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“The content of my books will end senseless protest by leaders all across the nation and the world, if translated and not transliterated like an exegesis. A release of angst occurs while you read crafted words carved with nails while an invisible hand with a feather tickles you. in indiscrete places.”

Shameless Promotions

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I Trust A Higher Power

For no more talent than is required. Each season of life, we individually exist in, is precious in its own copyright. Held by God at this point. Love supposedly gave it to ‘him’. Now I gotta live up to his sense of righteousness.

I trust in persistent correction to not fail me. Like bumpers at a bowling alley.

I’m not reverent about it.

There’s nuth’n about me to be pious about.

I’m not bragging about scorecards or turkeys.

Acting like I don’t have the bumper guards.

I’m competing with myself and you’re just not supposed to be bouncing balls in my lane while you’re playing like you’re my friendly neighbor. Procreating.

You caught me off guard for a moment, I wasn’t aware of the other creations also in existence. I hadn’t realized you could navigate other channels of dimensions, and would never have guessed we had innate super powers like you seem to express.

The sense of your frustration causes me to wonder how you forgot where you came from. Do you think you’ve never been forgiven? How far back do you tell yourself you can remember? Are you hiding the truth, like a snuffed out candle? That used to illuminate your way to loving all of creation. For any reason. Even if it killed you.

Did God, in this realm, accidently, accept the forgiveness through the bribe of Jesus Christ and forget the Old Testament? Is he slipping back into old habits? Can God abuse his subjects through his instruments? Or does he carry limited liability insurance for this purpose?

The true purpose of strengthening eternal creatures’ trust, in discombobulation, is a mystery.

I’ll go to the depths of reality to find out or prove my higher power exists eternally, but not out of spite for you or for any reason of malice towards its creation. I trust we are free to do and be, just verily. No verily, verily required.

I may not be aware of all things, fully. But, I can trust I’m being led to my next iteration for good reason, for my need of eternal development, growth and glory.

“If there is fear of missing out, I missed the point.” I mumbled out loud.

“Aw, shut up already and play with all the digital tinker toys!” Dad or Mom said, their voices are earily similar. They may have spoken in unison.



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