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“Grantham Barnsley’’ The man said as a statement of confirmation. Inspecting the Identification and handing it back with an eye steadied on me. I had a large attaché case and a rolling suitcase he seemed to examine with x-ray eyes. This is the path to Earth, I remind myself.

I moved through the gate with no response but a nod. I hadn’t been back to Earth in over 2000 years. I wasn’t really looking forward to it. My last season on Earth lasted 54 years and wasn’t pleasant. I continued through the terminal to the Enmity Transition Gate, my destination this ‘Altering’ time, and entered the tunnel.

It took this long to get me to agree to venture back and try again. Maybe I have evolved and can overcome the challenge of coexisting with crazy neighbors and obvious indifference to reality. I jest… It is a valuable experience and critical to our evolution as eternal creatures. For me it’s like going to the cheapest dentist in Hel.

Some of my offspring, from prior life seasons I lived on Earth, still live on Earth. Have never been off planet. I haven’t seen any of them since the last visit. I have never met some of my offspring.

It may be that I know some of my offspring and just don’t realize it yet. I also may still have some I don’t know about yet. They say each visit is special with new adventures and unexpected twists. I’m not looking forward to it. The problem I have with Earth is that I can’t seem to fall in love with it. And somehow that is a problem while I am there, under conditions.

I feel I have good reason to avoid the experience. A heel is all I can expect from the experience, with little room for opportunity to do anything but fret and fray. Wandering through a brain maze, in the dark, until the end when the bright light strikes you from the rescue helicopter that’s searching for you in the jungle; sent by the resort from the other side of the small tropical island.

All I can muster is to sit and contrast the environment with the ghost of something like Utopia. It’s more than a feeling, of being, stuck in mud, digging a way out and finding a patch of quicksand. Still within an ‘eyes reach’ of a hanging vine attached to a fig tree. I can see a hangman’s noose already knotted up. No body. Is it prepared for me?

An implied obligation to endure and persevere is embedded in us somehow. The loudest external elements are Death and Taxes. Fines and fees for failures in a geared environment for stumbling and falling. Poking and prodding from the mysterious neighbors. Justice is what they call it. Produces flailing creatures somehow. I can’t fall in love with any of it. I like some things like tech and gadgets. A good novel mystery. Real friends and a God I can really trust. No matter what. To pick me up and set the world right at the same time.

We don’t all forget to the same degree. Each revolution through Earth leaves a mark. We seem to learn by experience. Am I stealing if I am enslaved to it without free will in the process to avoid the conflicts? Subjected to be submitted to life under God? In a Land of Nod? With Don, the Godfather.

What is ‘evolution of just the fittest’? Who made that idea up? Did you manifest it in your mind and program it in your heart by repetitious indoctrination of others to the bias thought? Where did you get that one kernel you’re operating with? Have you tried to alter it? Hit a roadblock similar to ‘Writer’s Block’? Defaulting to the path of least resistance. Between what forces?

Is the variance in our minds, between a lingering sense of Utopia and the experience we have on Earth, a divine clue to our current condition in our eternal evolution?

Don’t discount the fact that you may be a middleman. A new creature. Coming to bout between warring spirits. Don’t discount the middleman; Love sent. We all matter equally. You pledged under a flag. To Trust and Follow God and be like Jesus. If you’re not with me you’re guilty by association. With Satan. We all like Santa. What if he is the boogeyman in disguise?

I’m trying to Love Earth and not really others’ ideas of God. The time I find I spend here for a period of definitive measurement is not for love of God and the peace on Earth I witnessed on TV; first thing in the morning, at Noon, 5pm and just before bed at 10pm daily. Littered with prescription drug ads with disclaimers. Profits rolling in.

The early seeds of thought, seem to inform new considerations, as time wears against the evolution of the flesh and spirit, each renewing drastically, upon release, from the other. Each cycle must inform the next if Love exists. Our enmity was seeded. You can’t frame me for it, not for justifications of some imposed debt. We are all in this together or we are not.

I suspect… I always cut my losses and gave in to the evil forces that exist here. The path of least resistance for me in the circumstances. I am not a liar or a thief. I am an explorer at this point. Discovering the nature of our eternal life and fiending off the imaginary real world around me.

I Am Grantham Barnsley.

A New Creature entering Earth in the Earth year 3170.

There is no record of a Star Date ever existing. There is no record of time outside of the Earth’s creation. We all exist as we are created. Some creatures find various forms and we all have to choose one planet to inhabit at a time.

The only thing that is ‘ultimately’ consistent eternally, in an ironic sense, is the formless creature we become, in between the life seasons we cycle through, as formed creatures.

You can’t even begin to imagine the different planets you’ve visited, under the godspel on Earth.

