Massive Transit

Aaron Tarpley
4 min readApr 22, 2024


It seems that migrating through the swarth or swath of knowledge in Vaster Creation is challenging to us as Humans, just like immigrating through a nation’s borders on Earth. Many are not allowed or afforded opportunities like others by other Spirits with a mindset of shared thinking regarding the myriad of law’s of possession that have come to exist from a void on this planet. Is It best to come through the swathe of a major powerful Nation? If you want to live on this planet. Join the pre-existing conditions; in play now for centuries, within each Lineage. Pay your dues, over and above what was extracted upfront with pre-arranged additional fees for our convenience and hope it all holds up, out or together within the Swathe God wrapped its offspring in. A presumed pox-free blank ET to check; qualify, identify and sort out if it might be worth it to you; for whatever your reasons. A Tabula Rasa. A New Spiritual Being, born in a haze manager.

What if the mindset was different regarding property ownership on this planet? Davinci showed us exactly how much space each Human Creature is entitled to, relative to their unique size and shape.

What if the road to Industrialization and progress wasn’t bound to the sins of the forefathers of personal wealth and private property ownership, derived from enslaved labor?

Earthbound civilization will have to eventually convert to a true open sourced shared resource society system or improve its veil.

What if what had been formed between us was a true community spirit? A shared sense of morale that is derived by use of the system that is being formed between us. One that fosters the desire to live abundantly with free will.

It’s just a dream of course but what if it had or could become reality? What would the results look like? If Goldilocks couldn’t decide which bed was best.

Without the culling effects and profits of warfare would we be able to sustain a free market of slave breeding for Nation Building?

What form of Society Systems could come to exist that would empower every creature to participate and thrive together as one community? One Community inhabiting one planet in the whole of Vaster Creation. One whole Vaster Community. This mindset is not wrong so why is it that it becomes derailed between us?

Is it a lust for debauchery? A love of money? Pride in all its various meanings? What produces the matters of indifference that quench the spirit of community? Meritorious activities of progress for personal gains shouldn’t create enmity to form in the garden.

My downfall personally has been consumption due to a lack of self control, disciplined obedience or lack of respect for my quality of life on this planet. I have formed a maturing value for the product of technology our Creator has been able to produce despite the human instruments it uses. My only advocate makes its case in my inner court. Telling the jury my innate sense of Morale has been challenging ideals and refusing to participate in any other activities made available on this particular planet. Noting that just as Man sends probes into Creation, our Creator sends probes that act as barometers and leave an impression. For the good of all of Creation involved.

According to most of my neighbors on Earth, engaged in activity, it’s mostly my problem to figure out. One of the first Spirits I learned to discern on Earth. So I went to the manufacturer and made inquiries and found out we may not need warranties or even insurance. A higher intelligence than Mankind crafted my Life. It wasn’t gambling with my existence.

I exist in the here and now and never before. I have no prior formed connotations of life, love and games people play or association with existing creatures other than through Wonder, Exploration and Discovery of Life’s sense of Truth and Potentials for Understanding; experienced in my initial orientation to existence.

I tell Earth’s God, The Bride of Jesus and the Devil, all the same, “we’ll get through this! This too shall pass! As you all damn well know, better than I am, able to comprehend!” Encouraging all of Creation to come to fruition, together all at once and in one accord. “It may be time to move and help our Creator, procreate civilization.”

Is every Human/Spirit Hybrid Creature bound to exist for eternity on Earth and Its Heavens? Should we follow Gods’ advice to give it away and ask for more? It ‘seems’ like every angle of religion and serving Earth’s God requires binding to the body of the ‘lived’ on Earth or releasing controls over our senses. Obligating and committing oneself to unfathomable conditions, with only a general assessment of current conditions on Earth. Is Earth truly inhabitable for all of Creation? Will it support life, now, for Vaster Creation? Is Earth a Members Only Clubhouse? With a broad range of Military Force and golf courses? Chosen Souls, Temples and Lodges.

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