Is America The Prodigal Daughter?

Aaron Tarpley
7 min readApr 28, 2024


Sorting out what has been left on the ‘threshing floor’… The only base value ‘we’ need to foster between us is the ability to be productive all together on the one Planet. The hierarchy of the past has hijacked our ability to create this sort of Social System. The needs that formed from the dynamics of the Kingdom Building of the past evolved into the mechanics of our current so-called merit based system based on compliance to tolerance. Unfortunately this did not produce a truly desirable result for every Human on the Planet. However, I agree that it may be true that those existing below poverty standards are better off in the current modern day than if the ‘other people’ didn’t exist. I don’t think anyone should justify anything with that idealism. In truth… It may be better for our Spirit and Flesh to exist in primitive circumstances versus under Uncle Sam, even if we fall in the numbers above the poverty metrics.

I should disclaimer that I do think we should find a way to improve and enrich the environment we live in. Contribute our efforts and labor to a common good. We should leave behind a better footprint. If the Social Systems are corrupted it might be to be a stubborn, stiffnecked kid asking incessant questions that our Creator sends to Earth. A new Creature sent by our Creator to save the world, one sub-sect of people at a time on Earth. Iron sharpening Iron or some other metaphor you may associate with.

“Thank Goodness for Vaster Creation!”

If Mankind’s Psyche was limited to the formed ideals that prior man had installed on Earth with no fresh take or advanced intelligence being imputed from other sources would we be as advanced and evolved from the past we have to examine for evidence of the cause for our current state of affairs? It’s as if we are going backwards dealing with Civil Rights as a mitigation event that is last on the Nation Builders todo list. Forced by Brave Women Suffering for Rights to Vote and creation producing people like Martin Luther King, Jr, Saddam Hussien and a list of hidden characters or actors, like an off-menu option the powers and principalities only know about.

In truth there is no singular value of intelligence, existing in the entire body of Humans on a planet, beyond our Creator. Everything else is a plus one or more value I have come to call the Myriad of Spirits that remain attached to a Lineage production that exists on Earth or some other planet. Spirits who have heard the call of to service in some form or fashion and submitted themselves willingly to exist on a planet or even within a family or corporate family like a church. Promising to bind themselves to a cause and crafted brotherhood that has now evolved into a quasi-global union. Congratulations… and a ‘Thank You’ I believe our Creator is extending through me; like I too am a Multi-Tool Instrument it uses for some value or purpose.

Without proof, beyond our observational abilities, I believe in Vaster Creation. I accept the understanding expressed by Institutions of People who estimate there may be Trillions of Solar Systems already formed into Creation similar to ours as far as we can know today, in this moment in Eternity. If you know something different or can confirm this potential and have not informed all your neighbors, are you intentionally keeping a secret knowledge to avoid persecution or all the other questions that will arise from Pandora’s Box or Jar?

As I have examined the Word… The only error prior man made was diverting from the Spirit of Truth. Everything else was a calculated strategy and tactic for purpose and pleasure. I have accepted, now in the aftermath of living, I may have to suffer as you do or have, just as the Bible describes. You may have to accommodate my terms fashioned and formed through our Creator as a New Creature formed and placed to exist here for orientation to the various ways and means other peers and equals might evolve into. Good, bad and ugly might still yet be ahead of me. Eternity is actually a long time and we cannot fathom all the rehabilitation that might be needed in Vaster Creation. Keep in mind… Creation procreates New Civilization somehow or way. Is it possible you, as a spiritual being, might become ‘caught up’ or even ‘raptured, transmigrated or born again’ to serve our Creator’s need on another planet in Vaster Creation?

How vulnerable are we and how important are the desires of our heart or our needs as Individual Spiritual Creatures? If we are subjected to the collective Human Condition on Earth, our Creator has a purpose beyond our comprehension. We may have spiritual resources operating like we breathe to stay alive. Beyond our Comprehension. It seems New Creatures may actually be a slim minority on this planet. Absolutely voiceless and with no real way to share our imputed ‘Talents’. Do most fall into compliance with the ‘devil’ and profit its enterprise on the Planet? How do we end up with 8.1 billion humans sharing the one planet? An increase of 8 billion since 1 A.D.

The increase in population cannot be related solely to the increase in advanced Civil Infrastructure because we do not see the increase being represented in that way in all Nations or Countries.

According to a 2019 UN animation, the countries projected to gain the most people by 2100 are mostly in Africa, with Nigeria projected to gain the most at 527 million. The other countries projected to gain the most people are:

Democratic Republic of the Congo, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Angola, Niger, Egypt, Sudan, Pakistan, and the United States.

If quality of life was the driver, we would see the population grow where life could exist best on the planet. Other dynamics are involved with these metrics. Africa makes sense in some ways because of land mass and the age of the formation of civilization that has existed on that Continent. The United States should make the most gains and even reduce the overpopulation that has come to exist in lesser developed parts of the world. I would say the US or America obligated itself to open borders without any prejudice with the contentions they used to establish the Social Systems that have evolved into modern day.

Opinions are like assholes as they say… But if the devil is allowed to roam about and operate this style of Social Systems I would have to ask our Creator about the verity involved. I can forgive and pitch in to help resolve the issues if the devil would simply quit deceiving me. I am exasperated because of obfuscation and the illusions of grandeur it projects. In my opinion I believe the Devil will evolve through evolvement, just like me.

God on Earth may have trained its chosen ones to convert the incoming bounty. Sort out the wheat and chaff, if they can or are able to identify and qualify the ‘variants’ that can come back through the proverbial lineage gates. The Good, Bad and Ugly. According to the Eye of the Beholder. The New Creature, The Brother/Sister or the Enemy/Foe the wise serpent desires to keep closer than a friend or family. How do you make sense of the parable about the prodigal son? Do you overlook the dynamics involved and the pork you should avoid? Why is it that the Son is considered Prodigal? Is America the Prodigal Daughter?

How might a New Creature gain from this evolved World and Save it from destruction from deception and subsequent consumption and over consumption from the enterprise of profiteering? Is the Devil devouring? Using the truth against New Creatures to enslave them to Lady Liberty? Is Lady Liberty luring the New Creatures into Service to her God, pimp or current sponsor? Are her prior kids needing rehabilitation? What value are New Spiritual Creatures to confused and deceived Spiritual Humans? Elder or Ancestral Spirits attached to the lineage who feel they have certain liberties without regard to actual causations formed through prior man. Who might profit from that arrangement? I will acknowledge the New Creature will profit from any experience it is subjected to. Do you remember when you were a New Spirit, pushed out of the Void Gate and released into Existence? Do you believe you are doing unto others as you would have them do unto you? Does our steadfast beliefs in this or that actually matter when the results are realized?

We operate a PFP in America. A Pay For Politics, Play and more Pay sort of MLM Enterprise. A legitimized business model that uses ‘independent’ representatives to sell other wise Humans crafted products to consumers. Similar to a Ponzi Scheme. Is our Creator incahoots with the Devil? Is God separated from our Creator like HE teaches others to believe they might be? If your reaction to that comment is to condemn me for hearsay or even judge what I am saying and your hearing as Blasphemy, then we have an issue of conflict between us to work out. We might call it the seed of enmity.



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