Deal With The Devil, Read The Fine Print*

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Deal With The Devil, Read The Fine Print*

*For Shits and Giggles


“I Want To Thank Our Creator, The Academy (For lack of a better word for it) and every Creature on Earth for existing.”

Quoted Praise For Books

Source Credit: Wikipedia

The London Review of Books described it as…

“Fantasy as Freud envisaged it, powerful enough to counter reality, working like free association and allowing the unconscious to take over.”

Author Note:

“This work product is the latest value of evolvement that has been produced in, by and through my blood, sweat and tears shed through this Human Carcass. Thank you in advance for your time, patience, effort and tolerance.”


What are the Imagined Potentials and Actual Differences between Natural Procreation and Crafted Procreation? If we examine this ideology in a Scientific manner we would consider all information available. If we examine the information in a ‘Religious Way’ we would consider how the Ideology fits the Religious Contentions presented by other Human Creatures through their determined Life Expressions and Associated Values. This leads us to examine the variance between Religious and Secular Society as it expresses itself through the formation of Social Systems that Unify or Divide the Human Population, bound together in various locations on one Planet.

In our current day and age, Natural Procreation is considered inspired by the chemistry of the Spirits of Love, Ignorance or Lust that can also include all forms of ‘Rape’ as a dynamic. How would this make sense with the importance of Free Will and at least a ‘consideration’ of the developed desires of the individual Creature that Creation created?

And Factoring for the discovered implications and values of the Fibonacci Sequence.

Using every bit of matter ‘It’ created however ‘It’ determines… Creation reproduces itself. We as Spirits and Humans are involved in the process, creating the threads that form the Social Fabric woven from multiple values of perpetually evolving offspring of prior Intelligence. Producing what we can see happening around us in real-time. The results of entanglements formed through generations of ‘negotiations’ producing ‘treaties’ that create new formations of Enterprise.

This is a fact of Historical Record and observable in our current sense of Social Government. It might suggest that Creation operates with a greater sense of value than its offspring. Go figure… Value that It can express as Love for all of its Creations, ranging from greatest to least desirable. Not one is hated or abhorred. Leading you to the lies and deceptions crafted into the devil’s kingdom on Earth. The land of the ‘lived’. The Land of Nod… No Dick. Pembroke. Me P Broke. Penis, Prick and Piety. Bro Pek Me… like an Emperor Penguin.

Obizuth, The Walls of Jeri Co and the King of Isreal, Rehoboam. Information that was encoded in the Bible. You and your neighbor know bits of the History and are ‘awashed’ in the results to date. Jesus, what will another 2000+ years produce? I see why it makes some sense to ‘gamble’ for gains in this world, at this point. Even work hard, keeping your nose to the grindstone and produce some form of results to hedge the potential outcomes, hidden behind shadows of crafted deceptions. Eventually producing purposeful divisions in Vaster Creation. Propagandizing and indoctrinating the existence of (IA) Intelligent Aliens in the Universe not like us somehow. Converting them to (IA) Illegal Aliens crossing some pre-imagined border.

Some possessed Humans may have something to gain while others may have something to lose, no matter the outcome between the Angels and Demons on everyone’s shoulders.

“I Didn’t Make This Shit Up”

Someone documented in the Bible Stories that we are just one facet of a metaphoric jewel being crafted that is considered the whole of unfathomable Creation; constantly being created. All we can do is Wonder, Explore and Discover the various ways mankind and organized men and women, can devise to operate within the constructed environment. A Sub-Sect of Creation, that we are currently bound to for experience of some unfathomable value.

In a perfect world we wouldn’t know what ‘grifting’ is. The spirits that evolved into grifters would be something else and more effective to the universal cause of society. Not perpetuating confusion and crafting it into deception to leverage, for unknown reasons only God needs to know. Converting new and refurbished Spirits into Human slaves, servants, and soldiers for as long as they can. Circulating like coins and dollars in the present day, modernized economic system; we are all bound to. Producing transactional values that can be imposed by the ‘lived’ with their advantages bestowed by Creation for personal and factional corporate profits for some unknown portion of eternity, on Earth.

The proverbial “Merry Gang” that want to be known as Watchers and Gentlemen spreading their seed amongst the general population to ‘exorcize’ other Spirits. Wolves in Sheeps clothing that can imitate a degree of Humbleness to hide their Hubris Nature, while severing or converting and reforming others. Offering bribes on Earth if you’re a willing Instrument. How wise are these ‘Serpents’ dealing with the bride of Christ? You can seek and join them or be recruited to a smorgasbord of potential eternal unions in a variety of ways. Religious Civic Unions or Secular Civic Unions, every citizen is now free to choose according to their own personal sense of faith from the options made available, on this planet.

A sense of Faith. A value of instinctive confidence that can be altered by knowledge of ideals of potential. Like a rumored Gold Rush. Even assigned to Money, and subtly attached to Justice. Someone said this and that, and everyone tried it and decided to believe or not believe any thoughts of accredited verity was true. Ultimately the act of seeing is believing, to a varied degree of accuracy. Like God accredited to Abraham in the Bible Stories. Like Citizens do with the branches of Government that have control of the civil and massive ‘military’ resources we share. All because of the invention of the idea of Credit Systems and potential for some to profit; if you are willing to be an instrument with blind faith and zealous confidence.

Every Citizen is free to pick one of two sides to pursue liberty and help form the better union, or not. Abiding with the silent, parent party that installed the invisible hand. Somehow we coexist and some higher power uses it all for a greater good than we can comprehend, no matter what we think we believe about how the afterlife results for some Creatures over others who navigate the established social systems while living in the land of Nod or in Real-Time on Earth.

The Humanition Solution

The damage is done on Earth. Peppered by Asteroids, Comets and Manna sent from Heaven. All the Spirits are equally confused or deceived about the Curriculum, each in their own unique way. Everyone with dollars and sense, declares they trust God for their sense of salvation and saving for eternity. Everyone is equally guilty of association and doing or not doing something. The ‘lived’ insist it is the lesser, weaker vessels, Love and Lust create, that are the problem.

The devil in the details testifies that the lesser creatures, Creation creates, can’t comprehend or simply won’t respond to yokes and conditioning. Do not be deceived, the devil is the goldilocks character in the story. Complaining that each Creature Creation sends to save the ‘lived’ on Earth is somehow defective and inferior. Complaining to our Creator that the soil given to convert is unruly and wild, full of briars and thorns, needing some form of civilizing to make them worthy. Sending some back through the metaphoric gate for refunds or damage claims paid for by the Unions formed on Earth.

In truth, any New or refurbished Creatures that are sent to exist on Earth, and other Planets, as witnesses to experience orientation to life on each Planet in Vaster Creation, is a miracle that might pass away. If you dig, into the Curriculum you’ll find Creation or our Creator is unfathomable, unknowable and unnameable. You can’t put a face in it. You would have to combine every Creature created in Creation to get some sense of what our Creator might look like.

Somehow Time facilitates our Experience that translates into, binary and non-binary, bits and bytes for Creation to use for our personal and corporate Evolvement as wondrous creations, roaming Vaster Creation one Planet at a time. I started on Earth, stationed here for basic training. Producing my personal orientation to existing within the safety of the corporate values that have formed on this Planet, and in my psyche. It is what it is and we are what we are. Spirits dressed up in Human clothes and allowed to roam the planet for some period of eternity we call Time. All for the value of the experience. You may have free will to choose, through the desires of your heart, to stay as long as you like on this planet. Our Creator doesn’t force us into placement once our free will forms. This is one contention we can entertain and adopt as New Creatures to Existence.

The devil wants the new creatures to believe they have been placed and/or abandoned by Creation on this planet with the collective of the ‘lived’ that was created and placed before them in the linear plane of procreation. An Equation expressed through Scripture, created by the ‘lived’, as God going before us and clearing a path for our existence on this planet. We should naturally be grateful, thankful and willing to worship like all the other converts they have accumulated within their fold.

Should a New Creature take the first option Creation presents, as a potential Homeland? A place where we can settle our Spirit and invest ourselves to toil in the Human form with all the other Creatures created to coexist on the same as is, planet. Was I born on Earth or into Vaster Creation? Can both ideals be true? I was born into Vaster Creation and placed into a Human Carcass bound to Earth and other Earthlings, God and Ghosts. All for, at least, initial orientation.

Children are said to be like metaphoric arrows in a quiver. Representing a Humanition Solution to some problem that must have formed between ‘prior’ men or mankind.

Getting To Know Words




adjective: prior

  1. existing or coming before in time, order, or importance.: “he has a prior engagement this evening”.
    synonyms: earlier, previous, preceding, foregoing, antecedent, advance, preparatory, preliminary, initial, anterior, precedent
    antonyms: later, subsequent


noun: prior plural noun: priors

  1. a previous criminal conviction.: “he had no juvenile record, no priors”.




noun: prior plural noun: priors

  1. a man who is head of a house or group of houses of certain religious orders.: “the English Reformation removed powerful abbots and priors from their seats”.

Like some form of ammunition used in the Spiritual Wars described in the Bible. It seems like the Life Expressions on this planet are subjected to formed beliefs, submissions to Orders and allowed Omissions. Discretion, Manipulation and Capitalization are tools the ‘lived’ use with free will. They acknowledge the history of atrocity and have become wiser serpents. So have I, in just one season, discovering myself in the process; unbeknownst to me. Beyond my initial, and real-time, comprehension.

Does Hubris coexist with varying degrees of Wisdom? Does Hubris coexist with Ignorance? Can Stupid and Shrewd co-exist in one human body or congregation?

Adopting this belief system, that children are a weapon-like asset, might have been the ‘er’ man made so long ago. The proverbial sins of the forefathers. Creating enmity in the otherwise perfect environment for Creation to flourish. Man is like our Creator, creating its own creations to augment Creation. “Believe not every Spirit.” is supposedly a best practice on this Planet; currently.

‘The Humanition Solution’, I propose to reform, recover and repair my personal aftermath is formed as a conscientious witness in the form of an infantile observer exercising some dynamic options to participate in various events and incidents. I failed every step of the way and have won some lottery. A winning ticket I find is good for assuming debts of some unfathomable depth, width and breadth that existed before I was born on this planet. Born with a magical ability to accredit righteousness to all of creation on this planet seeking it. Fostered today in our Laws. Everyone is innocent until you can prove them guilty of something. Anything that might yield leverage, profit or revenue of some kind.

I found value in it ‘all’ just as it was written by a creative spirit and transcribed and capitalized on by others. Vaster Creation is fruitful and multiplies. As I discovered I assumed everyone knew and didn’t realize we could start with this nugget of truth to correct the social issues on this planet. Overpopulation is the remnant of the Slave Trade, Kingdom Building and Religion. Nation Builders lied or became corrupted, you can decide for yourself with your station’s purview. I’m just summarizing and explaining the logic as a courtesy. I know you understand about toxic waste dump sites. Just think metaphorically. Realize that 8.1 Billion Humans occupy this one Planet we extract resources from and build or destroy through acts of war that evolved from Raping and Plundering Villages as Primitive Man. The Most Powerful Nation on the Planet cannot care properly for 335 Million and is not publicly actively mass recruiting more Citizens from Vaster Creation and Building new progressive Cities for more room in the Mansion for all of Mankind on… the one planet.

I’ve examined myself and noted all defective or inferior technology operating within me. It’s all in a dynamically updated real-time report I transmit constantly to the inner core of Creation through the soul device installed in this Human Carcass. We may have choices to make at some point in our off-seasons. Invest more of eternity in the activities on Earth or travel to a different place or destination elsewhere in Vaster Creation. I won’t know until it happens to me, but I have been prepared for the question through my experience on Earth. With all the talk of free will and free markets and free for all to bow down and worship. I discovered through the power of wonder, the words used on Earth and the exploration of my psyche, that potentials can exist beyond our comprehension. Our understanding is always evolving, forming the value of ‘evolvement’ that we take with us when we die and pass on, to explore more of Vaster Creation at some point in eternity. Only you can prove to yourself we exist for eternity on this one planet without spaceships.

Would it be better to have the spirit of truth ruling over us? In all things and everything matters. Does Vaster Creation Imbue us with Life? Is it the most obvious value we should foster understanding of in our society? Maybe I am a minority. A minutely small data metric in comparison to the number of aware angels and demons roaming the planet, possessing humans. It must be understood between them; the mechanics of Creation they have discovered and manifested between them through bonds, chains and vices. You will, in one way or another, deal with the wiles of the devil. The ‘lived’ roaming the Earth.

As a New Creature I have no known internal contentions formed other than through a potential that exists for a myriad of Spirits to be involved through some form of spiritual warfare that has been documented in the bible. I’m not on a side. I’m not even maintaining a position. I may be superimposed in positions by the mechanics of Creation. Left to Dove or Sow here, while I figure out a gifted Mystery that leads me to dig in to find a solution for mankind on this planet, regarding my spontaneous existence; while I waste away in a Human Body dying each day. I did that naturally and not of my own ‘works’. No magical ‘faith’. I discovered it was installed in my core and expressed through my psyche. I am at best an unruly puppet to ancestors with a temporary stake in this coat or lineage production. Only an extension of the myriad of spirits that might have some knowledge of Spiritual Dynamics and Mechanics of Creation that can be manipulated in some way. Set here to orientate, while I incubate and come to some fruition that is beyond my comprehension. Experiencing the wiles of the devil; the ‘lived’ that have settled on this planet. Those Humans that were once metaphorical ‘arrows’ in some prior creature’s imaginary quiver.

The solution that came to exist in the form of thoughts in my mind, was beyond my comprehension, just as it was written. I brought thoughts into captivity and entertained them like spirits visiting sharing ideas. At best I was hospitable to them, not wanting to quench any of them. Even the unruly ones.

My Creator must have known the contentions I was being born into. Do you agree? Whatever our circumstance and established value to society at various points in our life season. Have you formed a different perspective about unfathomable contentions that suit a worldly need?

I didn’t marry my Mother Earth. I am still exploring Vaster Creation. Seems I was groomed and prepared for the discovery of my pre-arranged marriage. I was born WED to Vaster Creation. I Wonder, Explore and Discover in my most natural state of being. I think Creation intelligently calculated my existence to a precision no one can comprehend. You were a New Creature at some point. What enmity might come to form simply from the existence of a New Creation, plugged in amongst the ‘lived’ on Earth? A New Variable for them to contend with.

I can imagine the potentials involved. My investment was sorted out before I was born and the value I get is whatever I can glean and discern of truth and understanding from the purview of witnessing and experiencing. I discovered Human Nature or Carnal Knowledge that was available like a buffet in vegas. I have partook in a variety of festivities on Earth. In the end the primary value was the knowledge that could only form from the aftermath of those events and incidents that occurred along the way. The collective value of accumulation. Defining the value of evolvement that came from some level of novice participation. Intangible Wealth and Riches that are valuable, redeemable anywhere in Vaster Creation; I seem to want to surmise.

Supposedly, we all fall short to some varying degree engaging and enjoying Creation on Earth. Creation has a master intelligence value that somehow benefits us all on the planet and Vaster Creation. The unknown variables exist just outside our reach, our grasp of common reality with the attachment of Abilene Paradox formed and forming, evolving in family units and society.

The Steadfast God’s discovered that proofing metaphoric gold produces real slag. Verily, verily. Creation uses it all for good, isn’t a justification. It’s only a reason that can be considered good or evil. Depends on how you fall in line. Judas felt he was justified, in the bible story. Barabbas was released. Pontius may have genuinely repented. A true convert. We can only imagine; so the song goes.

In the end, stripped down naked, I find I am created for some purpose beyond beauty or purpose as we define it on Earth. As I consider the potentials, I find It might be to go do the only dirty job Mike Rowe can’t tell the story about. I must be created, formed into the shape and structure needed. Possibly to be used to seed the next civilization to be born into Vaster Creation. The last part finished, crafted for the project. Or stored in a Jar or Freezer for the Inaugural day, that Creation Procreates another Civilized Planet.

Everything is assembled and functioning. All planetary systems checked and certified by the master craftsman. 72 Virgins are anxiously awaiting my arrival. Every Human Creature has a fresh cut of carnal knowledge and I have been broken in; sowing my wild oats on Earth already, for an initial life season. I was set up by our Creator. Maybe I did unwittingly do It a favor. Knowing how I would respond to the experience It crafted for my customized orientation to existence, placed on Earth in the care of Animals that evolved from a Kingdom and are now captives in a Zoo.

“Go Fuck Yourself”

There’s a twist in the new garden… Instead of a penis I have a port on the end of my finger that dispenses sperm. I am neither man nor woman, I am both. I have a vagina. We all are crafted the same. And we are all virgins in this new human form. I found I am actually one of the 72 original virgins designed to seed themselves and each other to produce the first Genetically Correct Male and Female Humans. The 72 Original Virgins will die after the first generation is raised and the spirits will be reborn through the offspring of the First Gendered Human pairs. These are the Mechanics of Creation procreating civilizations in our imagined version of Vaster Creation.

Not one Human can claim any ownership over the planet by birthright. Every Virgin gave birth at the same moment to produce the first generation of gendered Male and Female Humans. All F1 strains, every one a rambunctious human animal that procreated and died; before forming any eternal unions. Only developing basic mechanical skills and experiential values to establish Creation’s claim to civilization’s new planet. The second generation of Humans were more docile and began nesting with each other, while procreating the next generation. The third generation became communicative with gestures and began crafting primitive shelter systems and exploring the environment with curiosity. The fourth generation learned to speak simple sounds to augment gesture communications that had formed. Counting with fingers to represent quantities, The first use of numbers or math on the new Planet.

