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5 min readNov 11, 2020


Up front and honest…

I am looking for a baseline or common denominator; common ground, we can come together and agree on. I just smoked pot for this project and believe we can do it!

I AM said I could get naked and stand before you. Talk to you… Frankly, I am wanting to tickle your funny bone while I gab in your ear.

I am no novelist, yet. I don’t have much following. I do have some encouragement and lots of passion for doing something, and not nothing, as I have been doing for 40 years or more. Wishing and waiting, for Love and not justice. I’m just afraid for you.

The stark truth about it is… tell me… what is it?
Honestly, I do have some opinion about it. You do and they do too. No question, now, about it. We need a sort of reckoning across the land. Between us. It’s not ok. For us to let it go, back into the shadows.

We must expose the light… no… I mean, shine a light on it all. Even beseech a God about it. Did we miss the calling? Didn’t see or even acknowledge the culling. Shame on me? No shame on you. Did you read that right? We just need to do something; about it all. Not fall back in to some inflated dream state… work on the sabbath; retool the system. Did I mention I smoked a little pot. We can do it! Yes Lord… I’ll work on the sabbath!

I am done with hypocrisy. 
Did your spirit check or bones rattle? Warning!
You shouldn’t read this if you don’t love Christ… or me. I like the melodramatic and think it might stir the soul; good or bad, by, in and through and for me. Hopefully it’s pleasure, one way or another. We all like pleasing... too! 
Hmmm… The thought occurred to me, awhile back; that you and I have heard the variety of messages, offered by them.

I wonder if you’d lend me your ear, just for a moment. I won't whisper at you, promise.

It might tickle, if you let it.

You’ve been warned. Now let’s see… if you can handle some truth. Spit in your eye. Maybe some mud… we’ll see.

We have greenlights to get started. Check your watch and see. You know damn well all about it; working your sabbath, silly rabbit, goat or monkey. Get back over here and give me some more push ups and pull ups. If you don’t you’ll get punishment! Hell for eternity.

Again, I’ll remind you about the embellishments for my entertainment; You can count it all joy for yourself, as commanded and delight in it. Just don’t quit reading and sharing this uh… what is this… it’s organic… a little tragic, shocking and not blasphemic. Love gave me a cloak and name for my journey. Said I could use it, of my own accord; or was that a dream?

We have the power in us… each and every one of us. Got a measure of faith and understanding; psychology and physiology. Family, heritage and blood to pump.

Sold into slavery. Superheros with no clue about it… if you watch tv. Imagination and dreams from the view of a mountain or a bird in the sky or an octopus in the sea.

As Adam, who went before us and now, may be inside us; in our dna. He knew all about the animals, intimately. We are hubris by nature, because we were born.

With a secret knowledge, buried deep inside of us. The Words in life come alive when we find it. A synergy in our spirit and motivation like solar energy, springs forth like a well you can’t cap. Oh yeah… I smoked some pot earlier. We can have it all and never want for evermore. You just won't believe it. What If I tell you there will be punishment? Will that win your heart? For Jesus or Allah? Your pick… God or Love? Which is it?

I’m done with bull shit and insincere arguments, built for stoking wallets and purses from the blind flock led, by blind people with knowledge of invisible hands, to the left and you to the right. Some like a bear hug, reach around and up the ass to grab at the heart. Just to see if there’s more cash to be had.

Leave it alone, don’t worry about it. It’s none of your business what they do on their own. It’s their money to give to them. It ain’t like the gangsters extortion racket. Right? Trust the system, pledge allegiance. Stand up straight and cross your heart, hope to die to save the flag and our land. Respect your elders, do as they say. They were trained, too.

Truth is… I am willing to die for you. I just don’t like the long drawn out suffering part of it. Many others don’t either and we eventually rise up from ashes and reign for at least 10000 years. I added a 0 for good measure. In my story. God helped me right. I asked for guarantees.

Love agreed to keep us, in light of our needs. Thank you God and Allah and Jesus and Buddha and I’m sorry I’m running out of time and cannot address them all. I love all of creation and don’t give a damn what name you use to refer to Love. We are on the same page. 
WE do believe in freedom and liberty; to live and worship Love as your led. 
We can be free… from capitalist oppression and hidden hands, we’ve known about, for all this time. George told us, warned us subtly. We just sheep.

Why don't we all acknowledge, both hands are dirty and we all fell for the bribe, no one any more worthy of anything. Carrots and rewards systems, meritocracy and superior genes. Takes a great deal more faith to hope for anything apart from Love. To save the day for all of us.

Does it not seem overwhelming? Until we get driven to one side or the other for relief. Mercy.
I was told and see now from history we should rise up and walk. Don’t even need to talk anymore, just change radically in the middle.

Is it inevitable?

We split into 3?



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