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Early Draft Sample - Work In Progress For My Next Book

Premise: A story about the still unsorted Love Affair of Mother Nature and a Spirit she named Goodness Mercy.

Prior to acquiring its Name. The Spirit of Goodness had been exploring the Vaster Creation when it found itself approaching the most beautiful planet it had found so far.

As it approached and advanced through the atmosphere it endured the heat and friction that continued to increase, as It sought to find an entry point into the planetary domain. The intensity of the ‘crafted’ effect, akin to being plunged, into the depths of the sea, at 666 Fathoms per mīˈno͞ot moment.

Rather than retreating, its ‘Will’ caused it to persist, as if it had no choice. Goodness had never known a process such as this. All other encounters, in the Creation it had witnessed, had not been difficult to enter and inhabit. ‘Possession’ or the ‘Act of Possessing’ had never occurred to this Spirit.

The (PHF) Pressure, Heat and Friction of the Atmosphere Layer continued to increase the new sense of potential defeat and difficulty, as if to test its ‘Will’ to persist, and enter into the Planets Domain.




noun: domain plural noun: domains

  1. an area of territory owned or controlled by a ruler or government.: “the southwestern French domains of the Plantagenets”.
    synonyms: realm, kingdom, empire, dominion, province, estate, territory, land, lands, dominions, state, country, preserve, zone, sphere, area, place, turf, spot, patch, stomping ground, manor

How intent are you and ‘why’,

is the immediate by-product

of the indirect inquiry made by the planetary defensive resistance.

The Spirit had never questioned itself or thought of the idea of motives for its actions, prior to this experience.

Is it simply

that we all exist

through awareness of each other?

Like a dog is bound

to smell another dog’s butt.

What will the Spirit witness, if it doesn’t discover denial, repelling or death first?

The PHF production finally gives way to the forging of a ‘Crystalized ORB’ that bursts into creation like a fireball and surrounds the Spirit during the last phase of ‘Intensified’ entry resistance. The ‘Crystalized ORB’ dissipates and releases the Spirit into the unimpeded atmosphere of the dominion; seemingly to witness and experience the bounty of the Planets offering. As if to be accepted, chosen worthy to enter. And never considering if it would have endured the ‘Intensified’ entry resistance.

A sense of ‘Achievement’ comes to exist, within the Spirit, for the first time ever, as It breaks free of the ‘Resistance’ it encountered, and finds itself seemingly ‘Relieved’ and ‘Free’. A new ‘Spiritual Sensation’ never known before. Not able to properly equate all the variables involved. This is the birthing moment of the most primitive form of the ‘Sense’ of ‘Pride’, we can examine in Humans on Earth today.

Will we find our Spirit lives up to the ‘Name’, Mother Nature will bestow on it? Will the augmentations of Mother Nature’s ‘Crafted FX’, break the Spirit to ‘Her Will’ or drive the Spirit to ‘Madness’? Is that the only potential outcome?

Now fInding its bearings in the aftermath of the new sensations it had experienced. And approaching a grand-eye purview of Nature, alive on the planet. Plant Life, Animal Life and other unseen forms of Life, waiting to be discovered.

We have the evolved state of that Planet to examine, today. Our Earth.

Mother Nature used her named-sake Spirit, Goodness Mercy, to create and evolve the form of Animal Creature known as Humans. They designed this Animal Carcase we ride in today. They did it together.

As far as Goodness knew, prior to their jointly crafted Human Creatures, only ‘Animal Creatures’, Mother Nature could imagine to produce, had come to be in existence on Earth.

She had not developed the current version of ‘Human’ until the union with the Spirit, she would name Goodness Mercy.

In fact Mother Nature would produce the Monkeys, Apes and Gorillas, we can observe today, with Goodness; as a learning process that fostered a way of communicating thoughts and opinions between them. It would be this earliest work together that would lead them to produce the perfected Human Frame and Parts design that we have been enjoying, and potentially altering, still today. As well as the earliest developments of communication, understanding and language, that established the way we communicate with each other still today on Earth.

