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Do we all Clock and Register the Anomalies we find that exist in our Lives? Do we equate them properly?

Are we predestined to experience the conditioning of Bible Stories and Acts of Life that form our understanding about relationships between us all as part of shared Creation? To what purpose would that serve a higher or greater power than the ‘Body of God’ and Jesus on Earth?

Does any Creature in America, circa this Era, not have some reference for Adam and Eve? Do ‘tribes’ of Humans live apart from modern society for some reason? How far would a Secret Society of Followers go to Gain Power over the World? Over the course of Generations? How might we purposefully exist in that manner?

If we consider that the Serpent in Genesis is a ‘prior’ living Creature and that Adam is aware of what He is doing while Eve is curious and experimenting with Unknown Creation. She is the New Creature formed, and comes to exist in the pre-existing conditions of Adam and his prior life with God. Did the writers skip any periods of life Adam may have had before Eve. Was there a Day Mistress, like a nanny, who thinks herself a true Wife to Adam? Does she supersede any other Mistress Adam may have in the future, in her mind?

The swarth of Mythology that encompasses our canals of learning and education presents this idea. Even those that came after Adam and still today we find Love is not Monogamous among its inhabitants on Earth. We, as a Human Race, coexist over generations to form Diverse Family Trees.

Each Generation a New Tree Set. Will you be cut off the Vine? Will you perish? If you believe in Jesus or that the Story of Jesus exists?

We each have a personal relationship with our Creator. You can reference it however you like, I personally suspect. Does Zeus still have followers on the Planet?

AI Says:

Yes, there are still people who worship Zeus. These individuals are known as Hellenic polytheists or Hellenists. They seek to revive and reconstruct the ancient Greek religion, including the worship of Zeus.

The exact number of followers is difficult to know because there is no census. However, some of the religion’s leaders believe that as of 2005, there were as many as 2,000 devotees in Greece. An additional 100,000 people are said to have some sort of interest.

Estimates of the followers of the ancient religion in Greece vary between 1 and 2% of the population. This translates to somewhere between 100,000 and 200,000 followers. However, the memberships of the various “organized groups” in Greece is very small and does not reflect these estimates in any way.

The old polytheism is growing in Greece again. At first, the Greek State and Church tried to ignore it. However, its numbers have apparently gotten to where it can’t be ignored.

How have they not perished? Aren’t they mentioned in the Bible Stories?

Who were the Hellenists in the Bible?

AI Says:

The Hebrews were Jewish Christians who spoke almost exclusively Aramaic, and the Hellenists were also Jewish Christians whose mother tongue was Greek. They were Greek-speaking Jews of the Diaspora, who returned to settle in Jerusalem. To identify them, Luke uses the term Hellenistai.

How is it that we Live in a Current Culture that has become susceptible to a Godspel? A mystery of the Gospel. Even if you do not fall in line with a primary Flock you become under the inducement of God as you engage in Society. Glossing over the phrase on our Money. Why beat a dead Horse?

Let’s move on and set our sights on the depth and breadth of results we can reverse engineer to provide some context to revelations in the end times.

Vietnam 1968 Post Riot America of the mid 60’s

I was born of the Spirit of Love that existed on the Planet in September or October of 1968. Many Children were born of this Generation. You might be creative enough in your mind to consider my Mother Vietnam and my Father a Citizen and member of the armed forces of America. The reality was they devoured each other and Dad did a Mic drop as Mother made her planned exit. Am I better for the experience? As a New Creature? Should I be pious about it to Honor my Parents?

Is it too much to expect our Parents and Church Family to be ‘Forthright’ and not just generally ‘honest’ and ‘trustworthy’ with coexistence within Shared Society. Are we obligated to be transparent with our offspring? If we are operating within a sect of Society in a secretive manner would we think so?


Original Sin Theory


God is The Church and Satan is the Devil in the Details of the Game of Life. Sin can be construed as to mean S in. Referencing the Serpent God put into Eve.


