In the beginning…

Aaron Tarpley
3 min readOct 27, 2020


In the beginning there was… Who among you knows? Except you live the moment? What is history but a story. Preserved and protected generation to generation.

The least among us are the memories of faith, hope and love winning our bounty. Argue with me about it. Battle was already won. Victories guaranteed. That All Creation Willed to be Exalted. Season to season, generation to generation. Person to person. Nation to Nation. Planet to Planet? Galaxies…

I’m still here from generations ago, in you too, to all generations; for all to see. For all of eternity. Truth dressed like something that looks like a lady, an ogre, a bearded dragon, Queen of hearts and all the rest of the deck and King of aces and spades; a beast of all nations. Aliens among us. You already suspect, hear the rats, roaches that live in the cracks. Time love… They get’n crazy. Lost their way. Let’s leave.

We can save them! Wait Love! Use your hands! I don’t care if they bleed! The Fat and the blood are mine. Red, White and Blue. You get the purple, yellow and off white. There in the middle. I got the rest of the colours Love.

You promised to do my bidding. Don’t whisper in my ear and walk away. I am. Too. Gonna get to you! Oh bring your cute friend. What’s her name? *

Of course Love, we’ll save her too. The more the merrier. Only 2 parties to go to? How many corners? Watch your fingers! Hold my tail… Don’t let go.

We have to get a grip. On the moment. We have a unique opportunity; every day and still believe in tomorrow for dreams of hope in the here and narrow. Watch yourself on the ledge babe… I’ll catch you. Like a corporate moment to reconcile the ledger. Bless the people. Curse Evil!

Remember your campaign slogan. You are! A r a piece, or a pence or pinch, of God, like that one, and that one, and that one there on my lap. Feed them their bottle please.

Scratch their back’s. Change their diaper. I paid you. You owe me. We care anyway we have to! To do. To want? To be contrite, to the least among us. Protect and preserve the memory of All who went before us. Like… Ant, Beyoncé, Cleopatra, God, Grasshopper, Jesus, J Cricket, Judas, Mary, Christoper, Elisabeth, Phillip, Cyrus, 2 Adams and you and me all over the depth. Width. and breadth of all creation. Oh and Martha and Michelangelo. Randi Barbarella. I’m her plus one.

Does Love really save the day? A day? Which one? When? You pick a side I Love ’em all. Inside. I’m gonna press you to save them ALL for US.