Mother Nature knew the Original Spirit of Goodness Mercy would ‘Die’, or rather alter in form, in the process of bringing their new (HACs) ‘Human Animal Creations’ to fruition. She never told the Spirit that it would be ‘Sacrificed’ to produce the new formations of perpetual ‘Matter’ and ‘Substance’. Goodness lost its prior sense of ‘Innocence’ and ‘Freedom’ through the process. And had come to feel new ‘Emotions’ of ‘Bitterness’ from the ‘Thoughts’ produced, and ‘Resented’ Mother Nature for metaphorically enslaving It Spiritually.

Mother Nature became jealous over the Spirit, and did not want to ever lose the Spirit. Cutting the Spirit in on Her Bounty. She didn’t ‘Understand’ the Spirits Reaction, when it realized what She had done.

Taking its ‘Soul Essence’ and using it as the Prime Ingredient to Create the ‘Intellect’ of the New Animals they named ‘Human Beings’. Causing the Spirit to ‘Control’ and ‘Rule’ over the ‘Human Beings’ that will have a sense of ‘sub-dominion’ over all that Mother Nature, had or would create on Earth.

Goodness Mercy had developed an understanding of the personalized ‘Spiritual Connection’ it had to the Human Beings and found itself bound to the unknown variables involved. It ‘felt’ ‘Connected and Enslaved’ to the Humans bound to the Planet.

Seemingly Mother Nature’s Planet; the Spirit had ‘invaded’ by some matter of force.

It was later after the new sensations of anger and despair became angst and fuel for some new sense of determination, that the Spirit would realize that Mother Nature did ‘Love’ it and had also enslaved it to ‘Lament and Labor’ with her ideals of producing ‘Life’ that now included the Spirit, Goodness Mercy, and their Offspring.

Goodness had come to find Earth not long after Mother Nature had destroyed the Dinosaurs. A Set of Beast she had formed that would produce a by-product through their destruction, unbeknownst to her. This was a repetitive task as far as Mother Nature was concerned. Like playing with Play-doh. She would form New Animals and Destroy them often.

Now that Goodness Mercy and their Offspring by-product Humans existed, Mother Nature found she would need to negotiate with the Humans, before forming New Creations on ‘Her’ Earth. If she wanted to foster mutual unity, peace and happiness to exist between them. Goodness had become a Leader and Mediator.

Initially The First Few Generations Of Offspring Were Wild And Rambunctious.




adjective: rambunctious

  1. uncontrollably exuberant; boisterous.: “a rambunctious tyke”.
    synonyms: boisterous, unrestrained, irrepressible, exuberant, uproarious, rollicking, roisterous, rackety, noisy, loud, clamorous, unruly, disorderly, rowdy, badly behaved, riotous, undisciplined, ill-disciplined, unmanageable, uncontrollable, ungovernable, uncontrolled, obstreperous, disruptive, wild, rough, rumbustious, rampageous, robustious
    antonyms: restrained, quiet

The Rams were sacrificed and the calmer Wild ones were allowed to be free. Even though this broke an original agreement. Goodness Mercy had been left to no avail but to follow along with Mother Nature’s sense of Dominance in the matter. A sense of blind faith, that had been forming over time and experience, that it was the right, or simply, the only way to move forward; had been groomed in Goodness.

Mother Nature had ‘tested’ Goodness Mercy, to see if It had a preference for Gender Version when they were crafting the early form of Monkeys. Finding that she could not determine its preference.

The process Mother Nature instigated with Goodness to craft the Monkeys, Apes and Gorillas, was to present the primitive base Animal Creature she had already created as a model to begin with. It had within it, unbeknownst to Goodness, an evolved, or cultured, base Spirit DNA already existing within it. Its ‘Spiritual Essence’ was being bred into a prior formed ‘Spiritually Seeded Species’, unbeknownst to it. Just as It had when they spent time together as Penguins and Eagles. And would still yet, with many more Creatures from the Animal Kingdom we examine today.