A New Planet with New Forms of Civilization that our Creator has been brewing since it completed Its work on Earth. This is the project our Creator has been orchestrating along with all the other projects It created. Unfathomable and beyond our full comprehension. That is the state of our relationship with our Creator. Man sends an Arrow and receives a Boomerang in return. Pious Man on Earth might not actually be imitating its Creator very well. Which might explain the results we are forced to consider while investigating the matter of our spontaneous existence.

When a Wolf determines to wear the Sheep’s Clothing, does that open them up to liabilities beyond our comprehension?

An Arrow sent long ago.

Investigating Æthelwold

Old El Wheat

The Old Wael

The End

Mystery Of The Gospel Solved

Metaphoric Yin And Yang Inspired The Offspring Of Creation To Author The Codices, Codexes and eventually the Bible Stories we share between us. In, by and through exegesis. We as part of Creation, cannot replace the truth about what is unfathomable between us as Humans. The Bible told you right up front in the stories… like a disclaimer… Our Creator has no name and cannot be defined like we have physics and chemistry. If the devil, the ‘lived’, wants to rule through deception on Earth, what is a new creature to do? What is Creation doing about the Cunning Repents and the Wise Serpents confirmed to exist on Earth?

Introduction To Investigating Through Seeking

An adult process of purposely Investigating our shared History, devoid of allegiance to any Nouns, Pronouns or Verbs, applied by others to give reason for a cause, adverb or preposition; is different from learning like a child.

If you have begun investigating the World around us, by the invisible hand of organic evolution, you are aware of the variances that exist here, in this realm, between our sense of tangible reality and an innate sense of ‘wonder’. For lack of a better word to describe our association with what is Unfathomable. Unfathomable as an adjective and noun and adverb. A hybrid word that we could use to refer to our Creator; If ‘Creator’ isn’t agreeable to everyone as a common sense. Once Man thinks and believes with steadfast faith they are working for God and following the Lords over everything, everything gets and goes crazy as fast as technology progresses.

A child in America, Russia and many other Nations are presented with various versions of ‘the’ Kings Holy Bible, a fathomable God, you can manifest however you like after you read and study the bible and attend sermons and praise services; and give gleefully Tithes and and pay with cheer Taxes that are rumored to be good for the soul of all mankind. There is scripture, folklore and rumor that God will repay 100 fold, for every unit of currency you tithe and give freely, in a spirit of gratefulness, thankfulness and gratitude. If you believe.

Gleaning from this thought and the Historical Records, we might discern that the last time Russia and America agreed on anything beyond ideals of space, time and physics was when the Bible was crafted and shared between their people. Let that sit in.

A believer, who says they have seen the light, at church, will use the morsels of shared scripts our four father’s left for us to pilfer through, used as talking points like a politician or lobbyist, as a form of basis for justification to adopt and abandon any other pursuit of thought discovery. A ‘justification’ to accept this is just an experiment in unionizing, happening in real-time between all of us equally, on this planet. Lost in the sharing of script, most follow along with their flock(s) for the carrots and enduring the sticks. New Creatures might be enduring heaps of burning coals like innocent people are framed, enslaved, incarcerated and executed on Earth in every defined Era. Either because of the infallible word of God or the fallible potentials that exist in Mankind. That’s the Mystery of the Gospel. The ‘devil’ is the ‘lived’ roaming the planet seeking whom ‘it’ may devour. The body of Lucifer and his bride, not explained, well, by most so-called biblical spirit-led ‘leaders’.

How gullible are we as new creatures? Supposedly, willingly submitted to be subjected to our individual experience, in this life season, in this dimension. There does seem to be something of a plausible explanation to this idealism. Leveraged Natural Confusion and Crafted Deceptions. A dynamic like Lust for that which is only available on Earth to that which lusts for it. It’s not a matter of truth except that the entitled Spirit truly lusts for a result or outcome. The desires of their heart should matter too as a matter of mass recognized reverence. Eventually, creating into existence, Dom and Sub. We have evolved from that dynamic.

Abilene Paradox is a phrase that became used to describe observed behavior traits in groups of two or more Animal Creatures. We all seem to share similar tendencies in varying degrees. We are all one part of the Body of the Animal Kingdom our Creator created. All tangible Creatures have traits and display spiritual signatures. The wise cunning spirits have practiced imitating other spirits signatures for some reason, you should sort out for yourself; within your VISA. Your Sphere of Awareness, Influence and Vulnerability.

Confusion and Deception seem obvious and real. Makes perfect sense for kids earnestly seeking truth from low hanging fruit; That god made the world in seven days and gave it to satan. Obviously, we should assume, abandoning us and leaving us for life and death.

Uncle Sam came along and made Ranches, Railroads, cars and Boats. He manifested the intelligence to breed better slaves and servants that added tanks, guns and weapons of mass destruction. Insulated like a real Don… Uncle Sam lives in a Poster while George Washington lives on in a Rotunda.

Santa Clause, pressured by Mrs. Clause and old age, agreed to only work the one day a year for all of eternity. He doesn’t even review the list or examine the output of the elves anymore. Appearing on time every year at the appointed date and hour to man the prepared reins that alert Rudolph to begin the journey and guide the sleigh through the foggy night shift making deliveries, using drones.

Meanwhile, the creatures in the house are sleeping, leaping and inhabiting the land of Nod on Earth. We expect the present surprises to be on time every year and are never disappointed; right? This is why Santa has such brand value on this planet. The Majority enjoy Christmas in Modern Times. The churches of old religions established the feast days that evolved into new religions’ sense of holidays, bestowed on the humans’ race.

We should also note the observable evolution of man’s talent for piety expressionism. And the vast expressions through the arts and entertainment industries. Delivering a thriving Political Industry too big to ever fail, as long as civilization plays along. Fully entrenched and too complex to replace the basic ideals it is raised on. Only evolution can save us now. You better pray Vaster Creation exists and explains our rapid process of evolution through evolvement. The only thing we share in Vaster Creation is knowledge acquired from sampling existence beyond our comprehension. Man only invents and creates ways to utilize what is provided and extractable from a knowledge database we at best become familiar with over eternity. Tests, trials and even errors are part of the process we have been given time for.

Arts and Entertainment.

‘Rats and Et Net Train Men’

‘Star and Train Ten Et Men’

I am just testing and trying all thoughts and Ideas that have come to exist in our Culture. The Wise Serpents and Repents are still fallible. The word Hubris exists on this planet.

Technically an Extraterrestrial Creature with any Intelligence is a part of civilization on this planet, however it got here. If we considered ourselves commonly among us as Citizens of Vaster Creation what would our World Society look like? Somehow there exists a lack of confirmation regarding the subject, on this planet. We at least could compromise to admit we are all equal Citizens of The Planet we are all born on. Creating a threshold we wouldn’t confuse with some ideal of divine merit we need to accredit righteousness to or be condemned as evil. Thrown into a fire… or cast into swine that have to endure the prodigal son’s sense of tending.

We are all ‘evil’ in the sense that the word is presented in the bible to represent the ‘live’ humans roaming the planet. Apparently, there may be simulated humans, interacting with the live humans existing unaware for some portion of eternity. It is a potential we have to consider, now, as we discern the nature of our existence in the modern advanced world of Civilization on Earth.

I am new to the equations of the ‘live’, the ‘lived’, and the simulated beings pretending to be Human, imitating Christ or some other God like Crypto-Jews are documented to have a habit to do. I am new to existence in any fashion or form. What am I? What are you? Why do Dogs smell each other’s butts? Is it personal choices made with Free Will and Nature in Action? Any Dog can technically learn a new trick.

We are all one part of the whole of Creation as Spiritual Beings bound to the human carcass that is bound to the planet by gravity. Vaster Creation exists, even if we are the only Human Civilization that exists on a Planet.

If we are not alone in the universe… There are numerous Expressions of Life existing in varied states of evolvement on planets just like Earth or at least in similar fashion. What are some other ways Base Human Civilization might evolve as Social Beings bound to the same Planet? What dynamics are common between Civilizations? What Mechanics of Creation can we discern, in spite of ignorance, confusion and deception?

Man’s Vices, derived from Creation, Virtues, that man defined and Viruses from manipulating Creation, may be part of the Mechanics of Creation. In some unfathomable manner, Creation is evolving in real-time. We, as part of Creation, are evolving from evolvement in real-time. Some Humans on Earth say they believe that only the stronger in steadfast faith survive. They have determined the desire of their heart is to subscribe and adapt to, or adopt, Civilized Earth’s ways and means.

What stage of Evolvement are you in?

Does our Creator use Man’s devices exactly as man does; only using a higher power of intelligence? Potentially. Most likely. If we are a representative value of Creation. Would our Creator provide fodder for Mankind’s Education? Somehow. Is Creation procreating Spiritual Beings that possess Human Creatures for some portion of Eternity? Has Creation become ‘Spiritually Infertile’ and not able to produce New Spiritual Creatures to inhabit Vaster Creation? How hubris have wise serpents and repents become on Earth? Would Creation cut them off like a Bartender?

Do Humalien Races exist throughout Vaster Creation? Do they send tributes and gifts of some spiritual value that equates to tangible gain to Earthlings and other civilized planets? What some Steadfast Humans might consider Alien DNA.

The Humaliens

Humaliens have been sighted, documented and verified to exist on every other civilized planet in Vaster Creation except Earth. Humans on Earth have a future inheritance waiting for them. Another portion of Eternity Creation has crafted through procreation. We, as offspring, discover the Mechanics of Creation over periods of Eternity.

The Devil, that exists on Earth, is not directly participating in Vaster Creation. They have established a Private Garden on Earth. They do not travel back and forth throughout Creation anymore, or ever. Many New Spiritual Beings have been converted and have spent every Life Season they have ever known on Earth. They, like most People, believe we need a spaceship to travel through the vast Space of Creation and land on another inhabitable or inhabited planet. To experience the environment as a Human. They have never discovered unfathomable potential because they have bound themselves to beliefs and obligations over the course of negotiating many generations within their folds. Generally for some ‘footing’ in the garden protected by two flaming swords on Earth.

Future Humaliens orientate to existence on Earth. Many Aliens have found themselves existing in Human Bodies on Earth. The only Creature, Alien to Creation is a New Spiritual Being. The New Spiritual Beings bound to the new Human Livestock and Gravity. I discovered my future Humalien Inheritance in the aftermath of my initial Life Season on Earth.

The Planet myself and others will exist on is not visible to Humans on Earth. Not even with the technology Mankind has fettered. One day, from here now into Eternity, every Spiritual Being that exists will experience a portion of eternity existing in a civilization of Creatures on another Planet. Humaliens are crafted from the sum DNA of the Human Races on Earth, the sum DNA of all other Humaliens in Vaster Creation and the Individual Spiritual DNA of the Spiritual Being attached when the Human Carcass dies and the Spirit is born into the New Planetary Environment. This is how the Mechanics of Creation might operate beyond our comprehension. Our Creator uses all relative values available at the time of the birth of a next generation civilization. The latest and greatest it has created.

Creation is Intelligent. It desires a diverse global community of offspring. Each and every Being mutually agreeable and appeased with the Creation made available. The Enterprise of Next Gen Civ will begin with one collective seed of new investment. Like us as Humans, on a child-like scale, our Creator learns and adapts to the dynamics it has created and subsequently discovered. Earth had been created and seeded with 5 collective seeds of new investment at that time in eternity. The Newest Planet in Creation has the most calculated and precise determination our Creator can muster for Mankind within all of Vaster Creation.

The Next Generation Civilization being crafted by our Creator is both a remedy for what ails mankind and a new addition to the universal family that will blend over the course of Eternity. After polling the hearts and minds of each and every Spiritual Being it has ever created, Creation has determined it has the resources required by design to procreate the Next Gen Civ. The true sense of Free Will that has formed the intelligent value of understanding the choices involved and the gravity of pursuing a Life on a Next Generation Planet or remaining attached to Earth. Not everyone is keen on enduring the cultivation of a New Planet. Have you watched Survivor, Naked and Afraid or Alone? Maybe the fact that 8.1 billion Humans now live on Earth might be reflective of this issue, which our Creator has discovered can come to exist, because of Free Will that It designed into the Mechanics of Creation.

The desires of each Spiritual Being have relative importance in theory. The Intelligence value of each Creature Creation creates is part of the equation that our Creator factors and figures. Intelligence being the sum value of Knowledge, Awareness and Experience. IMO

Our opinions matter to our Creator. We are all factoring for solutions based on whatever Knowledge we have to work through the equations. Data flows through us as we are able to process it, like some sort of blockchain programming. We can become attached to certain apps and programs as the equations compute and form relationships with the user. Spirits can be entangled by Love and Lust. And distracted by life, living under the sun on a planet.

Have you crunched the swath of information available to New Creatures on this planet if they will seek it with a pure heart? Did you know… If you don’t feel at home on Earth or for whatever reason don’t like what’s going on in society you can move. When the time is right. Until then you will endure and persevere if you cannot muster suicide as a matter of intervention. Life has subjected each of us to our own experience and personal relationship with the Universe. As they say “life is what we make it!”. We might need to make it elsewhere in Vaster Creation if all the property on Earth has been claimed by a prior Creature or Corporation of Creatures, logically calculating and leveraging their only variant value. A collective of cunning and shrewd thought processing that has been incorporated on Earth.

A Collective of Spiritual Beings that were born into existence generations before many of us submitted to existence here. They navigated the generations of life on Earth from primitive eras and never sought any other desire for exploring Vaster Creation for lusts that formed somehow. Persisting to the current day to realize their dreams of modernization and the generations of time to enjoy the fruit of their labor and effort. They share this sense of glory between themselves and make it available to all other Creatures that choose to take part in worshiping the achievements. Enjoying the product of life available to procure. It might take some getting used to. You may need to calibrate your ‘new’ machines.

There may be confusion and deception to contend with. Charlatans and Mountebanks exist on Earth. They possess many Humans, collectively. They operate like packs of ‘wolves in sheeps clothing’. They have evolved themselves and Earth’s Infrastructure. They have developed “Strength In Numbers” on Earth. Recruiting and promoting internally and diffusing the controlling formation of any other social values apart from their tentacles of profit making. Capitalizing on the only leverageable value they can. The past and present they share. They were here to establish the systems, they forged the fires of innovation and progress while we were asleep in the womb of Creation. They feel a sense of piety for the offspring of their spirit, and a lack of empathy they lost long ago. A sense of indifference has come to exist as hubris was created. A yin and ying between new and old money has formed a perpetual conflict over resources for private profit protected by public citizen law and tax funded methods of enforcement. They seem to feel they have achieved their sense of victory and morale for living within the systems they crafted.

We are free to adapt, adopt and submit to their Glory; be imitators. We can participate within our station in life and make the most of it, in our own personal opinion. We can also form our own dreams and eventually pursue those desires that Creation produced within us during our initial orientation to existence bound to a Human Carcass, born through a pre-existing lineage, on Modern Day Earth.

Do Humaliens exist? Hybrid Creatures that originated from Earth. The proverbial ‘Slag’ that the Citizens on Earth produce for our Creator; by design. Explaining the Earthlings’ developed senses, formed through evolution, of Piety and Divine Right to accept Power, Forgiveness and Accredited Righteousness from all of Creation; in their dreams they have formed.

An Imagined Script Workbook

Abstract Background:

Patriotic Piety values have soared on Earth with all the heralds of advancements and victories behind us, yet we still lack a unified awareness of our individual value to Creation. We understand a sense of collective purpose for community gains that our Ancestors experienced to drive early development of their communities. A genuine purpose of effort that has evolved through generations and is now driven by lust for personal profits from corporate gains. Justified by Divinity and Morals at every turn of the pages of History, found on this planet they call Earth.

The Serpent in me wants me to equate the idea with my residual life habit of smoking. As a New Spiritual Creature I can factor for it metaphorically, but still don’t see that the two actually equate, given all the variables involved. To make matters worse… If it was true our Life Expressions would, should, have a different value in our Social Systems. Education, Religion and Politics wouldn’t be a source of crafted confusion, strife and turmoil. The Love of Money wouldn’t be the Root of anything. Health Care would not be a for profit business model. Prescription Drug Commercials would not support Mass Programming. I’m wiser to the Serpent. And still smoking. How wise are Repents?

As a New Spiritual Creature, I discovered that I am child-like, unruly and innately use every thought that exists to discern and extract some sense of Truth to convert to Understanding. Verily, verily, I am learning to discern spirits Jesus. The fact that the Ideals of truth and righteousness exist are evidence that ‘they’ are aware and wise to the dynamics required to produce true unity, praise and worship. ‘They’ want obedience and will accept compliance to extract perceived productivity and profit from. ‘They’ are the ‘lived’, the devil ruling the Earth. If you haven’t already or your Pastor didn’t tell you because they are incahoots, the Devil wants to make a deal with you. Read the Fine Print; if you still have use of your eyes when they approach you.

Character Background/Story Summary:

Abe Bolton is born into existence as a Human on Earth, a new spiritual creature never existing before in Vaster Creation. No preformed ideology has developed from experience existing in any civilization formation. A myriad of ancestral spirits also have some interest in the quality of life that the new spiritual creature experiences. The New Spirit that identifies as Abe Bolton has the primary interest, control and risk involved in the acts of Living, amongst the myriad of Spirits that might inhabit a single human body.

