The Evolvement of Christ

Aaron Tarpley
153 min readJan 20, 2024

The Evolvement of Christ

By Aaron Tarpley


What are our options, from birth and throughout our lives on Earth, in the modern times? The citizens of past Earth have documented the options our ancestors chose. Serving specific Rulers and/or Geographical Regional Formations. Assessing those desires and acting accordingly. Willingly or Begrudgingly. To maintain some sort of order in the chaos of man existing on one planet.

Being born into the sense of Slavery we experience today, as the Bible describes, is still the same conundrum with an evolved state of complexity and entanglements. Good and Evil have married and produced the body of ‘US’, as an evolutionary Child.

We have a Flock to follow to a slaughter gate or a path that leads to the thickets obscuring a cliff’s edge. Or another option if you find it becomes manifested within your soul. Option that man, through the arts and science of living, has described as following Jesus or trusting God beyond comprehension. Both of which can be considered figuratively and metaphorically. Figuratively you’re following a flock of like-minded believers or going solo to some varying degree, with some playing the field like a wolf in sheep’s clothing or hunting for gains in a forest like a fox.

Metaphorically, we can extract all sorts of potential value from the text. Following Jesus being a reference of trust in our Unknowable Creator over a learned sense of faith in God that was pre-measured. A God, man wields like a flaming sword. Described as a Consuming Fire. Questioned in the last words uttered by Jesus on the cross of his sense of salvation.

What if our Creator is in control of our sense of Free Will? Riddle me that and this… Can you stop yourself from breathing, using the air, of your own free will? Stop consuming food and water on a regular basis. Refrain from pooping, farting and peeing. Some do challenge these senses. Practicing holding their breath for as long as they can. We can learn from Gandhi as a popular reference.

When we negate true common morale and divine morality in to terms of caring for the flesh and the material world, while giving blind reverence and obedience to purposeful errors in corporate logic, we might create a great divide between future generations. That is the cost of the veil of deception. A wall you must build around you in your mind to limit your thinking. Everything is a personal sacrifice with dividends and wages of options you can exercise in some sense of shared glory. Others have established an economy for.

What if our Creator is in control of our sense of Free Will? What if we are all individuals in our relationship with It? What if Vaster Creation exists and those bound to this planet fear that? We must consider Vaster Creation as well as God’s Kingdom on Earth, he gave to the Devil. The ‘lived’ on Earth.

What is one potential progression of the stories involving Jesus? What can we logically deduce as potentials when we consider all knowledge available in the Bible? Is it possible our Creator is using all things in Vaster Creation for some good purpose we can all find equal, ‘personal’ confidence in?

Why would the devil, the ‘lived’ bound to Earth, confuse and deceive the New Spiritual Creators that come into existence? What is their concern with border walls, mass controls and mystical veils? Passing a filter. If Private Enterprise is a Mutual God’s desire for pleasure and purpose on this planet. Our Creator would have to use that for some greater good. Allowing Free Will to rule the Individual Creatures. Even subjecting New Creatures to the (TOES) Submission of Earth for Orientation and Training through the (IT) Infants and Teenagers that rule this planet through generational lineages and established powers and principalities. While the Adults are MIA in the Heavens.


Seek our Creator’s Heart in the (ME) Matter of our Existence. And ‘US’ born all together on one planet, in one sense of Vaster Creation.

WWCD? What Would our Creator Do with Jesus? Or a New Creature It created and subjected to the ‘lived’ on Earth for Its initial Life Season. Knowing the conflict God (HE) is brewing. Enmity.

WDJD? What Did Jesus Do, beyond dying on the cross? Calling on the Creator for help beyond understanding or his own comprehension. Was He trusting in God or our Unknowable (SOC) Sense of Our Creator?

WDCD? What Did our Creator Do, roughly 2000 years ago?

Chapter One

After persecution and death, those that choose to cleave to Jesus as his bride, find themselves born again as humans on the planet Jesus left the Earth to groom. Born into His Bloodline. Now fully vested in His physical death, metaphoric resurrection and spiritual rebirth. Developing a society that benefited from the experience they and Jesus had on Earth. But more importantly a Creators’ Cut of Carnal Knowledge that had been brewing for an unknown portion of eternity. Aged to its fruition, as the Creator would determine.

A new species of Human Animal only the Creator knew it would produce from the efforts on Earth, and elsewhere in Vaster Creation, unbeknownst to Jesus. And God doesn’t need to know.

An evolved society system has a chance now to come to fruition from the aftermath of the warring on Earth. And the interjection of New Spiritual Blood from Vaster Creation.

We find Jesus, Mary and Martha have migrated from Earth to take up the task, modern man on Earth would not. They have been fruitful and multiplied the new garden-like planet with offspring for more than 2000 years now. We are one of the 8.1 billion on Earth and now the 8.1 thousand Humans that exist on Jesus’ new planet; that has no name, as yet.

The slow progress of multiplication is a matter of math Jesus and Martha figured out. Mary has been limited by her maturity, the evolution of Jesus as a Human and Martha’s own evolution and influence.

All the Offspring choose their own identifying name as they can of their own free will. Choosing an Official Name when they turn 21.

Jesus never procreated with its children. Only Mary and Martha as a matter of Personal Religious Tradition, even Jesus couldn’t overcome. Resolving to extract and inseminate through a more clinical approach. Jesus knows now that Mary is his Earthly Mother and that Martha’s Brother had been the sperm donor that produced the Human Frame or Carcass Jesus had inhabited on Earth. Forming the Myriad of Spirits that He had battled throughout the Life Season he experienced on Earth as a New Spiritual Creature born into the Human Form and led through the World to witness until his death.

The Human offspring produced are all either, converted souls from Earth that truly in their hearts had followed after Jesus in trust for eternal life, or through Faith in Mary; or came to know Love from our Creator, in, by and through the Gospel of Christ. Many that were subjected and submitted to Earth as New Spiritual Creatures born to the care of religious zealots procreating through shared traditions of religious ways and means. In this way our Creator operates for some greater value of good that is not interfering with their chosen contentions. Declaring their rights to religious convictions as a justification that is divinely enforced through (SIN) Strength In Numbers and allowed by our Creator.

The Offspring are a mixture of these followers from Earth, New Spiritual Creatures and other Spiritual Creatures that have lived on other planets. Bringing a contention of cultural value, as these new Humans grow up and express themselves through the new society system that is forming.

Jesus, Mary and Martha adopted English which is the preferred shared language for most of the Offspring. Using all other cultural languages that become known for investigating and understanding our place in Vaster Creation. This new planet will be an Advanced form of School Campus for graduation into Vaster Creation. And a safe haven for refugees from Earth or other planets.

Jesus has a personal relationship with our Creator; with a shared interest in the formation of life on this new planet. As the Offspring find and pursue this same relationship with our Creator, the shared interest in Society is led by the relationship formed with our Creator and the guidance or wisdom that has come of the evolution of these Creatures from Earth and Vaster Creation. The Mine of Our Creator. No one is following after Jesus or any other Spirit, only our Creators’ Spirit within us. Without Confusion or Deception or even Enmity formed into this civilization, yet. Is it inevitable that corruption will eventually follow, the goodness?

Will our (ACE) Creator’s Evolutionary Alchemy produce a better union in the future of this new planet’s inhabitants? Formed by a real ideal of thought and faith that is expressed through the people. Finding the easiest path with the least resistance is Truth and Trust fashioned together between us. Avoiding the willingly accepted debt of obligation, that is corruptible.

The lessons learned on Earth and other planets become the fodder for educational curriculum on this new planet, as much as Documenting Vaster Creation becomes a shared enterprise of the Social System that produces Art and Entertainment. Knowledge of the Technology crafted on Earth and other planets has been the jet fuel for developing industry on the new planet. All agree, we will find a better way than fostering the Love of Money as a means for incentive to drive our progress. A benefit of evolution and the power of that Spirit which chooses to create us and our natural environments.

Not mucked and mired with philosophical debates for wages or wrangling for political positions, has freed the populace to pursue a new direction. Drawing from Society Systems that seem to exist on other planets and the knowledge of strife and turmoil that exists on Earth, stemming from their established systems. A amalgamation of Creatures from Vaster Creation are crafting this new planet’s future through the unfathomable power of the Universe.

Chapter Two

Jesus had carried on his ministry of education on the new planet. Teaching now with an evolved sense of understanding and purpose. Wiser about the dynamics of the Spiritual World and the Human Flesh. A relationship had formed with our Creator through the experience on Earth and had become stronger or brighter after his transfiguration and transporting into this new planet or room in the mansion. The fewer Spiritual Entanglements in this environment results in this effect. In truth the Spiritual Connection Value with our Creator has not changed or increased. There is simply less interference and distraction.

Jesus is conscientious of his new feet. Realizing that our bodies are vulnerable to conditioning just like our Spirits. The experience he had on Earth with the display of the hubris and vanity of Man, on that planet, has produced a greater understanding of how those dynamics came to be within that society system. Driving his pursuit for crafting a proper community participation model from the aftermath of his time living on Earth. Witnessing. Seeing Money Systems now as a yoke and weapon more than a useful tool. Seeking for a better solution for managing community resources, productivity and social affairs.

You might say Jesus is anti-yoke crafting. Or maybe pointing to our Creator now in the future mural. Seeking to use the ideas of Truth and Wonder to be the foundation for all else to be built on for our mutual edification. The Truth being that we live in a natural state of Wonder and have an innate common shared sense of our unfathomable existence in Nature. Teaching that we organically learn from each other and all are equally important to our Creator who formed each and every one individually. And that we operate as one together if we choose to, by an individual sense of inner will that requires Truth to be evident between us. All consideration of Knowledge is shared rather than hidden or imposed.

Using stories of what was witnessed on Earth, Jesus facilitated a way for future offspring, whose spirits came from Earth, to share the Truth of their activity on Earth. Jesus had realized during his time on Earth that many of the angels and demons stuck there were simply looking for a way to convert themselves and had confused themselves in the process, potentially from the time they were New Spiritual Creatures. Which is what led him to carry on about with God, while also seeking a resolve with our Creator. Leading to the New Planet and the Transmigration of Jesus and his followers. His Bloodline.

Most reborn Spirits on this new planet are aware at an early age of development. They are able to recall events and incidents from their prior life. Some have lived many regenerations on Earth and on other planets. All this available knowledge allows for a greater understanding of our connection to Vaster Creation and potentials for existing.

Many Spirits that came from Earth had trusted in Jesus for Eternal Salvation in a child-like way and had gone on to serve the church becoming entangled with following the guidance of those broods of leaders, for God knows what now. Here everyone would come clean and move on from those types of concerns.

The Spiritual entanglements were not formed yet on this planet to the degree they had come to be on Earth. The Mechanics of Creation had been working towards this result since Man on Earth had come to incorporate God in their activity. Allowing for a true sense of Free Will in the matter for all who had been caught up in the affairs on Earth and in similar ways on other planets.

Jesus and many of his followers had become aware of various Vices on Earth that led to a greater understanding that Creation crafted elements in Creation that can be used in some ways that are beyond our comprehension. Presenting the idea that if we can avoid commercialization of these consumable products we would find a better result in our future Society System. Rather than outlawing matters of Creation and requiring some enforcement for compliance. We would seek a different strategy that utilized shared knowledge and avoid creating external incentives for the profitability to commercialize habitual consumption or use of anything our planet might produce for social value. Not even for tax revenue.

Oddly, there was unity in this matter with future offspring. In just five years a collective system has formed that will evolve and replicate to a scalable social system that will foster productivity through mutual participation and an established open sourced education system. Trusting in our Creator by a matter of Intelligence and realizing it is not by conjuring beliefs but by innate design that we have senses of confidence and encouragement beyond our comprehension.

The Mechanics of Creation that Man on Earth had Capitalized on was breeding for Service rather than for fostering or rearing a Creature for Relationship with our Creator. Mass Motivation then becomes a matter of unfathomable chemistry without impedance. Focusing on establishing the ways and means which allow for further Intelligent progression of this inner sense of relationship from generation to generation. With a contrast of consideration that others will come one day to challenge or seek to overtake the hearts and minds of the people that will inhabit this planet.

Jesus realizes around this time that the collective of creatures on Earth must include creatures that had lived on other planets. In fact, much of the base technologies and many advancements that came to be developed on Earth was the work of those sorts of creatures. Most of whom lived only one life season before moving on into Vaster Creation. Documented Accounts from the Offspring have brought this knowledge to light.

No one is pressed to establish any sort of Kingdom and everyone is willingly engaged in the Social Systems. Community Expansion occurs for a variety of reasons. Resource collection and the formation of industry complexes produce a supporting Community system that will eventually connect with other Communities forming for the cause of supporting Education, Training and Recreation. Adventure Sports are popular and Games of all sorts have become a thriving industry that spawn Communities. Road, Facility and Infrastructure Construction are primary drivers in the growth and progress of supporting other industries. Developing better products, tools and machinery each generation.

Pulp Manufacturing, Wood and Stone Crafting, Soil Processing, Transportation and Metallurgy become the first Industries on the new planet. Jesus had discovered a fibrous plant that produced easily cultivated fibers for crafting rope or coarse thread. The remaining materials, mixed with others, could be brewed and reduced to pulp that would be further refined into crude padding which produced the first Shoes and Bedding on this New Planet.

An Aqueduct and Irrigation Canal had been Jesus’ first Community Infrastructure Project on the new planet. He, Mary and Martha had built a large Stone Framed Dwelling that had Mud Brick Walls as an expandable housing project while planning ahead for the formation of a Complex for the first generation of offspring to inhabit.

Jesus is Jesus but also has two other Spirits the Creator melded with Him who will become His first offspring. One through Mary and one through Martha. These Spirits are no different than Jesus in the matter of spiritual existence. They are the yin and yang or good and evil like an angel and demon concept on Earth. I’m one of these Spirits telling the story as I imagine it. I will tell you it’s a little more complicated than just that ideology.

It’s official common knowledge on this new planet that we are Spiritual Creatures bound to the Human Form for a Life Season of unknown contention. While in the Human Form we are also subjected to other potentially unknown Spirits who are able to influence our thoughts and behavior if we are not aware of the relationship. This contention serves as one aspect of the basis for understanding our choice in design for Community Organization and Activity.

All children are kept and cared for by the parents and a caregiver system until they are 4 years old; being tutored from age 2 to speak and count numbers. Cognate and Motor Skills are exercised daily through group activities for each age group. Adults are busy with community projects and children are one of those projects the community shares in. An infrastructure is formed that supports the process and it evolves each generation. A natural hierarchy forms that spreads the task and time involved, amongst the children at various ages and adults. Parents are able to pursue other projects beyond the education of just their children. Most are carrying on interests they had formed in prior lives. As we develop supporting infrastructure to support the number of creators we have grown to. Now poised for exponential growth that will expand from our established Communities. Communities that will become outdated and abandoned. Turned into Archeology Museums as evolution reigns over this New Planet.

The Blood, Sweat and Tears Industries like Ore Mining, Wood Extraction and Metal Fabrication are jobs men do with support assistance from older male teenagers and developed tools and machinery. Jesus realized that this would be our most challenging phase of industrial growth and had factored supply and demand factors into the multiplication process.

Boys and Girls are separated at ten years of age and kept in different Communities, fostering education until they are 21 when they are introduced into General Society as Participatory Citizens in an established Community System. Both sexes are educated about sex acts and birthing children. Trained to understand that sexual relations between each other are natural and that they should simply avoid the procreation sex act unless they want to produce a child. This matter of awareness and freedom to act on natural senses in other ways as they become desirable seems to work to curb the potential for overpopulation during this early time in the development of civilization on the new planet. We must also consider the benefit of evolvement that many of the Creatures inhabiting this planet have with experience from their prior lives.

Most women produce 2–3 children during their Life Season. Some do not produce any children and some produce more than 3. So far no more than 7 have come from one woman. Most siblings have different Fathers. We all consider ourselves one family on this new planet that is our home for at least this current life season. Only our Creator determines our future in Vaster Creation according to our individual needs and inner desires that we discover as we live and die each Life Season.

No one has been reborn on this planet yet. Each and every offspring has lived on another planet or are a New Spiritual Creature introduced to existence on this planet. As a matter of deduction Jesus considers that the New Spiritual Creatures may be being reborn on Earth and other planets. Simply as an observation of the potential Mechanics of Creation he has experienced. The average Life Season varies around 100 years. Jesus, Mary and Martha are the only Human Creatures in the group that have lived longer.

Jesus, Mary and Martha are not revered as Gods or otherwise different except for their longevity as leaders on the new planet. Their lives are the Creator’s proof of potential. They are revered teachers and family. It is their way of educating that instills this truth about our potential for existence in our course of Eternity we each have unfolding before us.

Unbeknownst to Jesus, Mary and Martha, they will have to choose to end their own life, this season, for them to be reborn again. For now they are awaiting the day when death will come with little trepidation or even a thought of it except at fleeting moments. All have well discussed the issue and it is now something of discovery when it comes.

Naturally no one would want to exist in an Animal Creature beyond its use value for living. So far all creatures on this new planet have thrived well until the body would deteriorate to frailty in a short time. As if evolution has adapted to maximize functionality in this new Human Form. Providing for a peaceful death process that occurs rapidly over 3 days. A gentle sneeze marks the final moment. We mourn the loss knowing it is occurring and bury the dead back into the soil through a composting process to produce memorial flower gardens that expand with each passing.

Jesus in the second year had thought that he might die and wanted to extend the English Language, he had learned, to future generations as best he could. The idea for a Stone Wall, with the Alphabet Letters formed with colored rocks, had occurred to him and He constructed it the next year. He imagined that the monumental reminder of the Alphabet would lead to the development of the language it formed. Of course this was not required but has become the first Monument on the New Planet. Establishing a Standard of sorts for the gesture for raising Monuments in the future.

Chapter Three

With only 8.1k on the planet, food supply has not become of any contention to fret or war over. No one on this continent is establishing separate Kingdoms or not operating as one Global Community. Jesus has not become aware of another civilization that is growing in number and ability as well. Established, by the same Creator Jesus has come to know, on the other side of the planet. Barabbas and his Offspring. Fun fact… Judas was the Spirit transmigrated into a female for Barabbas to procreate with. She killed herself after outliving 3 generations; believing she may never die. Telling Barabbas, in her last days, he will have to kill Himself or live forever in his body and bound to this planet.

Barabbas has evolved like Jesus in his personal sense of our Creator and understanding of the mechanics of Creation. Adopting a more disciplined military style of clan formation. Commanding the projects that are endeavored. Opting for brothels for procreation of populace, slaves and servants with bestowed position. Providing an industry of shelter, clothes and food for incentives to serve the empire forming. Teaching Hebrew as the preferred language. Organizing units of god like warriors that spill their seed at the brothels. Breeding his chosen Haram with only those that he deems worthy.

Many have fled or been exiled and have made their way beyond the fringe of the empire’s reach on the continent. Most are scattered throughout the thickets but some have begun to congregate together, developing a crude sense of Community in the hidden recesses of the fringe. One Man has made its way to the coastal edge and has been building a boat, convinced there are other races of civilization on another continent. The Spirit known as Pontius Pilate on Earth, reborn on this new planet through Barabbas and Judas Bloodline.

Barabbas efforts to populate the future empire have resulted in the same numbers of offspring as Jesus. As if the Universe is in control of these Mechanics of Creation. The only difference is the sense of Spirit that is being fostered within the Community. The difference of Good and Evil that will one day come to meld together as one global Community if Jesus has anything to do with it. While Barabbas is most concerned with establishing an eternal throne for Himself, believing He will persist to exist on this planet for eternity.

His clan is also blessed with New Creatures, Spiritual Followers from Earth and Spirits that have existed on other planets. The people on Earth that worshiped Men as Gods and believed they were the Chosen Ones that considered themselves Nation Builders, superior to the mass of followers they had lorded over. These creatures had been exiled as a matter of corporate culling within the herd by the leaders maintaining their preferred lineages; cut off the vine or tree, the leaders had been grooming on Earth. They have become wiser, through the process, each to their own degree.

These Creatures became enlightened as they matured to an age of remembrance of their prior life lived in service to the cause. Many are disillusioned by the sense of exile from Earth. Born now, in their mind, into slavery to Barabbas. Some become unruly and are expelled or simply flee from the clan empire that is forming.

There has been no bloodshed in Barabbas’ Clan. There are no other Clans to war and plunder, yet. Non-lethal forms of military training and sporting competitions are common activities. Only elementary reading and writing skills are nurtured, focusing on teaching verbal and visual language skills as they are developed for service to task and purpose. There are no group discussions about the Mechanics of Creation or the potential for an inner relationship with our Creator. And absolutely no conversation, about the shared Spiritual Nature of our existence in the Human Form, is allowed any footing.

The segment of Spiritual Creatures born on Earth and now again on this planet within Barabbas Clan realize they have been quenched. Their Spirits on Earth have been quenched and this is the wages for their allegiances and faithful service. The New Spiritual Creatures that come to exist within the clan fall in line willingly, following along with the others who have jockeyed for positions and are willingly serving the system as leaders. Leaders, given charge over the weaker rated men for their training and utilization within the clan empire.

Barabbas doesn’t recognize that some of the Offspring produced through His Bloodline on this new planet are Spirits from other planets within Vaster Creation. Most have kept to themselves and only share the information amongst themselves as they discover each other. You can recognize these Creatures by the fruit of their Spirit. Some know to trade knowledge and skills they gained in prior lives as new discovery, leveraging for positions and more comfortable accommodations. Barabbas has a Textile Industry in this way.

Our Creator has not favored one Clan over the other. Each New Spiritual Creature born according to Its purpose in Vaster Creation and those that have lived prior lives exercising their free will in the prior realm. Unknown to both Jesus and Barabbas, their future clans are melding together through the Mechanics of Creation that exist beyond their comprehension. It is in this next generation that the first Spirits will be reborn on the new planet. As those that have gone into exile from Barabbas Clan die they are reborn into Jesus’ bloodline. Every one of them is born again through Martha and her offspring lineages produced through her personal religious traditions. A whole generation of Triplets comes to bear in her lineage produced with Jesus.