Later, as ‘Language’ formed between them she asked which gender it liked best. To which It replied that it seemed to love both forms.

Love was a Word that Mother Nature and Goodness created between themselves, early in their relationship. Mother Nature had taught Goodness the words, Like and Hate. Which caused Goodness to eventually offer the Word ‘Love’ as a descriptor for something more than ‘Like’ that it sensed between some aspects of Mother Nature’s Creations and now Its own co-creations.

Once the newness of the Love Affair came to fruition it was time for Goodness and Mother Nature to inhabit the Human forms they had created together.

Two identical ‘hermaphroditic’ Human Animal Creatures.

They had decided it would be best to have the same experience and created the multi-purposed versions of the first refined (HACs) ‘Human Animal Creatures’. Mother Nature always knew it could destroy the creations if they did not produce desired results. The Spirit, Goodness, had not thought of the matter of creating ‘something’ and then destroying it. It had however had extensive scientific training, inhabiting the Animals in the Animal Kingdom. He was able to inhabit the creatures Mother Nature had already created, with some exceptions. It was a thrill and the diversification of Animals available was a new experience that intrigued the Spirit. Although, not all the experiences had been especially pleasant.

He would not realize for another 400 sol that each form of Animal he witnessed had been formed of a Spirit just like It, that had wandered into the Earth’s Atmosphere, prior to Its arrival. Some of the later Spirits endured and persisted through the Atmosphere, just as it had. It would take 400 years for the prior Spirits, that had been bound to the Animals in the Kingdom, to evolve, or transmigrate, through the New ‘Human Beings’ and be able to learn to communicate this truth to Goodness. Who seemed, was also bound to the new Human Form.

Experiencing Life in the first prototype (HACs) ‘Human Animal Creatures’ was thrilling, even the birthing process was amazing, sensually. They both produced individual offspring and joint offspring. Producing three initial factions of the prototype HACs that then all crossbred amongst themselves. A short reproduction process of 3 months and the new sensations of sexual activity for the Spirit and Mother Nature eventually produced many generations of offspring, both direct and now indirect, through direct offspring procreation. Every HAC born was a Ram.

It was at this point that Mother Nature displayed her potential power to destroy its creation to Goodness Mercy. It shocked and surprised Goodness. Not knowing this side of Mother Nature yet The Monkeys, Apes and Gorillas all still existed. Yet, Mother Nature considered the potential for destruction, foreplanned and matter of fact. It was this first incident that caused the new sensation of consternation between Mother Nature and the Spirit. The prior experience as a Penguin had not formed this ‘Sense’ of ‘Consternation’.

In fact it was necessary given the short sighted consideration of reproducing factored into the first Human Animal Creations. Mother Nature knew from experience, but the Spirit did not. It did not seem to be a point of issue for Mother Nature. And therefore she did not consider informing the Spirit during the crafting process. The Spirit should have known the hermaphroditic model might not be sustainable for desirable results. Each Creature would resort to self sustaining reproduction, eventually. There would be no forced cross melding. Due to the natural ‘Rambunctious and Territorial’ nature of the ‘Spiritual Creatures’ being multiplied. The true ‘Spiritual Nature’ of this ‘Eugenic Alchemy’, still unbeknownst to Goodness.

Now that the Spirit has ‘Matured’, to some degree, through evolvement with Mother Nature, it has formed new considerations to the process of crafting the ‘Human Form’. In addition, the research gathered from the prototype experience affirmed the mutual desire for Sexual Stimulations and improved dexterous functionality.

They both come to an agreement they will not bring a New Human Animal Creature into existence that will be destroyed. They will only form a New Human Creature when they have come to a mutual assessment and considered all variables, that either one has come to think or know.