Tied To The Whipping Post

A myriad of Spiritual Beings might enhance our Life Experience in both good and not good ways. A myriad of Spirits that have lived a life season in a Human Body that connects to the ancestral lineage or heritage of the bloodlines attached to the Human Being known as Abe Bolton. The Human Body housing the New Spirit that produces the expression of life known as Abe Bolton. Technically Abe Bolton is the expression of the Primary New Spirit and the co-regent value of the Ancestral Spirits that are attached to the lineage.

The New Spiritual Creature, bound to the Human Carcass with the myriad of Spirits, has no name. It is Abe Bolton as far as it knows. The intuition and after thoughts occurring in Abe’s mind are produced by the myriad of spirits that act as an engine for inspiration and development of awareness and knowledge. The myriad of spirits that act like a village that raises a child. Like any village there are a myriad of different people that have acquired varied skill and knowledge. New Creatures like Abe are subjected to the myriad of values expressed through these attached spirits. A myriad of spiritual values that range from good to not good like the light spectrum varies in degrees of color expression to produce different effects on the growth of plants that produce fruit and vegetables. Abe Bolton is born a Tabula Rasa and spends His entire life seeking for understanding about his internal experience, the existential nature of Life and Mankinds Existence. Driven since childhood by some undefinable internal sense that the family network and social systems He has been born into is deceptive and incomprehensible to him in some abstract or indirect way. A value extracted from a sixth sense of some sort. Abe will eventually sort this out and realize we exist as Spiritual Beings, in a sub-sect of Vaster Creation bound to the complexity of the Human Body and the Nature of the Planet.

Abe spends his life educating himself about society systems and the History of mankind that produced them. Unaware that He is engaging the intelligence of Creation as he pursues wonder, exploration and discovery of the mechanics of Creation that are affecting the way Social Systems form and evolve, He realizes that he must investigate and unravel the Mystery of the Gospel. Leading Him to discover the crux of religion and politics that formed the economic systems that rule the world through private enterprise. Eventually uncovering the privatized enterprise of the Nation Builders; the forefathers. The original sin is that they took an eternal cut of the “profits” like Judas, each faction of the forefathers securing the rights of the others, through established systems, under the sun. For as long as they exist on the planet. Newborn Abe realizes not only the cunning nature of Eternal Spiritual Beings but how Creation is engaging with the established ways of mankind that have evolved through development of civilization on the planet.

We follow Abe from birth in April of 1969 through childhood, College and into early adult life then at the end of His life on planet Earth in 2030 AD. A project that began in College led to the production of a Movie Script that is produced and released just before Abe dies. The Movie produces a reformation movement that amplifies the truth about the production of the bible stories and the devil, representing the ‘body of the lived’ that exist on the Earth as wolves in sheep’s clothing.

Traditional Religion evolves into the study of theology and the social nature of most American Churches reforms from a leader led praise and worship of God and sermons from the Bible to Common Fellowship Activities and Community Improvement Programs Members can participate in. Politics, Private Enterprise and the Industry of Civic Administration reforms occur and Money Systems are redeemed from corruption. Because of the social movement that began prior to the release of the Movie Abe wrote, Civilization on Earth was saved from the corrupted values of Elitism.

After Abe dies his Spirit is transmigrated to another planet in Vaster Creation. He is born a new Human Form into a lineage that has thrived on this other planet for many generations. Civilization is primitive and an early language system is just becoming common knowledge. Snippets of His life activity in a new body on this other planet are displayed as the credits playout. He is shown being born. Growing up as a child and then becoming an adult participating in establishing the Social Systems that produce Organized Activities to evolve production of Social Infrastructure. We see that within His lifetime the Village He is born into grows into a thriving Primitive City. Abe and the ‘body of the devil’ from Earth populated this civilization during His lifetime and helped develop the progress of Procreation on this primitive planet. As the wolves in sheep’s clothing on Earth died, they were reborn on the same primitive planet as Abe. The ‘body of Christ’ from Earth will follow His life span on this planet, being born again through the future generations.


[Creation works in conjunction within our formed ideals. It cares about the thoughts we think and desires we form. The wise Serpents on Earth became Hubris about qualifying, identifying and sorting out their friends and foes and entangled themselves with a New Creature. Producing a result that may seem worse to them than being thrown into the sea with a millstone tied around their neck. They found out it wasn’t so bad being primitive again and absence might actually make hearts grow fonder. The experience left an impression which caused their own evolution from evolvement. When they return to live on Earth they will find a reformed Social System and enjoy a new potential for eternal life, no longer bound to the prior entanglements they had formed in the pursuit of profit from worldly gain. A new sense of security and freedom for an old dog tired of coming up with new tricks. The fruits of their prior labor on Earth ultimately was used for the good of Vaster Creation. Every Human on Earth that entangled themselves with religion and politics will end up living a life season on the other planet over the course of eternity that unfolds as they die and are reborn. If at the end of their Life Season on the other planet they still have desire for life on Earth over any other developed thought for desire, they will be born again on Earth. Abe discovered this value of relationship with our Creator for himself. Realizing that Vaster Creation exists, he had developed a desire to explore and experience life on other planets. Our Creator determined the state of affairs or the particular civilized planet He was transmigrated to; knowing Abe better than ‘Abe’ knows ‘Itself’.]

In the end the movie portrays a value of understanding the ideals we are confronted with between us that are beyond our comprehension, until we discover the potentials exist. The movie also displays the power of arts and entertainment to provide a common expression that can produce evolution or correction to complex social systems by unifying the mass population with knowledge of truth that can equate to understanding. Abe had come to believe that only ‘The Spirit of Truth’ can unify and rule over civilization perpetually for eternity. However, He had kept to himself that he had come to wonder, that the dog he had acquired late in life and had formed an endeared relationship with, was connected with the Spirit of his future Procreation Mate. He knew the thought potential was too incomprehensible for general conversation and mass awareness of his genuine belief of possibility, regarding the matter, would be taken out of context. Given that He actually only believed the idea was possible. He never had sex with the dog. He had just wondered about the chemistry of the relationship he had with the dog and realized it was similar to that of a Spiritual Mate. The dog dies just days after Abe takes his wild thoughts with him to the grave. Only one person knew of this idea Abe had had just 3 years before he died. They would later reveal this idealism citing Abe’s private observations as source inspiration for work product they contend proves semi-Intelligent Spiritual Creatures can interact through Animals as well as Humans.

Abe’s Scene And Script Workbook — Is The Spirit Of Truth Real?


The following Script Workbook is a Work Product produced by Abe Bolton for a College Drama Class. The Drama Class decides to produce the hybrid play as a blended reality show project. Recording real world events that they executed for the first and second Sunday Events and then staging the plotted scene potentials within the story like a normal movie.

Script Workbook

Scene: A Man or Woman is the primary agent with 11 assistant partners of mixed gender and race… The group attends a church service intending to interrupt the service to address the congregation just as the preacher delivers their sermon.

Three Assistants stand up first, which causes the rest to rise up from their seats and follow suit with their camera phones… One Assistant is on one side of the auditorium set nearer the stage, one is in front on the other side and the other is on the opposite side but closer to the middle in the back behind the primary Agent. The other Assistants are scattered amongst the congregates and also record the event with their camera phones. Creating the multiple viewpoints for the cameras, both framing the Primary Agent and the stage with the majority of the congregation.

Once the Assistants Camera Phones are all trained to the same focal point, the Primary Agent stands and verbally addresses the preacher and congregation through a mic and amplified speaker.

“Pardon me! Excuse me please for just one moment.”

“We are executing a poll of the Citizens of Vaster Creation that live currently on Earth to form an official Census.”

“Simply by a show of hands raised, how many here today are willing to commit or recommit before our Creator that they are willing to be the next proverbial Adam or Eve, Tarzan or Jane, required to procreate civilization on a new planet?”

After a brief pause to note any hands that raised they conclude by saying:

“Thank you, your level of commitment has been recorded by the Spirit of Truth.”

The Primary Agent and the assistants move from their seats to leave the auditorium while the first three assistants that stood up continue to video the exit. As the rest of the assistants walk down the aisle they disperse printed flyers into the air like confetti. The flyers contain information about the group they represent. In large bold letters at the top, the flier reads “We Are The New Creatures, Described In The Bible, Sent To This Planet To Look For The Lost Sheep, Cast And Bound Now In The Discarded Wolf and Pigs Clothes, And Set In The Corner.” A Website Address, Contact information and a request for feedback is noted in the body of the flier. At the bottom also in the same large bold script as the header statement, the flier states “All ‘Wolves In Sheep’s Clothing’ Are Hereby Notified To Vacate All Ill Gotten Gain.”

Scene Occurrence and Potentials:

This is what actually happened for the reality portions of the Class Project. The first and second Sunday Events left people speechless and full of questions. In fact some did raise their hands to commit themselves to the idea the group presented. Response to the contact information for the group on the fliers was notable.

The First Sunday Event — The Congregation is stunned. This is the first time this Organization has executed this crafted social expression as a polling exercise. The Men and Women, in the story, are sincere in their statements. The agenda is to call awareness to the deception that seems to be occurring beyond our comprehension as new or young and ignorant Spiritual Creatures being acclimated to existence through the Mechanics of Creation and the Ways of Mankind, on Earth, that produced the People, Kingdoms and Nations we exist in.

The Second Sunday Event — The Congregation is aware that the incident might occur because prior events have been publicized. The Crowd was curious and full of questions. The event actually caused many local churches to address the issue in some way. The local churches are prepared to expect the potential disruption, even expecting it to happen since their church is much like the others that have been surveyed, by the Spirit of Truth. In real life the story was picked up and the ruse carried on for three weeks, producing media output that became part of the story.

Imagined Potential A)

The Church Crowd becomes enraged… They have been discussing the issue for weeks and developed a common thought that the devil is challenging the forces of God to save the US Nation and the Civilization on Earth in the process. As the Agent rises and asks for a moment of interruption the Preacher says “Get Thee Behind Me Satan, Hell No!” and the crowd in unison says along with the Preacher “We Won’t Go!” The crowd continues the chant as the agents leave the auditorium.

Imagined Potential B)

The Crowd receives the agents, every member raising their hands when asked the pointed question. Emotional Expressions pour out of many people rejoicing and celebrating. Three or four people begin chanting “YES!” which spreads into a chorus of voices finally anchored in a common sense of cause relatable to the Creator they sought to honor. The questions raised in the media had caused this congregation to discuss and come to consensus over the weeks prior. They all had confronted the question and realized that they were offering themselves as a sacrifice to the Creator and that it was logical, that in order for Civilization to evolve through procreation it would need to be born again through intelligent willing beings. If Free Will is real, we would be confronted with this question as evolving species worshiping our Creator, asking for help internally.

Imagined Potential C)

The Crowd receives the agents warmly. As the other scenes depict the congregation has been discussing the issue for the last couple weeks and several subgroups within the congregation have determined to subdue the agents and consume their flesh and blood. As an act of worship according to their faith system. Believing they are the true New Creatures as described in the bible. The entire congregation takes communion after the agents are subdued and processed into the articles of sacrament for all the adults and children to consume. Even the babies are fed the blood and minced portions of flesh. The Agents disappear without a trace. The congregation will never expose the secret.

Act/Scene Summary:

Over the course of 5 weeks a group of 12 people formulate, devise and execute a plan to confront the citizen church followers with the simple question as a dramatic statement of the absurdity of religious piety and the related patriotism that has been bolstering profiteering capitalistic political, industrial and economic systems. The group has developed shared beliefs regarding the interpretation of bible scripture. They believe that the devil and the references to the use of a mirror relate to expose that the devil character, in the bible stories, is the ‘lived’. That like Christ’s body is formed of the believers and followers, the body of the ‘lived’ that exist on the earth is the devil. In the Bible Stories. The ‘lived’ are the forces, powers and principalities that rule the Nations on Earth. They have been existing in various human bodies over many generations. They have formed Vines and Fig Trees, Orders and Brotherhoods and created the Social Systems that have evolved and reformed in the same way technology progress changes our environment. They were the agents of industry in the time that the system’s foundations were established. Through the perpetual organization of the Orders and Brotherhoods and the Church Systems to provide a veil around a proverbial garden for metaphoric vines and fig trees, described in the Bible Stories. These Spiritual Creatures have been able to cross breed with many lineages and have some influence within the brotherhood and its entangled reach within the social governance and economics system that operates on Earth, like a beast.

The group believes exposing the truth about the devil will bring about a social revolution and cause positive reforms to entrenched religious, political and economic systems. They are not readily aware that the Spirit of Truth is actually leading them spiritually, and that physically they are following the promptings, reacting to the environment of discord, according to their value of intelligence. They are not aware that Creation is actually recruiting willing souls to procreate the next birth of civilization on a new planet. They are not aware that this process happens, in all manner of ways, on every civilized planet in Vaster Creation, according to those civilized beings’ developed customs, desires and beliefs.

The first week is spent planning the first event execution that occurred during a targeted Sunday Morning Service. The video they took from the inaugural event was posted online and the media picked up the story. The next week was spent planning for the next Sunday which was a repeat of the first. The following week again is spent discussing and planning for the third Sunday Event. The news has been more active and feedback from church leaders has become a part of the conversation. Most are capitalizing, commenting and explaining that God will challenge our resolve to serve Him and we should all be willing to do whatever our Creator calls them to do. Politicians are not commenting, citing the event seems to be a Religious theatrical production. Conspiracy theories have emerged claiming the agents are aliens and many are heralding the end times are near. The third Sunday comes and potential B occurs.

The group grows from 12 to now include the entire congregation they encountered during the last event. 369 Adults and their offspring. Each wants to participate in the peaceful polling events and support the 12 original members. The entire Sunday had been spent at the church visiting with the congregation. Plans were made to organize a planning event at the church the next day to determine how the group could move forward with their agenda. Groups of 12 were formed. Each would target a church the next Sunday and execute the same polling event as the original group of 12 had.

The following Sunday 20 groups, in addition to the Original group, executed an event at different churches simultaneously. Most groups encountered peaceful congregations with questions, but one of the groups encountered potential A. The original group of 12 people encountered potential C and never returned, leaving the church group to carry on without them.

Crafting The New World Order

Scene Potential:

An over-zealous Agent, who has become entangled in the writers project, pitching a proposal for a Spec Script.

Working Title — ‘Procreating Civilization’

New Adam is the first male human born on the newest planet in the Heavens, Universe or Vaster Creation; whichever descriptor words you prefer to use. The planet is no different than Earth was in the beginning, yet everything under this newly created sun, in this planetary realm, is new. The stock of Human Creatures crafted to inhabit the new planet are all the same as the ones that had seeded the civilization that exists now on Earth, except one. New Adam is a new form of intelligent being that has evolved from prior eternity to exist in the present, now, and extend the formation of divine intelligence to the future developments of Unfathomable Creation.

The New Adam is crafted of the evolution value that has developed since Earth’ Civilization was established in Creation. Adam on Earth was Cunning. The ‘New Adam’ seeding this new planet is Shrewd. This is the subtle variance that Evolution has produced through the Mechanics of Evolvement using nothing but all of Its Creation and Time to produce Spiritual Experience for its Offspring.

New Adam has a sense of intelligence but no actual intelligence that comes from learning or rather knowledge that comes from experiencing the activity that produces evolvement. New Adam has an advanced sense of intuition in comparison to the Adam that began Earth’ Civilization. New Adam is essentially Earth Adam’ offspring. In truth, the dynamics involved are more complex than just that Adam scenario. Earth Adam was produced from the full value of Creation that existed then, at that time in Eternity. New Adam is the latest iteration available to our Creator to procreate Its next offspring. Creation has been procreating Human Civilizations to inhabit Its industrial production of Solar Systems.

It’s only on Earth, in the Human Condition, that we are describing the First Man on Earth as Adam and the First Woman on Earth as Eve. I prefer Tarzan and Jane Goodall and will use them as descriptors as well, as we continue to plow the new planet and examine the potentials of evolution between all of us and not just those on Earth that have come to believe for themselves certain ideals that are imposed on the ‘others’.

The ‘other’s’ on Earth are the have-nots. They have no idea what is going on prior to their debut arrival on this planet. They have no accumulated wealth of any kind on this planet. Money, Knowledge and Relationships are the root of all evil on Earth. Personal and Corporate Relationships are the most valuable*, given the conditions formed on Earth since before the time of Moses. *Some Conditions Apply… of course.

Neither Adam had any other value greater than that which we are all gifted when born of “The Spirit”. Some sense of intuition that eventually becomes Knowledge and Awareness that develops into forms of Self-Control and Activity. Or Adam was orientated, as the bible describes, to some degree and had developed ‘limited’ Knowledge and Awareness of the Mechanics of Creation that led to Self-Controls and discovery of desires that can form within our Spiritual Nature.

Adam on Earth followed the intuitions that had formed in Vaster Creation at the time It had been created. New Adam is an evolved value of ‘Life’ that has existed in Vaster Creation since the beginning of Eternity and incorporates the accumulated wealth of Knowledge that has been developed on planets like Earth. Mankind’s Science and Technology is discovered and not really invented. Mankind only creates or invents needs and wants. New Adam has a value of Knowledge that is not expressible through Intelligent language yet.

Indeed, New Adam finds there are 72 Virgin Human Female Creatures roaming the planet naturally looking to mate with a gender compatible species, no strings attached. New Adam is the only Male Human on the new planet. Human Civilization on the New Planet begins with New Adam and the 72 Virgin Females. Within 7 days, every Virgin Female will become pregnant through the Mechanics of Creation and New Adam’s sense of desire and Free Will. The 72 Virgins are like Animals in the sense that they are led by natural instincts and are not the same spiritual construction as New Adam or their eventual offspring. They are part of Creations Harem. Each Virgin will produce three offspring and die giving birth to the third. Adam and the 72 Virgins produce 108 Males and 108 Females that form the First Generation of Civilization on the New Planet.