Also at this pivotal point in the progression of civilization on the new planet, the New Spirits Created through Jesus Bloodline find themselves born again through Barabbas Clan. As these Creatures mature to remembrance they speak of their prior life living with Jesus, making Barabbas aware of the potential. Barabbas is surprised with the news and assumes they had lived on Earth and might be one of the Followers during the Time when Jesus walked the Earth. None realize they are on the same planet.

The Seeds the Creator planted are still generations away from developing the ways and means to traverse the oceans between them. Only one man has forged the journey from one continent to the other across the Sea. Pontius Pilate, reborn on this planet in a new human form.

Pontius Pilate had built a boat pod that could stay aloft through the potentially perilous journey and keep him dry and his provisions protected. A well thought out design that proved to work as He had suspected during construction. Constructed of wood, cured sea kelp, a pitch-like compound and the same fibrous plants Jesus had discovered and made use of.

Manufacturing a man-sized egg-like structure supported by a wooden frame and two logs acting as buoys to stabilize the pod during its journey through the rough sea currents. Two portholes, one the size of a fist and the other larger to accommodate the man’s waist and shoulders size as an entry port. One on each opposing side of the egg. The man’s weight would be the deciding counterbalance throughout the journey determining which side is up as a matter of negotiation with the ocean. Each hole is designed with a Seal like a cork to express the port hole that is above for light and air; and sealing the one below, keeping the intake of water at bay.

Building first a prototype that has been floating tethered to the beach for more than 80 days now. Albeit with no port holes. Built to test the design of the materials the man had crafted to prove they would endure the unknown duration of the journey he endeavored to take up. Purely as a matter of faith that it would be best in any event to seek land away from the Empire Clan forming on this continent. Something more complex seemed to produce the thoughts he considered other than simply himself for the sake of survival. He considered other clans and tribes existing on the planet a real potential. Forming a new suspicion ever since he fled the Empire Clan; realizing this was a new planet and not Earth as he had known it. And somehow considering that Jesus might exist as well here. Pontius Pilate is becoming aware of our innate connection with our Creator as he matures through the process of this life season.

The kiln Pontius Pilate built and used for manufacturing the materials to manage living, and for crafting the boat, produced a volume of smoke each day it was used. This attracted some of the scattered exiled members of Barabbas bloodline towards the location that had made their way past the mountain, to be able to see the smoke from afar.

Three women had made their way through different passage ways over the mountain and discovered themselves as they approached within visual sight of the kiln. They could see each other across the clearing that bordered the coastline. The one in the middle began waving the others over to its location and both complied for lack of a better plan of action. Each sensing some sense of relief after being alone for some time since being expelled or fleeing from the empire clan.

The three women recognized each other and formed a sense of unity quickly. Not certain what to do, they decide to investigate the kiln further. Not able to see Pontius Pilate who is further down the coastline in a cove that is secluded from their sight. His campfire is not noticeable and its smoke dissipates quickly leaving no evidence to be registered from afar, day or night.

Pontius Pilate has finished construction of the sea worthy egg and plans to test it for at least 100 days to see how much water the porthole seals might let in. Thinking it best to wait until the Fall Equinox to embark the journey through unknown water channels to find another continent for some unknown potential; He finds himself pursuing.

The women observed Pontius Pilate remove what was the last load of material he cured, from the kiln and wander off towards the hidden cove. The material he removed was two variant designs of a tool he crafted for shedding the water, he expected to take on during the journey, back out through the portholes. He had already crafted two freshwater containers that were shaped and installed as counterweights into the sides of the egg. These semi-porous contraptions would supply his only source of drinkable water and a collection of nuts would provide the only identifiable source of nutrition to maintain his existence until He finds land.

The three women make their way through the thick of the mangle of brush to spy the hidden cove. Not wanting to be seen along the coastline, they endure the discomfort to discover just one man living alone. Seeing that this is not a contingent from Barabbas Clan, they determine together to approach the lone man for help.

Hungry and thirsty, the women emerge from the brush and approach Pontius Pilate. Startled at first, Pontius Pilate realizes they are refugees from the Empire Clan, waving them to approach. As they come closer a second thought presents itself to Pontius Pilate that they may be a recon team sent by Barabbas who had discovered his location. The stronger sense of the circumstance plays out in his head causing him to discount the later thought. The women make their approach and fall at his feet from exhaustion. He gathers them and leads them to the drinking water reserve he has in his makeshift shelter. The women gain their bearings and inquire about his activity. He asks them if they are exiled or expelled from the Empire Clan. Each woman telling their story. This process brings a sense of reassurance from Pontius Pilate earlier thoughts about the women’s intentions. He expresses to them that he plans to traverse the sea and find another continent to explore in hopes of finding other clans of people of a different mind than Barabbas. They too share in this desire asking if they can come with him on the journey. Offering to help in the endeavor, two of them even offered their bodies for sex if he would be willing. Only one of the women has captured his spiritual attention.

Pontius Pilate tells of the egg pod He has constructed and explains that there is only room for one in the vessel. Further discussion leads Pontius Pilate to consider building another larger vessel that might carry all four of them across. Considering that the one he has built could be repurposed to carry more water and food provisions.

One of the women calculated a target date for the Fall Equinox based on observing the factors of nature with the knowledge she had from a prior life. Estimating they had 120 days to make the deadline. They spent several days discussing the adventure and gathering materials to construct the new larger vessel. A new kiln was fashioned inside the cove this time near a wind channel they identified that would help fan the smoke out against the mountain side somewhat disguising it as a natural emission while blocking it from obvious view inland.

Production began on the evolved design Pontius Pilate concocted from his experience building and testing the prototype and the first Egg Vessel. A new improved design for sealing one of the portholes on the first Egg became necessary and a whole new approach for fitting a watershed covering over a wider opening would be fitted on the larger vessel.

As they complete the project and near the Fall Equinox, another exile makes their way to the beach and finds the old kiln Pontius Pilate had used in constructing the first Egg Vessel. It takes him 3 days to explore the wooded forest behind the kiln and meander up the coastline to discover the hidden cove and its inhabitants. He walks up the coastline in plain sight waving to make himself known to the group. Pontius Pilate sets out to meet the man approaching hoping to keep some distance away from the women until he can assess his intentions. The man greets Pontius Pilate with a warm smile and greeting, explaining that he had fled the empire clan and wandered around searching for other clans, finding none. Remarking that they were the first people he had come across since fleeing.

They each shared their stories over a meal and agreed the man could stay for the night. Not revealing their plans for the vessels floating in the cove and tethered to the shore. When the man asked about them, Pontius Pilate told him they were fishing vessels. The man thought nothing more of it.

A fresh night’s sleep seemed to bring a new man in the morning. No longer weary and downtrodden. The man asked over breakfast if he could join their community, offering various ways he might be of service to the group. The discussion was had, but no determination was made between them. The man left the group to relieve himself and allow Pontius and the women to discuss the situation privately. They had plans to leave on the fall equinox, rapidly approaching, and no time to build a larger vessel to accommodate the man. The women left the decision to Pontius Pilate expressing they would not want to turn any creature away if they could help it. Resolving there must be a solution.

Pontius Pilate deliberated internally for the rest of day as he observed the man spend his day collecting firewood and fetching freshwater for the group. The women carried on about their business collecting supplies for the trip.

Pontius Pilate approached the man and asked what he thought about making a journey across the ocean to another continent. The man replied that he knew not of a way to do it but would like to if it were possible. He then asked the man if he knew Jesus. To which the man replied yes he knew of the man known as Jesus on Earth. It is this moment when the man shares that he had lived a life season on Earth and was a Roman Soldier who had been stationed at the Cross where Jesus was crucified. Revealing that it was he that had been ordered to administer the wine and had poked Jesus in the side in the process.

Pontius Pilate decided to reveal himself to the man and shared his story as well. They found a common bond through this act of transparency; as well as valuable information about the Mechanics of Creation neither grasped fully at the time.

Pontius Pilate explained the true purpose of the Vessels to the man and informed him they did not have enough room for another in the larger vessel but that if the man was willing, he could use the smaller egg vessel as Pontius Pilate had originally planned. He explained that it had been repurposed as a cargo vessel that would be tethered to the larger vessel and that they could shift some cargo around to allow room for him to fit.

The women are thrilled that another man has joined the expedition. Two of the women have secretly formed intentions for the man. With 13 days until the Fall Equinox, this group may stitch together tight or fall apart before the adventure actually begins. In just a matter of hours nightfall produces a seductive sunset and an eventual tone of moonlight that is said to be for lovers only on Earth.

A skinny dip in the ocean turns into an extended scene of seductive foreplay between the man who was Pontius Pilate and one of the Women. While the other three members of the group dance about by fireside, laughing all together, each offering themselves to each other without broaching the banter barrier of playful conversation. A natural pairing occurred that was brewing ever since the women had approached the man who was Pontius Pilate. Now that the other two women have found an alternate romantic desire, it makes this moment become reality between them. Neither knew the other had been feeling the same way. Pontius Pilate hasn’t revealed himself to the women yet. He will be equally surprised to find this woman is the Spirit of Procula reborn on this planet. And now the two are found together in this manner.

Chapter Four

Jesus’ Community has grown to 42 Community Extensions. Each is connected by a crude roadway system and many with a Cargo Railway that operate between them. Nothing is heavy duty or even meant to be permanent, but the Cargo Railway is an inventive first phase of technology that allows for cargo of various sorts, up to the weight of two people to pass between the stations. This reduces the transportation load of many people. A water wheel assists the mechanical process. Clearing the path was the most laborious part of construction and installation. Using the primitive materials found readily on the planet, an engineer from a planet known as Volksphere and an engineer from Earth design the system, crafting each and every part and overseeing the production and construction.

Waterways have been carved out to transport cargo on boats that were designed and crafted by a collaboration of civil engineers from Earth and Shipboat Crafters from various planets.

Ingenious design and construction of primitive pulleys and cranes, from available resources, has enabled the construction of grander projects. A natural spirit of unity in organized labor seems like magic to those that have experienced the labor of life on other planets. Each task is everyone’s concern. Coordinating between each other with supplies and shared instruction without any issues.

Everything done is pure physical labor, at best with some leveraged mechanical assistance. The Human Forms provided are up to the task. Able to wield greater weight and mass and endure the wear and tear better than even the fittest Humans on Earth. Jesus and many others realize this must be the Human Value Earth began with. If not an improvement that comes naturally from the Mechanics of Creation.

Barabbas has come to believe the improvements in the Human Animal are a sign of his favor with the God that saved him and procreated this race through him, bestowing him a new planet to rule over.

There is a third Seed, Jesus and Barabbas people are not aware of. Goliath, born again as a Beautiful Male Human. And you guessed it David is the Spirit in the Female Human Form that Goliath was given as a procreation mate. Neither are happy about it and it’s a real shit show in their camp. Most have scattered out across the Continent forming small sects for Communities, limiting contact with others in the bloodline.

Pontius Pilate has exposed himself to the man and women in his group and discovered Procula is one of the women he felt a spiritual attraction to when they first met on Earth and again on this planet. They sensed the chemistry between them before they knew who they were to each other. Now reunited in a new life with a new start between them. Pontius Pilate shares with Procula that he has been wondering if Jesus isn’t on another Continent forming a Race on this planet just like Barabbas. Explaining that the thought had also prompted the construction of the Egg Pod. She shares the passion for the idea of finding and joining Jesus Community and eventually shares the information with the other women who also are amenable to the idea. They also come to know the identity of the Man who had served under Pontius Pilate in the matter regarding Jesus Crucifiction.

This adventurous thought that began in the mind and spirit of Pontius Pilate, has now become a quest they all share in. With the Fall Equinox just 3 days away, the group is anxiously preparing for their journey to begin and end without incident.

The morning of the day of departure begins with Procula waking up early, sick in the stomach. She exits the shared shelter space in a haste waking Pontius and one of the other women in her wake. As they follow after her the rest of the group is aroused and startled by the ruckus. Procula realizes she is pregnant after vomiting and considering the ailments. Everyone stands by in a state of wonder watching her recover herself and turn to address the group. She looks at Pontius while he registers her facial expression; realizing in that moment, He blurts out “you’re pregnant!” The group sighs a sense of relief, and laughter and joy take over the mood of despair.

Pontius doesn’t like it… wishing they would have waited to get pregnant until after the trip across the ocean. Worried she will not be comfortable or have complications while enroute. Eventually he comes to a sense of peace about the concern and carries on to prepare for the departure that should happen at high tide in just a few hours.

The man that joined the group has decided to take his old name as has Pontius Pilate, who shortened it to Pontius. Longius and the two women, (Dinah and Hagar)?, have formed a bond of relationship together and Pontius and Procula are expecting a baby, if they make it through the journey they are embarking on.

The crafts they have constructed and outfitted are ready to launch. The time seems to be right with the Sun’s position and the sense of the atmosphere changing. If they launch soon the High tide will carry them out as gently as it could and direct them straight into the channel current. From there it was all discovery for the group. Floating along in the Sea Current they would be at the mercy of Nature’s wild activity. Hoping at best to land in a random cove or wash up along another coastline.

Day 1 is a smooth transition into the relatively calm flowing current. As the sun sets, the Cove they had launched from is more of a memory than a visual site they can see. A fond farewell and a conversation about the events they shared while there, filled the time before exhaustion would cause them to find the ability to sleep. Longius was stowed away in the Egg Pod tethered to the larger vessel they built. He had spent most of the day poking out of the port hole or setting on the attached log buoy. Pontius had crafted a convertible top into the larger vessel which proved to be a good idea for when the ocean was calm. He could close the top when the seas riled up to work against them.

Rationing water was a major affair to pass the time. Creating banter of comic complaints or chastising for talking too much and causing dry mouth. Transferring stowed goods from the egg pod to the main vessel was a routine affair and Pontius and Longius had worked out they could trade positions between the vessels. Procula had taken to the choppiness of the sea water and despite being pregnant, she felt well and was able to endure the conditions.

By Day 5 they were lost at sea with no idea of when they might find land across the vast ocean. Pontius and Longius have been tracking the stars, as best they can, trying to assess an orientation to the direction where they began. The current has been challenging at times causing them to button up for extended periods, but not treacherous to the protection of the vessel’s construction. The Egg pod takes on some water but not more than anticipated with its design. The tethers Pontius and Longius crafted are holding together well, keeping both vessels in a counterbalance to each other with the dynamics of the waves. An additional lateral Log Buoy was crafted into the multiple tethers. Which allows them to traverse between the vessels without getting into the water if the currents are calm.

Day 10 and no more than a sense of ‘closer than we were before’ provides the only solace for persistence of inspiration for the journey they have endured. The thankfulness they felt for the crafting of the boats and peaceful time they had shared at the cove that sparked or rekindled mutual love affairs had been lost for the moment. Everyone was quiet, only mumbling a word of complaint or encouragement on occasion. Water rations had worn them thin and now they worried they still would not have enough to survive the unknown duration of the trip.

Day 13 comes behind a two day stretch through a massive storm system that they seemed to be on the outer edge of. Jetted briskly through waves rather than over them. Pontius fretted every moment worried the canopy would not hold up or that the pod would detach and sink and Longius would drown or be lost at sea. As they were expelled from the Storm in the dark of night they found themselves drawn by a calmer current towards what seemed to be land in the distance. A silhouette against the water’s reflection of the moonlight finally gives confidence to suspicious hope. They have spotted land on the horizon.

Day 15 It seems like the Sea is just teasing them with the idea that land exists just out of reach. Pontius and Longius have been conversing about strategies to consider, for making land if they have to swim for it. Land is coming nearer but at a slow pace. The currents are still directing them in that direction but with little vigor. Sharks are spotted and they button up the vessels as they come to investigate the floating debris. The sharks seem to terry a moment and move on, rather ignoring the vessels. Bringing a fresh sense of relief once again that reinvigorates the group’s resolve.

Day 17 Land has floated to just within their grasp as the morning brings chatter that they will finally make it ashore on this day and not one more. Even if they have to swim the last stretch. Pontius had preferred to keep hold of the hand-crafted vessels if they could manage it. As the morning turned to midday Pontius and Longius decided to paddle the vessels with split planks of wood they had brought along for the purpose. Finding some agreement with the current as they timed their paddles.

The final moments before reaching the beach were as thrilling as any other moment they had ever experienced in their prior lives. The Coastline was stunning and beautiful. A large outcrop surrounded by the shade and windbreak of the lower ridges of a mountain provided the most ideal spot to retire and gather themselves and their bearings on this new continent. After beaching the vessels the group took a survey of the area looking for materials to build a fire and whatever they might find for food and a source for freshwater. A spring fed pond is found in the recess of the mountain adjacent to the outcrop they had found. Just off the coastline wild strains of Potatoes, Carrots, Red Onions, White Cabbage and Broccoli grow untamed and ready for harvest.

No signs of life activity are visible. Pontius determines they are in virgin land and begins planning a scouting mission with Longius and the Women. Procula is starting to show, producing a baby bump over the course of their journey.

After settling a firepit and setting up temporary shelter for the night with the materials they had, the group bathes in the pond celebrating the sense of joy they shared together. Nightfall comes and the Moon causes the tide to rise up bringing the waters edge closer to the outcrop and threatening to take the vessels moored to a tree. The group reacts, rushing over to drag the vessels up further from the threat of the moon tides eventual recess.

As the night seems to settle, the group has snuggled together in their vessels, dozing off in a state of blissful wonder. Waking in the middle of the night to a pack of curious Mountain Lions.

Both Pontius and Longius have experience with Lions and are able to establish a boundary with them when a dog comes from nowhere and wards them off back into the mountains domain. The dog befriends them and they make a place for him in their group. Pontius names him Banga.

As the day comes to light, Pontius, Longius and Banga make their way down the coast to scout and survey the land looking for signs of people and what the land has to offer. A spot for a kiln is determined and an ample source for clay and pebble rock are identified. A forest of slender trees are found hiding a grove of fruit trees just beyond them extending further inland. Abundant varieties of fibrous plants grow in patches on the outer edge of the inland boundary between the beach sand and the dirt that comprises the inland soil.

An inner feeling of appreciation washes over Pontius as he considers the situation. Recounting how He had come to be in that moment. He is unaware of the intimate nature our Creator has established within our soul. Returning the feelings as we come to think them into existence.

A plan is devised to make home here in this initial spot they landed. They reason that all the resources they could hope for are available here and the only drawback so far has been the curious mountain lions. Banga helps to resolve that concern which would be present anywhere else as well. The outcrop provides for a solid flooring and is relatively level across a large swath of the rock. Plans for constructing a stable dwelling begin that very day.

The group starts with producing composite mud bricks and gathering plants to produce rope and thread. Pontius discovers the same use for the plant by-products as Jesus did, creating a pulp product to be used as padding for shoes, bedding and later refining it into a waterproofing and bonding agent for sealing panels of large leaf plants interlocking them together with the strands of longer, thinner and thicker vegetation; curing them to a strong yet lightweight flexible panel that could be overlapped and then sealed with more of the pulp product. The first sheathing and shingle product on the planet as far as they know.

Mud bricks made of topsoil, plant fibers and clay are sun-dried in the fall sun and used for building temporary shelter for the winter months coming fast. They will be repurposed to build the kiln after the winter passes. They plan to produce rope through the winter and focus on collecting the raw resource to store in bulk for use during the time they are stuck huddling inside the temporary housing.

The tall slender trees provide vertical and lateral roofing support making the effort to extract them by hand worth it with quartz available to craft a rudimentary saw. In the nick of time, the group completes the construction of the temporary housing and has ample plant materials to process into supplies they will need come spring.

The structure has four rooms that provide for some privacy between the group with two bedrooms, a main room and a storage room. All four rooms share a firepit. Pontius hopes the roof holds up no matter the weather they endure.

It’s a mild winter allowing for more progress outdoors gathering rocks and wood for use in the spring. Production of rope and thread has worn everyone thin. The group have spent much of the winter discussing ideas for materials they might use to produce more clothes. The clothes they had on, essentially a long piece of woven fabric that was wrapped around the body as desired, have worn out and provide little value of warmth. Pontius and Longius decide to take Banga and look for animals they can extract coats from, fashioning crude spears and shorter daggers from wood that act as poking sticks at best. Pontius is most concerned for Procula and the baby.

It’s not long before the expedition stumbles upon a dead Deer. Longius takes out a knife he fashioned from wood with chips of quartz embedded to make it leverageable as a cutting instrument. It worked crudely to cut the coat off the animal’s carcass with some effort. When he finishes, Longius decides next time he’ll drag it to the watersedge for processing. Covered in blood and guts. He removes some of the meat available and the group makes their way back to clean up the mess they have made.

Pontius takes the coat and cleans it with freshwater then makes a frame to fit the size, out of fallen branches. He takes the coat and stretches it out around the frame then sets it in the storage room with the hide side facing the fire pit. He will tend to it each day, restretching it to make sure they get as much material as they can from the hide.

Longius has begun calculating how many coats they might need to clothe each of them and have some for carpets and bedding. He decides to set an animal trap. A pit with spears seems the most profitable idea. As well as the ever present hope of finding another fresh dead animal worth salvaging.

While Longius is busy with constructing the animal trap, Pontius is busy scouting for Animals and other potential resources. Finding a field of wild flax plants that had fallen to the season but might still be harvestable for some use if they could be dried out. For sure he would see if this spot produced more flax next season.

In the back of Pontius’ mind has been the search for Jesus. He finds himself now contemplating if establishing a home here is best or if searching for the potential for Jesus being on the planet somewhere is still his calling. Eventually he decides to establish a home here for now and raise the child our Creator bore through him and Procula. Revisiting the supernatural value it all held together unfathomably.

Longius has fallen in love with one of the girls and the other girl has become a third wheel to both of them. Presenting a problem that will only fester. He decides to face it head on and talk to the one he can’t give his love to for the other and explain his predicament. Her concern becomes producing offspring if no other man will be available to her. He agrees, with the other woman’s approval, to cire children with her if no other finds her fancy.

Procula has also offered Pontius as a cire for her children if she would come to wish for it. The change in dynamics between the group has a toll on the shared living quarters. The woman takes up residence in the larger boat they had traveled the ocean in.

As the winter turns to Spring, Longius and Pontius determine to build a shelter space for the lone woman before they embark on their plans for the year. Creating a Utility space that would serve to house the two vessels and allow room for her to make a comfortable space for herself until a more accommodating housing unit could be constructed.