This incident produces a subtle indifference.

In truth, Mother Nature has communicated agreement with Goodness, yet still has a natural ‘Sense’ that if the need arises she can and will destroy what has been created and formed on the planet. It is not a matter of will for Mother Nature. It is simply her Nature. The Spirit cannot comprehend this Truth, yet. Only ‘Sensing’ the indirect values of indifference that exchange between them through the process.

It was during this time that it was established between them that Mother Nature had power and control over the Earth and its ecosystems. The Spirit ‘felt’ assured Mother Nature was in control over the conditions the Spirit and the Humans would incur. Again the Spirit would overcome feelings of despair and doubt in Mother Nature, and re-engage the process of Crafting the future ‘Perpetually Procreating’ Human Creatures. With no other thoughts for ‘Eternity’ or future potentials for existence.

The First True Human Being to be produced and not destroyed was designed to live for 1,000,000 sol. It was produced as a gendered pair that would comprise one whole Human Being. Individually, they were a Male or Female (HAC) ‘Human Animal Creature’ and together they would form one ‘Human Being’. This was the mindset of Goodness and Mother Nature as they produced the first Human Animal Set in all of Creation. As far as either of them knew, at that time.

Also at this time, we find that Goodness has realized Mother Nature is naturally dominant, controlling and contriving. This new awareness forms and becomes part of Goodness’ calculating intellect in interacting with Mother Nature. Who notices every little thing that alters in form. It is this process that will eventually produce the first Human Being ‘lovers quarrel’ on Earth. In time Goodness will learn from the experience that Mother Nature is seeking for a sense of ‘Love’ she believes she evokes and imparts. To all the Spirits that have come, to find their way to Earth, and ‘engaged’ with Mother Nature.

While Mother Nature is ‘Wiser’ than the Spirits that she has encountered, she is not smarter or more aware of ‘All Of Creation’; beyond the ‘Mechanics of Matter Formation’ and ‘Sense of Control’ she has experienced. Mother Nature is not concerned about ‘Trust’, in general. Whereas the ‘Spirits’ are ‘Trusting by Nature’.

The first contact between the Spirit and Mother Nature came shortly after the Spirit experienced the challenging Entry into the Atmosphere. The Spirit made many revolutions around the sphere from every trajectory as if it was a satellite taking pictures. Finally landing on the peak of a Mountain that would become known as Mount Everest. Not being hampered by environmental conditions, the view of the world is thrilling to the Spirit. As it notices Animals moving about, it hovers down in the Valleys and moves on to follow the Rivers, sightseeing.

The Spirit has visited many planets and observed other Animal Life on many of those planets. But none have the diversity and beauty that the Spirit is witnessing on Its tour of Earth. (That is not to say that there are no other planets that have been created like or are even more advanced than Earth)

The Spirit has not thought to realize that it has not encountered another ‘Spirit’ like itself. ‘Formless and Transparent’, apart from inhabiting the Animal Creatures it discovers.

In fact each time, it did inhabit a Creature on other Planets, it was encountering other Spirits within the Animal Creature and through the Animal Creature when it interacted with other Animal Creatures on those Planets.

A way of creating awareness, between the known and unknown Spirits, had not been developed, on those planets, yet.

On Earth, Mother Nature seemed to have much experience. And an unknown history of trials and errors.

Goodness Mercy did not know Mother Nature’s past and hadn’t ever considered how things it witnessed, elsewhere, had come to be in existence. These were new sensations of thought and awareness that formed through the process of coexisting and eventually procreating with Mother Nature and the Aftermath that followed.

Goodness didn’t consider that Mother Nature might take, or at very least would have known of the benefit She had, an advantage due to the Spirits own state of ignorance and lack of awareness. Crafting (LED) Labor, Enslavement and Duty, into the (CAHF) Crafted Animal Human Form, as some sort of Token or Gift of Love.

