Aaron Tarpley
2 min readDec 13, 2022


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L and

There is no name, remember, for the creator of all of us.

God is honest, riding the lines of what truth is, that he is of Love, like we all are and our imaginations.

Factoring for piety… He went on to say he was love. And noted a few other names as well in his book. I give in, finally. Your bible is the infallible word of Gods.

Democratic compromises aside…

Love has a name…So does God. So does Satan and many others.

Who is the Unknown, Unnameable, Unfathomable?

The most clear and concise, verily.

Verily, verily, Jesus made his name. Willing to follow an unfathomable path into eternity.

He didn’t need a name, preferring King of the Jews, and used God, for his purpose in serving Love™.

Gods’ name meant something, still does. It’s creating further confusion. Some prefer that arrangement. In God They Trust for continued profits.

Purposeful deception is factoring into our shared evolution.

Love will use it all for all our good. It can make wiser creatures; that are created to roam the formed features, everywhere in the universe.

Thank you to all parts of the creation that have been used by my Higher Love for my good.

Thank you Steve! Whitney and now Kygo… And all the rest of you, contrasting a Higher Love for me.

I hope you see the light I am looking for… persistently, steadfast in The Original Faith.

L and (no trademark needed)

Excerpt from my latest book in production “Turned Out”.

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