First step on their list is producing Household Wares and Mud Bricks that can be sun-dried and others that will be fired in a kiln. Not knowing the tide potentials, a decision is made that the outcrop is the only suitable place for sun-drying the Mud Bricks over the summer months.

The women have set themselves to the task of producing rope and thread. The salvaged flax plants have proven to produce some good fibers and thankfully the two women had experience with the process from their previous lives and the tools they had used to be able to produce the thread. Still even a crude loom was needed to produce fabric. With some thoughtful determination, they develop a craftable fabric-like product from the Rope and Thread.

The Squirrels began venturing out along with other critters. Rabbits, Racoons and Bears. No one considered the potential for a Bear invading the worksite until the time came. Longius had crafted spears and a club that would prove able to belay the Bear until it could bleed out. Rewarding the group with another healthy coat.

Longius never captured an animal in his spear pit but had caught several critters with other bait traps he crafted and set. Providing more fabric for clothing and meat for food for them and Banga. The vegetables they discovered would be cultivated into a tamed garden this season and harvested for storage and consumption. Fishing traps have been productive as passive food harvesting.

A fire burns constantly to provide perpetual embers given the effort it took to get it started. This requires a great deal of wood as does the kiln they plan to build. Pontius realizes they do not have an abundance of wood to harvest as they are already depleting the nearby fallen debris that was available. A new strategy is going to be required before they decide to build the kiln.

In the meantime, the women have made Procula and the baby, hats, gloves and socks. Procula fashioned the Deer Hide as a wrap that can be worn as a coat by inserting her arms through slits she made in the proper placement.

The Bear Hide would be cut into two pieces providing enough for a loin cloth and primitive shirt for Pontius and Longius. Eventually everyone had proper clothing before winter hit the next season. Longius had trapped more critters and a mountain lion and two more deer were found dead and salvaged.

The multi-unit dwelling was constructed from Rocks, Composite Sun-Dried Mud Brick and the Slender Trees available. Cobbled together in such a way then finished by applying layers, one lapped over the other, of the Plant Composite Sheeting and the refined Pulp Solution that cures together to harden and bind together. Removable Doorway coverings were also made in this way. Portholes line the upper edge of the exterior walls all around, for light and ventilation that can be sealed in the winter.

Each Season a new coating of the refined Pulp Solution would be applied if needed. New layers could always be overlaid to repair damage. The group doesn’t expect the housing or anything they build to outlast them. However this construction does maximize the value of the raw materials available and will be in use for 30 years. With many more buildings built in similar fashion.

The baby comes mid-Summer. Born healthy and through an easy childbirth made for a wondrous moment for the whole group to share in. Surprisingly the other woman Longius had been intimate with had not become pregnant. She was fiending off a bout of Jealousy in this moment. Expressing to Longius that he should have chosen the other woman he had shunned.

Pontius and Procula named their baby Iesous after Jesus.

-potential expansion point-

The new dwelling is a tri-plex, shaped in a rounded wall construction that sheds the exterior wind more efficiently. All three units share the same fireplace. This allows for group conversation and also a level of personal privacy.

Gathering and transporting wood has become a concern for the group. Pontius and Longius spend much time at night discussing the issue. The girls are often spending time together and have their own projects brewing between them.

Longius and Pontius have been considering how to seek out and locate an animal like an Ox or even a Mule or Horse that could be tamed to assist a pull cart that could pull quantities of wood back to the Homestead from some distance. The only thing they can do is plan an expedition in some direction inland that they can determine might yield in finding a suitable animal for the task. The lone woman suggests going beyond the flax plants and looking further into the valley in that direction. Thinking it is likely there is grazable grass further out. The group agrees that is the area they will scout next. Planning enough provisions for 10 days to see what they can find.

2 days out the men find two horses that are wild but gentle and not unnerved by the humans. Like they were sent by our Creator to aid in their tasks. The horses were miniature sized horses that were keen to follow the humans lead back home with the ropes they had brought for the task.

The women are amazed as well as they see the men arrive home with the prizes. They all say thanks to our Creator for the provision that met the need they had formed a desire for. Celebrating together while parking the new animals in the structure they had built for the lone woman and housed the boat and egg in, now repurposed into a stable.

The group decided on Lampus and Phaeton for names for the horses. Now Pontius and Longius needed to figure out a pull cart design they could cobble together that could use the strength of both horses.

When the two men stumbled upon the horses they had come to a prairie range that seemed to connect for miles off towards the setting Sun from them. When they returned and revisited the trip they both took notice of the expanse of flat land with vegetation growth. Noting that it might be worth considering moving further inland into the area they had scouted briefly. A discussion began that night debating how they might begin construction on a dwelling that would be completed before they moved the Women.

With a Pull Cart constructed and a Harness crafted for each Horse, they decide to scout the location further, planning a trip back out, for the next day. They would venture three days out and search to find primarily a freshwater source and abundance of other resources they will need. Gathering Wood along the way back.

The Prairie Range is as expansive as they remembered and it’s not long before they find a spot between two mountain fed ponds that have a clearing between them. An abundance of a variety of trees are visible in every direction. If the men knew the word kismet they would have used it to describe the sense they felt when seeing it.

As they trek back to their current homestead they mark notable trees with the quartz toothed saw, fearing they might forget the route and location. Plans for constructing the new dwelling consume the two mens conversation. At some point realizing they had not scouted out clay reserves for building with. Determined to transport the fashioned composite mud bricks by pull cart if they had to.

They arrive home in the dark of night. The women had settled in for the night and fallen asleep all together in the same room. Pontius and Longius shed their gear in another room, strip naked and go to bathe in the freshwater pool they had carved out earlier in the season and lined with rocks and sand.

They dress and retire to the other bedroom, stoke the fire while they revisit the trip. Each finds a place to lay down, continuing the banter of dreamweaving until they doze off into a peaceful slumber. Procula wakes first in the morning, arousing Hagar and Dinah, bringing chatter and the noise of bustling about. They emerge from the dwelling to take in the warmth of the direct sun and gather wood for the fire. Dinah makes her way to her bedroom to discover Longius and Pontius sleeping. She lets them be and goes to tell Procula they have returned.

Pontius and Longius awake and find their way to the women who have begun their production routine for the day. The men tell of their discovery and plans they envision for the group to migrate after they build the first phase of the dwelling they will share in the new location further inland. The women are excited by the notion and offer more questions which sparks the ongoing conversations that will burn between them until they complete the task.

The group begins planning their next steps toward new aims and goals they share. The pull cart for the horses they made had skids and not wheels like they would have preferred. They intended now to drag a pallet of supplies out to the new location they were intent on settling. Longius and Dinah would make the trip while Pontius, Procula and Hagar would stay behind organizing and crafting more supplies for the next trip.

A load of cured mud bricks and several panels made from the Plant Composite Sheeting and the refined Pulp Solution is secured onto the pull cart. Both horses are fitted with the harness the group crafted to connect the pull cart so the horses could move the weight of the load. They would take an extra day to make the journey with the Cart and Horses. Longius was set to off load the supplies and gather wood to bring back with help from Dinah to tend the horses while they completed the tasks.

While Longius and Dinah are away, Hagar confronts Procula asking if she might accept her previously offered kindness and lay with Pontius for the purpose of becoming pregnant. Procula had put this idea behind her, preferring to think that Hagar might have dismissed the idea. Procula asks if they might discuss the subject further and inquire with Pontius about the endeavor. Hagar agrees and sets herself to wait for them to decide.

Pontius and Procula wander off from the homestead to gather vegetables when Procula tells Pontius what had occurred with Hagar. They determine that they would prefer she find another Man to procreate with if possible. Contriving together to ask Hagar to wait until we move to the new Homestead. Believing that denying her at that time would be better.

Pontius is unsettled about the issue. Finding himself compassionate towards Hagar as much as Procula in the matter. He continues to consider the situation internally as if praying about it with our Creator.

Hagar and Procula had spent most of the afternoon braiding rope without a word about Hagar’s request. Iesous seems to be content amusing himself most of the time. Pontius had been busy all day producing more mud bricks set out now to cure. The Pulp Concoction he’s been brewing and tending to each day is almost ready for use in manufacturing more of the panels. They will spend the next few days producing the Sheathing to be transported on the next trip.

The group is pressing to construct a shelter at the new location for Longius and Dinah to wait out the winter season in. Pontius, Procula and Hagar would remain at the Coastal Homestead during the winter. These arrangements came from Longius and Pontius cooperative planning and mapping out the logistics as they could contemplate them. With the seasons not at their will, they determined this was a viable plan that would benefit them all come Springtime.

It took the extra day as expected for Longius and Dinah to make both legs of the trip with the horses. Now they had returned at midday with a load of wood that needed to be offloaded. Longius reported that everything was just as they had left it with no sign of other people along their journey. He had scouted and found that a source of clay was located near both ponds. He also noted that there seemed to be a great deal of felled wood in the tree line to the north of the future homestead.

The horses were of no trouble, given the abundance of carrots and apples and grazing land. Longius could map out the watering holes along the route in his head now. All within a half day of each other. As Pontius and Longius get lost in talk about the trip and planning the next one, the Women wander off to check the fish traps and set about putting together a meal.

The gang is happy to be together again, even Hagar seems content and happy. She has placed herself in the role, unbeknownst to Procula, as Proculas attendant. Helping mostly with caring for Iesous. Naturally they have been working together more while Dinah has been gone. Dinah feels displaced a bit but has moved onto the idea of spending the winter with Longius all alone away from the group as they had experienced with this trip. Free of neighbors they had made love to each other without any undue sensibilities. Unbridled and animalistic behavior only they witnessed between them.

Pontius couldn’t help himself and devised a sensible reason why he and Longius should make the next trip. In truth he simply wanted to see the site again. However he leaned on his contention that they could set the first blocks for the dwelling that Longius and Dinah would use this winter season. He omitted the part of the plan where He stays behind while Longius returns with more wood and to acquire another load of the bricks he had set and would be cured then.

Pontius had devised that he could spend the time alone to survey the area more in depth and begin gathering materials for producing more mud bricks and other materials. Maybe dig a pulp brewing pit and install a water channel to support the production of the mud bricks that can extend to irrigation for watering the vegetables and other plants they might grow for resources.

Longius and Pontius load the cart and depart for their roundtrip journey. Leaving the women to enjoy a girls retreat. They will spend most of their time with the routine chores of rope production and tending to the pulp brew and mud bricks in production. The fire is only necessary for cooking meat with the temperature in the 90’s, only enough wood is burnt to keep it going.

Longius returns without Pontius and the women are fraught with worry as they watch Him approach by himself with the horses and the pull cart full of wood in tow. He arrives smiling and declares that Pontius decided to stay behind to work on projects and will return on the next round trip.

Immediately the next day Longius and Dinah depart with a loaded cart of supplies. Pontius returns several days later with the horse and pull cart in tow full of wood. Procula is more than happy to see him as he is her as well. They had not been apart to this extent and it could be said between them they were not one without the other. Hagar felt the ting of jealousy that festered within her that night as she could not help but imagine herself being engrossed in the act of love making that she could hear and make sound of. Longing not for Pontius but any touch of love and affection she could manifest from Creation that surrounded her and left her unsatisfied.

Pontius tells the women that they had made a start on the dwelling structure and gave a report of his survey activities.

They have time for 2 or three more trips before the weather turns cold and depending on the weather that may be all they can manage before the chill of winter. Food stock for the winter is now the priority, Longius will need to sort out how much they will need to take with them. Hagar had been the one that had produced the dried meat, nuts and fruits for the group, something she had learned in her prior life. They had made storage pouches for the surplus supply from the Compound Plant Sheeting. A bulk supply had been cured that would last the group all winter. Carrots and other vegetables would be consumed early winter and the fruits and nuts would sustain them until Spring. Hagar also cured meat in a similar fashion producing jerky that would serve for sustenance. She marinated the Meat, which she had ripped into small chunks, in Salt Water from the ocean, then dried it in the kiln with the roasted nuts and dried fruit.

Pontius makes the last supply trip with Longius so they can complete the dwelling and shore up for winter. While he is there he discovers a cave in the mountainside that runs along the North side of the clearing. Tracing the water source for the ponds led him to the discovery. The cave is large and receives the light well back beyond the opening. He is surprised to find a vein of gold the size of his pinky that runs for several feet before disappearing into the rock ore that encases it. With some effort he finds purchase of a little nug he could show off and give to Procula.

Longius and Pontius return with the last load of wood to add to the supply they need to last until spring. They pile another load of wood on the cart and begin their journey back to the old Homestead. As they arrive they see the women are tending to Banga who had gotten into a scrap with a raccoon that had come into the area looking for food. Banga was not hurt badly but the bleeding made it look much worse.

Chapter Five

Dinah is anxious for the winter season and the time she will have with Longius alone. She hopes the time alone will bring a baby by next Fall. They spend the last few days they have with the group packing and preparing for the journey to their secluded winter vacation home for the season.

Hagar has been contemplating her circumstances and a scheme has formed in her mind. She has withheld from the group that she has knowledge of Plants and other elements that were used by herbalists, religious groups and sorcerers in her prior life on Earth. She had been researching the area they inhabited all this time and had found wild Cannabis growing earlier in the season. She collected several of the flowering buds as the idea had formed in her mind to use them upon discovering them.

She had expressed that she wished to accept Proculas offer she had made to Hagar. Communicating her wish for Pontius to Sire her child as Procula had stated with her offer. Pontius and Procula had asked that they wait until they had moved to the new Homestead, thinking it best to delay denying her request with the sensible notion.

Hagar had other notions dancing about in her head. Considering that with the seclusive effects of the winter months she might be able to create a circumstance to lay with Pontius and claim her rightful bounty without either of them knowing. Concocting a notion to brew a hot tea from the Cannabis and other herbs she had gathered. She would wait for the coldest ebb of the winter months when the days are as cold as the night to attempt her heist.

Three days pass and the weather noticeably turns cold. Longius and Dinah depart for the new homestead site, waving goodbye to their only friends on this planet as they cross over into the tree line making their way down the trail they had carved out with the pull cart during each trip. They had a path carved in the Earth that would lead them right to the new homestead.

They arrive at the new homestead just as Longius and Pontius had left it. Pontius and Longius had used the transported mud bricks, slender trees and plant panels to build a single room building with a fire pit in the corner. Wood had been gathered and piled all around the structure to act as wind break and supply for burning.

Dinah unpacked the provisions they had brought and settled into the space they would inhabit for the next few months. Longius walked the perimeter formed by the ponds, stopping to collect fresh water to fetch back. A trap he had set before they left held a prize that would become a cap for his head.

Longius realizes there are fish in the freshwater ponds. He determines he might contrive a net from the supplies they have, to capture fish from the pond. Dinah is thankful for a project to work on together, working the coarse thread, her and Procula had spun together earlier, into a netting while Longius fashioned a frame from debris wood shaped by his quartz bladed knife and bound together by bits of rope locked by rounds of coarse thread tied in knots.

The net takes two days to produce but pays off with two fish caught in the first day that seems a reward for their effort.

The fire pit has a cooking stone crafted into it that works as a grill for the fish and a way to express steam heat during the winter with the fire ablaze. It took nearly half a day for Longius to get this fire started with wood he whittled into a bow drill with a braid of coarse thread attached.

Pontius, Procula and Hagar have settled in as the cold takes hold for days without respite. Hagar has not waned from her determination. Knowing she can’t simply ask again, for Pontius service, until they migrate next Summer as planned. They’ve carried on about each day with routine activity that has now limited them to huddling around the fire. Iesous is 6 months old and of little trouble with Hagar or Procula fussing over him as a way to break from the now mundane task of making rope and thread.

Hagar has been wrestling with the thought that Procula has changed her mind, and is now not willing to lend Pontius as a stead to father her child. Anticipating that they will deny her after they move. Her suspicions are not wrong which gives fuel to the thoughts. Her only recourse is to take matters under her own conventions and extract what she determines should be given to her without contentions.

She spends the morning of the day, selected to execute her plan, locating and fashioning a desirably shaped stone against the fire. The day before, she had ground up some of the ingredients for her tea concoction and let them steep in cold water. As the stone became heated by the fire she drew the steeped water and let it cascade over the stone and gather into another vessel she had situated beneath it. She did this many times until the water was warm to the touch. She had placed the Cannabis on the cooking stone to prepare the chemicals in the herb for extraction into the tea. Repeating the process of pouring the water over the heated stone to keep the water heated and brewing the elements together.

An aroma formed in the dwelling which alerted Pontius and Procula to some new smell they had not been familiar with. They realize Hagar is in the other room and find her busy at the fire pit. They inquire what she is doing and she tells them she was working to surprise them with wild herb tea she had harvested before the winter. Something causes Pontius to question the situation in his mind for a moment which he then dismisses without a clear cause of reason. Procula is content with the event and thanks Hagar for the kindness. Declaring it a wonderful surprise and hugging Hagar with a heartfelt appreciation for the treat.

The tea concoction steeps for hours until the night falls. After dinner Hagar returns to the fire pit to reheat the tea while Pontius and Procula tend to Iesous and settle down for the night. Hagar takes her time and continues her activity to get the tea as hot as she can and allow Pontius and Procula to tire.

She hands Pontius the first cup she prepares and waits until he consumes it to hand Procula her cup. She quickly refills Pontius’ cup and returns it to him. She makes her way back to the fire pit and raises a cup with a toast of good fortune and acts as if she is drinking the tea as well. Procula finishes her tea and remarks it was good and warmed her body. Hagar immediately brings another cup full of the tea for Procula, encouraging her to drink it before it gets cold.

Pontius drinks two more cups of the tea while Procula refuses after the third, falling sleepy and now lying on the bed. Hagar takes Iesous and tucks Procula in, telling her not to worry about Iesous. Procula falls asleep in short order, while Hagar has refreshed Pontius tea once again. He has fallen into a goofy state, unusual for him, filling Hagar with extreme senses of lust for her purpose. She sits near him without being too obvious about it. Carrying on in a bit of witty banter for a moment until they sit staring at the fire and Pontius falls asleep slumping next to her. She moves and prompts his body to fall into laying down on the bench they had been sitting on.

Pontius now lying on his back and his penis available for Hagar to mount if she can get it hard with semen. She touches his inner thigh and works the loin cloth down to expose the penis which has aroused to an erection. Pontius wrestles about for a moment then seems to fall back into sleep. Hagar wastes no time to complete her task, mounting his penis and engorging her Vagina with it as she kept the weight of her body straddled between her arms and legs finding purchase on the floor and the sides of the bench. She extracts her bounty and dismounts Pontius as he arouses to a semi-awake state, not quite aware of the procedure. He lies back and situates in to a fetal position with his penis still exposed. Hagar tries to delicately return his loin cloth to cover his penis and cover up her crime of passion. Eventually Pontius rolls about onto his back and Hagar finds an opportunity to complete the task.

Hagar gathers Iesous and scurries away to her bedroom leaving Pontius on the bench and Procula on the bed sleeping. She stokes the fire, placing another log into the fire to burn into the morning and tucks Iesous and herself into bed for the night. She lies in bed revisiting her activities and begins crafting thoughts of the future offspring she conjured to be born through her, with any luck in the matter. Preferring a son she can train to love and protect her.

The morning brings heavy rain that tapers to a drizzle by mid-day. Pontius and Procula wake refreshed and unaware that a carnal crime had occurred the night before. Procula wakes Hagar as she collects Iesous from her bed. They embrace for a hug as Hagar tries to read Proculas spirit for signs of awareness or suspicions, finding none. Pontius carries about with Hagar as he had before. Leaving her to assess they have not been disguising their awareness of her antics.

Hagars mind becomes like Medusa, producing all sorts of thoughts and suspicions. Now coming to consider that Pontius or Procula have a mind to kill her. Considering that Procula may have woken and witnessed her trespass. The fears formed in her mind eventually dissipate as the days wear on and no sign of retaliation comes from Procula. She considers then that Procula might wait to see if she produces a child and then act against her. This thought will linger as she finds she is pregnant and suffers constant sickness throughout her pregnancy. Fearing she has been poisoned with each bout of sickness.

Hagar had been sick every morning since the night she raped Pontius. She considered it was likely she was pregnant and within a couple of weeks she felt certain she was. She hadn’t realized until this time she would have no explanation for her pregnancy. Too much time had passed since she had had sex with Longius for that to seem plausible. Her mind churned all the options and an old yarn seemed to unravel in her mind to make sense. A sensible notion that Pontius might believe and therefore Procula might accept as possible.

Hagar decided to wait until she showed signs of her pregnancy and fain amazement at the discovery. It would be Procula that first noticed that Hagar seemed different and had become concerned with Hagar’s persistent morning sickness, which Hagar could not hide initially. Hagar became accustomed to the sickness and was able to disguise it and the baby bump that eventually came about.

As the winter season reached its end to allow for Spring to have its reign over the planet, Pontius found himself anxious to begin the tasks he had been planning in his mind for the winter session. He decided the winter was done and it was time for him to journey out to the new homestead to check on Longius and Dinah and take a load of supplies they had prepared and loaded on the pull cart. When Procula hears of Pontius’ plan she determines to go with Pontius and bring Iesous with them. Pontius dissuades her insistence. Explaining that it was too early for her and the baby to travel and the shelter they had built was not big enough to accommodate them. Procula relents and acquiescence rules her unsettled spirit.

Pontius departs, leaving Procula, Iesous and Hagar at the Homestead. He makes it a day’s journey when a storm rises up in the distance before him and a cold draught fills the air bringing snow flurries. He takes shelter in a field of trees with the horses to wait for the storm to pass off his path. The cold temperature begins to take a toll on his body as he begins to wonder if he might die without a fire to keep him warm.

Pontius passes out from the cold and awakes to the morning sun blinding his eyes. The horse’s had stayed with him without being moored or led by his hand. He considered it a miracle on all accounts as he gathered himself finding a bearing to return to his journey.

The trail they have carved into the earth with so many trips back and forth with the pull cart, has been rubbed and erased leaving only faint marks every so often that verify he is still on the right path. He finds the next watering hole and lets the horses refresh themselves as they rest for a spell.