Certainly not when She began to present herself as a Flaming Bush, that would light up along the Spirits path as the Spirit moved about and scanned the Planet. As if Goodness was a magnifying glass for the Sun.

When it began to occur, the Spirit noticed immediately.

Intrigued, the Spirit moved about, this way and that way, to engage the Flame as much as it could. This is the first time this Spirit has ever engaged Creation in this way. It had engaged other Spirits as Animals, but was not aware other Spirits existed. This is the first time it is aware of any potential for mutual engagement of this kind.

The flames would burst into being and then calm into an ember as it faded out. Leaving a trail of Smoke and Char. Eventually Goodness approached the Burning Bush that held a flame beneath It..

It had learned on another planet to enter and inhabit Animals by ‘Peering Closer’ at their features. As you align into a certain position a passageway forms and allows the Spirit to enter and inhabit within the Animal Creature. Essentially seating itself into the (SAC) ‘Shared Control Apparatus’ that can co-exist within the existing infrastructure of the Animal Creature. A Spirit can ride as a passenger and eventually come to find and learn ways to infer controls of activity. Similar to riding a Horse as a Human.

Not all Animal Creatures can be inhabited in this way. However, Goodness does not know this thought, nor why they cannot.

It tried to see if the Burning Bush, that seemed to respond to its existence, could be inhabited but found no passageway. It simply passed through, to and fro. As it did the Bush began to pulse. This caused Goodness to stop and hover above. The Bush Flame died out to an ember for a moment then pulsed brightly one time and then seemed to go out again. Goodness watched and waited for a moment as well.

The Bush flared up again with a flame that reached to the point the Spirit hovered at and then died out. This occurred two more times as Goodness watched in a new sense of wonder. Until eventually the Bush pulsed again. Rapidly at first and then stopping abruptly, holding silent for a brief moment and then one bright pulse of light that seems to hold at fulbright and then form a familiar ‘Crystalized ORB Fireball’ and wait for a response of some kind. Goodness moved down to ‘Peer Closer’ and finds a passageway to inhabit the familiar evolved version of the Burning Bush.

Moving into alignment produces a new sensation of something like ecstasy, that the Spirit has never experienced before. A sensation as impactful and compelling as the entry process into the Atmosphere, but with more diversity of ‘Pleasure or Joy’ being produced. Greater than that produced from the Sensation of Salvation-like Security and resulting Pride It had experienced during Its ‘Acceptance’ and ‘Release’ into the Planet’s Interior Domain.

A period of adjustment occurred that the Spirit had no record of as time passing or even as any tangible occurrence of incidents and could only be described as establishing a ‘Spiritual’ ‘Event Horizon’ between the two Spirits, existing in Vaster Creation. But in Sols it was like a million cycles before the ‘Event Horizon’ could come to fruition; stabilizing and finding a harmonious perpetual union between them.

Mother Nature was smitten with this Spirit, more so than any of the others. But why?

In Truth, Goodness was like all the other Spirits Mother Nature had encountered. The only thing that had changed was Mother Nature.

Now though… any Spirits that came to investigate Earth were simply of a certain level of maturation, able to penetrate, at varied degrees, through the Atmosphere. Mother Nature would increase the ‘Resistance Factors’ immediately after Goodness Mercy first arrives. She set them to be virtually impenetrable. Barring most other potentials from entry.

It was Mother Earth that technically decided to make first contact. Since the Spirit was simply exploring to discover Creation. Without intent or knowledge, the future investigation report will conclude.

Truth known, Mother Nature had 12 relationships with other Spirits, prior to Goodness.

The early Investigation exposed five of the secret relationships that produced the (ABCs) Base Animal Creatures known today as Mammals, Fish, Birds, Reptiles, and Amphibians. Dinosaurs and the other Species, including Neanderthal Man, had not been discovered and identified, yet. Although later, Mother Nature would contend that during the Grand Tour of the Planet, she took Goodness on when they first had met, Goodness witnessed all that was created.

