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The Attache of Spirits: A Collective Attachment On Earth

Will we be ‘better’ beings in the future? Through shared Evolvement? Are we mutually content in the end? Will the ‘enmity’, that forms from unquenched lust, evolve into a new creature between us?

Are we engaged in a Spiritual War for Prophets as Christian Soldiers? Are we responsible for Profits on Earth as part of God’s Team? Those given stations and positions that get paid to nurse the babes through the Church and Political Systems that were established, on Earth. The invention of Free Enterprise and Private Property, future generations will die to defend. Now recorded in the Canals of History and Folklore.

As a faithful Father and Mother who Trains their Offspring, bestowed by God to them, in this ‘way’ to ‘go’. Steadfast and faithful followers of YHWH, doing their ‘best’ or even ‘utmost’ to lead and guide a new creature to learn and adapt to the World and the Social System they are attached to by birthright.

As New Humans we detach from our Mothers Womb and, metaphorically speaking, attach to the atmosphere, the environment, that exists, for all of us.

This is the ‘basis’ for our developed sense of desire for unity, and may stoke the ‘need’ for an Official Union. How do we frame our ‘base desires’ against that which has formed through Evolvement on this Planet? How do we ‘Examine’ all the Expressions of Creation that come to exist with a sense of true Faith in Creation?

Are there a variety of Personality types among Humans? A multitude of ‘beliefs’ that create war; conflict between those Creatures that choose to participate in ‘Warring’ here on Earth? What is the Root Cause of our discontent and formation of litigious idealism?




adjective: litigious

unreasonably prone to go to law to settle disputes.: “our increasingly litigious society”.

Is the Love of Money at the Root of our ‘malfunctions’ as a Unified Society on this Planet?

Money takes the form of Currency on Earth. In fact what you consider ‘Money-like’ may not be of value to others. One’s Man’s trash is another’s Treasure. Jesus dying on the Cross as a Sacrifice, dying in Civilizations ‘stead’ for the wages of Sin. He left so others could have his body and blood as some sort of atonement.

Is this Curriculum crafted by the Powers and Principalities of this World we live in now? Are those Spiritual Creatures gone and no longer reside in Flesh and Blood on Earth? They established the Systems that have now evolved to today and the present condition we find ourselves in. We do not wrestle with the Flesh and Blood, unless you choose to.

Is it that those Spirits that established the Religious Schools and Convents, we Hail from as Nations now, are actively able to roam the Spiritual Network of Humans, they are connected to, currently roaming the Earth?

Are there limitations through the ‘attachments’ within the Network? Is there some ‘dependance of result’ that Spirits are hedging against or for, with their activity? Their ‘Works’ produced from their understanding of Faith in Creations Mechanics?

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