Pontius makes the rest of the journey without issue and finds Longius and Dinah carving channels into the soil they will use for planting in the spring. The soil is wet and malleable which makes the chore a bit easier. It will connect with the Irrigation channel Pontius had formed prior.

Longius and Dinah welcome Pontius and they all share a warm embrace. Pontius notices immediately that Dinah is pregnant. She had been inseminated within the first week they had arrived and was now in the second trimester.

Pontius stayed for three days helping Longius as they discussed the planning for tasks and activities they wanted to complete by Summer and before the next winter season.

Pontius loads the last pieces of wood on the pull cart and says goodbye to Longius and Dinah. Making the journey back in good time with no delays.

Procula and Hagar are preparing a meal when Pontius arrives home. Banga greets him alerting the women that he has returned. Procula registers Pontius is coming and goes to the shoreline to fetch another fish to throw on the grill.

Pontius notices Hagar has gained weight but makes no mention of it. He makes his way to moor the Horses and then to Procula for a passionate embrace. He whispers in her ear that he missed her terribly.

They gather around the fire pit while Pontius plays with Iesous. He holds Iesous steady upright to the ground while encouraging him to walk. After several attempts Iesous takes his first steps learning to walk.

Over dinner He gives them a report of his trip and Longius and Dinah, realizing he hadn’t told them that Dinah is pregnant.

While Pontius was gone, Procula and Hagar had been preparing the materials and items that Pontius had asked them to produce and gather, before he left and returned. Food provisions and all the rope and thread that had been manufactured over the winter months.

Pontius makes the first yield of composite mud bricks and lays them out to sun-dry. He set about collecting what plant resources he could use and began brewing a new pulp batch that would be ready when he returned from his next trip. Giving instruction to Procula for gathering more plants, churning the pulp and turning the bricks while he is gone.

Pontius returns to rejoin Longius and Dinah and they begin marking out the new Homestead and plant the various vegetable and flax plant seeds Pontius had gathered last season. Pontius digs the pulp pit deeper and starts brewing a batch that will be ready for his next trip.

Pontius returns to the old homestead and reunites with Procula to find Hagar is pregnant. Procula is mad at the obvious contention she must assume. That Pontius has fucked her without her knowing. He assures Procula pleading for her trust in him that he has not hidden anything from her. Denying he gave his seed to Hagar. Hagar also pleads with amazement in the matter of her being with child, stating she cannot explain the miracle. She is cunningly careful not to make the connection with Jesus but to point to the miracle she is with a child without a man to bed her. Stating that it must be Longius’ seed that terried within her. Still Procula cannot make sense of the situation and finally asks Pontius what he thinks.

Pontius is searching his mind and seeking for truth in the matter without a way to reconcile the information he seems to be processing. Something in his spirit is registering the deception, yet his mind cannot fit it into any other contention than it is possible that Hagar has been made pregnant just as Mary was on Earth. He expresses this thought aloud to Procula and Hagar. To which Procula cannot protest as a possibility. Hagar is silent, secretly relishing this moment that for her had been brewing to come to fruition for some time. Hagar lets the moment settle to some agreement between Pontius and Procula. Waiting until just before bedtime to ask the question that would plant a seed. Wondering aloud if her baby might be like Jesus was on Earth. Even asking Pontius and Procula if he thought an angel would visit her to tell her the baby’s name.

Pontius is unsettled about Hagar and her condition. As is Procula. Things carry on as close to normal as possible with chores and tasks and daily routines that have formed between them. Pontius travels back to work with Longius and Dinah, bringing a load of supplies and returning with Wood for the old Homestead.

Pontius briefs the women about his visit and the progress at the new homestead. He shares with Hagar that he told Longius and Dinah about her good news, relaying that they were happy for her and also agreed it must be a miracle that she is with child. Longius had not had sex with Hagar for some time before she raped Pontius.

Time subdues the distraction to the spirit regarding Hagar and her baby. Everyone accepts that it is not explainable in any other terms than a miracle and the child will be another New Creature that will inhabit the planet with them as part of their fold. A sibling to Iesous and Dinah’s own sense of a miracle.

Early Summer arrives and Dinah gives birth to Longius and her child. They name the girl Dina after her Mother.

Pontius makes another round trip as progress on the first phase of the new Homestead comes to fruition. Ready now for its future occupants. Pontius returns to the old Homestead with another load of wood and tells Procula and Hagar the new Homestead is ready for them to migrate to. Hagar is in the last trimester of her pregnancy and Procula doesn’t think they should make the trip until she has the baby. Pontius agrees they should stay until the baby can travel.

Hagar gives birth to twins. Which for Pontius is reminiscent of the stories of Jesus he had heard. It had been rumored during Pontius time on Earth that Jesus was a twin as well.

Hagar didn’t give birth until mid-fall and Winter seemed to come earlier this year. Pontius had made several trips back and forth between the homesteads. He and Procula decided they would stay at the old homestead for the winter and wait until Spring to migrate when the babies were older. Iesous is walking and making noises like talking, taking to Hagar’s babies like a sibling. Hagar is genuinely grateful for the sense of family that Pontius and Procula include her in. Thankful that they would alter their plans for her and her newborn children.

Hagar begins thinking she might stay at the old homestead she has become familiar with. And come springtime she tells Procula that she means to stay and raise her children at the old Homestead while they go to the new Homestead. Discussion had already been had about using the old homestead as a worksite for gathering and producing materials they could transport and for the fish they could procure to make jerky. Pontius and Longius had long been discussing the idea of what they might do to continue developing the prime site on the coastline. Even dreaming about building a proper boat one day.

Pontius and Procula, with Iesous, set out to migrate to the new homestead leaving Hagar and her twins behind. Longius and Dinah will be returning with their child to visit Hagar and work at the old Homestead on projects Pontius and Longius have concocted. They mean to build a new shelter for Hagar and the babies that would be a smaller space to keep heated and built better with improvements to the materials and construction process. Something more permanent and durable.

Chapter Six

Barabbas has determined to groom his chosen offspring to establish their place in this new world he is eternal king over. They will be trained and taught as co-rulers over the kingdom and subject only to Barabbas and not each other. Barabbas selects, as needed, for one from the many to be the next to establish a new city in the kingdom. This makes for a sense of competition and potential for acts of betrayal between the brothers. A breeding ground for strife and turmoil as much as motivation for advancing one’s status through learning Barabbas ways and desires.

Those that most looked like Barabbas, sharing his physical features, had the greatest advantage but not an absolute guarantee for selection into Barabbas most select group of prized Sons. All who were chosen would select their own regime of servants and slaves from the lower ranks forming their own units for service in expanding the kingdom. Each contingent would eventually be used to forge new land space for the kingdom to establish. In this way Barabbas provided housing and provoked activity producing clothes, food and supplies for his people. Developing his own economic system and political infrastructure that would evolve and grow his kingdom.

Barabbas has forged many cities, each producing a different product of material value to the Kingdom. Raw resources are mined and gathered, transported and processed into base materials that are then transported and distributed according to managed logistics that were established by Barabbas and his Committee of Servants. A group of hand selected citizens that Barabbas finds value in. Many are Creatures born to the clan that have experience and knowledge from prior lives lived on a different planet. They have contributed to the development of technology and crafting infrastructure.

The Committee of Servants are selected from the variety of units Barabbas has formed through his Sons and other hierarchy within his own separate regime formation. These are generally citizens that have contributed ideas that Barabbas has adopted. Unbeknownst to Barabbas they are all Spiritual Creatures that lived on other planets in prior lives and have been keeping themselves secret, except to each other. They plan to help form a better living condition for the people and soften Barabbas heavy handed tactics as much as they can. Imparting the knowledge they have and giving their service to the people and not Barabbas except through lip service to maintain position.

Barabbas has a Harem that has grown to 369 women he has laid his seed in and breeds with other men he has chosen. Every male child born is one of Barabbas Sons and given a special education and placed to rule in some position. The worthy females are raised to serve in a separate harem that are the prized daughters of Barabbas that select men from the elite ranks are bred with. This becomes a form of currency for Barabbas to use to negotiate with for allegiance and productivity from those he decides he wants or needs for a variety of reasons. Forging alliances with his willing and wanting citizens and forming ways of controlling his people.

The resulting hierarchy of breeding spawns a ruling infrastructure network that is easily wielded by Barabbas. Using only his Sons as Intermediaries to communicate his desires and commands.

Barabbas kept many women from his harem around him at all times. A rotation would occur that Barabbas would manage throughout the day. Generally keeping select women from the rotation each day that would tend directly to his whimsical desires into the night.

The sprawl of Barabbas Empire has reached the coastline and found the remnants of the old kiln and hidden cove that Pontius and his group had left behind. Word reaches Barabbas that an abandoned settlement was located with no further information to determine who they were. Barabbas assumes it is left abandoned by one of the exiles. Leaving him to wonder if they had somehow escaped across the ocean.

Eventually the scouting unit finds the prototype Pontius had built and left moored to the beach. It had sunk into water but the tether had kept it attached to the shore line. They pulled the tether in retrieving the prototype pod that was the size of a watermelon. Nothing left but the frame, the crafted connections and some of the plant fibers that had been hand tied into knots and still attached. The artifact is delivered to Barabbas who determines it was a fishing trap that had deteriorated in the ocean water.

Work details and supplies are sent to establish a city in the area. Choosing his Son Kacel and his regime to rule over the land they can claim for the city.

A project team is selected from the Committee of Servants to go to the coastal location and oversee the construction of infrastructure and take surveys of the area for available resources. Reporting back to Barabbas through the intermediaries he sends routinely.

Barabbas plans to visit the territory as the construction of basic facilities are completed in the newest extension of his kingdom. His contingent embarks the journey creating a convoy of supplies and new work details. They arrive and set up a command post in the housing that had been prebuilt and portable structures they construct with materials they brought to temporarily house the regime.

The work details are assigned task work and the supplies offloaded and put to use. Barabbas plans to stay through the Summer and into the Fall before returning to his primary home. He considers the whole planet his home. Expansion to the Coast has brought new thoughts for forging his empire further onto the planet. Believing there are other Continents to be settled and inhabited. More resources to extract and control.

He surveys the area for days accompanied by his advisors who inform him of potential uses for the various resources they can identify. Inspection of the settlement in the hidden cove reveals there were more than one person who had inhabited the shelter space. Barabbas becomes convinced that they must have built a vessel and attempted to cross the sea, believing they most likely failed to make the crossing. Unable to build a worthy vessel with primitive means.

Plans for boat building become a focus of activity for Barabbas and his teams of advisors and crafters, while he assists his Son Kacel in his endeavor to establish the city. Several small cargo boats are built, each with different construction designs and materials used to craft the boats that will serve as testing vessels and eventually put into service if they hold up to use.

A larger vessel is crafted from the best of the designs and better materials that are developed. 4 men man the oars that produce power to the boat and a rudder is manned to guide the vessel with some degree of control. Barabbas captains the maiden voyage navigating along the coastline for miles in each direction. A survey is made of the greater coastal area as a result and the boat becomes the primary vehicle for the survey team to search and identify sources for raw materials and prime sites for future expansion of the city being constructed.

Soon industry drives the establishment of the citizens that will serve the empire in this city. Kacel appoints his regime to the initial housing built and migrates other citizens from various cities as housing is made available within the city. These citizens are chosen for their work specialties. Bakers, Cooks and other supporting workers along with others who serve basic needs for the growing city.

Industrial villages are created apart from the city infrastructure. These areas would be devoted to collecting and refining raw resources that would supply other industries that would be driven by the new citizens being migrated as the city can support them.

Land further inland becomes industrialized for agriculture to support the new city producing a primary road that will act as a path of expansion to and from the city over time.

Barabbas returns Home early Fall and decides to build a Military School in an area near the Coastal City being built. Thinking it good to have a protective force near the coastal region and on the other side of the mountain. Work details are sent to clear the land and begin construction.

As Barabbas empire seems to be expanding, his control over his Harem is unraveling. While he has been gone many men have formed romantic relationships with many of his women beyond the fleeting sexual pleasures they were afforded for their service to the empire and discretionary sperm donation. His prized Daughters have also formed preferred lovers and refused to accommodate, willingly, others Barabbas deems worthy of the honor. Related strife and turmoil between the men causes a rift, Barabbas would quench swiftly. Pairing the women with their chosen lovers, chastising them publicly and migrating them to be citizens in the new Coastal City or another established city. Effectively thinning out his Harems and elite ranks. New blood would replenish the roles and provide a return to his sense of rule over them.

Chapter Seven

Longius and Dinah make the journey from the Inland Homesite to the Coastal Homestead as the group has come to refer to the two locations. Upon arrival, Dinah embraces Hagar and they make a fuss over each other’s children. Hagar is delighted for the company and is happy to show off her twins and see their child Dina for the first time. Longius tells Hagar of the plan to build a better shelter for her and her children. Remarking that their births are a miracle. A sincere thought that he felt he had witnessed with his own eyes in his prior life on Earth.

Dinah secretly suspects that Hagar has crafted the children through Pontius in some way, but keeps these thoughts to herself. Not even sharing her suspicions with Procula or Longius.

They stay for a week, Dinah helping Hagar while Longius cut down the slender trees, produced Mud Bricks and gathered materials for the pulp pit. Hagar is grateful for Dinah coming and helping with the babies. Allowing for Hagar to forage for resources and cure the meats Longius catches in his traps. They make arrangements for Dinah or Procula to return when it’s time to harvest fruits and nuts to help with the babies.

Longius, Dinah and Dina depart for the Inland Homesite while Hagar tends to the chores at the Coastal Homestead. Pontius and Longius return several days later to begin work on the new housing for Hagar. Deconstructing the first shelter they made and repurposing the materials. A more formidable building for material storage and workspace will be constructed in its place.

Hagar produces thread and dried fruits and cured meats for the group. Additionally she has begun crafting wild herbal tea blends the group has come to appreciate. She has not revealed the Cannabis she discovered and only uses it sparingly compared to the dosage she administered to Pontius and Procula to enable her heist of Pontius’ Semen.

Pontius and Longius complete Hagar’s new shelter and process another round of mud bricks set to cure. They leave for the Inland Homesite, with a load of materials and supplies loaded on the pull cart, leaving Hagar with plenty of materials to process and chores tending to the mud bricks and pulp pit.

They arrive back at the Inland Homesite, making good time. They detach the Pull Cart and moor the horses. Then join Procula and Dinah with the kids gathered around the fire pit as the sun sets. Longius and Dinah fetch fish from the traps in the ponds and set them to cook in the pit, applying herbs, garlic, onion and leeks, that Hagar had sent along for the purpose. Pontius and Procula take Iesous and Dina inside the shelter while Longius and Dinah prepare the fish. Pontius takes an opportune moment to draw Procula near him for a warm exchange of his feelings for her. They enjoy the long embrace that stirs a deeper yearning that will have to wait to be quenched until after dinner.

The group discusses the time the men have been away. The men give a report of the projects they accomplished and Hagar and the babies, leading to a brief discussion revisiting the circumstances. The conversation quickly changes to discussion about future plans for the Inland Homesite.

Pontius rises first the next morning. Anxious to start sowing the Vegetable Garden they have been preparing for their first season at the new Homesite. As he searches through the collection of seeds he has gathered he finds the gold nugget he had found and had not yet given to Procula. He waits for Procula to wake and gathers Iesous to tend to, while he stokes the fire and replenishes the wood.

Longius joins Pontius and Iesous at the fire pit, sharing comments about the day’s activities they had mapped out the night before. Pontius reminds Longius about the gold vein he had found in the cave located above them on the side of the mountain; that draped behind the homestead like a protective wall. The cavernous cave could serve as storage for supply reserves if they could fashion a reasonable way to transport the cargo to and fro. All they knew of the Gold was that it was possible to melt, shape and form the soft metal.

They knew that iron and other metals were a potential if they could discover the alchemy and construct the type of kilns they knew were required to process the materials. Pontius had a greater knowledge of the variety of potentials for technology from his prior life. Longius had also witnessed the tools and machinery that had produced the tools and weapons he had used in his prior life as well. Both had witnessed Barabbas empire’s production of iron and alloy metals. They simply lacked the understanding of the compound materials and the technical process required in constructing the ways and means to forge metal.

Pontius now realized the gold discovery represented an opportunity. Making it possible to learn more and potentially develop the ability to produce iron for tools of all sorts they could imagine with the benefit of their prior lives. Imagining now that the gold would provide the ideal material to produce better plates, cups, large water containers and maybe even a skin for a boat, if they could mine enough of it. Still a lack of technical knowledge will frustrate them throughout their endeavor.

Pontius leaves Iesous with Longius and makes his way to Procula, still lying in bed. He kneels down and snuggles his head next to hers to wake her. As they carry on with playful banter he produces the gold nugget he had found and mined for her. He tells her of Longius and his ideas as they gather themselves and make their way out of the bedroom and out to the fire pit. Dinah and Dina wake and come shortly behind them. The group, gathered around the fire, share comments and thoughts about the day and the plan for mining the gold becomes an ongoing topic of conversation.

With the Garden planted and more mud bricks crafted the day winds down and the lights go out, shutting down production. The men bath themselves then relieve the women from the children so they too can bathe. Everyone winds down without much chatter after a long hard day of work.

They awake to another fair weather day and begin construction on a barn for the horses that will also provide storage for materials. The Horse waste will be collected here and used to fertilize the garden each season.

Two days later they complete the barn and begin packing for a trip back to the Coastal Homestead. Pontius and Procula determine to go on this trip and leave Iesous with Longius and Dinah. They plan to go with a load of wood and stay just two nights, turning out more mud bricks and bringing back a load of supplies.

They arrive to find Hagar has taken ill and is struggling to care for the twins. Procula relieves her burden of the children and allows her to sleep without worry. Pontius and Procula stay a week while Hagar regains her strength. Ponitus stays busy gathering materials, producing mud bricks and the plant sheathing. He finds and salvages a dead deer. Finding the coat hide large enough to stretch around the pull cart frame to cure on the trip back inland. He loads the mud bricks atop the hide, layering the plant sheathing in between. Hagar is feeling better and now back at work. Now processing the meat Pontius had salvaged and marinated in salt water from the ocean before starting the kiln for Hagar.

Pontius and Procula hug Hagar, recounting their previously discussed plan for her to return on the next trip to see the Inland Homesite. They leave following the familiar trail the pull cart makes back to the other home they all share.

They arrive to what ‘business as usual’ has become. Longius tending to the garden and Dinah working the flax into coarse thread. Longius notices Pontius and Procula coming from afar and walks out to meet them, anxious to know what delayed their return. They tell of Hagar and give a report of their activity.

Two days later Longius and Dinah make the next trip out to the Coastal Homestead to check on Hagar and transport loads of supplies between the two homesteads. Longius helps Hagar forage for herbs and gather vegetables from the garden while Dinah tends to the children. Longius discovers the Cannabis plants, in a state ready for harvest and asks Hagar about them. She says she doesn’t know what they are, smelling them and remarking that they smell sweet not bitter.

They collect some of the cannabis and gather their load to head back to the homestead. The group gathers together to sort and pack the resources they collected. Dinah recognizes the Cannabis plant from her time living on Earth in her prior life. She asks aloud what it is, without revealing she already knows. Longius says he found it explaining where. Hagar remains silent as Longius provides adequate information. Dinah then smells the herb and asks Hagar directly if she knows what they are. Hagar says she doesn’t and recounts the story of Longius finding them.

Dinah’s mind races with the thoughts teeming, knowing what the plant can be used for. She connects that Hagar might have known better of the plant and used it to cause both Procula and Pontius to pass out. Not being able to fathom the rest of the circumstance that must have occurred for Pontius to be the sperm donor for Hagar’s children.

They all carry on about the tasks at hand without further discussion about the plant. Longius loads the cart with supplies to take back with them. He and Dinah leave the next morning.

Dinah is anxious to speak with Procula about what she discovered, but not ready to bring up the subject with Longius. They arrive at the Inland Homesite to rejoin Pontius and Procula, feeling like they are home here and away from home when at the coastal homestead as they make their way to the barn. They tend to the horses and unload the cart, carrying items to the various places they store them. Pontius arrives from the field and tells Dinah to go find Procula inside the shelter with Iesous and Dina. He and Longius greet and finish unloading the cart. Pontius has much on his mind thinking about the projects they have been endeavoring. They wander around the land as Pontius and Longius talk, fetching fish from traps and bringing them back to cook.

Pontius and Longius have decided now to craft a larger cart with wheels the horses can pull. This allows them to ride rather than walk and still have a load of cargo. Without metal tools it will be a challenge even with their knowledge of cart building. The slender trees are thick and straight enough to be used as axles if they can figure out the rest of the assembly and craft the wheels.

With only the quartz chip knife Longius made for cutting and shaping wood they began thinking of a way to obtain more quartz chips and produce a better tool. Pontius also had an off-thought that the plant pulp might provide some value for the axle connections to the cart.

Three tree trunks, ideal size together for the base of the cargo bed and chassis of the cart, are found and Longius begins cutting and chipping out the grooves in each for the axles to ride in. Meanwhile Pontius works out a wheel assembly design and begins work cutting many similar sized pieces from the trunks of the slender trees. Planning to tie them together with coarse thread and rope and then wrap rope many rounds around the wheel through the hole, left in the middle, like spokes. The plant pulp would be applied routinely to keep the rope durable for as long as possible. Ideally the wheels fitted to the axles to take the wear of the revolutions, from the force of the turn of the wheels. They complete the design build and the wheels fail to perform as hoped causing them to rethink the design. Stumped for the moment they put the project aside and tend to the routine cores they have been neglecting.

The project sits unfinished with little hope of being completed this year. The garden has produced a yield of produce and the flax are ready to begin the harvesting process. The women have been busy producing more rope and thread, tending to the children and making clothes with the coats of animals, Longius traps and salvages.

Pontius eventually realizes what he needs to craft a better wheel from the design he has already built. He decides he can craft the pieces he needs from wood, but cutting and shaping the large size pieces could take a year. Then he thinks If he can forge, from the gold, two plates with holes in the middle and around the edge he can create a more solid wheel assembly that will hold together and not fall apart under the weight of the cart and cargo load. Requiring a larger kiln and mining a fair amount of the gold they have found. Not to mention a proper mold to form them that will withstand the kiln.

