking bribes and limiting liabilities.

Taking tin foiled with gold and other perceived riches. Low hanging fruit, like slaves and peoples hearts.

Guilded for ages now and how majestic the truth is to be eternally enduring and persevering like she is… Adulterated?

How cunning was she? Wise as a serpent? Gentile like a…lawyer? Is man nothing but a shell company? For a bent woman behind the scenes and advances?

Reminds me of Miriam. The woman with a well dried up. And Aaron. Using Moses for shade under his name? And God given rights and reputation.