Enmity Doesn’t Exist In Utopia

Aaron Tarpley
10 min readDec 28, 2022


No one ever visits Utopia.

You can only be born into Utopia.

Once here, you can only leave by your own volition. No one gets kicked off the planet.

We all do leave Utopia. Life is eternal and we are all ‘Creators’ at some point in our existence. Some of us group up and form seed pods for new life to evolve on a new planet, we will share with the rest of creation.

What you gain, by doing and being in Utopia, stays with you and only what Utopia gained, from your existence, stays in Utopia.

Utopia is ideal. It is fantastic. It is like a dream to a mere human. We don’t spend any energy on irreverent squabbles and rhetoric simply doesn’t exist. We call its cousin something else.




noun: rhetoric

  1. the art of effective or persuasive speaking or writing, especially the use of figures of speech and other compositional techniques.: “he is using a common figure of rhetoric, hyperbole”.
    synonyms: oratory, eloquence, power of speech, command of language, expression, way with words, delivery, diction

Rhetoric is corruptible. We are now only persuaded by actions. Very results oriented. Words are for communicating sincere information and it’s the message that matters most. Oratory or speaking skills are very common in our culture. No one really feels the need to be hyperbolic.

We enjoy smooth governance of infrastructure and never need help from a higher power over our neighbors. We have a responsive Domestic Assistance Department with a 24 hour support staff, with presence in every square mile of our sprawling cities. We usually call them for help moving large heavy items and assisting Fire Department crews and Health Care Units responding in the area.

Rarely does any sort of crime happen in Utopia. Occasionally incidents happen that are because of absent minded negligence or accidental human failure. These create the burdens we suffer all together.

No one is suing anyone. No one is intentionally doing anything that might harm another on purpose. We learn all together and find ways to reduce or mitigate the future severity of issues. Not even crimes of passion occur here. It’s amazing compared to other civilizations we’ve observed. Living as part of creation.

Edification is our top industry. In Utopia, Pedagogy, Divertissement and Applied Art are all considered one industry, The Industry of Amusement & Edification. We have no worship of gods. We simply Love Creation.

Earth may have been like Utopia at one time. We have much that is similar. Roads, streets and highways and interstates. Underground cities. Volcanoes and waterfalls. We do not have jealousy, derision or stiff-necked people who do not want to live and be happy within our shared environment.

Growth of the infrastructure and manufacturing and technology is unimpeded by the cost and extra need for debate and labor for generating and tracking profit from imaginary currency systems. Our security measures are mostly for the new creatures. As an example and a notice that we are watchful and aware. Most “New Creatures” don’t even think about it until we mention it in the course of orientation. It’s the ones returning from Earth that have the most trouble adjusting. We account for all these variables in our society.

You may find our TV Shows and Movies are quite different. No cops and robbers, cowboys and indians. We do not have any wars to recreate for remembrance.

We have Romance, like you’ve never seen or imagined. There are no XXX ratings.

We have Sci-Fi that is not fake or CGI. We all do our own Action stunts. Or it isn’t real.

We have levels of Comedy that are dangerous and have caused fatalities with “New Creatures” who can’t stop laughing. It seems to be medicine to those returning from Earth.

We even have scary horror movies and celebrate something like Halloween. We are not sure where this part of our imagination comes from. Many of the directors of scary horror movies are registered as resident aliens. Mostly from Earth.

No one really wants for anything. We all have an abundance of the common desires between us. Producing Joy for each other, through real-time interactions, seems to be the primary cause for our continued existence.

We are all content to be together and are not bound by contracts or even marriage unions. We co-exist together in a variety of arrangements. Some of us are monogamous with one mate for the duration of a life season. Some are monogamous with multiple partners over the course of their time existing here. Some have even established colonies with multiple partners that have grown in number over generations to form cities. Still none are pious or greedy.