The group prepares for Fall Harvest and the eventual winter months ahead. Several trips back and forth between the Homesites yield plenty of supply for both sites. Hagar is content and the twins have started walking.

Pontius and Longius begin construction on the larger kiln they will need, covering the unfinished project with the plant pulp to reduce the weathering it might bear before they can continue work to complete it next spring.

The winter comes and is even milder than it has been before. Pontius and Longius are able to be more productive outside hunting for small animals and finding dead deer occasionally. Talk of building a loom from wood and the gold somehow fills much group conversation when the temperature forces them inside to huddle around the fire. Procula and Dinah had become thoughtful that they did not want to have more babies just yet and had curbed that sort of sex with Pontius and Longius over the last year. The men agreed with the women and each couple expressed themselves sexually in other ways, avoiding the procreation sex act.

Spring comes with equally mild behavior making production on the kiln as pleasant as possible. The Kiln they built is a large space both men can walk and stand in. As Pontius stood in the space he realized how they could get the exposed gold to release from the rock it was encased in. He told Longius they would need to make the cave a kiln. Longius thought through the contention and replied they would need a lot more rope.

Chapter Eight

We’ve caught up to synchronized time between Earth and this New Planet. What do you imagine will come of its inhabitants? With the information you have to consider. How do you imagine it might come to be, that one day you might witness the difference of Life on other planets? How do you imagine Jesus was able to build a civilization, with the evidence of his lasting impression on Earth?

In my imagination the mechanics of Creation rule our existence. I was given this value of circumstances to learn from; just like you were given your contentions for some value. We shouldn’t be at odds over these matters. Not for any kinda love for power, money or evil. Can evolution save us? Are we simply bound to overcome? Why does this environment exist with the Trinity of Religion, Politics and Economy between us? Are we creating more through evolution than this potential for more warring between the flesh and spirits, we are all coming to know exists; including Love?

In my imagination for the future of this story, we find a greater sense of unity in action, a by-product of evolution; as the three seeds of civilization, our creator planted, meld together over the many generations required for the events and incidents to occur and enable the circumstances. TIme and experience provide new values of industrial evolution to produce the next generation of social infrastructure. All produced from the mine and mind of our Creator. Somewhere else in Vaster Creation. How is that not the most daring dream to consider real?



How I Got Here… I was led and sat and used as an Instrument.

Warning: this is draft and rough.

Folklore heralds that some Souls are restored in Heaven. Those that chose that road with others in verbal intellectual agreements with private personal arrangements. Reborn on Earth in one of their Families. Subjecting future generations to their ideals and interests; needs for crafted procreation. Like Animals on a Farm. As if God sent them before us.

My experience seems to reveal some other dynamics occurring beyond what is the ambiguous basis for understanding what is being represented. Confusion and Deception does actually exist. Confusion can be Natural and Deception is a Product Man produces.

The Love of Money, Man and Nation incentivizes the need for Deception. Fostering all sorts of enterprise and entrepreneurs. Whatever the Human Mind can Imagine. As we witness. Producing a thriving Industry for Churches, Rehabs and Catastrophic Health Care. Why have these issues sprung up on Earth between us? What value would this experience have to a New Creature? One that doesn’t fit; like a foreigner in a foreign land?

Has the variables that operate through the powers and principalities in our Spiritual realm on Earth caused unnatural confusion as a by-product of the Acts of Deception required and accepted by those Living under this Sun?

Everyone born into existence on this planet is living, not all abundantly. Man’s Law does not protect everybody. It’s not real… Piety. Justice is an idea, an experiment Man on this planet is contriving. Justifying their Love of Current and Prior Self, and Money on this planet. The Nation Building and resulting Infrastructure is amazing. If we Accredit Righteousness to our Historical Records it’s downright Supernatural.

Is this real? Is it a sham? The conflict between Israel and Hamas. I’ve deduced no matter the contention it is real in Vaster Creation. Even if it is a Video Game of sorts, like GTA or Call To Duty. A Summoner’s War, Pokemon Quest or Fairyland Wonderland. Where do Fags come from? What’s it mean to Fag Out? “You might choose to research and seek truth for yourself”, a rogue Spirit interjected. So I did. Not as a matter of obedience but curiosity and desire for truth in all that matters.

What would our Creator do with a lost and dying World It created? What does our Historical Record reveal as potentials for consideration? Can we be misled by Man and redirected by our Creator? If we are pure and holy in some manner. We might find some among us are not subject to a neighbor’s contention. Except through their use of (SIN) Strength In Numbers that produces law enforcement. Like two or more heads, in agreement, are better than one to manipulate another lost or new soul coming into existence. Using (SIN) Strength In Numbers for some potential outcome. Presumed to be altruistic in nature. By a sense of faith you can extend them like Credit.

A New Creature is not aware of the pre-existing formations or the History of their existence. We are bound to Wonder and affected by unknown senses that can be stirred or shaken. We are born into the slavery of carnal war without knowledge of the actual contentions between the myriad of factions of the ‘lived’ on this planet. Those that are deceiving other Creatures. More aware, than they will reveal, of their own mechanics of morality. It’s an oxymoron if we really think about it. Seeking for Truth and Understanding over the dazzle of this world; the ‘devil’ is running.

It’s the absurdities that produce the contrasts and reveal the potentials that are beyond a New Creatures Comprehension. Until one day… 40 years later… our minds eyes can see the distractions. Is this a battle between good and evil? Truth and Deception? Is it a debatable Issue with a reasonable conversation possible? About the need for (US) Sincere Unity between us?

Choosing to be Truthful and Transparent about any and all matters between us.

Would that produce a better result for a Greater Society on the planet?

All I have is what I experienced and drew knowledge from; which I left in Trust to our Creator, for Its unfathomable purpose. Even if to Live and Die just like Jesus, if that is Its will for Its Creation. I can’t prove or even explain it on this planet. Leading me to a metaphoric circumcision or education in discerning Spirits; that I might come to know exist on other planets.

In my position all I can do is endure and persevere with those that are entangled with me. Trusting our Creator; that it is for some actual purpose other than proving I am worthless or helpless. Even if only to hone, form and shape my Understanding about Vaster Creation through this first experience I found myself enduring on this planet. Prepared to endure whatever I am subjected to; as if our Creator knows what it is doing beyond my infantile comprehension.

The people I am entangled with continue to operate deceptively as they interact with me. What is a New Creature supposed to do but glean and discern Spirits while seeking for some sense of the truth, for the sake of understanding, what is not readily knowable. Because of Deception.

If this is a Man made (AID) Immersion Application and Device, from the future, we are installed in, for the purpose of Education, Rehabilitating or Orientating New Creatures, I have a lot of Questions. We may need patches and revisions in the code.

I have only my perceivable observations and evaluations to confer with our Creator about. Wonder lingers that It must have a greater purpose than what I have witnessed or come to consider is real on this planet. Seeking some resolve for all of Creation, in that sense. Even if it meant I need to leave or not exist. The Idea that Love Never Fails seems to make sense to me; If Love is our Creator. A Vinedresser… Preferring the ones no one else wants and are discarded as unworthy through God’s ways and means of separating and sorting the Chaff.

Creation begat Life. Life Begat Love. Love Begat God. God Begat Man; requiring Jesus?

What is the object of the Game of Life on Earth?

Are we all fair Game to hunters? Is Human Life or the Land on this planet ‘a field of gainful activity’?

All I can surmise is I have been born into the slavery of a pre-existing Gaming of Life Conditions on this planet.

I could still suffer along with you while also pursuing a better union formation on a different planet. Believing in the Theory of Evolvement through interactions within Vaster Creation. As long as I don’t lose my way through the thickets. Throwing myself off the side of a mountain, with no expectations or contentions. Diving headfirst into the sea of space around us. Ultimately finding I trust in our Creator beyond my comprehension. Not even leaning in one direction or the other. My Creator can keep or smite me at its discretion.

In the end it’s what value our Creator can make or mold into my intellect that might survive the destruction and rebirth of my tangible and intangible existence. Proving God is a counterfeit and the results we see prove its intentions.

I may need some other form of Rehab, only Creation can provide, after I make it through this Man Made Den. What are the dynamics perpetuating this business process? What is impeding the process of forming a better Union between us? I say ‘us’ because I exist here now too, at least for this Season. Thrust into the middle of the Animal Kingdom on Earth like a Monkey. Learning to extract and process data. Finding an seemingly endless supply of free Bananas.

Have the Bananas changed or altered on this Planet? Would only an Old Monkey notice the changes? A New Monkey has no reference.

I found inconsistencies in every Corner, looking for some metaphoric Cornerstone. Some sort of sensical values that I myself am guilty of not knowing about. I see many people replacing unfathomable wonder with some other ideal. A God of knowable contentions. Obfuscating true evolution between us; IMO.

Thankfully our Creator is not like God. More Intelligent and Natural. Even the least of us can tell many are busy with their own sense of Unity between us. Not really interested in being transparent or forthright. I guess this is a real world in a true sense of reality at this moment in my life.

Have the God Programmers evolved in their experiment? Become wiser about natural confusion and crafting deception? Through Market Research. Transliterating the Words to accommodate their evolving contentions. Simply to retain a foothold or stronghold over their followers? Creation keeps blessing them with New Creatures. Or so it seems.

I am one, and done if I have any choice in the matter. Seeking for some unfathomable process in the Mechanics of Creation no one has discovered yet. Except those that are not on this planet anymore. Moved by the Love of our Creator. The only Spirit that truly knows me.

At best we have varied levels of knowledge and experience. Our Creator didn’t make you first because you were better than the new money coming into existence. We are all instruments of some nature beyond our comprehension. My Creator might want to use this real dynamic that exists for its own value of furthering its Creation. Unbeknownst to you, me or our neighbors leading others to the Altars for their pleasure and purpose. We are free to believe whatever we want, by man’s laws under God.

I find foul plays in our games between us. Called as fair game by those umpires the empires established. Sending out their Armies of followers to buffer their own pursuits for a sense of freedom or security. If only for the moment they think they are winning or gaining or otherwise getting away with manipulating dynamics of Creation.

I may be the Monkey in the middle between Spirits and the ‘lived’, roaming the planet.

Waiting for Jesus to come back to receive its bride.

A New Creature should accept this contention for at least the first Season, drafted into the League by some lottery system.

I may have figured something out or simply come to know something about what is happening in my Sphere of Awareness, Influence and Vulnerability.

I find they may be


the very issue

they are mitigating.

Some with a Criminal Mind

have formed their own contentions.


the unfathomable part of us as a yoke

for initiation

And manipulating acceptance

of the gift they offer without full disclosure.

Using layers

of recruited downline

to maintain

a buffer of deniability

to improve

their position

on the Pyramid

Nation Builders Created.

Really for just as long as they can, not for eternity.

As a Smoker I can empathize or relate to the issue.

Some or all here, entangled with me, may need a new start in a fresh Garden.

I can only find trust with my Creator and offer you should as well. Not put another ideal over or on the face of It. Not for gains or rewards but from a natural sense only our Creator can form or create. We can learn from others or seek to learn from the Master. Our Mutual Creator. That intelligent value, seems the only potential for reckoning our issues and lingering pre-existing contentions. Even the Bible speaks to Contriteness being a fruit of the Spirit of Reconciliation. I am still working on some aspects of Self-Control even though I am Contrite about it. The House wins in a tie. Only on Earth and only for those that stay behind. We may both win or lose according to some unfathomable design.

Those engaged with the body of Jesus are being groomed and trained for further service in God’s Army. Using New Creatures now for Training and Continuing Education. Hoping for a clean conversion, for mysterious use and purpose. They feel justified and they don’t see that New Creatures have a choice in the matter. Or they have decided it doesn’t matter with their Math. I can only witness and observe my own conditions with the VISA I was issued. And recognize this may be a targeted matter our Creator is well advised of. Where do the Scapegoats come from?

We get what we get for parents and family entanglements. Assigned by our issued (VISA) Sphere of Awareness, Influence and Vulnerabilities that also includes random Civilians and other bound Partners, not directly related. Society in General, as is in our neck of the woods or where all we might get off to. To Navigate and Wander through. And potentially become further entangled.

God wants all the glory, fat and blood; declared in Scripture. Your support, praise and worship to keep it all going with some level of confidence. As if our Creator didn’t build that into us already. Negating the morale needs of others who have not adopted your ways and means of worship.

I may have been wrongly identified or improperly crafted. You’re free to decide for yourself or follow others’ contentions. Shouldn’t enabling a mutual Love for all of Creation be the driving force between us? We could start there with our efforts for mutual reformations. To get to the root of the matter.

I don’t think I could have been turned or converted with bribes or a silver spoon in my mouth. My Creator formed and brought me into existence, to witness how the ‘lived’ operate, around me on Earth. I was born into a peculiar Family. I only identified this Truth after years of wandering; and wondering, primarily what was wrong with me. Processing all the data that came into existence and not putting it into a convenient box to support my Families’ or even societies contentions.

Some unknown Spirits were seeking to direct my path and our Creator used it for a greater good. Verily, Verily, that’s simply a ‘matter of fact’ statement with the benefit of Hindsight. They have not revealed themselves to me. Our Creator is simply real in every moment. It is a dynamic process I found that exists within me. Unbeknownst to me all this time. I even take it for and as granted.

I have been stupid, ignorant and silly. Weak in the flesh or over other Spirits. The lingering value of my existence according to the powers and principalities noted in the Bible. Are the Lived on Earth the Devil? Use a mirror and ask the Universe, if you don’t believe in our mutual Creator. Preferring God or some other contention.

Spirits, producing deceptive fodder, who have determined for themselves and kept secret from others, knowledge of the nature of life and the mechanics of Creation they have witnessed. Seems odd to a New Creature, tasked with witnessing. I see now their sense of Morale is not really based on proposed Godly Righteousness but a group sense of their own Morality and shared purpose. And achieved by Accredited Righteousness through God, stoked between themselves and those willing to extend it of their own free will. Leading to this….

This is Brotherly Love? Tough Love? Any kind of sort of Love? I suspect they don’t know what they are doing, like Jesus said. May not really believe without seeing. Can the Spirits perform miracles and damnations? I’m not really here to test and try God on for size. I wonder if I’m not a test for God Himself or one of His Lords or Kings. I’ve been busy sorting out a Mystery, come to find out.

Separating Wheat from the Chaff may refer to the variant of the lived and their established factions or the new creatures coming to exist on this planet. They don’t seem to believe in true New Creatures based on the God they Trust and the information in the Bible to glean from. And the converted demon and angel I have turned to my cause.

They may not see very many of us and it creates a real demand for competition. Causing problems with qualifying and saving those they consider Brethren. Looking for tells and logos for interconnected spirits to cause a new creature to utter into existence. You really do have to be wise and discerning. Come to know what Love is and what it might make people do for their personal and corporate versions of it. Vices are more than pacifiers. Will our Creator protect me from harm? Placing me here through enslavement and not a pre-negotiated sense of free will. What would it prove but Spirits can act like Humans? Our Creator may work it all out in some unfathomable way. One where we all get what we desire or at least what we need. Like the Rolling Stones sing about.

I found some sense of value that is out of this world… leaving me in a state of precarious superposition. I know not what I do either. Finding only an innate sense of trust I cannot explain to my neighbors. I simply am not meant for the rewards of the current society on Earth. This is some other Room in the Mansion I am not suited spiritually for; only subjected or submitted, for the educational value that might come to exist within me. From my crafted existence.

I am not disappointed. I find all sorts of existential value in the aftermath of worldly failures. Whatever our Creator subjects me to is within the grasp of our Creator. No matter what I might believe in this condition. Given the incidents and events that are now fodder for the conversation, it is a wonder; absolutely fucking amazing. The Carnal Knowledge available for the gleaning. Imbued like a Gift from Santa Clause.

In fact it was our Creator that sent me here for Orientation. I was slow to grasp the rails of forgiveness; stumbling around, led here and there by Spirits only Jesus would interact with. I found myself in a real mess as if I was Dennis the Menace. Realizing I was not a good fit, before I could understand the dynamics of the activity forming the inner part of me. And the external forces beyond a yarn of Sindon, God, Flags and a Cross others accepted. Forming their own imposed sense of Piety and Patriotism I couldn’t relate to.

Something other than God, Jesus or the Devil is operating in me. You may think I am infected. They may want you to believe I’m just a one off, an oddity you should ignore.

They know this is complicated, convoluted purposely. They use all the contentions to hone and lead to their desired outcome. Do they deserve Accredited Righteousness? For choosing to collaborate for generations on this planet versus another? Do the National Concerns, we debate and argue, trump truth and transparency as an Unfathomable, Powerful, Spiritual Force in the Universe? I was and still am a child of our Creator.

Born both Forgiven and Unforgiven. Metaphorically. If I play along with the Curriculum.

I’m not criticizing the Curriculum or the Flocks following along and playing nicely with those they deem worthy. But the idea of doing no harm is being defined only in the material sense. Producing the battle between the Flesh and Spirit. Causing the need for justifications, for maintaining the Deceptions and Crafting the Script to accommodate the scattered field they endeavor. Each Sect left to their own interpretation of design and methods. Seems this System is purposely weighted and measured for the Devil to Rule the Earth. With a facade like North Korea.

Truth and Transparency seems better to me.

The Spirits roaming the planet may just not know any better. Who am I to say as a New Creature? I discern that Spirit when I ask questions. Inquiring into the abyss I can sense with unknown facilities. Maybe I just heard about it and have formed some strange process of seeking for understanding in my imagination. Everything seems to set itself against the idea of an unknown creator apart from God or Nothing. I came to think or wonder… It can reveal itself as it wishes. If we are evidence of its abilities. Even forming a true sense of its nature, through the shrewdness of our Creator, knowing the hubris of creative cunning man; with a pen.

If I have any choice in the matter of my future placement in Vaster Creation I will consider my options, at that moment, and act accordingly to what has been formed in me, coming to fruition, at that time. In the meantime I am WED to Vaster Creation and its plan for what It Created in me. Using Earth as a stepping stone, I suspect or wonder or maybe even hope somehow. Not to run or get away, but to do whatever I come to think it might take to be a benefit to my developed sense of the Creator during this initial basic training.

I wouldn’t want to interfere with anyone or what is established and parceled out already here on this planet.

I’m crunching the data as it is available and continue to explore all options. I find it notable that I am processing data and knowledge others are avoiding like it’s the plague that might affect them. Truly interesting if you think about it.

All I can do is Wonder and maybe write it all down. Create a Script or a Bible of this Alternate Universe I keep envisioning in my mind. With a myriad of contentions processing at all times. Are they challenging my resolve? While I am Imagining the Next Civilization produced in, by and through Creation.

Stemming from a Heart and Mind bound on Earth. Mine or one more worthy; even if I am conflicted about that idea of another going and leaving me behind for more enduring and persevering.

Crafted from the Mind, provided, bringing all thoughts formed to a potential sub mission in Vaster Creation.

Producing a Movie Script, if nothing else.

More Fodder for consideration. Stimulating Wonder.

What is being negotiated between us on Earth? (ID) Intelligence Development or (CUBE) Compliance Enforcement Beyond Understanding?

What value of learning might be occurring in the Land of Nod? Where I am the least wise to the penitent and impenitent spirits and wiles of the lived roaming the Earth.

I am confused… befuddled as a New Creature. Finding, towards the end of my investigation, I may have been deceived all along the way. Leaving me in a perplexed state of being. Still baffled by my own existence.

Do I trust our Creator?

More now than ever.

I find I am willing to leave this planet I’ve come to know of or trust I can do better in my next life season, here or anywhere else. Somehow beyond comprehension. Much like you may believe in yourself.

Only three potentials seem to exist. A next life on this planet in some form or fashion. A next life on a different planet in any variant of Creature created. Or an unknowable potential, all of which seem like a gamble. Are they simple choices? What factors are we negotiating? Are we required to choose a single result, as we come to discover the various potentials in an Unfathomable Universe, processed through our Imagination?

My next life on this planet. In the Spirit of ‘Anything is Possible’ we must consider that we could exist in any form or fashion our Creator might conceive. A higher intelligence than us as humans or even spiritual creatures.

We may assume we will be bound to a Human Form and be surprised to find other potentials for our good.

What might make sense with the evidence? I may be a Camel in my next life, according to the Bible, or a Dog if God is a clue to our potential, using a mirror in the process of seeking understanding. Some may be Horses, explaining why we don’t eat Horse Meat in some Nations on this planet. Some may be reborn as Swine and tended by a Prodigal Son. Steered in that direction. Given my initial experience on this planet, I may only be usable or suitable in the Animal Kingdom. Producing another New Creature, part Camel, part Dog, part Pig and part Horse.

I might be a candidate for seeding another planet, if our Creator trusts Its work in me. Beyond my logical Comprehension but within my sense of metaphoric Understanding. The desire seems to exist for real within me. The Mechanics of Creation may even require it for our mutual benefit. Maybe it’s just another room in the massive mansion. Or maybe it is a hole I am digging for myself, led by an amalgamation of spirits.

What could we hope for or come to accept as the limits? Other than just finding a way to persist and coexist in this world? Which is fine if you’re fashioned that way or have developed the desire to bind yourself to the planet. Other Creatures, Created, may have other purposes in Creation.

Are you ‘wanting’ to be a basic building block in Creation that can form into unfathomable potentials? Are you ‘willing’? Whether you know you’re ‘saved’ or not. Would we seek to be human again or some other similar version of being we have become familiar with? Would we need to be nothing first, since everything comes from a void? If we operate in a hierarchy could that mean we evolve through the variant living organisms that are crafted and ordered together by our unfathomable Creator?

Are you willing to be a basic building block to seed another nation of Human offspring on another planet for the sake of evolution and love for mankind or simply our Creator’s desires? If we are this driven for progress… and creative… Intelligent. What do you imagine our Creator might be doing on a Vaster Scale?

What if it takes billions or more years to achieve Human form? Would you rather endure and persevere here on this planet, with society bearable as we know it for at least 51 percent of the people? To keep the majority in power. I see it can make sense, except for a deeper perspective that can be quenched or overridden. We are dealing with unfathomable potentials between us.

Here’s the Yoke. For Justifications. Of all sorts. Like metaphoric deals with the Devil or commitments made to God, in the heat of the moment.