New Adam never procreates with Its offspring. Once the last of the 72 Virgins died His sexual desires diminished. His natural instinct has evolved from that which Adam on Earth had. Adam on Earth was Cunning by Nature. New Adam is Shrewd and Wiser by the design and progress of Creation. Rather than lusting for sex or desiring more offspring, New Adam has a different consideration of Intelligence operating within Him. New Adam is not better than Earth Adam, He is simply the advanced or matured version of that Adam. New Adam has a different equated value for Lust and Love that is being imbued into the New Civilization. Creation is procreating Intelligence and producing New Human Life to facilitate the process.

If evolution dynamics exist… What would be more civilized about the next generation of civilization? What would the product of all human life on the planet be in spiritual terms? Or even in physical terms. If Creation is procreating on this scale to produce life in Vaster Creation and improve the inevitable damage of our existence on the progress of evolution.

Somehow we have to find a way to have a positive or neutral effect on the quality of flesh and society ‘I am’ is cast into. The Spirits thrust into existence and thrown into the deep eddy currents that exist in the shallow end of the sea of life on this planet.

Scene Notes:

At this point it becomes apparent that the Agent has become fixated and may believe He is the New Adam. The Agent shifts back and forth between presentation of the script to explaining his personal rationale and speaking aloud the thought ramblings he had been pondering. He hasn’t realized that the people he is pitching the Spec Script to are aware of these dynamics of life the story depicts.

The Agent continues to say and explain…

I am thankful for whatever our Creator is doing, causing me to exist. I am equally dismayed by finding myself thrust into pre-existing circumstances I cannot relate to naturally. Leaving me in a state of natural neutral considerations as I process the raw data of life around me. The sense of things that augments the five known senses and forms the ‘picture’ we examine internally.

If Mankind can eventually form secret collectives that can produce output to cause deception to rule the civilization on the planet we might be bound to this dynamic as part of the Mechanics of Creation. A perpetual new beginning of pure intentions that somehow become subdued to elected overlords that operate through engineered social chaos.

Tolerant, Loving and Civilized Mankind must eventually choose to be transparent, truthful and forthright about all matters of intelligence, knowledge and understood Mechanics of Creation. If we discover in year 1 that The Love of Money is the Root of all Evil we might choose to do something different than create a yoked free market system. This idea of quasi unison came about from prior generations and formed a corporate led autocratic system. If it wasn’t for the ‘Love of Money’, manna from heaven, it would never have gelled. The creeds they touted were not enough incentive; requiring a Love for something to form.

The hierarchy of existence is established by a power or force of nature beyond our individual comprehension or ability to express. The quality of Eldership that spawned from Man’s mind is only as good as its actual results. Being born into existence first is not an expression of divine rights with benefits from friends who can agree and form strength in numbers, somehow.

New Adam has a sense of our individual value to our Creator. That we are each just as important and valuable regardless of Human construction, developed understanding or self-controls. New Adam understands naturally that dynamics exist beyond our comprehension. The devil on Earth understands this factor and uses it as leverage for their formed agenda(s).

The 72 Virgins died after resolving the preformed conditions of their existence. Creation took the sum value of the 72 Virgins and formed a single spirit that would be melded with New Adam when He dies. His Spirit will be now entangled with the New Spirit formed from the diverse existential value derived from the sum of the 72 Virgins He had procreated with. For eternity, while bound to the flesh on this new planet, New Adam will co-exist with this New Spirit. If, or rather when, the Spirit of New Adam leaves the realm of the New Planet to visit or relocate to another planet in civilization, The New Spirit formed from the 72 Virgins will carry on in His stead procreating with the Human Stock that develops to form Civilization on the New Planet.

If, or rather when, New Adam returns to visit or relocate for some portion of eternity on the New Planet, His Spirit will be entangled with the evolved value of the New Spirit formed of the 72 Virgins. As the New Spirit forms new attachments with other Creatures, when He is not present on the planet, new dynamics form that He discovers when He returns. A relocation might become just a visit, and a visit might form a desire to relocate back to the New Planet It ‘helped’ our Creator establish.

It’s only natural to have a sense of favor for what you have known and invested time and effort in versus what you are not so familiar with or that which has become soured somehow. I can imagine as a Spirit we might become attached to a particular planet or Spirit that is living on that planet; or both. A Spirit might prefer another planet but compromise for the sake of the attached Spirit and their desires. If we imagine Vaster Creation is represented in the diversity of Nations or versions of human civilization that exist on the Earth. A diversity of planetary life exists besides just Earthlings. We might even imagine that Jesus didn’t lie. He did go to prepare more rooms in the proverbial mansion.

After 40 years ‘wondering’ through my life path… To me it seems obvious, now in hindsight, from the established rhetoric that exists on this planet, we are mucked and mired with deception because of the love of money systems that empower a secret garden. Most Humans are a flock of spiritual livestock that can be herded. Gathered and Sorted out like the Wheat. Many end up Homeless and on the streets of Black Gold and Forgiveness.

If we don’t actually enslave, rape and plunder we might be able to form an enmity free zone in Vaster Creation. Switzerland and other neutral Countries, with some controlling interest in America and other Countries, exist on the Earth. We might even have nicer things. More sense of freedom and security without the task and labor to facilitate it. You might have to be willing to build it from scratch. There is a lot of competition on Earth for Resources, Space and Social Environment Control.

In logical theory we should be operating together and not in any sort of win for loss system creating poverty as a metric we spend resources to measure, and is presumed accurate. How could an incorruptible shared social system be installed to evolve with the growth of a diverse population? There is only one thing binding us together besides the local crafted environment, crowdsourced social experience and similar innate needs and wants we have been given. Only one thing besides the process of Spiritual and Human Procreation. The most valuable relationship we have; equally between us. A relationship with Creation that is incorruptible, even if we are lost, ignorant and unruly. Subject to potentially being misled, raped and plundered by other Creations that exist too.

Scene Note:

The Agent has veered from his presentation, worked through the abstract thoughts and questions he raised as he is calculating the circumstances and exhausts his spiel abruptly to find himself staring at the Studios CEO as if piering through his eyes for a brief moment. He looks around the room and begins piering at each person in the room with them. They are all sitting and staring at him as if they were still listening to him carry on. The calmness and silence becomes uncomfortable for the Agent. As his mind calculates the moment he realizes, through the process of Intelligence that reveals truth beyond our comprehension, that they are all devils, part of the body of the ‘lived’ that exists on Earth.

The Agent’s body never leaves the building, dead or alive. His Spirit is born into a Human Body produced through a lineage on another Planet in Vaster Creation. Early Primitive or Modern, Civilized and Advanced?

Professor Oust’s Syllabus Workbook

Scene Potential:

Theology Professor teaching Class Abe is attending on Advanced Biblical Interpretation and Discernment. The current lesson project is examining how a new Civilization and Society might evolve from primitive conditions on a new Planet according to the Bible Stories and our (AI) Active Imagination.

Sorting Out The Most Civilized Social System Potentials

Base Human Needs:





Base Civilization Needs:



Before Deception becomes entangled with life on the planet… These Industries are the ‘common cause’ Humans share. Everything else is an evolutionary value derived from these industries; both directly and indirectly. In any case, these civilized industries came first to enable any other to exist.

Consumption of Oxygen, Water and Food is our first involuntary Mechanic of Creation we can observe about ourselves. The desire for Shelter and Clothes actually come behind Water and Food, if the innate values for sustenance truly exist. With Oxygen being discovered later, as if taken for granted, after our need for Water and Food produce activities to form the three innate basic needs Humans share an industry for.

The desire to consume Oxygen, Water and Food are presumably innate senses. Little different from smelling and hearing. A human can attempt to stop smelling or hearing, but will encounter adversity and limitations. Humans try to stop breathing for a short time. Humans like Ghandi can refrain from eating with some sense of self-control, stirring some sense of morale for the endeavor. Like soldiers who go to war need morale to produce or boost the results of desired activity.

We can refrain and only drink certain beverages, but cannot seem to cease consuming water in some form or fashion. As far as I know. You may know something different. Your neighbor may not consume anything except an occasional meal for appearance sake. Humans are creatures that imitate each other but the need for oxygen, water and food, or rather sustenance, seems innate; a provable Mechanic of Creation beyond our mere awareness of our existence. Awareness is a sense somewhat like breathing. The Human Body still involuntarily attempts to breathe even when breathable air or oxygen is not present.

As a secondary sense of human nature we might feel the need to adapt to shelter from the climate of nature that has formed on Earth. Nature provided by our Creator and/or through prior Creation. Housing and clothes, I can imagine from being outside naked, are a reaction to our senses of the need for shelter derived from the need for protection from Animals, the WInd and Sun and the need for Oxygen, Water, Food, Warmth and Dryness. However there may be some other formed sense of “Home” and the need for “Order”. The need for safe space; a place to lay our head and rest. We either ‘go to sleep’ from some sense of self-control or ‘fall to sleep’ at some point from exhaustion. Who protected Tarzan and Jane while they got their beauty sleep?

Primitive Shelter Industry

The Shelter Industry requires wood to build with and to burn for heat and fire. Because of our need for Oxygen and Warmth our shelter structures need to be enclosed and ventilated.

Rocks are needed for fire pits.

Plant materials are needed for thread, cord and rope, and pulp for mud bricks.

Soil Procurement and Processing technology was discovered early in our formation of civilization.

Water Procurement and Processing has begun to evolve from day one; when the first sip was taken by a Human on this planet.

These task and resource needs produce innovation, research and development of tools and the needs for facilities for work space.

Primitive Water And Food Sourcing

If Nature doesn’t provide it in the wild and make it obvious to us, to identify as sustenance, we might not ‘need’ to eat or even drink water in the primitive form of Human Being. Humans may have chosen to eat to satisfy the desire to taste, consuming the matter as a secondary action. Even today, people eat matter and spit the matter out rather than swallowing and submitting the matter into the stomach for processing.

If we assume we are not deceived by the ‘devil’, the ‘lived’ that taught us to eat, we must have an innate instinct or a real-time dynamic interaction with intelligence that reveals the cause for the bounty produced on the planet and leads Humans to domesticate the cultivation, producing crops and agriculture techniques. If primitive man observed other animals killing and eating each other; It might have gotten the idea to imitate the same actions.

In any event, Homesteading, Farming and Husbandry seem to be entangled Industries that came from our Primitive desires of need for Shelter, Water and Food Sourcing producing our personal and corporate activities. Eventually everyone is sourcing the same well, natural resources and hunting the same animals for the coats, meat and by-products

Clothing Industry

If a primitive man sees an animal kill another animal and eat it or finds a dead animal that has not decomposed yet, It might decide to extract the hide and repurpose it for clothing.

Primitive Mankind seems to discover plant fiber and somehow learn to manufacture fabric and material that can be crafted into clothing and other products. What intelligence produces this complexity of thought in primitive mankind? Is it need, want or some other sense of desire working through our Human Being? How entangled are the spirits of Truth, Love and Lust?

Primitive Health And Education Industry

Primitive Mankind is Self-Insured Self-Care and completely trained through Autodidactic Learning derived from OJT; and Communion with some sense of Intelligence while resting and thinking. Navigating the Life Lessons living created.

Communication and Language Skills begin to form from personal internal dynamics and the activity of the first corporate collaborations between two or more humans. Primarily gestures and expressions of feelings like a smile or a frown. The natural reaction we might have to identify that thing or this spot. Come here or go away. I wonder what primitive mans gesture for ‘wanna fuck?’ might have been.

Moving On And Developing The First Innate Sense Of Evolvement

These are the first generation’s achievements that the next series of generations will capitalize on as they grow up watching and learning. While they are using the things that their parents have managed to create as they grow and mature and can become inspired to contribute to the collective cause, providing their individual effort.

For some unfathomable reason Humans are challenged with conflict between parents and children or the older and newer generations of humans as civilization evolves. It seems Deception begets Enmity and Passions that form between the sexes and spirits become the thriving nature of mankind. We evolved rather quickly to acts of espionage, rape and poisoning community water wells as a tactic of some psychological strategy.

Base Human Want/Needs:





Base Civilization Needs:




These Industries cause other Industries to occur. Raw Resources acquired from Nature require Extraction, Gathering, Transportation and Refinement and are all task industries that come from the base desire for these six base wants and needs. As Civilization wonders, explores and discovers new ways and means the activity of Industry evolves to scale with population numbers.

Base Civilization Want/Need:

Amusement — A prerequisite and by-product of procreation




noun: amusement

  1. the state or experience of finding something funny.: “we looked with amusement at our horoscopes”.
    synonyms: mirth, merriment, light-heartedness, hilarity, glee, delight, laughter, levity, gaiety, joviality, fun, jocularity, enjoyment, pleasure, high spirits, mirthfulness, cheerfulness, cheeriness, cheer, sport
    antonyms: boredom, depression

Amusement happens naturally and can be crafted as Earthlings have proven. Some people can even cause other people to want to think something is amusing or cool. Amusement can exist in varying degrees. Even the Bible Scriptures relate this idea if you can interpret the information and extract the ‘gold’. The battle between Morale and its offspring Morals. Morale is natural, wild and limited only by Imagination while Morals are defined matters of being human in society and evolving into the acts of rashly judging others in comparison. Morals are corruptible, making our natural sense of Morale vulnerable to other humans’ opinions.

Morals are formed from research and development like Laws are supposed to be. Humans amuse themself with constructed thoughts and create words to define them, which leads to the formation of Morals, used for Justification. A statement of best practice that fuels the natural process of learning we share as an innate ‘sense’ in us. Our 6th Sense, the sense of discernment stimulated by our free will desire for understanding. Magical, Unfathomable Dynamics (MUD) create Curiosity and Wonder which leads to Thought and Discernment. Because other Creatures exist as well as us, Communication becomes a natural desire. Imagine the difference between you alone on a planet or existing augmented with neighbors, other Creatures subjected to the same experiential dynamics.

Base Human Want/Needs Augmentation:





Base Civilization Needs ‘Strength In Numbers’:






I can’t decide which order to put the Base Civilization Needs. The fine line between want and need has blurred into need for wanting. Without the ‘gift’ of natural Morale we may not discover the pure sense of want; always bound to fulfilling the thoughts of desire for meeting needs or avoiding undesired potentials. Adopting others Morals leads to legalistic yokes of commitment and imposed consequences justified by ideals of obligation. All of which are corruptible. Morals are corruptible, making our natural sense of Morale vulnerable to other humans’ opinions.

Administration, Organization and Agenda

The Free Will, of the human mind and body, and the desires of human hearts are fickle and seek amusement and satisfaction. We can examine the Historical Record of Civilization on Earth and see various times when the past generations Organized and executed formulated Agenda’s for the sake of their sampling of ideas for the best practice of Civil Administration. Decisions made in the early to mid 15th Century have innately affected our social fabric today. A broad diversity of Branded Fellowship Centers all across the planet exist today, because of Egyptian Pharaohs, Zeus and Medusa. As far as we can know as common knowledge.

Our purview and relationship with our Creator is obscured by Religion, Social Economics and Politics. What if we found, devised or otherwise followed a different path in the course of establishing a next gen civilization?

We know we start here with developing a sensible Common Social System every Human Creature created can participate and derive benefits from. Procreation is presumed for Civilization to exist. Procreation is a prerequisite, an issue we must consider as the most innate expression we share with our Creator and not a need we should manipulate to create some cause for profit from assured loss. Like gambling. Casinos. Eugenics and Culling through Rape, Plunder and Submission Warfare.

Base Human Want/Needs Perpetual Augmentation:





Base Civilization Needs Perpetual Morale:






Do you see the pattern forming? Given that matters of Creation are unfathomable; Human Civilization is only unified by innate vulnerabilities our Creator, or Forces of Creation, crafted to exist between us as individual products of Nature. Through the Mechanics of Creation we are vulnerable to one another to the extreme of the dynamics that exist between Parents, or Adults. Their Children and the elderly/feeble become their sense of burden and compassion. Adding to the spectrum of senses civilization is forming over time through expressions. Thoughts, Events and Incidents become the news we share between us as language can support it.

We can include examination of the variance between the Human Flesh Creatures that are created. Some are stronger physically, emotionally and/or mentally in comparison to others. Women are generally constructed physically weaker and men stronger, however, mental or spiritual dominance can be in contrast to these visually common observations. Are we bound to the results of these dynamic values we can witness within the various social systems of civilization that exist on Earth?

The Marriage Union

Regardless of how Creation operates to procreate through the production of Spiritually Human Civilization, or what we are at the core of our being, we are Male and Female Gendered Human Creatures that require the other to procreate more humanity. We each require the other to be one whole part of the matter that forms the procreation in some way while we are in Human Form. So we all agree this subject is beyond our comprehension. It can only be expressed abstractly at best.

The Natural desire we can observe in Nature is procreation between gender compatible Creatures of the same species. This must be our base pure desire, innate within our psyche. A base desire that is augmented in some way through chemical stimulation in the body and the evolved ideals of lust and love.

Passion forms naturally between Humans of any gender. Different forms of Passion exist between men than do women as a general rule, but not always. It seems the fact that male and female gendered creatures exist, might mean we are crafted to be one spiritual unit collectively together or in pairs or even within factions of congregations, brotherhoods or citizens of one place or members of a thing. Organizations of Humans that take glory in touting some value of service for all of civilization within their borders of passion and crafted thought.

