Homeland Security

Aaron Tarpley
4 min readOct 29, 2020

I stole money & cigarettes from an employer. When they released me I pressed for a reason why. The woman, annoyed by the question, said homeland security. Hung up the phone.

If you’ve read my other pubs you know that wasn’t the first time I had stolen from my employer or person in charge of my development and upbringing.

Disregard for others or rather a disrespect for the world as I knew it. Learned about it. Saw in real time the reality show we live in our bubbles and collectively at the polls.

If prior actions and behaviors disqualify a person from calls to service and participation in the collective who among us is not guilty? Of even the slightest infraction. For any, sleight of hand is an afront to the Spirit of Love.

There is no discretionary knowledge, only discernment.

Enduring. Perseverance and mercy through grace. In and through Christ. May we come to the fullness of knowledge, of our Love and the Truth that saves us, from the waves of friends and family misleading us through ignorance for their sense of gain. May not even be money. Might be a sense of piety. What the good book says.

I know it well as do you. Simon says.

I used to wonder, but now know. We are all created equally; accountable. To Love. One another. Rise up and stand for the least equipped among us.

If we confess the least among us before the, whatever you want to call it, the Spirit of dreams and fantasies. I consider Love a Spirit that protects Truth and Love. For, Love is the greatest.

I heard, some voice say.

Do you believe… Love prevails, patiently.

We can prey on them while we stand in the lions den. They have power, only what we relinquish to them.

Here’s what I’ve seen, experienced and come to think to do about it.

First… I sought the Spirit, with an honesty about it, from my heart; using my mind.

I’ve cried and lamented, scrambled around for my crosses. Walked, stumbled, fell and flew off cliffs many times.

Floated back to the ground like kids playing with a blanket. My battles been to control the flesh in the spirit.

Only a pure heart can decode the information… only a pure heart will examine all the information. At least enough to find Love for all others among us. Not just this me, myself and I or family, group or party.

Organizations that bare the cross deserve tax breaks. Never mind the breaches or forsakeness. Forgive and forget, keep no record so you don’t see the patterns.

Don’t do this, go work and bring into the storehouse for us. We teach, and reach out. And protect and preserve our liabilities. As far as the eye can see. If it was naked.

Naked, transparent and humble on our knees. Sounds good and all fall short of glory. Forgiveness for us. We reach out for the least among us. In between services and functions. Trials and temptations. Bouts with glory.

It said be earnest for truth, Love and promised rewards from heaven. If we believe, open doors and kneel before a king. Tithes and taxes, first fruits of labor. No argument here, just look’n on in wonder.

I heard be watchful and aware of something called evil crouching at my door. Or maybe at my neighbors. I wasn’t really sure.

But confidence in abundance like a well not capped, causes us to veer and retract. Loose sight of what, why and how we’re doing; living for something.

Loving all of creation while laughing? Making fun of it all? Of course not, cause that wouldn’t be right. We are joyous and worship for ourselves. Not delight in others suffering.


People being herded, caged, even killed for politics. The needed experience for some to be convicted, by thoughts that lead to actions, with choices of words and votes for party, secret prides and prejudices.

Next… find a way to connect. Build a bridge that can support an exodus of captives. Dig a well to bring life to the new territory.

Or be ahead of the game. Build a dam to release later. Flooding the people, pursuing our pockets through our ears; with words and handouts to satisfy their soul.

Preachers and politicians… if they aren’t rebels to the complacency in the system, then they are the problem.

Capitalism, as defined, has no end result that doesn’t lead children, a man or woman to choose pursuits of money over striving to overcome oppression. First for ourselves, then for at least the others around us.

Third… prey on the victims.

If we hope to understand the plight of another, we can put ourselves in someone else’s shoes.

Is there any question there has been and still is corruption in Love, business, churches, governments and economics.

All arguments exhausted?

Its like If I were to tell one of my exes to just get over the past egregiousness. Or ignore the facts about man, money, private properties and claiming rights over creation.

Stake your claims; heathens. That’s between you and your spirit or whatever you want to call your inner animals. Bible gave ideas like lions and lambs or serpents and goats. Not sure which is male or female.

Lastly, Learn their language. What they believe. What shared faith do we have to build a basis for communication on?

Loves all I see.

Prides and prejudices, held in the heart. Bible says sell all you have, your beholden to… so you can see beyond the tree. To get to your hearts desires and believe.




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