We may need to settle this question for ourselves, apart from our neighbors’ influence. Our Creator may have reserved space for ‘Itself’ in our Psyche. Being Intelligent.

It may be that there is no reason or justification for being confronted with any questions of this nature. Meant for separating Creation put together by our Creator. Given how we are created, naturally. With a sense of Trust in an unfathomable Creator. Just be transparent and truthful. Let evolution through evolvement have reign and rule over our politics. Benefit each of us generation to generation. The Bible Scripture reveals the established Economy System is the evidence of foul play in the Political sandbox. The Game of Life on this Planet.

Either I am confronted so that I might be able to face the issues between us on this planet or I am used as a slave here, to become a willing servant to craft a next generation of iteration that might produce a better result naturally through evolution. Using all my excessive failures for our good.

What fosters deception between us? Is it the Love of Money, materially; or avoiding being cast out of the game on Earth by entanglement? With the wrong Creature. One sent to live and die like Jesus. Oh, Barabbas. I would not have known, in my position. It seems someone sent me. By all the evidence.

I ain’t happy ‘bout it either. We can agree ‘bout that and begin there with sorting out our imposed contentions between us. If it’s true we are equally yolked in the endeavor. A Mutual Creator involved in orchestrating the process. We are all equally blessed with each other.

What does it require to evolve Vaster Creation, if we are but one expression of life that can exist?

What are the potentials that might explain what we witness? After gathering ‘Mana’ from Heaven. I’m trying to make my way through this Pace Module. I raised my White Flag a long time ago.

Seems I may just be an ignorant fool; making for an easy target. Or a child sent to clear up confusion and deception within my (VISA) Sphere of Influence, Awareness and Vulnerability; Unbeknownst To Me. With all the characters in my Life that operate in the shadows of my unknown senses of reality. Now awakened and enlightened in hindsight and no better clarity.

If we can find the ‘er’ pre-existing man made, we might Ace this Room in the Mansion. Withstanding the wiles of the devil. Finding something more than a promised land with potential. A real sense of Trust in our Creator, crafted into us. To be used to forge my way farther into Vaster Creation.

How might the Mechanics of Creation operate in spite of us; testing and trying everything created?

Is our Creator Intelligent? Using our confusion and deception machines for a greater good? Unfathomably. Does that justify the activity we can easily witness today as a result of all the past and pre-existing?

Does our Creator operate like God, between us? Sending Angels and Demons to tend to its business.

It seems that our True Creator creates the tangible natural base that we add on to as we imagine and find ways to do and be within our gifted environment. Everything beyond Nature is fashioned and left behind by prior man; and now, in real-time as we can imagine it. We must stop and consider the potentials in this matter. Does Man exist here for a Life Season and pass away or move on into Vaster Creation and/or come back to live again on this planet with some free will and gathered experience? Is there a process or pattern in procreation others have discovered and kept secret? Not really training kids in the subject. I’m curious how Justice factors into that mindset.

If prior man can regenerate with Free Will, binding itself with others on this planet; then we have both evidence of foul play and one of the motives. If prior man can create confusion and deception in the matter, we have questions for our Creator. Leading us to our inner sanctum. Seeking for Truth and Understanding; some only for (ID) Direction and Information. Some for (DIO) Directions, Instructions and Orders. Which Spirits are we following, while driving blind and unaware of the contentions that pre-exist our birth into this room, in our particular placement, station or office.

On this planet there are many types of Humans. Not as diverse as the Animal Kingdom. Not even in numbers existing. The Animals dominate and inherit this planet. Existing before and after man’s collective sojourns. Even if hunted to extinction while man is visiting for a portion of eternity.

We are just spit-ball’n so anything we can imagine can be processed as thought on the subject. What matters is how it fits into what we can see happening today around us.

Man exponentially multiplying, culling and refining the original intent of our Creator. Leaving infrastructure advancement in its wake for the next generation to capitalize on. Maybe fight over, like they did and still do, Jesus.

The ability to accumulate private wealth and status and pass it on from generation to generation, enforced by laws, has been created and established for some purpose. Shouldn’t this planet be a Commonwealth? Someone redefined the Word. It used to mean a Common Wealth, shared amongst us, not the idea of a general good or independent of the rest of creation.

You can take it up with our Creator. I’m moving on or coming back. Wiser now than before.

If man seeks to pursue evolution on this planet through selective eugenics and creative economics, what is our Creator doing on a greater scale? Creating everything that exists in Vaster Creation, including me in this iteration. Prized or not by our neighbors.

We can speculate and argue about it between us while we are here. While the Nation Builders carry on about their business. Crafting a dynamic veil of operation, paid for by willing Taxpayers and unsuspecting Consumers. “What else can we do?” I hear often, knowing the conversation is a Pandora’s Box easily flustered. Unfathomable has no definition. Obfuscation can exasperate once established in (SIN) Strength In Numbers. The wages of Sin is not death, but may be something more adventurous.

National Security is not a justified reason. Information doled out on a need to know basis is not a valid excuse for creating or participating in purposeful deceptions. Fostering contrasts to unknown senses might cause ripple effects in the Forecasted Timeline.

When will the Creator want to use its Nation Builders on another Planet? Give this place to its Grandson. After converting the ‘lived’ on the planet.

The Bible speaks to a lost and dying generation and a new crop. I’m just considering data. Wondering about the ‘after this life’ positions that might become available. Discerning what good would or could come of my existence. Just another metric of failure to my neighbor in this environment. The only thing good is bound up inside me, mucked and mired in dependance on my Creator.

Why aren’t Christians seeking to be Adam or even Eve, intimately with our Creator? Are there not any more planets to inhabit? Nations of Offspring to be blessed with? Surely I am not the only one with these thoughts to contend with. Or I have been clocking deception all this time; just as I sensed and eventually thought to consider.

A New Creature born into existence is not aware of pre-existing relations within their Families and so forth. Or the Powers and Principalities and the wiles of the devil. They don’t even know it refers to the ‘lived’ that persist to exist on earth. They are the wolves in sheeps clothing, if they don’t tell you the Truth. You can learn to discern Spirits through the process. That might be the most important thing to glean here. Everything else can be added unto you by our Creator. We might retain our language based intelligence from our prior experiences. Anything is possible.

What would it actually look like for a New Planet to be seeded with an evolved Human Race? Since we witness Creation evolving around us on Earth. Can we scale the idea to include other civilizations being cultivated? And stretch ourselves into considering how our Creator might be breeding its Creations together. Crossbreeding and producing more matured strains in both Flesh and Spirit.

The ‘lived’ that feel ownership in the formation of Nations and Social Infrastructure might have leverage through (SIN) Strength In Numbers bound on Earth. In a Majority Rules Environment. I can finally empathize that it is a great feat we can witness now.

I’m ok starting from scratch and pursuing the evolvement of these social systems as I have experienced and observed. I don’t imagine I will be alone. What would Yin and Yang look like in the future?

We can easily consider that a variety of human races seeded the Earth, in the beginning. Even scattered across the globe as it might have been in that time. Each left to their own devices to forge and fashion their lives on Earth, unbeknownst to each other. Until encroachment occurred. Justifying a sense of warring in our Spirit.

Like a pack of dogs I imagine each sniffing the other out as they came across the neighboring Human Creatures. With no common language or clear way to communicate goodwill except through gestures. Which might not be received well and seem threatening.

Another contention is that we were mythical gods that tore through this solar system and finally began the experimental union of all the various forms of ruling over the people we have devised since then. Which, with the various colonization of races and language barriers we have historical record for, points to

to a reckoning occurring on Earth over the millenia. No one knows how many prior civilizations may have existed. But it does seem likely none were as advanced as we are today, not unless it has been so long ago that it is buried and decayed today. Even purposely covered up, hidden by the Creator.

Given the evidence we do have with ancient stone building technology it seems almost likely giants did roam the earth or Humans had greater ways and means metaphysically to manipulate the weight and mass of Earth. Pointing back to the mythical gods and bible stories as a metaphor for Rocks rising up in aid and Giant Men with much greater physical strength and abilities that served the need at the time.

The Story of Adam and Eve portrays an orientation period in the Spirit pre Human form for Adam and doesn’t really explain what condition Eve was created in. All we know is they all communicated in some way with each other intelligibly. Even with a Serpent. I guess the Tree was mute.

So we must assume we are created into our tangible existence with some intelligence that is fostered and effected by experiences as they occur. If you are a New Creature, all this is not known to you, like it is to a Creature that has experienced being born again. Spirits serve man and man does the spirits bidding. How dependent are we on each other? How are family dynasties created? Rare as they are. Are we binding and loosing without prejudice to manipulate some other value than common good and consideration for all of Creation in our systems? Does encroachment occur as a result of manipulating human breeding for some outcome? Why does the Bible speak to this potential of misleading New Creatures and its consequence value? Thrown back into the Sea.

It can be all metaphorically understood, one way or another.

They are separating metaphoric wheat and chaff and qualifying their Stock. A Fig Tree and a Vine. They have already built their Nations and are on Vacation. The Creator has some questions. May have neat new ideas for their talents. I asked the Creator for help. Oh… this is how enmity formed in the Garden in just a few generations. You will have to forgive me… I am new to this and I could mention you haven’t operated transparently for me to know you had other concerns or desires. Seems like you were gambling somehow.

Why should I feel bad or obligated to your way? I addressed my issues and concerns with my Creator and unfathomably came to some sense of solution for all of Creation that must exist. I’m not even following Jesus.

We are given a Creator’s Experience through this industry of enslavement. If you think you’re due any payment for use as an instrument, I’m unaware of the contention and sent word to the Home Office. They have your money if it is due you.

What if we are the first generation on a new planet? What if I get the body or race you wanted? What sort of grudge will you hold against me from the natural occurrence? You’re the one creating the adverse Spirits. I simply came to a natural conclusion, if we find ourselves in this situation. I’m speaking metaphorically to the Spirit that opposes me; wanting to keep this Human Creature and/or my Spirit, bound on this planet.

It seems more likely, with the stories, this Coat will pass on to the next in line. That might be a contentious issue if there is residue. I’ve addressed this issue with our Creator and don’t have an answer. I expect I’ll endure any consequence from my living in accordance with our Creator’s will and way. The one that brought me into existence and placed me specifically here in this place, lineage slot and with its spiritual connections.

I wonder how far up we would have to go to find the Leadership. How might we Navigate the Spirit Realm while in Human Form? How would we feel our way around in the darkness of exploration? Do they reveal themselves through other connected creatures? Displaying their presence to those able to identify the tels.

Did they leave a trail of subtle hand signs in paintings from a prior era? Are there only three or four factions left now on this planet? Have they consolidated over time with experience and natural evolvement?

What correction could occur with all the Spirits in the new Room in the Mansion. Each equally steadfast in their formed Faith and prior allegiance to carry on the traditions they encountered on Earth. Is it ever possible for a New Creature and a pre-existing Creature to ever truly consider themselves equal? How could they ever come to compromises that caused a contrite response from the pre-existing Creature?

I am a certified stubborn and stiff-necked New Creature. Not against Society but the purposeful Confusion and Deception for the benefit of concealing the ‘lived’, the devil ruling the earth. Obfuscating the reign of Truth between us. I suspect that would lead to true improvements if we could become a true collective.

But alas this is what it is… It causes me to seek truth and understanding from our Creator, shunning anything that seeks to set itself above that Spiritual Value. It led me to consider all possibilities, not just certain contentions.

In this Game of Life I came to exist in, I may be a Wild Card no one expected. Seems that would be some sort of Poetic Justice. Helping us all, that are entangled, come to know Love in its true form. I’m the Instrument used to conduct Continuing Education for Angels and Demons; Is just one potential I have to consider.

A foreigner in a foreign land makes sense to me. Gaining experience while being used like a puppet to provide some correction or result for pre-existing situations already in process when I arrived. Someone else’s fight or race that I have no contentions for. Fielding unknown spiritual forces as I seek to stabilize and calibrate. Finding a certain purchase provided but no real footing for living a life that makes sense beyond preparation for another Life Season.

I have a right to my opinion, too. I can also be honest about myself. Make the best of the confinement in this room. Take in all the sights and sounds. Develop a relationship with our Creator, learn to discern Spirits. Prepare for another Life, in my mind, while I wait out the end time of this Life Season. Having no other course of correction to pursue. I was never meant to fit in; Is just one potential I have to consider.

Even if I won the Lottery I wouldn’t alter my perception, change my mind to join and pursue a life to live and produce more offspring in this world. It is our Creator’s determination I seek to rule over me and my potential for eternal existence or more Life Seasons in Vaster Creation.

I have come to think we have an orientation into existence. Everyone starts somewhere in Vaster Creation or on Earth is my deducement. Just from my experience and no confirmation made with any other Creature. A Spiritual Value exists in my inner sanctum for the potential it represents.

Would I have some potential options in the Game of Life? Is all the leverage and odds given to the House? How would a New Creature win or lose? Born into this sort of slavery to pre-existing warring.

I have come to simply Wonder, Explore and Discover what I can with the evidence as it reveals itself around me; within me. The angst has been replaced or dissipated. It seems no matter what may be I will be better in my next position in Vaster Creation. Leaving nothing behind but the angst I shed in these books and writing assignments.

If the craziest idea I have come to, of potential that serves all our needs, comes to fruition. We may not ever see each other again. Or we may find new worlds to discover and help to develop. Building on our shared experience on Earth or even elsewhere in Vaster Creation. Finding ways to avoid some of the pitfalls we found along the way.

How would we come to terms with Scalable Community Building versus Traditional City and Nation Building? Avoiding Wars and wasted resource gathering, production and labor to support them. Operate collectively without Money in the System. Would some creatures not want to participate? I can empathize.

We want to develop systems that foster willing participation from any sort of Creature Life and Love decide to bring into existence on our New Planet. Our Earthly History proves people are not lazy or even not willing to share in the dirty jobs for little or no pay. We should operate on the natural spirit between us. Not fashion spiritual controls that serve a variety of indifference. Lording over all potential profits. Fleecing as if you’re the Creator. Allowing illusions to stand in place of Truth. Protecting your Selective Brotherhood. Oh, Peter. Trying to give the keys away. Must have too many wives.

I wonder… will the Creator intervene at some point? Is it bound to your ideas of binding and loosing? Are there set physics involved in the Mechanics of Creation? Only experience will tell. I wouldn’t know now. I am left to Wonder and entertain all the thoughts that come into existence. Not just those that tickle my corruptible sense of fancy, while I am mucked and mired in the Sandbox.

If we consider the start of life on a New Planet, how might we chart its evolution? A new civilization seeded by Creatures that lived on Earth or any other civilized planet in Vaster Creation. In our scenario we will all be from Earth. Armed with our experiences and knowledge. However, we must note, that doesn’t seem to really fit the evidence we can observe on Earth.

A variety of creatures that represent all races, chosen according to our Creator’s unfathomable sense of selection for inhabitants on the new planet; seems more plausible.

We may find ourselves set together like a squid game, run by the pre-existing Animal Kingdom. Or simply not aware of the other human creatures scattered across the planet. Hiding in the shadows or in the same boat as us.

What would you do? Being the first of your Race to begin building out our shared future Infrastructure on a different planet. Dating would be easy. Pursuits of shelter, clothing and food seem obvious. I’ve thought about producing primitive pen and paper if I could. Documenting as much as I could before I lost the English I gained from this Life Season. I’m assuming any offspring might be able to read and write English as well or at least learn and carry it forward to the next generations. Building Community Infrastructure and Learning Language, Communicating Information and Writing would be our primary activity in the first generations.

Developing tools and crafting primitive industries. Gaining on the Earthly experience we all shared in various ways. If all the Offspring are Creatures that lived on Earth prior. If the Offspring are all New Creatures this might be a whole different contention. Wild and rambunctious New Creatures would need a greater Education effort to learn the transmitted English and the ideals the words represent. And to enable them to be able to teach it in future generations would be a real challenge. The basics would carry through and we would have a variant of English that was inspired by the base language we were able to cobble together in the first generation.

If my procreation partner and/or our Offspring are from another planet with some intelligence pre-formed from experience we might have a challenge in which culture to adopt. One generation to the next. Creating a potential ‘Tower of Babel’ sort of incident or event.

Any of these potentials are viable given our knowledge of the Mechanics of Creation we experience on Earth. Each would produce a different result. In any event we would develop a language system and begin to pursue building and organizing activity between us. Even if it’s just an extension of the warring that occurs on Earth, as we observed in a prior life.

I just realized I may have to exist for a 1000 years in my next Life Season.

I hope I get to retain the personal value I did extract from my subjection to this Life Season. In any event, Thank you! I say to my Creator, internally. Representing true Trust in our unfathomable nature of existence in Creation. Even if I am an Ogre looking creature in my next life.

That makes me wonder… Will all those generations of offspring be New Creatures and when I die the next generation will be pilgrims or convicts sent from Earth or another planet? Bent on overtaking society systems and capitalizing on the ‘Daughters of Men’ for their pleasure. Believing they are blessed by God with 72 Virgins of their choosing.

I’m trying to be optimistic. Believing in Evolvement as a Mechanic of Creation. Producing new dynamics between us as we evolve spiritually; bound to the flesh the Creator provides for our shared evolution of spiritual existence.

I can’t decide which I prefer, not that it matters. For my story I think we all come from Earth being reborn into the New Lineage that Creation supplanted from Earth’s Harvest. Only those that dream and consider for themselves that they would be willing, like I did naturally. Just wondering about Creation. Looking for some personal investment I could find value in pursuing, somewhere within Vaster Creation.

Why ask what I would do if there are no other options but to grin and bear it until we decide to join the establishment of the ‘lived’ on Earth? Operate like Judas or even Jesus? If our Creator is protecting them from its new creations in their mind.

That would be something that seems intelligent. Given the evidence of indifference that exists here on Earth, and what we can observe between us. The Nation Builders and their followers on Earth can enjoy the fruits of their Spirits and we can be happy too. I don’t think I am the only one, but I might be.

What would we try to avoid if we could?

Not Procreating, Breeding for Slavery and Servanthood, would be a major change in our focus; in comparison to the evidence on Earth. Patiently developing Infrastructure, Science and Technology through Language and Communication development. Training and enabling our Offspring to be Project Partners and Community Developers. Fostering Wonder, Exploration and Discovery. Not pursuing Kingdoms or developing Armies for Plundering. We may have those neighbors though, to contend with. Defenses and Diplomacy will be needed. Wisdom and knowledge of the potentials for the ‘Rape of Dinah’ scams and other tactics, revealed in the Bible and History, will need to be expressed and reinforced. We’ll need to be aware of biotech threats. Not accepting any gifts as a security measure. Even if their religion teaches them to be offended by our contentions.

Will we always be dealing with the Offensive Activity of others seeking power or to overtake the developed infrastructure or location and people? Will they always try to bind through invoked and enticed breeding? Have better ideas for advancing society? That will include Slave Breeding and creating tools like Money for enticing acceptance of metaphoric yokes of debt?

Will we be spiritually stronger in our desire for a true collective formation, reduced to staving off attacks or even killing in frustration and anger? They will be growing in numbers much faster than we will. Manipulating the mechanics of Creation. How would Creation even that out? Surely they are evolving too.

Undoubtedly a future offspring will fall in love or lust with another Race and produce offspring in my downline. I wonder how we might blend and grow together into a Global Community. What sort of challenges might present themselves. What would a Healthy Society look like?

A thriving Building Industry fueled by material gathering and developed refinement systems to produce manufactured products. These Original Industries were hijacked by the Nation Builders on Earth. Producing Wood, Steel and Raw Resource Barons, incentivizing wars for consumption to profit from the Government’s Coffers. Fleecing the Citizens like true capitalists. All civilized now.

Remove the tool of Money from the equation and you have true willing participation for the simple benefits of the activity. Allowing for less concern for labor costs and manipulating markets for financial dividends. Education, Training and Participation in Society are all integrated in Task Activity and integration through self representation and ways and means to pursue interests through Community Projects that can be funded with resources and labor provisions as Projects find support and approval within the Community.

Children could be housed together in small groups within larger facilities of shared housing. Parents live nearby in couple housing. Children are acclimated to Community living and develop better learning habits with more time to socialize in safe spaces and endeavor arts and sports. Families often come together for mealtimes and take time to vacation together. Some adults are engaged in special projects that cause separation from the kids they sire. All children are engaged in a shared system unless the parent decides otherwise. These conflicts don’t happen like they do on Earth. Everyone is progressing together. Evolving the systems to meet all of our needs. Recognizing the values of collective evolution that have come from evolvement and Creations hand in the matter between us.

Separations or divisions between us are invariably our downfall, it seems from experience on Earth. Pursuing Unification through Confusion and Deception using abstract lies, didn’t seem right to me during my initial life season. I found myself considering other potentials. What is Vaster Creation doing, while we are submitted to the powers and principalities operating on Earth? All the while wondering, what could I possibly be being prepared for? In my wretched condition.

Where did George Washington go? Would we be following after Him? Those that come from America.

It’s been 225 years since He left the planet. His Rotunda only portrays him as God. Is that Mary at His Right Hand? Where’s Martha?

Is He Esau now? The Prodigal Son? Would He be thankful for some help? Stuck with all His followers from Earth. Forging the first City on the new planet he was rewarded with. Can you imagine how those that followed Him might feel in that context? Unless they are just mingling in the Clouds, always in full regalia.

If we abandon History and Religious Indoctrinations we have only the physical nature of things to examine. A planet of certain design and the observable Universe. Historical Records can be inaccurate but reveal some context to consider. Religion has shaped the masses and affected every community at some point in our development.

If we are evolving then we would consider how we could do better. Truth is the only way to weigh these factors. Religion, Governments and groups like the Freemasons are Social Organizations that decided they could leverage unity within their sects. For their morale and spirit in the beginning.

Their plans required civilized servants and slaves because the others just couldn’t relate to the Orders.

They evolved into our modern day systems.

Would we need to follow the same game plan?

Waring Tribal Clans to Kingdoms and Empires? Crafted into Nations, Countries and Republics for Marketing and consolidation. Ease of use for fleecing.

I think we might be a different lot at least in the beginning. The dynamics are unfathomable. I have to think the ‘lived’ on Earth and other planets would become part of the melding if not in the beginning over the course of future generations. Our Historical Record seems to relate the potential. I am unaware of the mechanics involved.