We seem to want to believe that one Human is no different than another to that which created everything. But we as Humans do not operate that way. We do favor what we create but will discard something broken or malformed. We create and discard that which doesn’t not work for our desired result. We treat people the same way. Somehow the dynamics of multiple parties cause indifference to the basic value we can extract from the observable Mechanics of Creation. We are all born into the world to exist on the same planet. I think this may be the logic being expressed in the bible scriptures regarding the value of a child-like understanding or the admonishment to not lean into our own understanding. Considering at that time what the common understanding was about the differential value of humans. Jesus said we should become wise as Serpents and Learn to Discern Spirits.

Unions start between male and female creatures with species and procreation as the only common variables between them. They have sniffed each other’s butts and genitals and determined they are of the same kind and of different gender. Fuckable. The generalized Spiritual yin and yang of life in tangible form. This has evolved into what we witness today as Marriage and Divorce. Another expression of yin and yang. Money has become a cause and motive for these passions to be corrupted. Producing metaphors of wolves in sheeps clothing in literature, the expression of life. Producing litigious Spirits to exist in this expression of civilization. This one civilization in Vaster Creation. Our Universe we believe is constantly expanding; seemingly Procreating Civilizations with all sorts of output and life expressions.

We are all being married together in some common way over the course of Eternity. The Unfathomable Mechanics of Creation are what we share equally. Like any subject or topic, some humans can be smarter and wiser than others. And all start with the FACT we are all born in the same way on or into one planetary space. We are not all placed into existence with our own planet to rule over.

We are all born into the same physical space. And we’ve already come to our first mental and physical challenge. Who will occupy each parcel of space. We can examine indigenous people that still exist today in remote regions of the planet. We understand how Indians lived in North America. Family Groups that spawned a village or community of related folks. These Villages connect to form the network required to form a bond between these established communities of procreation families for the greater purpose of collective progress. The greed and lust that led to war and massacre may have altered some preformed values that would be delayed. Not quenched or actually altered, just delayed in the sense that a portion of eternity is an amount of time.

Potential Dialogue:

“Let’s not get too far off into this issue right now. This is the abyss we must face much later in this course. Let’s move on and examine the Gender Mechanics involved that will affect the temperament and nature of civility and development of an advanced or evolved civilization.”

Sex seems to cause particular men and women to gravitate to one another. A Man will warn other men off from pursuing a female.or even kill another man to detour the activity. A Man will consider a woman soiled and justify killing her, if she has sex with a different man. The sense of passion that can occur between humans is powerful and can produce personal discretionary energy.

To understand the dynamics that might come from the Next Gen Civ we must understand how the passion attached to the sexual and spiritual union between humans might be more advanced than that that seeded Earth. Using the theory that Civilization will evolve from some value that is innate to the Mechanics of Creation.

Will we be more reasonable in general? Do unto others naturally as we would want them to do unto us for real. Developing a shared sense of real social trust that is credible, forming natural compliance, and not enforced by threats of litigation, detainment or civilized methods of violence. Passion begets discretionary energy. It can produce any output value, like the variable spectrum of light we witness. Have you seen the light… spectrum?

If we can harness this value we might produce a perpetual union that can thrive for eternity. If the planet will hold out. If our Creator can intervene with the seemingly natural mechanics of Creation we can observe. Is there a planet such as we might imagine xanadu or utopia? A planet somewhere in Vaster Creation with this perfected life expression formed between the human creatures that inhabit it. A Society so good that it’s too good to fail. The Creator won’t allow the planet to go supernova to save the civilization that has formed.

Base Human Want/Needs A Reasonably Crafted Planet:





Base Civilization Needs Humans To ‘Want’ To Procreate:





Whatever order you sort this out, we are joining together to accomplish tasks one man can not do alone. Like men need a hand, women or any orifice and women need fingers, men, okra, cucumbers, zucchini or pickles; prior to the invention of flesh dolls and dildos. It makes natural sense that dynamics between humans regarding the passion of relationship, that forms from the sensual nature of men and women, would affect our ability to establish a unified society system. Even men discovering or inventing homosexual relationships is a reaction to the sexual and spiritual nature of relations with women and procreation. The evolution of this issue is tied to the fact we are potentially genderless creatures, apart from the union we experience in the flesh, and become conditioned over the time spent as a dedicated male or female; if we experience many generations as a woman and then convert to a man or even vice versa. Explaining, lovingly, fags and dikes.

Entertaining this idea… When we break it down we are dealing with dynamics that are occurring between genderless spirits with free will to manipulate knowledge of the mechanics of creation that exist between us. Spirits that have lived and formed a desired sense of outcome or favored potential. The battle between the quality sexes. If we are negotiating the lineage… If we are able to manipulate lineage as spirits, beyond not having sex or killing our child, what would potentially form are procreation sub-unions. Spirits who somehow are able to maintain a connection of relationship between life seasons. One to the next, and so on and so forth.

We are imagining these potential dynamics to understand how brotherhoods and religions form in the development of civilization. What purpose would the results we can see accomplish for Souls or Spirits that can live as a human for more than one life season on a planet? Ways and Means to accumulate, hold and transfer wealth from one generation to another. A portion through the family infrastructure as inheritance and other portions in vaults that can be accessed as long as the powers and principalities are able to continue to exist as integral social infrastructure on a planet. Like the story of a human in one life stashing wealth in a deposit box and hiding the key somewhere only It could know to find in another lifetime.

What are the dynamics that create private enterprise to form over a sense of collective assets for public collective purpose? What incentive is there to rape and plunder a village? Are women raping men in more cunning ways? All of these dynamics have been expressed in our Historical Literature. The shared culture we have to use to investigate.

In what generation do we veer from community minded enterprise? Is a personal gain system an assured result of Advanced Social Infrastructure? Would the idea of shared ownership of the planet for all humans created to exist on, simply never exist in the common psyche? Is it not until the law produces a litigious sense of what fairness is between us? The Love of Money is that entrenched in our sense of union, it seems. Factoring for the built in financial cost of marriage and divorce. The devil must favor female humans in some strange way.

If truth and transparency can be ruling spirits and we are in fact living from generation to generation through procreating human bodies, then the social system would need to account for the potentials. Education would need to craft a curriculum. The conversations between humans would be different. The natural occurrences between humans would not become crafted deceptions to support a private corporate agenda. Civic Administration would not be blind or devoid of truth through corporate deception. Economic insecurity would not exist for any human on the planet.

Base Human Want/Needs Purpose:





Procreation Needs Humans:





It’s no secret that the effort of 100 collective people can produce more value of activity than 100 people working individually from one another. The cause for unionizing with our neighbor is natural. The first expressions occurred when caveman met cavewoman and other men; they probably all saw his cock get hard. The first qualification metric for identifying a future potential convert.

It seems through the Mechanics of Creation, we are thrust into potentials for Fellowship while individually pursuing the four Basic Human Want/Needs. We may even have evolved from humans that acted more like dogs when they make contact. Now we can perform a background check, but nothing can replace a smell test.

However it happens… Fellowship precedes the primitive formation of civil unity. Fellowship may be provoked because the parties involved amuse each other. Most likely mutual fellowship between cavemen is fostered by lust, laughter or some other mutual amusement. How volatile is that chemistry interaction, potentially, when passion for lust and love evolve?

People, Places and Things. Nouns are mankind’s obsession. Nouns are the cause for unified efforts. How we define those nouns between us can become distorted. Everything, besides the human carcass we are each issued in this spiritual war, is public property. Until we assess personal living space and begin defining boundaries with barriers to overcome.

True Global Unity is a Myth… At best we can hope for mutual idealism between forming cultures, about our mutual value to that which Created us and everything we lust and love over together. Nouns simply existing can, or invariably will, start a war between humans. Does Lust cause war so Love can bring peace? Are they working in quasi-unison?

Curriculum Palette Cleanser

Sorting Out The Blueprint For Common Social Systems

In the future evolution of a smidgen smarter new civilization, existing on a different planet, Cities are formed from the Replication Model for Local Sectors that are designed and crafted to support a perpetual flux of 500–1000 Citizens. In the future of this planet a Local Sector will be designed to service 10,000 People. People that exist together in a Civic Union that produces Infrastructure Administration Systems locally that each form one equal part of a Regional Corporation. A Corporation of Common Civic Industry has formed Civil Administration Systems that operate like cogs in a machine. Each Natural Born Citizen graduates through Civic Welfare and Education Systems as a matter of evolved social systems that have been established in earlier generations. Lessons that were learned from the results of the earliest generations expansion efforts developed into the Scalable Local Sector model of City Planning.

Local Sector Civic Administration Affairs and Public Services are located in the center of the sector layout. A Campus surrounds the Sector Core that provides Housing and Support Facilities for Child Care and Education and Assisted Living Services for Elderly and Disabled Citizens. Like the spokes of a Wagon Wheel, wide pathways extend outward through the Campus from the Sector Civic Core. Public Roadways and Industry Buildings fill the space beyond the Campus in between the wide pathways that extend like wheel spokes. Residential Housing fills in the outer portions of the wheel that wears an Industrial Zone like a tire around the wheel shaped sector design. The future landscape of the planet will be littered with these wheels connecting like cogs in a system and other shapes that serve the function of society by adapting the natural wild and untamed landscape of creation that Creation provided.

Civic Society has become a myriad of activities. The Humans are natural born Citizens that engage with Civic Administration as they grow from children to adults. Even after 10,000 generations no Citizen has sought to emancipate and not one person has sought asylum from other civilizations forming on the planet. In just a few generations people from another race of human civilization that has been evolving on the same planet for generations will travel the ocean to explore and make contact.

In the 6th generation, the women produced through procreation killed the men after gathering semen to procreate. A man from the 6th generation would become sexually hyperactive by their 24th sol. A man would spread his seed between many females from the variety of generations they belonged to, even the eldest would collect semen from men of every age during this time. The women born into the 6th generation would collect semen from a collective of men from each generation of men until she became pregnant. They could register internally like an unknown sense that the sperm collected in real-time had made its way into the egg or that whatever semen alchemy process was occurring was completed. When this occurred it triggered the action to smother the man’s face in their vagina, locking the head in place between their inner thighs while biting on the man’s penis with their mouth. Since the 3rd generation became sexually sophisticated the 69 sex act has been a common sensual expression between humans. Men and Women found they could have a variety of sexual encounters that did not produce offspring. Humans enjoy relationships in this way regardless of gender compatibility today in the current generation.

The men that were murdered by the 6th generation females became reborn through another Civilization. These men had been born as females through the alternate civilization lineages to produce future offspring also crossing over from the original Seed set. Many of these Women realized they had crossed over as young girls and formed a bond together that resulted in them recruiting young men to run away across the sea. They shared their story with the men and defined a mission to find the other Original Seed civilization that is across the sea. They concocted a plan to leave the Community to live and build a boat to cross the ocean. Each woman was able to recruit 3 men for the party. When they split from the Community it became a hostile matter with the other women in the community. The party fled in haste and made their way to the coast towards the direction that the Sun rose every day. The Women believed that it was in that direction they would find the Original Seed civilization they originated from.

The party succeeded in building a boat and crossing the sea to the next continent to find another civilization forming. The Women had produced offspring during the time the party had taken to build the boat. The party was accepted by the forming society they encountered and melded with them through procreation. They learned the language and customs and contributed what they could as they produced crossbred offspring and shared their story. The experience would produce the explorers, born from their offspring that would finally make contact with the Original Seed civilization. Extending the story to them and creating the first relations between the two Civilizations. The desire to transverse the oceans fueled the next generation’s of both civilization’s efforts to evolve and create new industries and foster a unity of enterprise between them.

A formulation similar to Concrete has been concocted and become a primary building component and product of industry. It is produced from a combination of Asbestos, Sea Shells, Chalk and Sand mixed with a compound of Olive Oil, crushed Sunflower Seeds and Stems from the Sunflower Plant and refined Sulfur. Poured into and cured in thick layers of bitumen that meld with the product to form a semi-flexible compression rigidity after curing in the sun and then moored in water. From a large hole dug in the sand, a large hull is fashioned from the material that is rugged and durable, able to withstand a reef collision. Walls and Rooms are crafted from all varieties of materials to create the activity space for transporting people and resources mounted to the large hull. Two large sails capture the wind and convert energy into force, delivered through the masts mounted to a network of posts that connect with the hull assembly.

As fast as the new boats could be built they were put into a constant motion transporting people and resources back and forth between the civilizations. A desire to explore other continents and stories of the other civilization forming on the planet that the migrant party had shared becomes an industry for citizens with the exploration bug or fever. An exploration party would form and present their project plans to Civic Administration and Industry to win resources to support the journey. Each exploration party had to build or acquire their boats through labor service within the industries that enabled the production. The Community would donate support supplies and assist in the labor efforts. Seafaring between the two civilizations had provided experience with gauging the weather and planning for the time it would take to travel from points of reference they had become familiar with along the paths they would journey. Sailing in the other direction was sailing into unknown territory. They had no certainty like with the journey’s between the known continents.

Eventually Collective Civic Industry between the two Civilizations could and would produce an average of 100 boats a year during this time. Each Civilization also increased the population that drove Sector Expansions. Each Sector serves 1000 people. At max capacity the civic administration triggers a recruitment program. 300 of the citizens are recruited and prepared to move to the next sector being built. They begin migrating to help build or work locally to supply the construction efforts. Every Sector operates this way to maintain a perpetual vacancy and advance the development of the city as the population can produce the infrastructure and inhabitants for each sector.

Anyone can migrate to any other Sector as they desire if there is a vacancy. Generally the younger generations migrate and settle in a new sector as the recruitment programs promote the availability. In addition to General Recruitment for priming a new sector, the Civic Labor System Recruits trained citizens who are generally older, that have been educated to teach and train others.

A Civic Moderation System forms to keep a pre factored schedule that maintains the ability to argue and debate issues and concerns that cannot find a common resolve. While this system might stifle some perspectives of progress, the common good is expressed through the diversity of the minds and voices that populate each sector. Every Human participates in Civic Administration equally according to ability that is derived from early education and systematic methods of participation in programs that facilitate the system. The older generations, after sols of experience, become enrolled in programs that thrust them into the Regional Congress through a rotation that cannot be manipulated. Each will participate in regional Civic Administration following the same systems that the local sectors do. Collaboration is occurring between sectors that form a continental presence and the blueprint for a future global union.

Two other Civilizations are evolving their own ways and means of unionizing for common good. One has formed into a sprawling network of villages to create cities that have formed multiple regional capitals with defined borders between each of them. The other has adopted the Sector Design of the Original Seed Civilization and have begun constructing similar sectors that eventually will form Cities.

Eventually the explorers that left on expeditions to make contact with the rumored third Civilization on the planet, found the other continent and made contact with people in the villages closest to the coastlines. The explorers were not able to communicate with the differences in language and expressions. The local villagers were not very sophisticated or able to communicate complex thoughts. Some of the explorers were able to build compounds to live in while learning to interact with the locals. Some explorers left to return home, bringing with them several locals that came on the boat with no more encouragement than a wave of the hand to come aboard and didn’t seek to get off when they headed off to sea. Only one group of explorers forged further inland and discovered the nearest Capital City and made contact with the local Formation Counsel. The population in the Capital City is much more sophisticated and more complex communication proves manageable after some time and experience. A Representative Committee is formed through the Formation Counsel that returns with the explorers to visit the Explorers Civilization. Eventually this Civilization will cross breed into the others. The collective forming between the Origin Seed and the first civilization it had contact with has evolved and become a joint venture of collective efforts that are born in the activity of the local sectors formed in each civilization and will become the new collective force of development on the third continent discovered.

The two civilizations that first melded together began recruiting and transporting the population of the third civilization for education, training and labor use. After 5 years the person is sent back to their homeland and another is recruited. This Industry persists for more than 1000 years until civilization becomes blended together and other Education and Labor Systems are formed. This practice is the closest the Next Gen Civ gets to creating a slave trade industry. Breeding humans for Slave Labor was never thought of or practiced by any civilization on the new planet. The idea for Eugenics Alchemy never gains any traction beyond Animal Husbandry. The Humans on the planet procreate through a process of true natural selection. Statistics would show that half of women produce 1.5 children collectively while 10 percent bare none, 40 percent bare 3 or more. Half of the women and 10 percent of the men primarily work in childcare and education.

Working out what Next Gen Civ might actually look like, through our minds eye, can stir thoughts and produce an investigation into society and current affairs. A Palette Cleanser of sorts for the mind of an advanced Human on Earth. What if we had to start all over from scratch?

Next Gen Civ

Scene Potential:

A Students Work Product from the earlier Class. Presented by the Theology Professor for the Class to evaluate and discuss.

Project Summary Notes

Imagining a realistic perspective of what a Next Generation Civilization might look like in a video documentary or expressed realistically in a movie script, we would need to account for Love and Hate, Incest and General Rape and Killing for all sorts of plunder. We must consider all the potential dynamics we can observe between humans that might cause an indifference; a change or alteration to the evolution of our natural sense of unity as Citizens of Vaster Creation.


If Incest is morally wrong or proves to be incompatible with the Natural Procreation Process, we might be able to derive a potential for understanding the Mechaincs of Creation that seeded civilization on Earth… In the beginning.

In the beginning… There were more than just one male and one female Human Creature’ roaming the planet. What number makes sense if the Creator is more intelligent than the collective of humans on one planet. It could be 100, 1000 or more or less… If Incest is morally wrong, then our Creator would account for the factor in establishing a human civilization on one planet. We’ll have to come back to the topic of Incest because cunning man has learned to capitalize on human breeding potentials.


