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Aaron Tarpley
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by Aaron Tarpley

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Is there any doubt between us, that the Devil is the Blame for all Evil in the World God Created? What If you’re not a Believer? Is Evil, like Devil, a ‘Secret’ Code Word that can be deciphered in a Mirror? Is its meaning simply Live or Live? How might that track if you applied that to the inference of the use of the word evil.

AI Says:

The word “live” comes from the Middle English words “lyven” and “libben”. These words come from the Old English words “lifian” and “libban” which mean “to live” or “to be alive”. The word “live” comes from the Proto-West Germanic word “libbjan” which comes from the Proto-Germanic word “libjaną” which comes from the Proto-Indo-European word “leyp-” which means “leave, cling, linger”.

The word “live” was first recorded in 1535–45. It’s a shortened variant of the word “alive”. “Live” can be used as a verb to mean “to be alive” or “to have life”. It can also be used as an adjective to mean “having life” or “that is alive”.

For example, a television program can be broadcast live, which means it’s broadcast as it’s happening.

The Lived are simulcast Live 24/7. With little or no delay in latency?

The W Lies of the Lived. The devil who deceives.

AI Says:

The letter W is the 23rd letter of the English alphabet. It’s derived from the Semitic letter vaw, which means “hook”. The Greeks adopted vaw into their alphabet as upsilon. The Romans made two letters out of upsilon: Y and V.

The letter W didn’t come into existence until after the Norman Conquest of England in 1066. Before then, the Latin letter V was used for both the sound v and the sound w.

The letter W evolved from the runic symbol “wynn” (ƿ). In the 8th century, the “uu” symbol replaced the “wynn” symbol. In the 11th and 12th centuries, scribes used the “uu” symbol in its joined form, which evolved into the “w” form we recognize today. The printing press solidified the letter design as a double V, but the name “double U” stuck.

Do we just ignore these issues and believe in the Flocks ‘glossed’ assessment of the Nature of Life, Living on Earth in the present day? Wander around the Garden like Abel, wondering what and why? Not knowing as the others had come to know before Him, what was going on between them.

AM I stretching any imagination beyond a sense of understanding? The construction of our Psyche is resilient and vulnerable at the same time. Some sort of Superimposed Position Schrödinger proposed.

Is it possible that the Bible did not say we are Creatures that existed before the Creation of the Earth and this World? Does it say that we are New Creatures in a sense that we or some of we that exist have not existed before this initial life season? Are we under a Spell of some sorts that has distorted or blocked our awareness of our ‘eternal’ existence? Have we been forgiven in an earlier Life Season that ended just prior to our current existence and we wouldn’t know? If that could be ‘possible’; what would it mean to you or others? Would the Game of Life be going as far as you can generationally without ‘wiping out’? “Surely You Will Die”.

A vulnerable Child trusts and believes, as it is exposed to that which interacts with the Child. You may well be immersed at this very moment in a Video Game System that exists in the future from your current perspective, being submitted to the subjection of the Game Variables. Imagine the difference between playing a Game Boy, A PC Game System and the latest version of Virtual Reality. Each has its own devices and requirements for the player to play or experience the Game. How far into the future can you imagine VR Tech? Immersion Therapy and Rehabilitation for Gods.

Do Spiritual Creatures come to exist in Human Form with a ‘Village’ of other Creatures inhabiting the same Human Body? Does it take a Village to raise a New Creature? Are there a variable, ‘Myriad of Thought Streams’, that produces the New Creatures sense of awareness? Like a Holy Spirit, Angel and Demon that work with or against each other within our mind for or against our welfare or well being as a Human or Spirit?

The war between the Flesh and Spirit seems to be real. I wouldn’t say I know the mechanics from my experience fully, yet. I did/do seek earnestly and I did/do find Data to process as a result of the experience of the ongoing ‘War’ and the specific placement I was ‘Formed’ into. The Lineage I ‘hail’ from.

Investigating your Ancestry may be a difficult task; and may lead to surprising discoveries. We even have TV shows revealing Celebrities Ancestral ties. I found ‘Farmers’ and ‘Starlings’ in mine.

Those that can gather Heritage data that is confirmed by official documentation from each era are becoming rare breeds. Most of us in this Era are of a Mixed Race even if we have Dominant Racial Genes. We have become Colors of Citizens. People from a Place or of a Family of Blood Relation, Religious Order or part of a Corporation. As a Human you are not a Free Spirit. You are bound to pre-existing labels and subjective conditions.

Our Creator has chosen to subject you, and I, to the potential of the Godspel that exists in this realm of existence. Much like we do not like how Satan operates the World Society through the Powers and Principalities it Creates and we find we are subjected to. Remember, Satan… is the Body of the Lived on Earth that have Bound themselves to Mutual Obligation in this Realm. Whatever the context of their union it seems to exist. And it does ‘seem like’ they seek to lead ‘Children’ in the way in which they should or could go.

AI Says:

The word dio has multiple meanings:

In Latin, dio comes from deus, which means “god” or “deity”.

In Greek, dio comes from the name of the Greek god of wine, Dionysos. The Greek word dios means “of Zeus” and nysa (naysay?), which is the name of a legendary mountain.

In Italian, dio means “God”.

In Hebrew, dio comes from the phrase “Yàdad > Dâvid / Dâvı̂yd > Dāwīḏ”, which means “beloved, loved by God”.

Dio may also refer to:

A fictional character in the manga and anime series JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. A name that was chosen because it was already well-known at the time.

Zeus (/zjuːs/; Ancient Greek: Ζεύς)[a] is the sky and thunder god in ancient Greek religion, who rules as king of the gods on Mount Olympus. His name is cognate with the first syllable of his Roman equivalent Jupiter.[2]

Zeus is the child of Cronus and Rhea, the youngest of his siblings to be born, though sometimes reckoned the eldest as the others required disgorging from Cronus’s stomach. In most traditions, he is married to Hera, by whom he is usually said to have fathered Ares, Eileithyia, Hebe, and Hephaestus.[3][4] At the oracle of Dodona, his consort was said to be Dione,[5] by whom the Iliad states that he fathered Aphrodite.[8] According to the Theogony, Zeus’ first wife was Metis, by whom he had Athena.[9] Zeus was also infamous for his erotic escapades. These resulted in many divine and heroic offspring, including Apollo, Artemis, Hermes, Persephone, Dionysus, Perseus, Heracles, Helen of Troy, Minos, and the Muses.[3]

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