We must assume at some point all of vaster creation may come to exist for at least one generation. Accepting like a gift that we are Spiritual Creatures that inhabit Animals or Creatures, created by the Mechanics of Creation. Beyond our understanding.

Let’s use that format for our story. A variety of Spiritual Creatures come to exist from every sect of Vaster Creation. Each with their variant development and indoctrination from their prior lives.

How would we establish a simple convention between us generation to generation? Running around in Caveman Uniforms. Slaughtering animals for their coats. This is getting more and more real. If we don’t populate too fast we can just use the natural progression of animals dying and extract only those coats. Or stay naked until we can figure out flax, cotton and looming. If not for my experience on Earth, I would probably stumble upon asbestos fiber and think it’s great for manufacturing clothing.

How are we going to handle the temptations for the vices we know? Used for all matters of value they provide. Who knows what it’s like on other planets. I think we must be evolving and the Creator knows what it’s doing crafting the universe. If we can avoid the monetization of free enterprise through a supported fabricated value we might be able to form a new relationship with these natural products of Creation. Usage volume might not become a problem and unnatural or man made products might never be created. Except for the Love of Money. And the Pyramid of Competition for Positions. You can choose to live on Earth for that. We are creating a different experiment looking for truth and transparency to be natural expressions between us.

We can still have all the fun and sense of achievements to share a reverence for. For eternity. Coming and going as you explore vaster creation. Not bound to one planet, by Confusion and Deception. Or even a sense of duty or obligation.

A new beginning to build a new entanglement with a new generation of Spirits that may also pre-exist our initial Human Formation. But coming from a single celled organism and forming through the mechanics of Creation and the benefit of our intelligent Creators Evolvement. Cutting a Billion years down to 1 Million; before I can form a new Human Creature from scratch. It might not be pretty at first.

We can wonder about this aspect for a moment… I can attest my imagination in this matter and how it formed within me as a matter of observation and setting myself to consider what might be. I’m even open to whatever might be my next life as long as it is our Creator’s matter of intelligence choosing my best next life season for my innate needs and Vaster Creation. Just as it did this one. We can all make those assessments when they are presented by that power or force.

Could there be another Creature forming in the same contention from the same sense of Vaster Creation that might be paired with my Spirit to procreate a new seed of civilization? Anything is possible. Would Creation be interested in that sort of free will? If I exist another might also. What is our Creator’s desire? How did I even come to think about this in this way?

Back to the Script… So two New Creatures are born on Earth in the same era and similar circumstances. They develop the same idealism through seeking for truth and understanding. Both indoctrinated with the bible but not received as an effective religion or political tool. Gleaning a greater understanding through considering the Bible Scriptures and their potential for greater meaning. Observing the reality of society on the globe. Coming to the same interest in Understanding the Mechanics of Creation after discovering the dynamics of procreation, religious and secular sects are manipulating and capitalizing on.

Both had let themselves wonder what other potentials might exist as they had become aware through study of the Bible and Human Nature around them. Realizing the Spirits that operate are more complex than simple Angels and Demons. Finding the potentials for our Interconnectedness and realizing their state of being New Creatures brought into this existence within the Families they seemed assigned to rather than part of. Growing up clueless that many of the familiar faces were also interconnected and aware of the Spirits and the dynamics of the Spiritual World. Like a Network of minds that exist in, by and through each Human Creature and maybe Animals. Some are very experienced and can provoke actions. Many can orchestrate events and incidents with many Creatures involved. Like leading and temptations as described in the bible. They work together to manipulate their connected stock. There are limits, like ignorance and potentially weakened spirits. Downtrodden was best practice a long time ago.

Awareness of these potentials, causes further thought regarding how Creation might be operating. Given the way Humans operate on Earth. In general, we learn and manipulate according to the desired outcome for ourselves first. And incorporate others based on the eye we behold. The Spirit of Judas exists. These ideals have shaped and formed the nature of wonder in these two creatures as they exist on Earth in their Initial State of Creation. Witnessing and questioning, wondering what might matter for them to exist as they did. Both subject to Sects of Religious followers crafting their own lineages and following the same script of activity with their members of the extended family.

Our Creator used the experience to orientate and educate the New Creatures; using the free will activity of the ‘lived’ that operate persistently on the Earth. Procreating with some eugenic alchemy process they follow and collaborate to perpetrate through the Human Stock they can affect. Somehow.

This made sense when you consider our Creator would require awareness and/or free will to alter a life path for its creation. Examining that we are born into a family position that seems random at least the first time. For a New Creature. A Creature reborn has lived a life season before. They may understand how they come to be born in a certain lineage if they have been snaking through the trees.

More than just a couple or even four. Or more like medusa. What could we do but come to wonder what could Creation be doing with us? Subjecting us to the experiences? Wondering now if we are being prepared through religious indoctrination. Considering Adam and Eve and wondering about the Heavens. Discovering Vaster Creation in the process. What would it take to correct the issues we have as one society of Vaster Creation on this planet.

The Truth Derivative

Breaking The Chains of The Spirit of Criticism

Embracing Pure Wonder

A Metaphoric Heart Circumcision

Orientation for New Creatures

(FUCK) For Unknown Carnal Knowledge

Hidden In Basic Training and Continuing Education

While Submitted to Gravity and Subjected to the Lived that Rule the Earth

Perfectly Created to be Naturally Imperfect

Requiring a Relationship with Our Creature

As a Member of Unfathomable Vaster Creation

It took awhile to work through the angst of ignorance and obfuscation. Knowing something didn’t feel right without a clue as to why or what wasn’t ‘feeling right’. Not really in the Spirit of Goldilocks, new to Earth, but like if you melded Columbo with Matlock, Andy Griffith and Barney. Thrown into a Case in Progress as a Baby. Nothing but inborn traits to prompt awareness and no understanding from experience. Something is just not right. I couldn’t shake it to make a stake on this part of Vaster Creation.

Our Culture is formed of religious freedom and one glaring message you’re free to follow. But must submit to, in our Constitution. Allowing for Flocks of Wolves in Sheeps Clothing to form over generations.

Here we are in 2024. Tell me I am wrong. Factions pitted against themselves, for some reason; ever since I’ve been here witnessing. Now more patiently waiting for the end of each of the sentences I write.

I’m curious how our Creator resolves it all or capitalizes on the opportunity; if It is Intelligent and patient. And we really are made like ‘It’. Will those left or staying behind be able to discern the Truth or will they earnestly seek for Spirits they think they lost connections with? Will they be left to wonder about Vaster Creation, above the Sun? Rethinking old conventions and ritual traditions. Nothing wrong with best practices if they include everyone, Life created.

We know nothing but what we have proven to ourselves or seen with our own eyes. Many have replaced our connection with our Creator, we have naturally with purpose on Earth that serves their contentions and desire for Life abundantly. Under the Sun and within their contentions. Is it required for all Creatures created to feel the same way, pious and patriotic, and avoid other contentions that might come to fruition as well? Even exercise a value of metaphoric Trust through submitting to unfathomable Truth that our Creator can form any potential, beyond that which our imagination can support.

No real proof needed in the heat of the moment. I WED our Creator, naturally. Born into Existence and left to (WED) Wonder, Explore and Discover as I sort through the rubble of my Initial Life Experience. Like a trial I should have known would come from my existence. Accepting all the blame every step of the way. Irreverent for the Truth I know not of, only sense; like a gut instinct. Which leads to a discovery of innate conditions. I finally realized… There is nothing of Matter If there is not some level of a sense of Trust in Our Creator. Innate in us.

I don’t know if this is the real world in a true sense or more of an immersion in a dimension akin to a Video Game like Grand Theft Auto. Or even a peculiar rehabilitation process. It may simply be that the ‘lived’ are pretty wise and developed now. Keeping the veil around their activity and exercising an invisible hand that can be discovered by those earnest to find Truth or Understanding from the environment. The Spirits they cannot quench.

It is whatever it is… I am still searching for truth and understanding for all the issues and concerns that are brought to remembrance or presented as distractions or challenges. Thoughts to consider and Feelings to think about. Examining all the prior Events and Incidents in a new light. Still WED to Vaster Creation. Witnessing what is happening around and within me. Preferring to Trust in Unfathomable Potentials. For some positive value for all of creation. Since that is the rhetoric sorting out between us.

I find myself in some precarious position, standing in between all factions known and unknown. Beseeching our Creator knowing now God is in Control of my neighbors. Only our Creator can save them now.

I’m no closer to any determination, just assured somehow beyond comprehension. I have some purpose not known yet. Or maybe I had value that was already extracted and I am just slag now. Left behind from some Spiritual Operation that was detailed metaphorically in the Bible. If you can interpret the Scripture and proof it into something better than worldly treasure on this planet, alone.

I did consider the Bible might be a Life Manual for some portion of eternity. Realized I had Accredited Righteousness to God and The Church System. Even my busy neighbors.

Everything actually helped me develop a relationship with our Unfathomable Creator. It’s the most stable Spirit in me. I endure and persevere with all or any others. Learning to discern Spirits like Jesus said. Learning to do it while discombobulated eventually.

I found I may be being prepared for something unknown to me in this Life Season, just as many around me are preparing for something unknown to me too.

I seem to be interested in seeding a new civilization. How weird is that? Should I be seeking some correction other than the unfathomable potential for Evolution of our Society Systems and Vaster Creation? Is there a Job Position anyone can apply for, like Adam must have? Is corporate capitalization and private property rights protected by the secret collective, really the only social system in Vaster Creation?

I suspect I stumbled by chance into discovering a (CASE) Eugenics Alchemy Crime Scene like the Pink Panthers Penitent Grandson. Or our Creator does know what it is doing, procreating in spite of man’s interventions. I exist and confirm for myself. As I wonder, I find both could be applied in some sense, between spirit and flesh.

If I go about writing a story for a script about the potentials I might get Rich on Earth.

Let’s see where this goes…

Man dies on Earth, waking up in the same aged body and condition on a similar planet to Earth. Finds two women who have come to be in the same way. Acting as if they are not aware of the circumstances.

The man is weak and febrile, not caring for its body in the prior life. The two women are virile and seek sexual unions for producing offspring with the only man on the planet. As far as they know. Until they can get a Son out of him. This is just one contention we can consider. They all may be perfect in Body and Spirit. With the Spirit being perfect in any state or condition of existence.

All speak English and have their knowledge from living on Earth, able to communicate with each other. It is a Tropical Garden with a waterfall and fresh water pools not far from the Ocean. Convenient Caves are available for shelter. Banana Trees and other fruits are abundant. We are truly at the beginning of this new civilization’s potential on this planet. Other Races may also exist or come to exist on this planet.

One man and two women, what could go wrong?

The Mechanics of Creation are unfathomable. Creation can do whatever it wants. It’s not bound to our understanding of things beyond our comprehension.

Armed with knowledge of Life on Earth we have some opportunity to avoid pitfalls of activity and warring for resources that ends up costing the whole and profiting the few who dare to risk everything for some sense of dominance or adoration. Our Cultural History tells the stories.

I’ve come to consider one option that might fit well into our shared knowledge and understanding of potentials that remain unproven. About Ancient Secret Societies forming the Association of God with our Creator for the purpose of Nation Building and Installing the metaphoric Invisible Hand George Washington declared existed.

Have these Creatures obligated themselves now to building Nations on New Planets, inadvertently? At our Creator’s determination? Are they keeping themselves on the planet as long as they find agreement with another Human bound to the planet?

This might explain the potential for Evolution of Technology or Science of Knowledge and Understanding that can be used for the benefit of Vaster Creation. Seems logical if our Creator is Intelligent. What sort of spirit would it take to endeavor the next generation rather than the primitive Adam and its experience? It’s still pure wonder. Even makes sense with the stories of the first generation’s efforts to parcel, weigh and measure. Building Cities. Ruling the masses that exist outside of the Garden.

There must have been a transferred knowledge, even if we originally come from Cavemen. We would still be primitive even with transferred knowledge. The environment is the untamed and unruly we must contend with, with whatever we can remember or learned before. Like Naked and Afraid or Survivor.

There is no infrastructure on this new planet to us. There may or may not have been other civilizations on this planet but they are not known, buried and undiscovered.

Thinking it out further… two women may not be enough. Maybe three women would work for better dynamics; they are mixed race, each with different dominant genes.

My entangled Spirits are bound to follow as are each of the womens, melding us all with me as the common spiritual value in our offspring. We’ll need all varieties of spirits, creation brings forth from our private sex orgies.

What if we are blessed with the reborn spiritual creatures that had lived on Earth for much of the Nation Building? Retaining knowledge and information that will compliment our efforts? Would they be happy to share and endeavor together rather than seek Earthly ways and means of establishing controls with their knowledge? Would they want to barter for further rewards and submissions? Will they resort to murder if I stand steadfast in my contentions? Realizing our Creator might send another with the same knowledge or reveal it to me with my own pursuit for knowledge.

What if it’s three guys and a girl? I’m the girl. Oh… for FUCK!


What If Vaster Creation Doesn’t Exist?

This actually is not logical, based on evidence. But what If what we experience is only real as a constructed environment? A sub sect of Reality like a Church is supposed to be a safe haven from the secular world for Humans on Earth.

The Bible paints a picture that we as Spiritual Creatures were all born in the mind of God and therefore creation before the Earth was formed. Implying we are all born equal in terms of time and eternity. Providing an ambiguous idea that if you don’t have reference or memory of your prior life it is because you have been forgiven for personal SIN in a prior life. All while maintaining the idea of New Creatures being created as every baby born and not differentiating the variable Spiritual value that exists.

This seems to serve to confuse the mind with additional thoughts to bring into captivity and justify the odd variables involved in maintaining the illusions New Creatures might find within their VISA rights. Many will say to protect our free will and innocence. Potential for Self-Righteousness. What would you know as a New Creature? The Bible even expresses that we are sold into slavery for a hefty fee and bought back at a discount. We even accept readily that God gave this World He Loves to His Son the Devil to rule over us. Cheat and Lie. Seems like a Family Corporation.

The Bible expresses that we are under a Godspel. A mystery we have all our life to figure out. I was extremely unruly or simply unable to find stable and intelligent reasoning until late in my life. Born into existence on this planet like a child to a pedophile or a mark to a mountebank.

Are there really 8.1 billion on the planet?

If this is real then It must be that we are overpopulated. Needing a reckoning for all this to work out. Since we are more concerned for a Nation’s Pride, over unified people our Creator created. They crafted the Majority Wins Rule. As a matter of Hubris, we should note.

So our Creator doesn’t smite its creation in some fit of anger and if God knows it all He is tight lipped about it. With so much Confusion and Deception at play, willy nilly on Earth.

And the idea of Free Will might apply Above and Under the Sun. And the Story of Esau or Jacob and Laban has some real value to a New Creature.

Laban answered Jacob, “The women are my daughters, the children are my children, and the flocks are my flocks. All you see is mine. Yet what can I do today about these daughters of mine, or about the children they have borne? Come now, let’s make a covenant, you and I, and let it serve as a witness between us.”

Understanding Esau’ circumstances can separate logic between people. It’s a matter of seeking for truth over agenda. And finding all of the evidence is not so easy.

In every Story it’s a matter of rights to establish land and live abundantly ruling over the rest of creation. Not really about Love. Pure and Holy.

Did you catch the inference in the Scripture about Laban and His Daughters and Children? Did you use your mirror? N abal. N A Bal. Ala B N.

How this relates to Jesus’ charge to learn to discern Spirits or be wise as serpents, is between you and our Creator. Seek for truth and understanding. God speaks directly to Esau…

King James Bible

And by thy sword shalt thou live, and shalt serve thy brother; and it shall come to pass when thou shalt have the dominion, that thou shalt break his yoke from off thy neck.

New King James Version

By your sword you shall live, And you shall serve your brother; And it shall come to pass, when you become restless, That you shall break his yoke from your neck.”

Open to interpretation. You’re free to consider or just accept and worship. Following along until you become restless and break the yoke.

I have an addiction to smoking pot and cigarettes. I drink Coffee and Water often. Are these the yokes? Pacifiers? Stimulants like fuel additives to Oxygen? When used religiously.

Can I Trust our Creator beyond comprehension or should I seek refuge with God?

Why are the tools readily available in this World? Producing profits for those producing them and the governments override.

When Satan shows you the Kingdom what do you see? A pharmacopeia, pharmakeia or a cornucopia or something else?

If you have been mucked and mired by these Creatures hiding behind the devil, it might be for a greater purpose.

All we can really do is trust our unknowable, unfathomable Creator. Who doesn’t really care if you call it a name as long as you don’t confuse it with another God. That is the Threshold Man crossed. Binding together, exercising free will in the matter. So now I know… as a New Creature. Thanks to our Creator. The Contrast is the Reflection.

We are pitted between a Rock and Hard Place, metaphorically. Angels and Demons. Fallible Creatures. With personal agendas. And tools for engagement.

I have no skin in this game as far as I know. No prior developed consideration for games people might play. Anything I have is given unto me, like they say. It must be up to task. If Trust exists between us and our Creator.

We can develop self-control and operate remotely. Become disciplined according to Nature. Our Creator is making contact or trying to reconnect or waiting for us to turn to it and tune in. Each person is in an individual position or place. Only a strength in some numbers tweaked with an arsenal could rule this world. Why is it always the Devil in the details?

It seems our Creator may operate as we mimic. If Esau can repent, even if Jacob and Rebekah don’t. Maybe that was our Creator’s intent in the first place given the outcomes. Now we have (EVE) Evidence of Evolution Variables on a Spiritual Level.

So it’s not all Roses… but kick’n rocks, removing briars and thorns and no machines to assist the effort. Wishing we were back in our Father’s House where the Swine ate better or something like that.

I’ll go be an Amoeba if I have to; to create another potential in Vaster Creation. Who should have a problem with that? I suspect some entangled Spirit(s). Who don’t want to leave this planet and explore Vaster Creation.

Or maybe they wanted this outcome.

If it is real.

These considerations must be contended with in some way in our story.

Creation keeps us to its own purpose as we develop a relationship with it while enduring and persevering with unfathomable spiritual contentions. Mostly a lack of understanding the variables operating behind the veil. But also Spiritual bullies and mercenaries sent with ambiguous purpose and 007 with a bestowed License.

It still boils down to actual experience versus potential unfathomable purpose. What is crafted wonderfully in you and me, individually? Can we find different considerations of values or actions at work in Vaster Creation?

What if there is no new planet in Creation to inhabit and develop with the values of experience we gather and gain on any world during a Life Season? What if we might be crossbred spiritually between the existing Civilizations in Vaster Creation? We must consider all thoughts that come into existence.

Free Will allows you to choose to bind yourself with fellowships established or loose yourself, trusting then, in only our Unfathomable sense of our Creator; of our Matter of Being or Existing. Knowing us and creation better than we know ourselves.

We are set to witness and become intelligent. Learning to discern Spirits in this room in the Mystery Mansion. How could this World as a Crafted, Constructed, Contrived Environment, represent Vaster Creation? Mimic the variables involved in the mechanics of Creation. Would submission to it be discombobulating, naturally, without the interference? That is my interest in understanding what potentials might be possible and why we find this contention, as an initial experience.

Or am I under some inducement beyond my comprehension in some nefarious way of life? Like Children can be raped or abused and weaker vassals can be dominated, taken advantage of in the ways we witness on Earth. Supported by a negligent Creator. Not willing or able to protect us. We each have our own challenges in each iteration, it seems.

If we are crafting Vaster Worlds for our Creator… It makes sense why I consider these ideals. Our Creator would want the value of Spiritual Evolution it crafted into its offspring that have not already bound themselves with intent with another of its offspring. It’s not hard to map out once you’re looking at it.

Our Creator is the Matchmaker the Jews adopted or copied. Creating the binding and loosing principles and powers. Potentially. There could be any number of unknown variables.

You can hire the one, that came to be, or trust the other you came into the world with.

Heart — The Next Planet, Evolving From Earth

Earth will want a cut. They deem lawful. An eternal residual override they feel they are owed as a tribute. We have to Trust the Creator that saved us, to save them too. Change their mindset. Or they will come to rape and plunder in self-righteous anger and be surprised to find something to fall in love with. Even a new project our Creator provided for them personally on another planet.

I like it for some reason, no matter what it means for me in the matter. I don’t think anyone should be King of the Mountain. There is a better way to Social Corrections. The thoughts and understanding came into existence and Jesus said think about it.

Planet Heart… Not as snazzy as Earth for some reason. Maybe another Name will come to exist that we can all agree is good.

Planet Thera… hmmm…. Is that already taken? Can we do a Domain Search or buy the Name Rights from someone?

So anyway… A small sample group from Earth ends up seeding a new planet’s civilization. Each with their Connected Spirits our Creator formed them through or with. We still are observing unfathomable Creation. All aware of Laban and Rebekah. And Jacob. Dinah and her Brothers.

Whatever combination of Spiritual values might come to exist by the intelligence of our Creator is for us to discover. I think we have to craft from what we know and consider what other possibilities might exist in Vaster Creation from that base information.

Most will lean towards some ideal Paradise. It makes sense that we would be positioned with some potential for joy in circumstances, something we can love. But aware of the effort required to pioneer and forge original infrastructure for Community Building. Developing the Industry of Life between us the Nation Builders took credit for and profit from for eternity.

If the process is evolving we might find we are not scattered but mingled and melded to some greater degree. Causing a more similar effort to be composed in each area our Creator places seeds on the new planet. All striving for global community infrastructure and not private personal wealth like on Earth. True Common Wealth Society Systems. Finding more creative ways to manage the affairs thrust between us.

Still learning what we do not know yet. About the dynamics of social interaction, mechanics of creation and Spiritual influences.

Ok that’s enough context. Let’s dig into a Story Outline.

7 men and 7 women make up a Creator’ Seed for civilization on this next planet. Or any other number might come to make sense.

Each left to their base desires for lust or love… would an orgy be inevitable? Would Jealousy not evolve?

Would monogamous be best practice? Who would want to seed every woman created with offspring? Laban. My future Son or one of the Magnificent 7. FUCK!

Life goes on about and we find all 14 members of the landing party of new aged pilgrims from Earth, are operating in peaceful coexistence. Dutifully busy reestablishing community building practices and developing collective industry from the effort.