We can observe substantial variances between races of Human Creatures scattered across the planet. Beyond Fingerprints and DNA we can observe a difference in expression, sight, smell and sound. It seems sensible that a variety of human seed was planted to induce the variety of persistent invasive species we call Humans or Mankind on Earth. Where did it come from?

Based solely on the documented historical records we have saved in Culture, we can observe how the variety of races outgrew their limitations to geographical locations and began crossbreeding. Corporate Factions formed from the multitude of tribes, clans and small sects, eventually creating the variety of governmental organizations we can observe operating today on this planet. Men In Black and Blue and Grey and Pink and Purple and a trillion other shades of colors.


It seems logical that the collective human forces that formed, produced a sense of natural brotherhood or evolved senses of tribal, clan and village pride. Each with their own expressions of humanity or human nature that formed from the prior generations handed down ideals, ways and means. This was the discovery cunning man made as it became wiser. Formal Orders and similar Organizations are the precursors to our current governments and industry of private enterprise.

People on Earth are essentially assigned citizens by birth, social participants by virtue of variable circumstances and willingly become members of various private enterprises on the planet. Some Humans may choose to become new members of the old, seemingly perpetual, Orders and Organizations that evolve like Humans and Animals; seen in the shrines, churches, temples and mosques. Described metaphorically in the bible stories, seemingly credible historical records and mythology, and now expressed through arts and entertainment industries. Boundaries beyond geography have formed that have evolved through piety and national patriotism. Sub-Sects of like minded people simply coexist today through shared common Religious Curriculum, Structured Governance and Economics Systems.

Divisional Unified Effort

There may be a magical ingredient required to produce true unity between the diversity of humans created on a planet. Stop and consider this ideal. What is the one thing, beside the myriad of other things, that form a basis for unity? What is the one thing God wants from you in the bible stories? Hint: It’s printed on the money circulating between us in America.

Greed, Jealousy, Envy And Enmity

We have to account for all aspects of Human Nature as we map out the development of the Next Gen Civ.

Chapter One

The Spirit of Truth roamed the new planet, to and fro, scanning the tangible values which had been created by the unfathomable force which created It, the new planet and all of Vaster Creation, and put forth the new planet into motion. No inspection was needed. The Spirit of Truth was recording the data for posterity. An eternal record of the planet, from the very beginning, that could be recalled by the future inhabitants if they sought for the information internally, in any future generation.

The new planet was formed and had been incubating since the process of Creation began forming the Unfathomable Aspects of the Universe. Creation had prepared the planet, along with numerous other solar systems with inhabitable planets, for Civilization to procreate. One Civilization begets the next evolution value. In the very same manner we can observe the dynamics of evolution operating on Earth. Humans and Animals evolve. Social Systems evolve. Technology, Industry and Knowledge evolve. One generation to the next.

The Next Gen Civ on the new planet coming to fruition, will be an evolved value from that which seeded the populations on Earth and other civilized planets in Vaster Creation already established. A value described as Carnal Knowledge on Earth which has evolved from the evolvement of all prior mankind scattered across the Unfathomable Vastness of our shared Universe. This may be a glimpse of the Mechanics of Creation we are subjected to by our Creator’s Design. A real-time record of data the Spirit of Truth collects and makes available as we are able to comprehend the information. Carnal Knowledge is a descriptor for our Instinctual Value that is formed from Prior Collective Experience. Dynamically similar to how Knowledge and Education on Earth has evolved through Mankind’s experience.

When Farmers plant a field they prepare as much land as possible to grow as much volume of crops as they can tend to. Contrasting Mankind’s natural and developed processes we might be able to see a glimpse of the Mechanics of Creation. A higher Intelligence than Mankind’s levels of comprehension.

The newly inhabited planet has come to fruition. Our Creator is anxious to cultivate the seeds it will plant to form the Next Generation of Civilization on the ‘prepared’ planet. I imagine a giddiness or sense of joy or happiness is present in our Creator in these moments. Three planting fields have been prepared on the surface of the new planet. Each will produce a different crop of Human Being. Each field is planted simultaneously.

Each Field is planted with Seven Genetically Engineered Seeds that will produce Seven variant strains of Human Being in each of the three Fields. Each Field producing a different variant of Human Creature that is formed, through the seed crafted, from an amalgamation of Civilization that exists elsewhere in Vaster Creation. A collective value of Carnal Knowledge from Vaster Creation is transferred through the procreation process. The vast experienced potentials for the formation of Civilization are imbued into the new human beings roaming the new planet. No different than the earliest civilization that multiplied and settled on Mother Earth and eventually established God to represent the Creator.

Each Field produces a different variety of Human Being that varies in Size, Color and Smell. Every Human Being has their own distinct physical features like Fingerprints, DNA Markers and unique collective features.

Each Field is the exact same distance from each other, spread out over the new planet. It will be many generations before each human civilization discovers the others. Long after each civilization’s primitive language and social systems begin to form. Natural curiosity is heightened by the variance and differences between the three distinct human species that represent Vaster Creations Collective Civilization on the new planet.

Chapter Two

The human species Creation created on the new planet is different from that which was formed on Earth and other Planets in Vaster Creation. Creation is Intelligent. The Humans that settle this Next Generation Civilization’s Planet are wiser, more civilized than their predecessors. Cunning Man has become Shrewd; through the evolution values that come from Evolvement.

The Seeds that populated Earth and other planets were crafted of the same Mechanics of Creation that formed the newest Seeds that have produced new Life on the new planet. The only difference is a value of Evolvement that occurs from the expanse of time and experience; that occurs naturally. When our Creator takes Its cut of profit value, from each civilization that has formed at that moment in eternity, it is capturing a snapshot of the Life existing in the Universe. A sum of the whole Equation is calculated into the crafting of the latest Generation of Civilization Seeds. Carnal Knowledge 2.0, the Next Gen Civ.

Humans on the new planet are adept socially and civilized in their manner naturally. The homeostasis rollercoaster of life has been traveling at the speed of light; evolving closer to equilibrium. Each Seed planted on the planet is unique, individual and equally valuable. The melding of Carnal Knowledge from each human species formed throughout Vaster Creation also produces the unique physical characteristics that each seed will produce. A variety of human life expressions beyond our comprehension. We can only utilize it, behold it and potentially enjoy it.

Sex is rampant in the beginning. The first seven metaphoric seeds produced seven male and seven female Human Creatures in each field. As a matter of natural instinct, each male and female produced from a single seed would not mate with each other. Beyond this factor there is no throttle on the new Humans desire to routinely have sex with each other. It will be several generations before civilization begins to pair and form monogamous gender mates that procreate together over a Life Season.

Lust and a sense of Love rule the earliest generations, forming the basis for future civilized society when Industry and the drive to produce Infrastructure develops. The prior formed desires of Lust and Love become entangled with our Creator’s imbuing value of intelligence; as we stimulate the process through acts of Wonder, Exploration of thought and Discovery of Creation. One discovery leads to the next producing exponential results that keep pace with the population growth.

An advanced City like we imagine Atlantis forms in one of the fields. Utilizing the crafted waterways to transport people and goods throughout the complex network that was conceived and built by the offspring of the Original Seeds in this field. A freshwater Loch nearby supplies the water through a dam system this seed of civilization contrived. Stone is quarried and used to construct the buildings and city walls. A wide ring of fertile Soil surrounds the City that supports Agriculture and Husbandry to supply the city’s inhabitants. Organization and Civic Administration have begun to develop. Citizens are all considered equal, however a primitive hierarchy has begun to form between older and younger humans forming into proactive teams of Civic minded Leaders with Partners and willing Citizen Followers who perform the work of industry to produce the results engineered by the Civic Administration System.

In another Field our Creator formed on the planet, the Humans have developed socially in similar ways, but forming a different style of Civic Systems. They have adapted the landscape to their developed ideas of purpose between them as one community of scattered villages with small Townships that connect them all together. Each Village is self-sustaining and produces an excess yield that supplies the Townships that use the product to produce goods and provide common services for the many villages that have formed.

A process of Civic Administration has begun to take shape through the Townships that have formed. Each Village that participated to build the connected Township has a stake in the performance of its output and gains. Each Township is connected by a Roadway System with the nearest Townships completing the Networked Connections that facilitate Travel, Trade and Commerce.

Each Village makes use of what Nature provides within their geographic location. As Knowledge spreads between the Townships new resources are discovered and exploited for Trade and Commerce values that have formed through demand created by discovery of use. The natural process of Invention has become an industry of Research and Development in each Township. In the future, these Townships will become Cities as the Villages become Towns and Suburbs of the Cities. The Cities will eventually form a Continental Confederation Network that will facilitate Civic Administration that Orchestrates the devised entanglement of Social Welfare, Education and Industry Systems that provide Infrastructure for the Citizens to participate and gain from.

The other Field our Creator planted has produced the largest population in one Mega City Complex on the Planet. Sprawling Communities originating from the coastline that have simply melded together and continued to expand Inland to form the Conglomerate of the population that has been operating productively in some natural quasi cohesion. Industry and Education have become the only Social Systems formed. No need for Trade and Commerce exists. A clever Transportation Network gathers and distributes common resources that the activity of the Citizens produces. Teams of Citizens in each locale have formed to produce Community Building Projects to support the Social needs and developed Industries. Building Construction Technology has developed to produce fired brick, mortar and concrete to supplement wood and plant fiber materials that have been refined and manufactured into products. Metallurgy is still in an early research and development stage. The social activities that have formed over generations like gathering together for meals, dancing and singing are of equal importance to the industry of crafting infrastructure for the growing population. As City Planning becomes a consideration a Sector Format is adopted that is designed to serve up to 1000 Citizens within the Sector Civic Administration.

A process of Community Living that originated with the early generations has formed a Social System that has evolved to produce a vibrant and effective Child Welfare and Education System that prepares and supplies the Labor for Industry, Civic Infrastructure and Administration. Each Sector operates like the next and forms a collective regional administration that connects with other regions to manage the Civic Administration and Industrial Productivity of the Civilization established in this Field. A Field that Creation created for the Humans to inhabit and share.

It is during this stage of evolvement, on the new planet, that all three Civilizations begin to encounter unrest between themselves. Unaware of the Mechanics of Creation or the Dynamics of Procreation, the Citizens begin to lose the natural cohesion that had seemed to unite them. As generations of new Humans are produced, Indifference replaced the sense of connectedness they once shared, as a by-product of the agitation that created the unrest. Unbeknownst to the population on the planet, our Creator is blending old spiritual creatures, that have lived prior lives on other planets, into the new civilizations. They have gained from their experiences and are being blended into the new civilization as a means to further progress in both their individual spiritual evolution and the physical evolution of the Civilization forming on the new planet. Some are from Earth. Through the Mechanics of Creation our Creator established, the spirits that had been part of the folds of Orders and Organizations that formed on Earth are now being procreated into the evolving Next Gen Civ’s.

These spirits bring with them their preformed ideals from prior lives. Some of the Creatures that have lived generations on Earth are intent on spreading the gospel they had learned from living on Earth, seeking to share their formed ideas of God as our Creator. Some of the Creatures that have migrated from Earth are aware of the gospel and wise to the matter of God and Social Government. They are seeking to displace the forming Civilizations Civic Administration Systems and rule over their progress, much as they have on Earth. This is when the value of Carnal Knowledge crafted into the Next Gen Civ begins to reveal its benefits. As the two spiritual variants from Earth begin to be procreated into the new planet’s Civilizations, they are spreading thoughts and ideas that are divisive and cause the unrest to become a matter of Civic Administration, disrupting what was a natural cohesion that had been forming prior to their arrival. Ideas of unfair divisions of work and labor and indifference to leadership begins to form that the older generations must confront or ignore.

Eventually, the efforts of the Spiritual Creatures that hail from Earth are quenched by their neighbors and those they had sought to convert to their ideals. The traction of unrest they had fostered diminished and produced a greater awareness of Life on other planets in Vaster Creation amongst the population. These Creatures left the folds and began establishing their own Communities apart from the core of civilization they had been born into. Utilizing the prior knowledge they had gained from prior lives on Earth they began reforming their way of life on Earth to exist on the new planet, believing one day they would take over the planet and rule the civilization that is forming. Just like on Earth. With this knowledge they begin foraging for natural products from Creation on the new planet that could be used as Vices; or rather Yokes. Just like on Earth.

The Greed derived from the shared Creed these Spiritual Creatures have learned and developed begets Competition, Jealousy, Envy and Enmity amongst these offshoot Communities forming chaos within the ranks that had begun to form. The older generation of these spiritual creatures displaced from their origin or home planet and now living, bound to the Human Creature existing on the new planet, have experience with this issue and determine to kill the whole generation of offspring to mitigate the problem. Incest becomes common practice during this time within these offshoot Communities. The first efforts of Mankind on this new planet to effect the procreation process for some sense of gain for the Spirits bound to the Human Beings lineage value.

Chapter Three

The idea of ‘Spirits’ Possessing Human Creatures and operating through them producing speech and action has been an integral part of every Human Social Culture that has formed on Earth. The Gods of our History from the unknown before Zeus to George Washington and the latest, loudest, political voices in our mainstream public consciousness, all said they embodied the power of some other greater spiritual force that empowered them to accomplish their acts of goodness. Hubris clothed in humbleness like a shawl or wrap. A ripped apart piece of Sindon, sewn back together like Frankenstien.

The Era of Mythology comes from the earliest assessments of the prior History of Mankind, at that time on the planet. An era of time that can never be documented and conveyed accurately. Not until civilization is able to read and write with a lexicon that has evolved to some level of complexity to describe in detail the meaning behind the words used to record the events and incidents that define the nature of mankind. A shared value of real knowledge between Humans is required for it to matter.

The population of Humans produced through the Next Gen Civ have an innate sense of the interactions that occur internally, producing thought, wonder and inspiration. A way to understand and convey the knowledge has not been crafted yet in the lexicons that have formed in each Field our Creator created. It will be a future generation that will define the first common sense of corporate awareness that as Humans we are a collective of Spiritual Beings operating within the constraints of the Human Being. This will be the first time in the History of Eternity in Vaster Creation, new spiritual creatures will be taught the simple truth during their first iteration into existence. Like Jesus conquered Hell, our Creator has conquered the Spirit of Deception that bred through Prior Mankind on Earth and other planets in Vaster Creation, prior to the evolution from evolvement that occurred in, by and through them to produce the potential for Next Gen Civ to exist.

The population of Next Gen Civ are no different than the population Creation created on Earth and on other planets in Vaster Creation. The first generation of Human Civilization is born into existence, pure and holy, one spirit bound to one Human Creature. One Male and one Female Human are required to procreate and form more Human Bodies, and so on and so forth. As two first generation Humans procreate they are effectively producing a new spiritual being and new human flesh. The new Human Flesh will potentially mate with another Human Being and produce another generation of new Spiritual Being through new Human Flesh. Producing the first, second and third generations of Human Beings that will produce the next generations of Human Flesh that clothes the eventual collective of Spiritual Beings bound to the new generation of Human Flesh that is connected by lineage. Ancestor Spirits become bound to the new Human Body that has formed through offspring. A collective of Ancestor Spirits will act as a portion of the engine that guides the next generation. As a matter of Math calculations we can factor this equation in each generation. By design and not free will, the first generation males provide the semen to produce seven offspring through each female our Creator created to seed Next Gen Civ.

The first generation of humans has one Spirit housed or clothed in the Human Body created by our Creator’s unfathomable ways and means. All other Human Creatures that will inhabit this new planet will be produced from the immaculate conception of the first generation of the Human Body. The Spirits that are bound to the first Human Creatures are experienced in living and existing on another planet in Vaster Creation. They have lived an initial life season as a matter of orientation to existence. Living as a new Spiritual Being bound to a Human Creature born to a lineage that has been in existence for some substantial portion of eternity in comparison.

This subject of existentialism is not comprehensible as common knowledge. We do not equate the ideas we are exposed to as one whole value. Every kid knows Jesus. Every teenager knows of Eve, Noah and Adam. Every adult bible reader should know we are all seeking for truth, learning to discern spirits and coming to know love. Truth and Transparency are the powerful Spirits that can keep Civilizations from extinction. The natural processing of truth through evolvement that produces what we call spiritual evolution. A perpetual evolution of civilization that can affect the physical realm. Proving the Mechanics of Creation are dynamic and more complex than humans can manipulate. We can, however, deceive ourselves for a portion of eternity. We can stop working to smell roses and enjoy the fruit of our labor as some sort of self-righteous sense of inalienable right. We can become wise, cunning and develop hubris characteristics. Humans can become disorientated, confused and misled.

Spirits can become bound to Human Flesh produced through specific heritage lineages that exist on Earth. Every Human Carcass produced on Earth is bound to Earth through the lineage. As Spirits we are bound to a Human Carcass for its life span. Our assignment or positional value in a lineage seems to be affected by dynamics or variables beyond our comprehension. As Civilization progresses through generations, a formation of ancestral spirits becomes attached to a diverse family tree. Each Human Carcass produced can ‘house’ a myriad of spirits that act as a village raising, or razing, the new spirit formed through procreation for orientation to existence.

Like an engine can have any number of cylinders a Human Carcass can have any number of attached spirits. Not every New Human Carcass has a New Spiritual Creature attached for orientation to existence. Most Humans born are housing a conglomerate of planetary ancestor spirits in transition through the lineage and spirits that have lived, human-like life seasons, elsewhere in Vaster Creation.