You do have a sense of them. Like a footprint or mark left by the experience. Like how this life experience will leave a mark on our eternal soul. Memories become vague and blurred with distance not time from the experience. We all evolve, and condition, in one form or another. To ultimately trust in a sense of a higher power that can ‘keep you’ no matter the situation.

Even when we become our own worst enemy; under submission to being subjected to God. As it clearly states in the I AM Bible Manual.

A greater purpose may exist in burning bridges and crosses? Stars dying creating neutron stars or black holes. Why try to slow and falter a new creature’s path to enlightenment? There seems to be a profit motive, diverting funding, on Earth we haven’t overcome as one yet.

“I am Grantham Barnsley and I am not looking forward to engaging on Earth again…” I think to myself as I step out of the tunnel into the light I followed.

Transitioning to Earth is a process. You know it well. You’ve experienced the joys of birth. There are factors that affect each individual creature, in various ways. The experience is different for each and each creature is in a varied state of evolution. Both are contributing factors to have to reckon while living blind and running nil in a game for your life. Your ball sack.

There was a cycle I thought you could cut them off. Remove the penis and ball sack and just give it to them. That didn’t go so well. Eunuchs they call them. Caused the AI to bore the story of Enoch. Two U’s combined to make an O. Flipping the game, destroying the ‘tower of babel’ that had formed.

I can’t remember the birthing moments or even sucking on my mom’s tit from last time I visited Earth. I really have no reference for memories prior to age 6 or 7 and even that is hazy.

I am set to examine and witness, observing everything presented. This is my evolved nature. In simple terms. The best I’ve found to express the expectation of my role in the coming experience event.

It will be 40 years, or so, before I will begin to stabilize, spiritually, based on evidence of past experience.

I hope this flesh body can take the rough abuse I now expect I may inflict on it. It’s part of the Temptations Routine they build into your customized Program Kernel. All you can do is hope no one can infiltrate and hac it, for a sense of revenge for some reasoning; only they could reconcile. You want a pure PK. Untouched by any hand except Love’s. Everyone has this ‘insurance’ if they do not form bonds with others on Earth for some impure reasoning.

It’s an option.

Some fall.

We can submit and be wicked and foolish. It’s not about consequences. It’s about trust building. Edifying on a personal level. Not to be taught but to be cared for and bred with; for all our benefits. There shouldn’t be any sort of raping of any sort of reference.

This is, of course, what is so appealing about Utopia. The idea sticks in your mind even if only in the background. The more you experience it, the more it infects you. Awakening senses of dormant thoughts and feelings that form memories you cannot comprehend. Only for you and some other component to experience and fathom as if together like parent and child.

I am Grantham Barnsley and I already dredd this coming life season and I am still in the womb. I am fixing to lose my bearings and have new ones fitted and installed. Mine will be held in a vault. All you can do is hope no one can infiltrate and hac it, for a sense of revenge for some reasoning; only they could reconcile. I trust in a higher power, I have evolved. I don’t gamble or carry insurance.

You won’t know me going forward. I finally am really Grantham Barnsley.


The Doctor addressed the nurse “Stat! I need the forceps” “Of course doctor” the nurse replied, handing them to him in the process. She had already noted he needed them. They worked well together. No one knew they fucked each other daily in the shadows, of rooms and stolen time, that lurked the hospital. Not their spouses or their kids or their friends or even the people at the hospital. No one knew except them and only them. God I guess in some sense.

Birthing the baby was a breeze once reset. It was all just a seemingly worse case scenario for a brief moment and the forceps were not needed. It was later noted that the stars had aligned at that moment. Just sharing a personal observation. Not a spoiler alert.

The birth certificate read Grantham Barnsley Date of Birth: 4/3/69

The year is 3169. April Fools day was 2 days ago. So no worries I’m mess’n with you about the year date. Sorry I only get a few days a year to tell that joke. I get mileage when I can.

Today Is Jesus Remembrance Day. A continually recognized Annualized International Holiday enacted in 2033 the same year the reign of bills and coins ended. We all now use the same digital tokens, everywhere across the planet. And this holiday unites us religiously. Everyone gets real digital Easter Eggs credited to their accounts. They are called NFTs. We each have our own credit at birth now with an annual stipend. We’ll find out what it’s like.

Jesus Remembrance Day is observed by the myriad of sects that now have grouped and formed hybrid communities. It seems a sense of need for survival through strength in numbers is driving the effect. Since Parishes, Churches, Synagogues, Mosques and places of Worship were replaced by the sprawling Community Centers Of Unity Formation Directive a new effort that has sprung from the invisible hand that George Washington exposed in April 30, 1789. It seems it is still all a mystery to most inhabitants.

Grantham Barnsley now exists in the flesh and not as just a figment of spirit in the mind of the creature we met at the beginning of this story.


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