Like Jesus is the Body of ‘Believers’ or ‘Followers’ of his Faith; The Devil is the ‘Body’ or the ‘Whole Assembly’ of the ‘Lived’ that have existed on Earth for some period or portion of ‘time’ of the ‘Eternity’ of the Formation of the Planet we exist ‘on’ and everything else in known and presumably unknown ‘Creation’. Everything is subject to verification by our Mutual Creator.

The word ‘Creation’ can mean many things in our Culture. The Word, in its English form, comes from the formation of our shared English American Culture over the many Generations of Life that ‘must’ have existed before us.

You and I did not decide to refer to the Matter that represents ‘Everything’ as ‘Creation’. It was ‘decided’ pre-existing to our existence; unless it was not in your ‘case’.

AI Says:

The word creation comes from Middle English creacion, which was borrowed from Anglo-French and Late Latin. The Latin word creātiōn- means “something brought into existence”. The Latin word creāre means “to beget, give birth to, create”. The suffix -tiōn- is used for action nouns.

The word creation appeared in English in the late 14th century. It can mean:

The action of creating or causing to exist

A created thing

An electing, appointment, or choice

The word create comes from the Latin word creatus, which is the past participle of creare. Creare means “to make, bring forth, produce, procreate, beget, cause”. It’s related to the words Ceres and crescere, which mean “to arise, be born, increase, grow”. The Proto-Indo-European root of creare is ker-, which means “to grow”.

The Phrase, ‘New Creature’, can reference many things, to many people who speak English. Given our shared understanding of Words, and the Miracle that God has not struck down its Creation since the Tower of Babel, we have a way to interact with one another beyond gestures and actions. We can reason and act, with one another, in ways that would not be possible elsewise; without each other. A Solace Soul of one would never invent Words, would they?

To what end do we operate as a Free Agent, drafted into the Life League? God purchased the League in The Year Zero, as is, and at a bargain price. He even found ways to fray that cost by spreading it out among the First Peoples of Creation on this Planet, since 0. Producing Enmity that would ripple through to the present day. A ladder to climb was formed and created. If you are a believer. You will wander around the wilderness for 40 years or more, like your Ancestors did. You will be subjected to submissions beyond your understanding, like your Ancestors did. You will be poked and prodded like livestock being herded to a slaughter gate, at some point, like your Ancestors did. You will find Jesus, like your Ancestors did. If you believe, like your Ancestors did, you should anyway. Even the Bible has disclaimers dispersed all through the text; the fine print. Disclaimers have become a way of life in the modern times.

Some Creatures that have come before us have sought to expose the Truth in The Game of Life and left breadcrumbs in the form of Parables; in, by and through a controversial medium. Stories that contain some historical value wrapped in prose, poetry and parables with subtle reference to the nature of how ‘The Body Of God’ operates on the Earth. The story absolves God by declaring that God left this World to His Son to Rule, the Body of God. His Son has become the Devil in the Details of any issue or problem that may become known to exist. The Devil has been incentivized to Steal and Deceive by the Nature of His or Its Creation.

Did God or Satan, also known as Lucifer, produce the Bible? Which one Produced Mythology; through their Instruments? Remember, Man was made in God’s Image. It seems likely Mythology is the precursor to the existence of the Word God.

AI Says:

The word “god” comes from the Old English word “god”, which comes from the Proto-Germanic word *gudą. The earliest written form of the Germanic word “god” comes from the 6th century Christian Codex Argenteus.

The word “god” comes from the Germanic word “Gott”, which comes from the Gothic word “Gheuh”. The word “Gheuh” is thought to come from the Sanskrit word “Hu”, which means “the one who is invoked” or “the one who is sacrificed to”. The word “god” has cognates in other Germanic languages, including:

Gothic: “guþ” and “gudis”

Old Norse: “guð”

Old Saxon, Old Frisian, and Old Dutch: “god”

Old High German: “got”

The word “god” can mean:

Supreme being


The Christian God

Image of a god

Godlike person

The words “god” and “good” are both very old words, and their definitive origins have not been found.

The Mystery of The Gospel… The Godspel. God was a catchier Moniker than Gnosis.

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