How does a society that collectively prizes truth, and transparency as a moral value, operate? What does perpetual grace, mercy and faith produce without deception to contend with? What happens when society doesn’t have money, or objects of wealth, to incentivize its activity?

Is it even possible, in a world where anything is possible, to form a true unionization of spirits from Vaster Creation for the purpose of crafting perpetual social infrastructure on a planet? This is the only actual collective value we might share, as citizens of Vaster Creation, beyond the Base Planetary Human Needs.

Base Planetary Human Wants/Needs Creation:





Human And Spiritual Procreation Needs Able:






Chapter Four

Unfathomable Creation expresses itself in a myriad of ways through the Tangible Nature it has created. We can imagine that the complexity of our arrangement is as diverse as the Social Systems we have formulated and evolved over time through Social Rhetoric expressed in the Political and Religious Industries man has crafted, implemented and reformed.

As a New Spiritual Creature we are born void of understanding, in some rank and file behind other Humanized Creatures created by the same Mechanics of Creation. The only advantage my parents and prior generations have is a head start and the potential effects of cunning deceptions that have evolved from the stories of Santa, Tooth Fairies and the Boogeyman. A New Spiritual Creature born into a pre-existing Family Corporation entangled with the Church Systems is like a pinball in a pinball machine. The parents are the two primary flippers and the extended friends and family are the field, secondary flippers and various lights, bumpers, ramps, and other targets that produce a positive or negative effect on the Game of Life being played. The two primary flippers are being triggered by two invisible hands; one of which George Washington exposed on Earth.

What might the product of the evolutionary value be from Earth Civilization? Will God or the Gospel make it off the planet Earth and be established on other planets through the Mechanics of Creation? If America is the evolution of Nation Builders and Private Enterprise what will the next stage of evolution look like?

Savage became civilized because of technology and the education values that can be discerned by primitive Man born on Earth in each generation. The Next Gen Civ should be seeded by a more civilized value of Intelligent Primitive Mankind. If we factor the folklore of Enoch and Ancient Aliens we might consider that our Creator is Intelligently seeding civilization with willingly wanting Spirits. Spirits that are procreating Civilization with our Creator willingly and spirits that are fleeing seeking asylum, penitentantly. Creation would also include those fleeing strife and unrest, seeking some idea of home.

A combination of the three primary Spirits Creation has created, groomed, nurtured and evolved for the purpose. Next Gen Civ begins with one part wild, unruly and innocent, one part reformed or repentant and one part pirate outlaw. An outlaw on the run, no longer innocent and still wild. All given a current cut of Carnal Knowledge from the sum whole of the body of Life that exists in the Universe.

Vaster Creation is real. Creation is procreating civilizations; and is currently horny, wanting to know if you’re Hot or Cold on the subject. If you don’t fall in love and make a home here on planet Earth, spend your time existing and prepare yourself for living your next Life Season on another planet, in some form or fashion as you might imagine. Don’t waste 40 years wandering or following after lost and void of understanding if it’s not absolutely necessary for some unfathomable reason. Like Orientation to Existence.

Next Gen Civ — Notes

What are the dynamics of Life between us? Are there savage and civilized ancestral spirits existing on Earth through its Humans and swirling about its Heavens, now after all this time and production of human generations since the beginning? A whole village exists now, that seeks to raise or raze the new spiritual creatures? Are we all somehow born into existence as Humans, equally somehow through some unknown Mechanics of Creation we are discovering at an eternal pace? Even with generational evolution values transmitting through the spirit, flesh and the visible and invisible tangible infrastructure on the planet. All created in, by and through the collective of developed generations, every step of the way from the past into the present. You can almost predict the paths’ potential trajectories now. Thoughts and observations that express themselves in the cultural fabric that clothes humanity on this planet are available to consume and digest. You can even process the data using an unfathomable device no Creature as ever seen with Human Eyes.

Logically, with all the value of worldly intelligence available… Going forward as Human Beings beginning again after each life ends or simply not existing again or something unfathomably worse or even better if you can manifest the belief with all the evidence we must process, all the way up to the end of life event.

I’m exasperated and everyday is getting closer to expiration. A once in a lifetime event I have never experienced. I have gleaned that many profit centers have come to exist that seem to support the mass market each citizen is a default member of. Determined by the Mechanics of Creation and the determination of the devil.

We have a variety of potential values we might extract from existing with the ‘lived’ on Earth or rather the powers and principalities ruling the planet according to the bible. Our experience would be different if we were born into different circumstances. I was born a dual citizen because my Father was in the US Armed Forces, that exist on this planet, and stationed abroad in Germany at the time of the fruition of my conception. Consider me a foreigner in a foreign land; born and then migrated to America. If I had known before the time expired, I could have moved back to Germany and claimed a right to citizenship with that country. I had choices, or even an inheritance right I was not aware of as a child. By the time I had any sense of the potentials involved the option had expired.

My parents might have made a reference to this knowledge when I was a child, I can’t discount the potential. As a matter of process they may have informed me when I was young so that they would have some proof of virtuous intent later that I could not argue was ineffective. In truth it doesn’t matter. I have never had a moment when I thought I might actually have denounced American Rights to opt for German Rights. I was born into the care of the parents that produced my Human carcass, and who were born into life on Earth like I was, at least a generation earlier. They migrated me to America and I grew up like a weed in their supposed dream garden.

The Family Unit they had created, dissolved by the time I was 7. As a child I witnessed it all go down after I got here. From the birth of their union that produced me to the demise of their union and the three year war over who should have custody of the only remaining value of their union, me. My Mother both provoked and juiced the outcome by physically abusing me in a cunning way. She crafted events and incidents for the purpose of planting seeds that might produce intelligence later in my life. I learned later in life that there is a fine line between love and hate where cunning can be shrewdly expressed.

Both of my parents are wolves in sheeps clothing. Navigating the sects and denominations to produce the metaphoric vines and fig trees revealed in the Scripture they hide behind as they socialize in church and live with ‘their’ offspring. I can see clearly now… as the song goes. They orchestrated the events that produced me for Religious purposes by their religious and secular testimony. I have been innately investigating while I matured from a child-like, ignorant and unaware status. Naturally accrediting righteousness all along the way like a good little alien. Like we naturally give a certain value of faith in a brand of product or service.

We are born into existence with a personal value to Vaster Creation. Our Soul Value. We are each attached to the same Creator or Creation Forces. For lack of a better verbiage, the relationship we have with Creation is expressed in many ways in our Society. A present begat from a prior gift.

I orientated to existence through the experience I was given. Born in 1969 subjected to the subsequent eras. I was led to the wells of religion and I followed and participated. Obviously, like a sore thumb, I was the unruly slave in the metaphoric bible stories. Produced from available slag, the wild vine and the fig tree’; I surmise later in life as a personal observation. Being exiled and estranged by the virtue of the script about the prodigal son.

A corporate mindset is operating in plain sight. They even celebrate together with all the heathens they can qualify, identify and sort out to some value for some reason or purpose. Religion hides behind Politics and Politics hides behind Religions expressions in our society. Stoked and easily stirred flocks of voices and wallets. A concert orchestrated by human instruments produces some value of true output we can witness and observe as foreigners stationed abroad in a foreign land.

I was very receptive to the socially supported vices and loathed the process provided to enable the acts of living, or simply existing might be more accurate. I rode the roller coaster in a state of wonder ranging from unknown perceptions of fear to unknown perceptions of joy, resulting in incomprehensible potential forms of ‘understanding’. We must keep everything vague between us… ‘they’ are watching.

It all led to a yearning that must be a factor in the dynamics of Creations mechanics. We can see now into the universe and witness Creation is potentially as horny as its creations. Procreating civilizations, each within their own solar systems. A Trillion Trillion or more Offspring. Every one of them contains a brother or sister planet to Earth. Each with their own unique expression of Life and value to our Creator.

Outside The Box Ideas

Examining how dynamic Creation might be… Let’s suppose Intelligence plays a role in how Human Civilization is established like other Animals that exist. In base terms, Humans are essentially Animal Creatures. Most Animals have durable coats and hides rather than temperamental thin skin. If Intelligent design plays a role in establishing a civilization, it should take into consideration the conditions and experience, the Human Creatures will be subject to. This thought produces two potentials to examine. The Human form we know evolved from something more rugged and durable or the environment was more tolerable. If the extreme of Summer and Winter is real I suggest we evolved from a value of Human Carcass that matched the design of the terrain of the Planet. It might be that as we develop the support of Infrastructure like clothes, housing, cars and other forms of sheltered protections, our creator is making us more ‘Human’. The bible says the first generations were giants that chewed stone and lived for hundreds of years. Without Air Conditioning.

If we start with the idea that because Creation is a matter of Intelligence operating beyond our comprehension, we can map our future in terms of Eternity. We’ll start with this question… How long can a Spirit remain bound to a single planet through a human lineage? Until the lineage is cut from the vine might be one answer derived from the bible and observations of the mechanics of human life. Thrown into a fire if the bible has value in that regard.

A First People on the new planet might be designed to operate autonomously to much degree and endure the extremes. Humans may not have required sustenance in the earliest generations or an abundance was readily available on demand year round. Was thirst and hunger our first incentives for the activity of living? Did we observe other animals and follow suit or did we evolve somehow to the need for consumption of fruits, vegetables and animals?

It seems likely early man might have eaten the flesh of other humans as they died of murder, accidents and age if it was eating other animals. I can’t decide if early man would have had the thought to differentiate since they observed other animals eat their own species. They seem to have repurposed skin, bones and skulls. It might be perfectly fine to feed human flesh to animals, like we eat them. Access to cheaper, better quality dog food is obfuscated in our society by law makers with interest in the established funeral industries. If we could repurpose human flesh as a food product we could reduce the cost of burial drastically, overnight. But there is something taboo about consuming Human Flesh that is not attached to other Animals. Maybe because it would produce a for profit industry that would destroy civilization. It might be that the Elite are consuming the flesh of humans born and raised for the purpose. They don’t want the mass population to know the benefits or there’s not enough stock to supply the eventual demand that might develop. The taste for Human Flesh and Blood might have some value for understanding how the mechanics of Creation can become confused with myth and lies. The Bible exposes that the desires of our heart have value and the expression of a ritual might be an outward confirmation of that value. To them, as they execute the ritual, the Creator is acknowledging the Creatures desires to be bound or attached or even loosed. Whatever the expression is, that they are incanting internally.

It is notable that our vows of marriage have evolved from declarations of commitments for eternity to a more limited ‘till death do us part’. We have acknowledged a variance of contention between the two clauses. In truth, we cannot actually commit to anything but a promise of action during our current life season. There are too many unknown variables to consider. Yet Love can be so strong that the desires of our heart can potentially be able to commit to eternity between the same spiritual beings. In fact we are eternally connected with our Creator. If the desire of both parties’ hearts is truly to be with the other no matter the circumstances, Life might be able to work that out, somehow. But what happens when the idea forever is no longer applicable to one of the parties? We cannot alter the true desires of our heart, hide or mask anything from our Creator and It operates in this manner with each product like us it creates. Forever or eternity are not realistic levels of commitment to hold one another to; logically. At best, you can deceive a Human to think they are bound to obligation for eternity until they realize otherwise. If you can keep them busy with task work and an occasional reward they may take longer to realize.

Back To The Box

Other than our innate use of Oxygen, It is reasonable to consider that Mankind did develop its own desire for consumption that the body adapted to accommodate. Technically touching, tasting, smelling, seeing or hearing are acts of consumption. Satisfying different senses. The sense of hunger and thirst cause an animal to seek a product of creation to bring satisfaction or end the suffering caused by lack. It seems Creation stands by and watches its product die of thirst and starvation, if history is documented accurately. Factoring for deaths from acts of god and man of war I can’t see that Creation exercises a greater power than imbuing intelligence and crafting Matter into something that matters. While we live we exist free of protection beyond the mechanics of Creation already established when we enter the world. We are born vulnerable to ‘live’ spirits possessing Human Bodies for a portion of eternity, simultaneously within our Sphere of Awareness, Influence and Vulnerability..

Given the Mechanics of Creation we have indexed and categorized, we evolve as Humans according to the Nature of our existence. We adapt ways and means of existing from observation, testing and trying various activity. Original Mankind may have been like we imagine Neanderthals were at that time in our History of development on the planet. They may have evolved from a more durable and rugged Human Carcass. As Humans we may have only needed Oxygen to sustain Human Life. Water contains Oxygen, Oxygen comes from the air we breathe which includes water. We breathe water.

We could surmise… Original Man did not need to eat for any reason except the value of taste it could derive from the nut or fruit the Earth naturally produced. It wasn’t until Original Man witnessed other Animals killing and eating the flesh, that Mankind began to follow suit and consume meat, discovering the taste. A taste and hunger formed within Primitive Man for animal flesh. The body naturally adapted to process the matter.

We are thinking outside of the box… But consider at what point, mankind you know decided to cook and consume animal meat? Was it discovered from an act of mitigating the effects of consuming raw meat, at some point?

It’s most likely that Original Man operated exactly like the other Animals in the Kingdom. Killing and eating each other. It might account for the millions of years it seems it took civilization to advance and become civilized. It also might explain the folklore of a developed culture that existed prior to known civilizations or even the Neanderthals. The Original Mankind that only required the oxygen it naturally breathed for sustenance, developed into a structured society with education, industry and civic administration systems. They thrived for generations until the pleasure of taste was discovered and caused the eventual demise. The first common act of tasting was licking. Pineapples were the first fruit discovered with a desirable taste. The juice of the pineapple and bits of pulp would collect in the mouth and produce the reaction to swallow. Pomegranates were discovered next. The seeds would be sucked on and spat out.

Original Man had only swallowed when bathing before the taste of Pineapple was discovered. The water vapor they breathe is precisely the amount they need to produce just enough moisture in the mouth and skin through perspiration. The body operated more efficiently before man began eating and consuming.

Time and Effort were not required to support physical consumption. All time and effort were spent on building their city. Original Man was able to handle and move considerable mass and weight. Male and Female Humans were of equal physical value in the beginning. Conditioning has produced the more obvious gendered variances and gentile version of Mankind we witness today.

Original Man built the pyramids that future generations discovered and capitalized on. The mortar and other materials used by the science industry and archeologists to date the structures was added at that time during the effort to form a new civilization around the renovated pyramids. The original structures were built hundreds of years before the demise of Original Man. Original Mankind did not go extinct. Many of their offspring formed expedition groups that went off exploring the world and lost their way back. These groups became stranded and eventually established clans and villages that would carry on procreating.

Original Man began tasting, and consuming as a secondary action to facilitate the process of tasting, until the body could not process the volume of consumption any longer. The consumption caused the human body to require more water than it could procure from breathing. Thirst became a sense of need. A sense of need produced by the want for tasting that led to the practice of consumption. And led to ‘needing’ Drinking Water.

Original Mankind would bathe themselves often in freshwater Pools they had built. It was common to taste the water and swallow the excess as part of the bathing process. As the need for more volume of water became a sense within the body, Original Mankind began drinking the water. Unknown Sickness killed more than half the population.

The body began to adapt over generations to accommodate the volume of consumption that had become widespread between them. The offspring that survived, born of the first generation that began eating, eventually produced the Neanderthal Race. The earlier offspring that had left to explore, produced the future generations that would discover the pyramids and restart civilization along the Nile. Many establish other cultures that produce life and thrive in other places on the planet.

They lured and captured the neanderthals to use them for slave labor and breeding. They evolved into the Egyptian Race producing the expressions of life we can see scribbled on their walls and pillars. They began the practice of breeding humans for servant and slave labor

Consumption of sustenance persisted through the generations. Man would not or could not revert to original design. Water, vegetables, fruit, milk, dairy products, and fish, along with bread and beer eventually became the common diet. Mankind developed a balance between consumption and activity that the body adapted to over generations.

Original Man may have only needed to breathe for sustenance. We eat today for the pleasure of taste and to satisfy an evolved human carcass. We sense when it needs more sustenance. Somehow these senses can be corrupted causing over-consumption that produces habits.

Primitive Civic Administration Process

In an alternate Universe, on a different civilized planet than Earth, Natural Born Citizens are subjected to submission to existence for orientation.

An Infant Child is produced through procreation, registered as a Citizen of Vaster Creation and enrolled in established Social Welfare and Education Systems that the prior generations have devised and passed on to their offspring.

In this alternate civilization it is common practice for most birth Mothers to care for their newborn child directly for the first 3 years of life, or 6 Sols using the Calendar System on the alternate planet.

In this society… the birth Mother has sole rights over their offspring until they are of a certain age and have developed the ability to assess and override a Mother’s desire. In some cases a Mother is not willing or able to care for the Infant Child she birthed and the Community System cares for the child from birth. In any event the newborn child is considered a Citizen of Vaster Creation from birth.

In the alternate Universe…

When a Woman becomes pregnant they typically take leave of their normal civic tasks and projects and work within the Childcare System, if they don’t already. This allows them to navigate their pregnancy within the facility’s comfort and support and with assistance from other Care Providers. They remain active within the Civic System serving a purpose. They contribute to Task work as they are able and have living quarters that will serve as a birthing and recovery room. No one is bound to this social system of best practice. A woman comes and goes as she pleases and could stay home and do it all herself if she chose to. This systematic process has been thoughtfully designed to accommodate all considerations available. The Woman decides how she should utilize this feature of society. She will decide how long she recovers from birth and when she and the baby will go home. No matter the circumstances. Society has reasoned that the Mother is the one chosen by Creation to decide all matters regarding the potential birth, welfare and possession of the Child she birthed. As a matter of Civic Education, all children are taught this evaluation and as they get older are tasked to craft a thesis on this subject as part of the education process.