Many of us have multiple partners. Every one of us are single individuals. Free to be and do. It’s the developed environment that lends to an individual’s success as part of the whole. Success is simply being happy here and enjoying your neighbors company. As we all pursue life together on this planet that was gifted to us. None of us created the planet and none feel they are due anything for any productivity they can muster.

We love thrill and adventure. We all travel like it’s for work on Earth. We each have obligations to projects and performing duties or tasks to support one another as well. It’s all about how we work together. Everyone is both a leader and a follower at varying times by design in our system.

Our process of orientation and educating our youth is a journey through doing and being part of the system and is a seamless integration into the production infrastructure as they become an adult. Everyone seems to want to do everything. They all know they will be ‘Creators’ at some point. The pioneer to forge a new planet of creatures in the universe. Once three come to fruition. No one has to die like on Oak Island.

Everyone votes for their favorite choice of Favorite New Flavor of Ice Cream and poll each other for likes and dislikes in the bedroom.

We all serve in the infrastructure, beginning at the very early age of walking and talking.

A place is reserved for everyone. Two people or more for every position so we have more than enough to cover. Production, Creativity and Invention never rest in our Civilization. There are no patents. Materials and Manufacturing Energy is never wasted for profit in a bank account or on paper to leverage debt. A need for money laundering doesn’t exist.

We don’t have the word debt in our lexicon. It is in the Book of Words we keep of words from the universe around us. We have inquisitive satellites everywhere. Part of the deal we formed with HPOL. Did we tell you we are the premier destination for Love’s ‘New Creatures’ yet?

No one needs welfare subsidization. There is no wait time at the DMV. No Social Security. No Disability Payments to profit from processing. Everyone has an automatic shared dividend with no need formed into creation for fear of mountebanks or criminals stealing anything. We don’t need time cards. Time is referred to mostly in times of day like daily seasons. Appointments are specified by where and when it is mutually convenient individually.

We have ‘industry’ that is plug and play. We all do everything. Some master crafts and establish talents we all aspire to match. We have wisdom and expertise that can collaborate within minutes. We built the infrastructure to serve all of us.

Everyone enjoys the good life. We have created a work and education environment that is dynamic and flexible. Everyone wants to contribute. There are no barriers beyond common sense. Even the hardest spiritual transitions, mostly returning from Earth, can be managed and mitigated without incident. None to date. That anyone can remember.

People vacation thrice a year for weeks at a time. Work life is seamless with home life. We all play, and work isn’t actually work to us. I use the word for your benefit.

We consider work activity simply productivity that we find stimulation in. Enjoyment. We all have an interest in keeping things progressing. Most are placed and move through positions through infrastructure we all share in, as we mature into adulthood. Options are readily available to find projects to focus on or some engage in ad hoc activity we have formed into the system.

We consider each individual unique and realize we can make as many positions as we have new creatures to fulfill. We all share in the mundane aspects of our production and are encouraged to learn, discover and invent new products, technology and machines. We fully expect for new knowledge to be formed in the minds of new and established creatures that come to exist here. We witnessed it first hand and you can see the tangible effects all around our planet.

Fostering new ideas or gaining knowledge and perception is paramount to our plans for the future. It’s because of this that we have ‘Fuelless Engine TeCHnology’, abundant renewable energy resources and fertile soil everywhere on Utopia; and other tech you would simply be jealous of if I kept explaining about it.

You can’t just take it and implement it. You have to develop it. That is the only way you can understand it. Although living here helps with the learning curve. Like a season of life on Earth.

We don’t have debt or profit. We don’t have currency. Home is a place we live and work is a place we go where all things are provided for the operation. Everyone has what they want. No one ever has a tendency to hoard material items.

Food is readily available twice a day when everyone eats together wherever they are at the time. Our food service industry is something you can only imagine. We have restaurants and fine dining, but no fast food or other relatable type businesses. Life here is quite different.

We produce so all can have. There are inconsistencies and not everyone gets everything at the same time. No one wants for something; they either have it or know it will come as it is available.

