When 2 Pure Hearts Get Drunk & Naked Together One Starry Night. Twas When Things Get Dicey.

The Next Step… A purified heart’s re appeal to Love; longed for, afforded and x scored long ago.

Aaron Tarpley
8 min readOct 26, 2020

Let’s get drunk and naked. Dance and get loud about it. Rather wrestle? Socially Dianastanced? Like a Princess? I’ll grab your ball sack! like a vet having a bad day dealing with a goat!

Together Babe… Here cling to the hook of my staff and hang on. Love will save the day! Let’s make a movie and a song, Tell the world about it.

What is possible? When you dream about me and us and them love.

What Can We Do?

We can do it, this and that and not wait for the amore any longer!

I’ll throw a fit like a baby.

Kick you in the air bands! Feck your waves.

You won’t ever know the invisible hands around you? If I don’t remind you; It’s in our contract!

Patty Cake I miss you. Bakers Hands I burnt you.

Calloused and rubbed. With coco butter and olive oil.

My wounds have lost their salt. The bandages fell off. Where is the nurse to comfort me? Send the bill to Uncle’s Sam, Larry , Mo and Curly. They turn it into scratch for play and even make for more ammo against the neighbor. Across the Isle. Welfare is the actual only law commanded, not warfare. To ensure, insure the least among us. To Love your neighbor. Love of money, wo for nelly and here comes santé clause. Have you read the contract? It’s all debt against all us. You can dream about it.

Right now… You can help them!

While they help us… negotiate. For more bounty.

Help me help you… not miss this moment.

Help them… It bodes well for the whole gamut.

And us over here… down there or up?

One day, recently, while eating at Panera Bread and Pastry.

A guy who looked like a bandit, told me once. It don’t matter, where they are from. As he hassled us all around for money; to get to Abilene. To see his sister, You dunce.

I had no money, not even a fresh bandana to give him. I couldn’t ask or rob my benefactor, who had blessed me with lunch that fine day for me. I tried to ask, but he wouldn’t engage, just barked, then walked away. To the next victims? Not of his disparity or angst pouring out like sweat, but at the injustice of decades, centuries of crashing waves, frets and regrets.

With all the riches and bounty of 4 or more Nations established among us. How per sea shall I explain to the least among us? In The Report, err… census that is recorded when time is due; and not a fly is spared service for duty when Father’s Time comes through.

Frolic about my Love. It’s all very confusing. Listen, they’ll tell you, if they catch you and I listening. Send us money to keep trying to help you help US.

We need planes, campaigns. To spread the gospel and help Build a wall, while they sell visas. And build secret brothels. To gain access, to perceived plunder for them all. The greatest among us. Raise a piece of toast, to the chief deceivers and people abiden in their ways.

Save the cake and brioche for the least among us! Sneak out the good wine they saved for the after party. Paid for by the peasants inheritance. Who never knew to miss it. Only felt the pangs of the self-appointed protagonists, purposely deceived, confusion. And our organic resistance. Like our nose smells bullshit.

I’m hunting demons. Stay wherever you roam.

Meet me at the river. After you Vote.

AND ANOTHER ONE… The DJ said… eat Kale!

Slips and slides.

Witty Lies.

A spider saw me.

A Scorpion stung me. On the stomache.

Thinking back it’s hazy, I was 4, 5, or maybe 6; Granny spit some Tobacca.

I spilt a kettle of Hot Tea all over me when I was 3?

Fell into a bunch of Rose Bushes When I was 4, don’t exactly remember when I broke my collar bone… I think I was 5.

A dog barked at me many times along the way.

A beetle bailed me out a time or two. A horrible snake scared me made him jump and me run. I was 8 when my pastors future lover told me about Jesus. It made his story all the better.

She was everything nice and spiced and I was only 8 and don’t really remember her like that.

I was more interested in the story bout Jesus. And a savior.

Recently we all saw. On TV. Someone ‘dressed up’ for church who had introduced hissself as Bigly, The Greatly Guy come to save me… us. Somehow the bold, loud man knew we would Love him.

God made Humpty. Who then made dumpty, before “falling” off a wall. When Dumpty humped and splattered an egg for another dump and then tumbled down the wall idea again. Mostly for senses of security and for political profitability, maybe just whimsical fancy. Too big to fail, Invisible hand stuff, We were told about in school. You’ve known about the games people play since American History and George Washington chopping down an Apple Tree was it?

You didn’t know what George Washington said about the people and invisible hands?

