Love™ Brand

Aaron Tarpley
3 min readDec 15, 2022


Is this experience, for me, a coming to know Jesus or coming to know Love event? I paid dearly for this.

Did fear of the lord elect become, overcome by, the joy of the newly elect lord, this morning? What were the race results?

It’s another new day tomorrow, so we’ll make the most of the rest of today thinking about yesterday. Planning ahead. Until tomorrow.

Prompted, poked and prodded. In hindsight, that’s the most clear and concise way I can describe the experience, looking back on it. To negate it would be disingenuous and insincere in reflecting back on the entity of my existence, as far as I can know. At this point in my evolution.

Did Love interject Jesus into the storyboard?

This is this mystery of the gospel.

Who is Love?

Jesus told you!

To look above.

Love rules all things, people say God is over. We are not bound to either or.

Just Love is given by birth or given to God by allegiance. Like the difference between family and friends.

Are we equally yolked, or yoked, more than we can fathom? Even more than that. An eternal life never ends. It evolves through the light of mystery, each life we find ourselves seeking to live. With some sense of boundaries and truth detectors about alien life, rubbing your tires. Each and every one of us.

Love™ didn’t make mistakes creating you or me. Love™ never fails to do and be. It’s your neighbor. Who created smoke and mirrors. Gave life to God and Jesus.

Now we all get too be servants, slaves and hostages to one another. What’s your brand? Multiple endorsements?

Is Love™ working for a higher power? A Higher Love?

Love™ “The only brand that fits all of us.”

Love™ “gets us for eternity.” “Only thing that can outlast me!”

I don’t care if you sharks attempt to besmirch the brand name for ill gotten gains, you like for your brand name, you feel is more important. I’m considerate of your rights and feelings.

You may not comprehend a greater thing than yourself. God may be all you can imagine. You bought into trickle down theories, for experiments only kids of God could comprehend, as good. Who got too big for his britches; needs a whole new wardrobe? And I AM stuck in the middle.

He has to disqualify me, in order to win or simply wait another round with struggling faith. Like the rest of us.

How would Love™ operate differently, in a game format such as this landscape we navigate?

From some assurance of knowing, buried deep inside my kernel.

I find myself challenging the flesh. Not as you might expect,

with vigorous exercise and eating right.

With imposed slothful behavior and unruly desires, I test and try Love™ creation. I am an employee of Love™ squeaking out the last miles, from a pair of shoes I just got from the thrift store.

Who do you work for? What’s in your pocket? Dollar bills, crosses and coins?

Somehow I’m here to help! It must be bad. I’m the National Damage Control Advisor. Support is on its way. What’s the situation? Oh I see… deception and piety… you gotta get the root before confusion overcomes all the flocks! They start running for the thickets. FYI… There aren’t no real fences.

Excerpt from my current nook in prodouction “Turned Out”

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