A Mother in this social system will typically spend 30–90 days recovering from birth before going home, caring for the newborn at the facility. Some Mothers might discharge themselves to go home or back to a project that was put on hold and leave the newborn in the Care System. Generally, they will take the child home at some point and care for it intimately with support from the child care system while transitioning, returning to their prior tasks and projects.

When a child turns 3 years old (converting 6 Sols) the birth Mother begins leaving the child in the Care System for more than daycare. The child will transition over the period of a year to living more time at the Care Facility than at Home by the time they are 4 years old. While at the facility they are cared for and educated by the trained staff and the pregnant Mothers interning. A constant rotation of people and constructed activities produces the resulting cohesion and effective management of social need within the community. Creating socially orientated, educated and productive offspring.

At age 4, children begin a new process of learning that the prior activities have prepared them for. They spend the defined work week like boarding students and return home for weekend breaks to spend time, with parents and family, away from school. This continues until they are of a certain age and have completed Primary Education Programs, at which point they would become eligible for personal housing.

In the alternate Universe…

Citizens do not use Money to operate in society, regulate use or meter community resources as personal property. To fully understand how this is possible we have to map it all out and explain it.

The idea of Private Property doesn’t exist. Personal Space has been defined as a recognized boundary between Humans. The definition of a Citizen’s Personal Space also includes consideration for the Housing Unit they occupy. Children are raised with these principles operating in society at all times. Children are often asked to stand at arms length from one another and taught to stay an arms length away from others unless they know the other person and both have a good reason to be closer than an arms length from each other. Developing a natural Civic Respect and defining Intimacy between humans this way is introduced as children grow older.

A basic childlike belief system, established in the earlier generations as common language developed, informs group thought and has spawned all other Civic Administration and Industry. “We People” was officially the first sentence constructed and Documented by the earlier generation of people on this planet. Etched in stone on the now famous Founder’s Rock. Just two generations later common language would expand and develop a greater expression that originated from the morale the Etched Stone generated since the time it was erected. “We Together Are One People” was the next textual expression of civilization in the alternate universe.

This is the evolved expression of the civilization that has been toiling for centuries taming the land and forming villages that have grown into towns and cities. From an unaware and inexpressible sense of natural unity, this civilization has kept the spirit alive throughout the generations. The Spirits of War and Oppression have not altered these natural values we have with each other.

Incentives and Motives have not been invented to foster strife and turmoil between citizens. The only competitive spirit between humans is the drive to wonder, explore and discover ways to live and work together to accomplish community projects or fight over rights to certain women. Before a Common language formed, people tended to work together in packs and groups as teams. Each Team Member knew each other and had ways and means to communicate enough to operate together to accomplish tasks and projects. Gathering Resources, processing materials, constructing housing and civic infrastructure. This activity evolved as infrastructure and technology was devised. Organized Industry came from the experiences of these early collaborations. Once a common understood language was crafted and installed, “We People” was established as a description of what the collective of civilization was at that time. They didn’t mean they were the We People. They meant that they were people, humans. “We Are People” would have been proper English.

The childlike expression “We Together Are One People” became a Community Slogan that has endured the test of time. Nothing has altered the original expression over the many generations that have passed. Society has evolved and kept the Spirit of the Slogan that served them well, alive, adding an eternal flame to the Founder’s Rock. A second adjoining Rock was placed that has the evolved expression “We Together Are One People” etched into it like the Founder’s Stone. It is called the People’s Stone.

This simple phrase has informed common thought and caused the formation of Civic Administration to consider the whole community in its activity. Since the People are the life and blood of the Civic Administration. As the collective of minds develops ways and means of research and debate and develops ideas of process and tasks, a system is formed to organize and manage the affairs of the People.

A primitive process of Civic Administration began that would evolve to produce an advanced Society System. One that doesn’t use Money to operate in society, regulate use or meter community resources as personal property.

Initially a Council of Elders had formed within the early generations. The middle-aged and older Men and Women were naturally concerned with the community projects they had interest in and the younger offspring’s welfare and contribution to task work. Hashing out their own personal contentions, they had devised a system between them that ensured all voices of protest were respected and accounted for in all deliberations. Each Solstice would mark a change in the Council to accommodate all Citizens need to serve on the Council.

At this time in history, civilization has developed a Calendar and Time Keeping System. This generation knows how old they are more accurately. As Citizens in this time era turn 30 years old they become eligible for election to the Council of Elders. At each Solstice event a new formation of members populates the Council for the next term as a matter of selection, election and unanimous agreement of the sitting Council. Winning Project Support requires a unanimous vote from the current Council. If a project fails to gain support it can be sorted out and represented again to a later council.

Each week the Council would meet to discuss current events and projects that had been presented by Citizens for production support. The collective Industry of Mankind operated in, by and through the Civic Administration System. These generations produced the idea and design of the Childcare and Education System that has thrived on this planet. Changing only in the mechanics of operation and diversity of service not the spirited dynamics that seeded the established social systems. They had determined the best, most efficient way to care for one another was to create a collective system of welfare and education. This lead to the addition of a new slogan, “We Are Citizens Of Vaster Creation”

It was during this time that Research into the Sun, Moon and Stars in the ‘beond’, as they called it then, began to take shape within the collective psyche. The ideas of Vaster Creation and other planets like theirs produced amusement and stimulated conversation and interest in learning as a result. These studies became a new curriculum for the Education System.

“We Are Citizens of Vaster Creation” is still the slogan shared by what has grown to be an advanced global civilization on this alternate planet in the universe. A single thriving culture of Civilization that has accumulated social infrastructure, developed technologies and become universally one with nature.

Spaceships exist in this alternate universe, but not to traverse the ‘beond’, only to enjoy the view from space, the accommodations on the ship and the time away from the planet which makes the heart grow fonder. At this point in time, civilization on the planet has grown to 10 billion Human Creatures that live to be an average of 100 years old. The planet has become a destination well known to Spiritual Beings across the ‘beond’. Many Spiritual Beings desire to experience living on the planet, causing the population to increase as the Infrastructure can accommodate the influx.

Many remedial tasks to support Civic and Industrial Systems have been automated and machines do much of the repetitive and harsh labor that enables the Society to operate and evolve. People do not own the Business of Industry personally but corporately share a value of individual ownership.

Children begin Civil Service at age 14 in addition to their Education Programs that are ongoing. This is when they become acquainted with Industry and Civic Administration Systems. They are already familiar with task work as part of Education that started when they were 5 years old. From age 5 to 14 they are assigned various positions with responsibilities that support the core Civic Services like Education, Childcare and Elderly Care, Agriculture, Cleaning and other Task Chores that need tending. When they turn 14 they have a sense of ability, accountability and responsibility that translates to more productive contributions to society. They begin to form their own desires and find options, within the system to choose from, to pursue their developed interests. The Systems operate as a guide until the Child can make its own informed choices within the established system. As they get older they can help fashion improvements to the system and create more choices for future generations to pursue.

By the time a Child reaches 18 years of age they are a Productive Contributing Member of this Society, forming in the alternate universe. At 18 years old they will move from student housing to on-site housing for a two year period during which they will assist on Projects as interns supporting the project team. The transition to adulthood doesn’t actually occur until they reach 20 years old and have completed Civic Administration Programs during the prior two years. These programs inform and prepare the Citizen for transitioning into adulthood and into the Civic Administration System from the Welfare and Education System. Every Adult Citizen is essentially an equal part-owner of the Civic Administration System.

Once a Child is 20 years old they become a free agent within the Civic Industry System. By default all Citizens work for the Civic Administration System they have part ownership in. The work is creating or finding a position or role to fill within the system of the Administration. By this time of life they have some sense of what roles or positions they are interested in from what has been made available. Throughout Education they are challenged as part of the design of curriculum to learn something and then find ways to improve it. A major component of the Education Program is learning about Industry that has formed on the Planet. By the time a Child transitions to Adulthood they are well prepared and have a position or role to play and work.

Citizens essentially create their own work and pass it on to future generations through the Civic Administration System that determines the Activity the Industry of Mankind pursues and adopts collectively. Through creating Projects a Citizen can dream and develop ideas they envision and desire to pursue if the need or want exists within the community. And there are many Communities in varied states of development to migrate to if the Sector the Citizen is currently in has been developed and doesn’t want or need the project idea. A Citizen can submit a Project to any Sector for support within that Sector.

Projects can be created for many reasons. The Civic Administration System creates Civic Projects. Citizens create Citizen Projects. Citizen Projects can create new Industry, correct or evolve Civic Administration or provide Social Value. Children begin crafting Project Submissions when they turn 12 years old. By the time they are adults they are familiar with the project system designed to empower them to be proactive, productive contributing members of society.

As technology, transportation and education evolve and expand its infrastructure, Citizens become more mobile and migrate between continents. Society is so advanced on this planet that Parents can leave their children with Welfare and Education in their Home Sector while they work and live elsewhere.

Is it hard to believe… there have been no rape, molestation, theft or murders yet on this planet, in this alternate universe?

Children learn boundaries early that translate to good behavior. They observe and tend to mimic the variety of other Humans they encounter in subtle ways. Life is different on this planet than can be associated with the carnal knowledge that exists on Earth. Deviants don’t exist on this planet. There isn’t anything to steal, everything is accessible or provided within reason and ability. Children are never left without supervision. The Love of Money doesn’t exist in the alternate universe. But the sense of Love and Hate do.

The extent of Drama occurring in Civilization is the passionate swells that occur between men and women and other men and women. Women and Men carry on as individual Citizens and choose to cohabitate together, with or without a sense of personal commitment. Many women throughout the history of this civilization had several children from promiscuous activity. This was the inspiration for the slogan “We Are All Citizens of Vaster Creation”, born into existence on this planet.

Men and Women form friendships and social bonds with each other that extend into Civic Life. Teams of two or more often form to produce a Project or pursue personal activity together. Life on the planet is a balance between work and play. Social activity occurs either way. Most Civic Administration Positions have two or more people assigned to tasks and duties that can reduce the amount of time required or allow for flexibility in scheduling coverage. The drive to mechanize industry eventually fueled the desire to automate so people could work less and explore, experience and play more.

Adventure Sports and Excursions are popular with society. Transportation and Travel Accommodations become available as a public service. Arts and Entertainment are thriving Industries, fueled by Citizen Projects that originate at the Sector Level. Social Clubs exist across the planet like churches, temples and synagogues do on Earth. Oddly there is no widespread use of alcohol, drugs or tobacco. Those industries never gain any traction in the Civic Administration System within this society. A Social Industry does exist that produces Beer, Wine and Cannabis primarily for Elderly Comfort Care. People do consume these products as they are available to them if they produce the product or know others that do. No Civic mass scale production exists and the demand for supply is easily satisfied by the Social Industry within each Sector. But again, oddly to an Earthling, most Humans on this planet do not consume Spirits socially or routinely. The Social Clubs provide music and atmosphere that contrasts with the worksites, classrooms and offices. Many Project Teams will gather and discuss their Projects. Students have their own Social Clubs as do other groups that have formed around special interests. The Social Clubs were created through Citizen Projects that produced the facilities and operated with staffing provided through the Civic Labor Force. Over time many Social Clubs have become Dinner Theatres and Restaurants or repurposed in other ways. Most of Civic Infrastructure is designed with longevity and future renovation in mind.

The most labor intensive and dangerous industries require able, trained and skilled Citizens to undertake the tasks. Children learn about these positions and roles as they move through the Education System. At age 16, 17, 18, 19 and 20 every Citizen will fill a general labor role in these industries for a Sol. Among the myriad of options a Child has when they transition to adulthood is a position in one of these roles for an extended period of time during their youth that will lead to other options and earlier retirement from Civic Task Service.

In the 7,479th generation of civilization on this planet, the Council of Elders System was replaced by the Civic Administration System. The first Civic Statement they Documented introduced the idea of retirement from Civic Service prior to the deterioration of health which had been the standard prior. Civic Administration Systems were evolving and expanding along with the population. A redundancy in Labor Supply had already been achieved. Citizens were well trained and prepared through the Education System with a broad knowledge and understanding of most aspects of Civic Infrastructure and Industry.

Student Citizens 12 years old and older work 4 hours a day when enrolled in Education Programs. Education Systems do not utilize homework or additional task work for learning. All student learning is done in the classroom, interning or OJT. A Student is assigned a Task Role or Service Position after completing applicable training. Children 6–12 also have Task Assignments commensurate with their age and education, within their ecosystem.

A combination of structured Learning and Doing allow children to develop a way to be themselves amongst their peers. Social Skills are developed early in life because of the design of the Childcare and Welfare System and the Nature of the Civilization Creation has formed on this planet in the alternate universe. This makes the teenage years all the more productive for both learning and doing.

Education Curriculum varies by age group. History and Social Studies are combined into what’s known as Civic Knowledge which summarizes what is known about the History of Civilization and the development of Industry on the planet. These subjects are minor subjects that are taught during childhood. When children transition to adults they begin an Ongoing Program of Education that includes an Advanced History of Civilization Program. Much of the Arts and Entertainment content produced by Citizens is derived from the folklore of the events and incidents of the First Generations of People on the planet.

Math and Science are Primary Learning Subjects for Children 12 and older and Minor Subjects for 6–12. Technology and Industry are Primary Subjects for children 10 and older and references to Technology and Industry are used for curriculum for all ages. Civic Administration is a Primary Learning Subject that begins at 12 years old and continues until retirement.

Drama, Dance and Music are both general activities that all participate in and Learning Programs that foster development of talent and skill. Physical Education is a Primary Learning and Activity Program for all ages. No contact Competitive Sports are Programs both for students 12 and older and Adults of all ages.

The Sector Community Design allows for diversity of expression to flourish and produces stronger generational bonds between the old and young. An Anonymous Father Social Variable had been present since the earliest generations. Many would discover their biological connections as they developed similar physical features as their Fathers that were still living within the same Sector.

Surmising Primitive Reality On Earth

If we blend Mythology and Religion together to form a value of abstract historical considerations, we can determine a variety of contentions. One I find interesting is that we did actually receive a form of manna from heaven on this planet. It had a compelling effect on the advancement and progress of civilization on this planet. We in the modern time are a product of these events. We could also surmise that it produced the advanced spiritual and physical instruments of love and war between Humans. It may have led to the formation of Lust and Evil, since Love and Life already existed prior to this time.

With this in mind… Mankind evolved from primitive basic needs and natural desires to the advent of technology that developed after It witnessed the first small asteroid, comet or space debris that landed on the planet, that it could observe and mine for knowledge and material. A few created Flood Events that persisted into the fabric of culture we examine still today. And gave both shrewd and cunning men, in that time, ideas.

Once the debris from space that crafted the planet’s terrain in the beginning, began to diminish in scale, leaving mass deposits. Small chunks of debris would rain down on occasion and land within reach of the evolving primitive man toiling on the planet. Some chunks of debris would collide with other rock formations and crumble into a pile of manageable resources, now available for primitive man to use. Gold was exposed and discovered by mankind this way, in the beginning.

The earliest metal daggers and battering hammers were formed from slivers of debris that naturally formed the rudimentary shape and feature of these primitive tools used as weapons to ward off other creatures interested in the manna. The tools Creation left, in the aftermath, meant to be used for processing the other material were used for killing from a sense of protection and possession, over material resources that came from heaven.

These early events led to the eventual desire to know when these parcels from heaven would come. This desire produced our development of knowledge about the stars and heavens we could see and already had a natural interest in understanding. Now we had incentive beyond simple child-like wonder to drive development of understanding about Vaster Creation. And how we might use the material gifted from the heavens for personal or limited corporate gain. As People, Obsidian and other materials had already been exploited by the first ‘for gross profit’ organizations of Merchants on Earth.

Mankind observed the forging power of Volcanoes producing lava flows and witnessed the effects of interstellar travel and planetary impact of debris on the planet. We have the CERN and other Research Colliders today because of this earliest observation mankind had been afforded.

Obsidian had already been discovered and widely utilized in the locations it was available in through trade and commerce. This is when Primitive man became capitalistic and formed the first trade and commerce systems that evolved into modern finance. This would be the pre Templars Era. The beginning of the covert slave trade industry that spawned Eugenics.

It was the discovery of the metals found in asteroids and comets that led to the advancement of civilization on the planet. Without the direct and indirect values that came from the accessibility and observational opportunities that were gleaned and discerned from witnessing and mining the Space Debris, we would not have developed as rapidly, it seems.

We could metaphorically define the effects of the delivery of the manna from heaven as Hail Damage to the planet that was ultimately used for some value of ‘good’ for all mankind. Religion as we know it today, began to form during the time that came after the early capitalization of mankind. Formed of those stories and evolved in, by and through exegesis. It all collided into this form of Nation Building we can witness in modern times.

It’s not a matter of sacrifice for some reason of gain… It’s a matter of developing equilibrium between the diversity of Life that Creation Creates between us to navigate as we negotiate intelligence evolving between us as one complete value of Creation.

Should we take that manna and go to war for Dom or work for Sub sake?


Writer’s Note:

Now armed with the amount of Carnal Knowledge that can be mined in this day and age on Earth in an initial Life Season, My Spirit is coming to some sense of fruition. I have experienced Birth and Life and now must be experiencing the demise of what is known as death. Physically, for real, and Spiritually in some metaphoric way. In the end I can’t decide if “Stubborn and Stiffnecked” or “Unruly and Wild” best describes me.


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