You pledged allegiance to the flag and God. To deal with the invisible hands. Love your neighbor. It’s in the contract. We can go to court or just fixxx the mess. Finally. Ask Warren Buffet, Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos about Goose Eggs. Quit biting on dog whistles and asking for leashes. Tell the people… God appointed to your charge. What to do to serve us the people. They really need to do right, to operate right and not waste our goose eggs! Problems so deep and wide it takes atomic energy; to get the one bad apple?

We can love to dance and we can stomp, to each others side, off into the abyss. I’ll do like Mother’s Father and kick your ass all the way home for goin to the neighbors… Wonder what she was doing at his house? Sucks when you don’t know all the information. I think she was 15. I don’t know about a older Sister.

Wanna lean in or lean out, not tightrope the middle, investigating the search for truth about Santa Clause. Worse when the whole country is at war over 2 sides of the same spent coin. You think this isn’t as bad as Civil War in our American History?

Who made money off gunpowder? You don’t have a clue! About money and politics; and governing a country, of what sort of people did you say we were?

A nation under God, Indivisible. As I recall. Don’t like the results of the google search. Try Bing or Yahoo. or just forget it. You’ve known all this time so why does persistence matter?

Hope for safe passage. Surely there’s no God, just gods or maybe both, for 2 out of 3. If you haven’t seen the light, who is crazy in the equation if you go to church. Jesus said love them, him, me and then you.

Roundabouts through Cul-de-sacs til we found Winding Roads Ways about a mountain. Got there and found out someone had bored a hole straight through the base using math, machinery and degrees of engineering. They wanted to charge me 1 arm and 2 legs forever in perpetuity. Mr. Wonderful negotiated the deals I guess, I told him no I’d rather, at least get the fringe benefits of a Randi like Barbara if I’m gonna get * for ever and never ending amen. I’m only beholden to the one who already saved me. The one true God with the invisible hands.

Love me, loving you. Please, before we all get antsy in the pantsy. Lose our resolve for the big pipe dreams in the sky fields of corn grain we feed on. For hopes and aspirations for us all to achieve. Until the least among us is filled with the spirit and we can all live in perpetual peace.

I saw you in the pantry!

Spit Love, throw the mud… Here let me wash it out and give you a ear lavage. Faith produces hope that will embolden all when its sincere and genuine. Could you forgive someone? If they told you the truth and repented? Would you have senses for that sort of situation?

What if we had a show down for the Truth all on TV? For an election. Loser gets to go to heaven by his/her own hand! The other wins the bid for Presidency for 7 years. Then executes himself. Heaven is the prize right?

I’m being ridiculous and also not a little. No blood is to be spilled again after the time and era of the story of Christ Jesus. It’s hard, some you wanna argue this and that. I can’t help you there. You gotta come back around to terms with reality about truths and belief. Faith, Hope and Love. Not campaign slogans babe.

Kick the love back in them! Whip and Scold them! Don’t even worry about the Cameras and witnesses or weary by-standers.

Don’t make me get maul&daddy! Even more ridiculous.

I cedd and I Saw what everyone else did last night, yesterday and every sumerx, wonder, Springhouzt and all, the times of lifley with the wifies. The y is silent or sounds like i wihy? Don’t lie you don’t really know.

Only argue. About something you heard. About why others not like you can’t or won’t do like you. Is there more to the story you don’t have time for or won’t do what is needed, required of you?

Looking for this and finding some of that, even asking and not finding for justice across the land. Seek the truth with a pure heart they told you. Some are trying all sorts of creative ways to remind us. Because they found a Love to drive them.

Saw something that looks like what they saw along the way, through the low home depot.

What is that? You say?

Amazing, all of them that…

What? Wait!

They don’t know!

Who knows!? Lord!


Christ! WTF! WWF! WWW! MMA! UAL!

UN on it Matthew? Kanye? Ice-T! Duane you have a nice frame… What if we mixed in Chris T. Rock and Mariah, Our Canary?

I got nicked in battle… may not have the right to rattles?* Better fact check this! I got creed beyond imagination; equal to any of yours who would dare deny another.

No one’s any better, no matter what you heard. Angels among us loving each and every one of us and even you. I have to keep truck’n over.

Rolling my little rock. Here you wanna see, my friend? I’ll let it roll back down over ontop of you, again and again. If you need it. Love knows no bounds. Millstone hones, we moan. It’s really no big deal. Till we wake up one day and the crowd is outside our door with signs and passing out water bottles, making sure all are secure. To sing Christmas Carols and Hymns of Goodwill. Peace unto all Nations of Men.

I hope Love will save you… my ass, this fine day! Or election cycle. But Man… Wouldn’t it be awesome to see the bigger win. Not one for all sacrificed. But all gain the one world and not loose their soul!

The Subtle Baritones' and Moxie stripped naked.



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