We have created a working partnership between every creature on the planet. Can you say that on Earth yet?

No one complains about cleaning toilets or caring for incapacitated or disabled creatures. Baseline health is off the charts here. Have you seen our able bodies? It’s a rare case that we have a child that is not able to participate in our society with autonomy. We still have the support infrastructure, even though it may not be fully utilized.

Most of our residents, on the planet, are involved in construction and building, product design and manufacturing, technology development and raw earth extraction or involved in the Celestial Exploration Industry. Manpower, general labor for task and service industries are staffed by young adults learning and operating under leadership for direction. There is no need for manipulating people climbing a ladder. No unpaid interns. Everyone wants to contribute. Do what they can.

The key to our success is the way we designed the community infrastructure to accommodate a variety of task management and organization oversight by everyone.

The natural leadership structure of Utopia derives from the formation of ‘think tanks’ at the local level. As young people grow into young adults they become part of this environment. Time is spent considering projects and mapping out which projects make sense for the community and the natural resources they have readily available. Any community can pursue any project they wish for with collective effort. Every community produces at least one variety or version of some product we can all enjoy all across the planet.

We aren’t blah and drab. We don’t all wear the same clothes. We have culture and diversity, but in a different way than we have observed on other planets. Nothing grotesque exists out of context with purpose. I mentioned we have Horror movies and something like Halloween. It’s not about witches or monsters; only creative costumes. We do enjoy dressing up; visiting neighbors.

We have clothes and gear and many things you haven’t heard of and I couldn’t explain.

We don’t lag technology to market for profits for a select few.

We are not seeking a bank ledger or stock market valuation for the sake of saying we are successful. We see success every cyclesecond we exist. And we value and appreciate it.

Our people volunteer for the dirty jobs. Mike Rowe breed here long ago.

Nothing that needs being done is slacked or overlooked. We have no nuclear waste on the planet. The worst explosion we have here is a geyser or volcano.

We do blow shit up when mining. It’s an option. We have a variety of techniques to extract from Mother Utopia. We have machines that would cause yours to look pale in comparison. Where do you think Elon got the idea for the design for his Boring Company Equipment?

I only contrast with Earth because it’s all you know, apparently.

But you can imagine and that’s what I have to work with. Hopefully I can find the right words and string them together well enough to form a picture. Because Utopia isn’t missing anything Earth has except the red tape, greed and corruption. Cause and effects of those choices. We’ve never had someone bite a penis off anyone. No one has ever been kidnapped. Not one murder.

No one smokes here. It doesn’t make sense other than on Earth and we don’t think about it here. I only mention it because I always seem to smoke when I have a layover on Earth. It’s baffling. Something to do with environmental calibration I suspect. I’m usually tense and anxious on Earth. Feel lost and missing, yearning for home.

We use organics and we do get a ‘high’ from absorbing and digesting natural elements found in nature. We have cannabis. We call it “banscain”. It’s not a big deal, we enjoy everything nature offers. We even produce alcohol and have manufactured products for pain relief and developed chemical and nutrient tablets for oral use. It doesn’t get out of hand because there is no currency accumulation driving production and use adoption. There are no sorrows to drown out or need to stay high for protection. From evil spirits. We have no arguments in our head, raging.

Still yet we have active imaginations and have discovered many senses. Our culture is not limited by piety or outraged citizens.

Our greatest claim to fame on Utopia is both longevity of life and the most eldest recurrent continuous living creatures. We just don’t really feel a need to leave our home planet and choose to come back. Although at some point we all have lived or will live elsewhere on other planets in the form of a new creature. Like you. For a season.

However, once Love bores you here, in Utopia, you have already navigated all of creation. Like a satellite.

You will never forget your eternal life spent here. There is no more suffering undue punishment. You survived and now you’re in the promised land. Love made good on God’s promises. Like a good steward of its creation.

Life Living In Utopia

END For Now.

This a draft version of a new work in progress.

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