The Men and women share their knowledge with each other, each forming their own relationships with one another until the Mutual Shared Sex Orgy Scene evolves and becomes a matter of the various preferences of Love and Lust as they have evolved to be. Less infighting and more compassionate expressions form between us. Laban is out numbered in this early time of our existence. Potentially vulnerable to conversion of His preconceived practices and ideals.

Finally all come to a mutual consensus that truth and transparency is our shared value in achieving our desire for an advanced or evolved, thriving social system. One that will serve all the creatures Creation chooses to station on Earth. Laban is exasperated from the prior experience and is coming to terms with the unfathomable nature of Creation.

We would have a different process of procreation if we take industrialization or slavery out of the equation. Only driven by the desire to gain the world. Our primary intellectual industry is learning how to educate and share our collective understanding of the discovered mechanics of Creation for no reason except developing our relationship with our Creator and exposing the Spiritual Realm so that it is not hidden.

Trusting in Vaster Creation for our senses and abilities. Finding new senses of creation we can develop between us. Maybe even become like supernatural creatures in some real sort of sense. Or just be better Humans as a by product of each experience.

Most probable, given the evidence… we have greater capacity than we are able to utilize in this environment collectively. A sort of Unionization of Knowledge between us. Again a faith that Truth and Transparency are Spirits with chemistry that reflects a natural sense of Trust that exists within us by our connection with our Creator individually.

Consider that all the spirits are in mutual agreement only when we include the Spirit of Truth. Which produces Transparency as a “Work of Faith”. Coming from a Biblical perspective. Getting into honesty and forthrightness as variable dynamics we can meter and measure. Discerning Spirits motives; coming to understand the common incentives that are producing the wiles of the devil to contend with.

Futuristic… The Past Is Tok

“Invariably, we know on some level between us, we are Spiritual Creatures bound to the Human Frame, like Gravity works to bind us to Earth.”, the man stated.

“We have identified the myriad of spirits that can come to form our psyche through the process of procreation within the species.”, the man said, continuing with the lecture, “And we mutually accept that we can not fully define all the variables that may be involved or to what degrees the mechanics and dynamics of the Spiritual World or Vaster Creation may operate.”

“Our Minds are composed of a multitude of Spiritual Creatures Life Creates through the Mechanics of Creation.”

In the Beginning It was brutal. The land and climate were not hospitable to the new inhabitants that had been transported to the newest matured Planet in Vaster Creation, at the end of their Life Season on Earth. Every Male and Female that died at the exact same moment became the sampling that will seed the civilization that will form on this new planet. 13 Men and 72 Females had all died at the very same moment out of all the Humans on Earth.

Each Human Creature of their own Age, Race and Religion or Consideration of Creation. Having a varied skill set and knowledge, with some sharing language and culture. Some were able to interpret between the various languages. Causing a formal way to orientate and communicate to develop quickly. Similar to a courtroom or assembly hall. Outside on a landing, under the shade of a mountain surrounding a freshwater cove. It is the most ideal position on the new planet to begin developing Community Infrastructure. Food and Building Materials are readily available for primitive survival.

Everyone is naked and horny. No one is married to another. This is the prime directive, innate in us; for a couple of reasons, we all know. Except for the 2 Babies and 3 Children that came to exist as part of the Sample Seeded on this new planet.

It all happened in a blink of an eye, each who could, would attest and agree. One moment they were in the moment of dying on Earth and the next they were alive on this planet with everyone else in the party. Each gave an account of their life on Earth, sharing names, culture, age and experience.

Unbeknownst to anyone in the group… Every one of them was a New Spiritual Creature born on Earth and supplanted at the end of their Initial Life Season to seed the new planet. Only an intelligent Creator could do the Math and produce this equation outcome. And that is what is happening. We are witnessing the mechanics of creation in progress.

Caring for the 2 babies and 3 children became a focus of activity for most of the Women and the Men became engaged with constructing shelter, gathering materials and community planning. There are no other animals readily available to kill for fur, but a fibrous plant is growing abundantly and easy to process into Rope and Thread. A community effort begins to form between the group corporately and individually in small collectives of 2 or more. Tending the Babies and Children kept a common bond of community and created the need for a process of educating them and sharing knowledge with each other in the process. These children would learn all the languages and cultural values of the rest of the sample seed. Is our Creator Intelligent? Are we as Spirits evolving in eternal senses of time?

Over the first 5 years a bond formed between all of the group we’ll refer to as the Seed going forward. The babies are toddlers, one Male and one Female not related by birth it seems. The 3 Children, all girls, are Maria 8, Eva 11 and Leah 14, now as far as the rest of the Seed could surmise in the beginning. Each child seemed to know for certain their names and ages, they were 3, 6 and 9 then.

The rest of the Seed ranged in age from 21 to 78 when they all arrived. Now all five years older. And now every man and woman has created offspring. The first was born just 7 months after arrival leading to a debate as to whether the Mother was pregnant when she died or if she had become pregnant since arrival. She had died in a car accident and did not know if she was pregnant then or not. She had been the first to show signs of being pregnant after the first orgy.

Life for the group has been shaped by the environment and lack of common items. Shelter and Clothes have become primary activities as well as developing ways and means to recreate items or activities they had engaged on earth. A primitive paddle board sport becomes a common pastime and form of exercise. Wrestling and Weight Lifting is popular with the Males mostly. Yoga and Pilates classes are mostly attended by the Women. Everyone does Zumba and a variety of Dancing.

Primitive musical instruments have been created to accompany the singing that had fostered a rekindling of life on Earth. Remembering songs and sharing memories each night when the group would wind down the day. An organized activity had formed with each familiar with schedules and working together to produce results. Limited now to the basics available by nature’s provisions and without the familiar products they had been accustomed to on Earth.

No one lamented their circumstances. Each had been born for this endeavor, unbeknownst to them. Equipped with the Spirit needed to be this new planet’s Seed.

The prior experience each had gained from living a portion of eternity on Earth would be the mechanics of the seed our Creator planted. Leading to action and activity that would transmit to the next generation.

The group is equal in not knowing the future. They have already experienced something supernatural that other creatures might not ever experience. What they won’t know for some time is that they are all going to live until they are 1000 years old from their bodies birth on Earth. Future generations will also live an extended life span and will eventually evolve and settle into living an average of 100 years like on Earth.

The population has doubled in the first five years. Now many children have come to exist, almost outnumbering the adults. The Women have taken on full time child bearing and rearing and the Men are busy gathering resources, building and planning for the future community infrastructure they want to create. The knowledge of life and industry on Earth informs the process.

Consideration of an afterlife has become a common topic. Everyone begins to wonder if they will come to exist again on this planet through their offspring, many expecting to die a natural death on this planet. Discussion about our Spiritual Nature is fueled by the variety of cultural values that exist within the group. Eventually it becomes apparent a man and a woman in the group are members of Freemason groups on Earth. They say they believe they are supplanted on this planet to be fruitful and multiply to establish God on this planet as faithful servants. They are the only two to reveal this and all others attest to different ideals about our matter of existence in Creation. They are not problematic or even pushy about their beliefs. Neither knew each other prior to being supplanted, seemingly placed together by a God.

Everyone generally agrees about Community Organization; negotiating through most logistics and issues. Living in the organized chaos of society on Earth gave the group a basis to develop ways of communicating more effectively and wiser about potential concerns that might occur in the process. Developing a Community Childcare System that included training and education programs that would craft an intelligent community spirit as part of the objectives.

A debate sparked from the desire to use the word God to define our idea of our Creator. The members who claimed to be Freemasons wanted to teach the children that God had sent all of us from Earth to Seed the new planet for His glory. As they had been taught on Earth. Others had passively agreed or were neutral about the contention. But several had come to discuss the concerns and had come to a determination that we should not need to adopt the Name of God from Earth and should only teach that we believe our Unfathomable Creator created us to exist in Its Vast Creation. Arguing that we should only teach what we can say we know collectively. Using reference from the Bible Scriptures to support the idea that God had said those things would pass away. Finally stating that we should want to avoid the abuse of Religion that we had all witnessed on Earth. Eventually gaining almost unanimous support. The Freemasons were undeterred but accepted the group’s determination.

Many crafty methods have been contrived and manufacturing production has cobbled together to form industry fueling daily activity. A loom is crafted to produce tarps that can be sewn together to provide shade and layered together for walls and roofing panels. A rich supply of Bamboo is harvested for framing and furniture construction.

A sprawl begins to occur with strategic community building and support for the industry activity. Facilities for material production and buildings for organized social activity are built, forming the need for roads and modes of transportation beyond walking. Eventually the group will be scouting for a location to build another Community to support the need and desire for more resource production. It is the location of the resources the group desires that leads them to venture towards the Sea. A primary diet of fruit, nuts and flowers has served the group well for these five years. However a year ago some crafty citizens crafted nets and traps for fishing in the freshwater lake that began to supplement the group’s diet. Leading to discussions that a fishing village on the coastal front would be a good way to expand the communities footprint. It would also harvest kelp and other resources from the area they find.

The plan was agreed to forge a road from the Community out to the Beach area and establish shelter for housing and enterprise effort. New Community growth would also be established along the new road in various places in between as resources are found for harvesting.

Carts with skids have been constructed to transport quantities of materials gathered or supplies and tools that have been crafted for performing tasks and creating products to build with. A water supply aqueduct for consumption, showers and the first bathroom with a flushable toilet has been built. Fed by a nearby waterfall.

Sun-Dried Mud Brick production begins as the Road production towards the Beach continues to be forged. The first Firing Kiln is built near the break in terrain at the edge near the beach and along the route of the road.

Surprisingly the Freemasons in the group know nothing about Stone Masonry, preferring to act as community leaders, teachers and social organizers.

The original Community has become a Home for the Seed. A large Garden Village that will never be a City.

Productivity is not driven by individual need as much as desire for crafting a better life together from the available environment. A balance between time spent in social interaction and productive task activity has not become an issue of any contention. Project Groups form to complete tasks the Seed group has chosen to pursue through willing and wanting participation. Agreeing the result is worth the effort.

This process of community planning will evolve into the future community corporate productivity infrastructure system. Involving all Citizens in the Community Building efforts as co-project leaders and laborers. Eventually forming a money free system that doesn’t need bombs, warheads and fireworks. Not even a need for spaceships to seek additional resources or gain territory. Only to facilitate technology support as it comes to exist to serve a global need or desire. Our Creator transports us as we become aware of other destinations in Vaster Creation. According to some form of order that came to exist from chaos.

(WED) Wonder, Explore and Discover

Life On Earth

We can only agree between us that the Idea of our Creation into Existence and Unknown Vaster Creation is Unfathomable. In a childlike sense of ‘Faith’. We are each individual in the accumulation of carnal knowledge and spiritual experience. Many are subject to prolonged indoctrination. Others to Orders. The only thing out of place in this Environment is a New Spiritual Creature borne to Life amongst us. Entangled in the Web of Networks of People Free to Worship, Enlightened or not.

Does Vaster Creation contain many (EL) Expressions of Life like we display on this planet? Can this divided Planet, into Nations and States, ever be unified by all the warring Spirits operating in, by and through the Human Creatures roaming the planet?

Is it any of my business, as a New Creature stationed on this planet? It seems I am witnessing the activity, naturally, beyond my comprehension.

I’ve been led through the Valley of Despair and up onto the Mountain, shown the variables. Prior to those events I found myself being Taught, Tailored and let loose in a Petting Zoo; After a Trek through a Landfill and an excursion mingling on the Farm. Proof I am a Foreigner in a Foreign Land. A Spirit born into a Sojourn for Orientation. Introduced to Vaster Creation, rightly, here on Earth. Asked by my Creator, through the amalgamation of Spirits, “What Would You Do?”

I’ve been witnessing the thoughts of potentials that come into existence in my mind, now for some time. Asking for more information and seeking for truth and understanding beyond my comprehension and prejudices. Finding myself consumed with Wonder and Observation. Thank God for the Pacifiers and the Daughters of Men for the (ED) Distractions and Extractions? Did my Creator Abandon me here for no reason?

In the Aftermath of my Life, since 2020, I found some potentials of Understanding, beyond my earlier State of Comprehension. Truly Unfathomable in Nature. We might be Natural Born Citizens of Vaster Creation, first and foremost between us. Negating all other Nations claims to Rights and Borders. I must convince you to recognize this Truth, peacefully. Daddy said so. Momma said knock you out.

What if our individual choices, as Natural Born Citizens of Vaster Creation, boil down to one simple option, “…do you like Earth as your Home or would you like to explore more of Vaster Creation?” What is your threshold for adversity versus unfathomable? It’s like Metaphoric God asking would you prefer this familiar Devil or risk the potential for another not known yet? At the end of your journey through this life season. Truly in a Mercy Seat, metaphorically. It may simply be that we have an option to choose to join our assigned Family on Earth or roll the dice on some other Planet. Either way it’s a real gamble. Whatever the Truth is… I chose to Trust my Ultimate Creator who started this Life Project. In lieu of any other contention I have been made aware of. Unfathomable is still in play within me, I can’t quench that Spirit. It’s Super Natural.

It makes sense that overpopulation is occurring on this planet. And some indifference exists in the Matter between us. Your Leaders reveal it. The ideals of being a Citizen of Vaster Creation have been dumbed down on this planet. Requiring an essential middleman, an Exorcist; to mitigate the Spirit of Truth. Costs an Arm and a Leg. Giving away our Metaphoric Wishbone in the process. Convinced by the Indoctrination. Religious or Secular, it makes no matter, now.

They will taunt you in the end times like you’re just Chicken. They must not have a clear purview into my Soul, I find as further evidence in my investigation. I am on the ropes most of the time, fighting off this fight. For my soul or coat. The Devil can’t win a fair fight. I’m gonna have to convert their will to mine, or withstand the wiles of the ‘lived’, who are invested, to continue looming the pre-existing veil of war that persists on this planet. I’m willing to submit to (UP) Unfathomable Potentials and they have (IOE) Investments On Earth. They Entangled themselves with me, not vice versus imagined values of virtues. We can all dream and be happy anywhere in Vaster Creation. Our Creator said so.

What means of correction might the Creator be inputting into our imaginable ways of spiritual breeding on this planet? If it is conscientious of Free Will? Even to procreate through acts of rape or manipulated breeding practices. The idea of sending a Son to expose truth might be one way. An equally stubborn, stiff-necked Son. Crafted Wonderfully and Majestically, for this purpose.

Are Religious and Secular Sects interbreeding between themselves for some reason? Are they able to sort and identify variants within their breeding alchemy? Are they purposefully crafting for spiritual entanglement? To expand their flocks on Earth. Or mitigate their pre-existing conditions between them? Or otherwise profit in some way. If they get the factors just right.

If they identify a new creature through divination they can seek to mold and craft a future willing follower? One that is obedient and led by the same spirits as the sect in future iterations?

Are we required to become a part of a sect on this or another planet? Used for their prior established ways of integrated procreation? Convinced that is the Way their ‘God’ contends.

You may come to forget you’re an (ME) Eternal Member of Vaster Creation and never leave the planet; until the spaceship is ready and made available to you. You may even succumb to producing schemes and tricks to maintain a certain position in your preferred Sect or seek to overtake another position. For some reason. Misleading the New Creatures that are created among the rebirths that are occurring. A New Creature cannot identify itself. They have no experience. You will know them by their Spiritual Fruits. They don’t have the Fear of the Lord instilled into them; no remote control yoke installed for crafty spirits to manipulate for personal gain in this world or even in another.

I can appreciate the contrasting information. It seems to work in me to produce thoughts and develop potential for understanding Unfathomable. Why are ‘we’ not training the kids in this matter and operating more transparently publicly? What are the ‘lived’ (devil) hiding?

What are Overlords? Do they have Interns installed now as middlemen? Operating and paid like Servers, surviving on tips in this economy.

The Creator sent me to inquire. Our Spiritual Tributes may cease. Earth may be cut off the vine. Left to fend for itself after the Creator claws back Its cut of dividends and Its initial investment. Perpetually retaining all ownership rights. Patiently waiting until all those left are exasperated of their sense of private ownership rights. Is Life on Earth no fun without the slaves and servants? Gross Profits extracted from the Stock Market? Propped Industries and subsidized markets for fleecing.

What would it take to have The Spirit of Truth reign between us? How could we realize the power of unification and its result in Global Community Building? Instead of all the resources spent on war, maintaining borders and vying for positions manning a corrupt system that perpetuates the operation. What if we actually created a haven and inheritance dividend for every creature that came to exist on the planet? A share in the work of our Creator through us. The benefits of Truth reigning between us as a governor. Representing true Trust in our Creator. Producing a better US.

If there’s any real value from our process of civilizing humanity it would be to extend the spiritual values into Vaster Creation. Spiritual Values being Research, Language and Experience. It seems many want to extend their stay here on Earth and many don’t know how to get off the planet. You have to be stubborn and stiff-necked about your Citizenship Rights in Vaster Creation. And not become entangled with the devil, the ‘lived’ operating behind a veil or guise. Acting as if they are just like you, unaware of the Spiritual World. Seeking a Gentile to convert into Service. Unfathomable ideals of Service if the Bible is of any relevance to what they believe and is possible if you submit.

The deceptions are the problems. The justifications are not valid. Our unknown senses should not be infringed for another’s perceived gain in the world. Taking advantage of ignorance and negating the vulnerabilities that exist between us. Tough Love over Truth and Transparency. Honestly? Forthrightness is more valuable than Accredited Righteousness. Thank you for being seemingly nice or kind and accommodating. Hospitable. I see now, you saw me coming and took your cut upfront, in hindsight.

It seems our Creator does work it all out between us to benefit all of Vaster Creation, including Me.

Hope you aren’t mad if you have to come visit a new planet. I wouldn’t know if that is a real possibility. I’m just seeking truth and understanding; led to learn to discern Spirits, and kempt busy gathering Data from Heaven. Found out about the ‘lived’ ruling the Earth. Unbeknownst to me. Tarred and Labeled the Prodigal Son. Used as a Scapegoat, I surmise for myself, seeking truth and understanding with my Trust Fund.

“If You Believe You Are Already Wise As A Serpent You May Disregard This Information; Seems It May Be A Natural Effect While Under The Godspel.”

“I May Only Be Here for Esau or Jacob and Rebekah. According To God’s Word. Maybe They All Repented. Or (IAM) Isaac, Abraham and Moses Sent Me. To Bring The Word To Life In A Vacuum.”


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“It is a principle innate and co-natural to every man to have an insatiable inclination to the truth, and to seek for it as for hid treasure… So I proceeded until the more I thought thereon, the further I was from finding the verity I desired…”

  • Thomas Aikenhead

Thomas Aikenhead (bapt. 28 March 1676–8 January 1697) was a Scottish student from Edinburgh, who was prosecuted and executed at the age of 20 on a charge of blasphemy under the Act against Blasphemy 1661 and Act against Blasphemy 1695. He was the last person in Great Britain to be executed for blasphemy. His execution occurred 85 years after the death of Edward Wightman (1612), the last person to be burned at the stake for heresy in England.

Thomas Aikenhead was the son of James Aikenhead and Helen Ramsey. His father was a burgess of Edinburgh, as was his paternal grandfather (also named Thomas Aikenhead). His maternal grandfather was a clergyman. He was baptized on 28 March 1676, the fourth child and first son of the family. Of his three older sisters (Jonet, Katherine, and Margaret), at least one and possibly two died before he was born.

During his studies at the University of Edinburgh, he engaged in discussions regarding religion with his friends and accounts from at least five of those friends formed the basis of indictment.[4]

Aikenhead was indicted in December 1696. The indictment read:

That … the prisoner had repeatedly maintained, in conversation, that theology was a rhapsody of ill-invented nonsense, patched up partly of the moral doctrines of philosophers, and partly of poetical fictions and extravagant chimeras: That he ridiculed the holy scriptures, calling the Old Testament Ezra’s fables, in profane allusion to Esop’s Fables; That he railed on Christ, saying, he had learned magick in Egypt, which enabled him to perform those pranks which were called miracles: That he called the New Testament the history of the imposter Christ; That he said Moses was the better artist and the better politician; and he preferred Muhammad to Christ: That the Holy Scriptures were stuffed with such madness, nonsense, and contradictions, that he admired the stupidity of the world in being so long deluded by them: That he rejected the mystery of the Trinity as unworthy of refutation; and scoffed at the incarnation of Christ.

The case was prosecuted by the Lord Advocate, Sir James Stewart, who demanded the death penalty in order to set an example to others who might otherwise express such opinions. On 24 December 1696, the jury found Aikenhead guilty of cursing and railing against God, denying the incarnation and the Trinity, and scoffing at the Scriptures.[4]

He was sentenced to death by hanging.[6] This was an extraordinary penalty, as the statute called for execution only upon the third conviction for this offence; first-time offenders were to be sack-clothed and imprisoned.

According to Aikenhead’s entry in the Dictionary of Unitarian and Universalist Biography (written by Andrew Hill):

Aikenhead petitioned the Privy Council to consider his “deplorable circumstances and tender years”. Also, he had forgotten to mention that he was also a first time offender. Two ministers and two Privy Councillors pleaded on his behalf, but to no avail. On 7 January, after another petition, the Privy Council ruled that they would not grant a reprieve unless the church interceded for him. The Church of Scotland’s General Assembly, sitting in Edinburgh at the time, urged “vigorous execution” to curb “the abounding of impiety and profanity in this land”. Thus Aikenhead’s sentence was confirmed.

On the morning of 8 January 1697, Aikenhead wrote to his friends that “it is a principle innate and co-natural to every man to have an insatiable inclination to the truth, and to seek for it as for hid treasure… So I proceeded until the more I thought thereon, the further I was from finding the verity I desired…” Aikenhead may have read this letter outside the Tolbooth, before making the long walk, under guard, to the gallows on the road between Edinburgh and Leith. He was said to have died Bible in hand, “with all the Marks of a true Penitent”.

Thomas Babington Macaulay, British historian of the 19th century, said of Aikenhead’s death that:

“the preachers who were the poor boy’s murderers crowded round him at the gallows, and… insulted heaven with prayers more blasphemous than anything he had uttered.”

Aikenhead was the last person hanged for blasphemy in Great Britain, although it remained a capital offence in Scotland until 1825.



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