A Higher Power Than Love

Aaron Tarpley
3 min readDec 15, 2022


“The content of my books will end senseless protest by leaders all across the nation and the world, if translated and not transliterated like an exegesis. A release of angst occurs while you read crafted words carved with nails while an invisible hand with a feather tickles you. in indiscrete places.”

What value would a higher power than Love, who is responsible for Love, be able to extract from our data set? Love uses all things for good. Everyone has said. We all know it. I took a broad sample of the population. It’s confirmed.

Just like no one is worthy to wash the feet of God or Jesus. Love uses all things for our mutual good. We can always fall back on that sense of faith. A measure we’ll call it. It’s something intangible.

Consider me a child. Asking incessant questions. Looking under every rock and in every crack and crevice of the caves where the dead sea scrolls were found.

Seeking the truth, with an aged heart and blind faith in something I call Love, A Higher Love, A higher power than the name of Love.

Not dis-similar to what God is represented to be, as he is known to some.

There is also a Spirit of Truth that is Love and of A Higher Power than Love. It’s all in the books and it’s not that complicated once you find it. Seeking earnestly for 40 years.

The challenge to finding our kernel, that seems to benchmark our systems abilities, is trusting our failure to perform as expected will be ok and corrected. Forgiven, in a sense. But mostly corrected by the greater power. Reckoning the result of the failure.

I walk the tightrope, speaking about it. I too am one of those who test and try God’s creation.

It’s not a punishable offense. You may have been misled. Or it is a test.

There is an underlying value to all that is part of creation. This is evident in our ideas of education and entertainment. Industries which are now freer of the bounds of tradition and heavy handed manipulation. Good and bad; there is a lasting result. Porn is more prominent. Churches have flourished. The Movie/TV/Music industries are massive. Political rhetoric is soniferous. The Pope sits in the background watching the Falwells. I’ve spent much time witnessing it all, as it was available to me to see out in the open.

Dispelling lies. Seeking truth in other words. Seems to be the greater purpose. Love sent us to Gods’ training ground for conditioning. Improvements and embellishments.

The inference is you and I went AWOL. Lost now found, thrown into another realm for evolved basic training. Like a lion’s den only bigger like a whole zoo. Where the established animals trip and laugh, poke and prod, finally point fingers at the new creatures coming in through the gate or through some of the existing wombs. Preparing them for the next round of treatment, conditioning or further chastisement.

Does stubborn and stiff-necked win? Do wicked and foolish end in a draw? Or is persistent and wise, tag teaming, gonna help me take the belt away from deception and piety? And the reigns. For a trott around the zoo again.

Is that the heel of God and his back; as he drops the mic and walks back behind the curtain?

Excerpt from my next book, soon to be available “Turned Out”

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