Examining Ourselves

Let’s start with Job… As we delve into seeking the truth with a pure heart. About what is happening in our world, all around us, in this time and era, 6770 or 2020.

Disclaimer: We are not discussing here, this historical information, to prove or disprove any textually based faith or religion. Is there a difference between the word faith and the word religion? That’s your first adventure. You may be starting today, or have that experience in your arsenal already and can move on, walking, or living, seeking truth, in a “sense” of faith. Trusting that all of creation is profitable for living, learning and loving; ourselves and our neighbors.

Our current condition, as a whole, is divided. Double minded, some might say. I can build on this truth, about our condition; without further need for debate. We can all agree with this assessment in the here and now. Catch up to this truth and then we can visit more.

Are we just divided between each other? Or are we divided internally and choosing a side to fight for? Like our families in the civil war? Whatever country or nation of people you’re descended from.

We operate, here in America, with 2 parties to choose from. Like a row team with one ship and two captains, rowing in different directions. Can’t agree on a destination.

Life imitates art. Art is a reflection of the life lived in our hearts and minds. We live our truths, just look in the mirrors. A bi-partisan view of our way of life, reveals inconsistency with our stated foundation. Of constitutionally documented rights, promised each to the other; maybe in a different life or at the very least… by those that came before us.

Do you value the rights, as a nation, we document? Or rights, as a “part” of all known creation; we heard was documented long ago, in books, through the Word.

A promise made from an unfathomable, unknowable divine or celestial being, known to have created all things; and thus have power, rights and abilities to preserve and protect us, the most valuable created. Chosen for life, liberty and charged with a vision.

Furthermore, we find a sense at work in us that we have some bestowment of gifts from this “divine celestial being.” Who gives us Love for a sense of forgiveness of our sins and failures. Buffers us, while we seek to live life more abundantly. Than who? You and me.

I don’t tap dance, but, I do seek to speak in grace for all people. To clarify, avoid future confusion, please accept my truth; That who many refer to as God, is in fact what I refer to as Love. You may call Love, Allah or Buddha or others I don’t know so well. I respect that and add that we can all get along. Together in Love. No matter what we call it. I’m pretty sure you know I don’t mean hate.

I believe, and may be wrong to assume you know, that we all have an innate sense of Love. Like most of us can see, touch, taste, hear, smell… feel. I feel, most all of us, can relate to at least one of those senses. And thus empathize with my appeals. That Love exists.

Love is and does. Is that why it may be the greatest of all?

Let’s get back to Job. We all seem to understand we need to work to live. Our first third of life is spent developing life building skills. Learning about what’s happening around us and the history before us, while simultaneously, making more history everyday doing it. All together, everyday, we add to the bounty of life.

New knowledge leads to understanding or at least actions; for causes of faith based goals. Or at least hopeful goals. We’ll blow something up to see what happens.

We dream for grand schemes of a heart we have and don’t seem to argue about that. Only thing we argue about is what it means to love your neighbor like we love our self.

The boundary line of responsibility to keep working, learning on the job. How to give a shirt off our back, as an act of working faith, trusting for Love to be real. It’s a big job!

Let’s talk about Job. That man has a story. I do not know whether the names were changed or if they even lived. I wanna know why this story is part of history. What value does a story have to us? I write a book, I want everyone to read it.

So why are we confronted with this story, along with all the others. Even the ones we don’t know about yet. Hidden truths, kept secrets? Seriously, what can’t we handle about truth yet? Are these red herrings? Is it man or God that acts so deceptively? My sense of Love don’t like it, something don’t seem right.

Checks in my spirit. An alert or warning, I might learn something. If I stay steadfast; and be watchful and aware. Of something happening.

Is it my fault you failed to live and love? Am I my brothers keeper? We all live, learningabout Love. Coming to know.

So Job had it going on, by all accounts. Until Satan, or the devil or Lucifer showed up. He challenged the notion that Job wouldn’t be so loving if he hadn’t been blessed by the hand of God. Much debate about this. For God helps those that help themselves. Not give gifts we couldn’t possibly create for ourselves? And what about tests and trials? Is there a good purpose? Do we do this to our kids? Give blessings, snakes and fish? What about a well?

There is a disconnect that occurs when a child fails. A sense of hopelessness that swells into defeat. A poor spirit formed, until it heals. We are poor in spirit here.

We have a great sense of faith in ourselves, and still struggle with insecurities. I like to sing and dance and can lose myself doing it. Forget about the troubles of the world and even progress to build a kingdom on earth, If I’m good at doing it. Once I’ve built it, I’ll protect and preserve it to my death.

With walls and a moat, fabled dragons and gatekeepers to keep us protected from the others, wrought with jealousy, envious of my life’s work and efforts.

Buffered and bound up by territorial boundaries, where we are not responsible, to work like Job. Protecting and preserving all of creation, he was given charge of.

How do we go about our job here, while respecting a boundary of individual rights and fielding a mounted offense, or offence, fueled by confusion from both sides. Both state that one is right and the other wrong? They are both right and wrong, at the same time.

You can get loud and beat drums and quote God all you want. Truth don’t change. We are here to Love or live to die, for greater gains?

So the story goes… Satan challenged, asked to test and see if he/her was right. I can’t just say he, and not address the truth, we don’t know if he/her wasn’t both. Or even an alien. But we do know what Satan was doing here. All by, through and for Him/Her or an alien form to us. Love allowed it. Established a boundary about it. And seems to have rested, while Satan went about taxing Job. Was He/Her watching?

Is it my fault you didn’t pay attention in History or Literature class? I didn’t either. But somehow, when we go to seek for truth, not just looking for an angle, we find things that mean something. Like when you studied in school. Church should be easier to attend. Not more confusing.

We are double minded creatures. Left side, right side brains. Left hand throwers, right handed writers. We use both sides of our bodies. Life imitates art. Art imitates Life.

Round the world, spinning, around the sun, we go. Dizzy, most of us are now. Not really aware of the truth about everything, but, living like we are experts and professionals. Lost, while found. Like quantum theories we have. Is Love in the fabric of everything we know?

Job’s friends were convinced, Job deserved his licks, somehow. They were angels sent by heaven to counsel him? They assumed to know enough about everything, to cast a lot about it. What did they have to sell? Or preserve and protect? Was it the truth about Job? How come they didn’t know what was happening?

It’s not a secret we vote against evils or for the least evil option. I have never seen one, worthy of a vote, to cast my lot in with them. Our system will change, I don’t need to convince you. Only wait, if I can’t convince your neighbors, sooner than later.

The words in the bible, about how people are like sheep, seems to me, not even by faith, it’s just true.

Prey, in Love, with hope and faith. Edify and educate with a spirit of Love. That’s all we can do. Just be diligent like Job. Steadfast in your faith. Bad faith will reveal itself. Love will be there when the light bulb flicks on.




That's me in the cracker barrel. A picture is worth a 1000 words in this bio. https://www.buymeacoffee.com/pcpcrew

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