Goodness Mercy spent most of Its remaining time on Earth putting the pieces together, as the New Human Beings multiplied and evolved, and the Spirits that had been bound to the Animal Kingdoms, transmigrated into the new Human Animal Creatures. This is when Goodness realized it was bound to the Human Creature it was currently inhabiting. And began to wonder if it would ever be free of this planet. Now so many Sols since it had entered the Atmosphere. It began to wonder if it could pass through the Atmosphere again. Experiencing Death and Rebirth in the Human Form had begun to form Questions within Goodness.

It came out that Mother Nature had not created any Life that was not in collaboration with a Spirit. In fact Mother Nature had not created the Earth, as she had let Goodness and the other Spirits, believe like an assumption left without correction. It was not even known to Mother Nature that the Earth had been inhabited by prior actors and teemed with life long before she had found herself, born into life, within the environment of these Heavens and this Earth.

When our version of Mother Nature came ‘online’, the Solar System was much as it is arranged today with some differences that stemmed from a period when Mother Nature was ‘young’. A missing planet and the damage results that are still observable in the Heavens, testify to the past events.

A constant maturing and dynamic evolution, is and has been occurring, that causes a persistent subtle change of the constant cycle of death and rebirth of matter and the equilibrium produced that keeps the balance of the Solar System in Motion.

The Mother Nature we know has no record of the Planets prior state or condition other than through the current observations and the recollection of the destruction event she witnessed as a ‘youth’. Our Mother Nature has never experienced a planetary death, beyond observation from afar in a child-like state. It understands destruction or the act of destroying in the context that it has destroyed its own co-creations. Mother Nature is evolving just like us as Spirit, Animal and Human Creatures.

A million Sols pass as the Spirit inhabits the Flaming Bush that formed into the familiar ‘Crystalized ORB Fireball’.

A sort of transparent egg that encapsulates the Spirit to move it across the Planet; or Infinity and Beyond.

A journey that becomes a Safari through the Animal Kingdom that transforms into a Sojourn, here and there, as Mother Nature shows the Spirit all the places on Earth she has found she likes.

A flight back up into the Heavens, through the array of Planets and out to the edge of the Solar System, and a progressive fall back to Earth that slingshots them around the Sun with a dramatic drift around Mercury that thrusts them back towards Earth and ends below sea level in the fathoms of the depths of the Sea. An event that establishes another sort of awareness of boundaries, abilities and mutual sensations of experience shared between Mother Nature and the Spirit. Without one word between them they have formed a sense of relationship and ‘Being Together’.

After an extensive tour of the Seas and Inner Earth, Mother Nature drops the egg-like Light Orb containing the Spirit, back, above the peak, where the Spirit first landed on the Planet. The Light Orb Egg actually hit the ridge edge of the peak and cracked open to free the Spirit, before disintegrating.

A new sense of missing and lacking followed quickly, as the awe of the experience could not mask the feeling of the new competing sensations of being separated now.

The Spirit had experienced more, in these moments since it entered the Earth’s Atmosphere, than it had in its entire existence prior. Feeling a yearning now it had never known before. It caused it to seek for the Burning Bush to appear again. Roaming to and fro across the planet anticipating the Flame to appear again. To no avail.

Mother Nature seems

both randi to play

and hard to get,

giving just a ‘Sense’

of the ‘Taste’ of Her ‘Essence of Being’.

And leaving

only a lingering residue.

As She makes off

with Her ‘Bounty’.

With no regret.

Albeit they did spend more than a million Sols together on their first date.

The Spirit doesn’t even realize they had a form of ‘sexual intercourse’, yet. Mother Nature has successfully harvested a Cultured Sample of Spirit Essence DNA she could do whatever she wants with.

Mother Nature does this without forethought of particular purpose. The process Creation performs through its Creations is Innate by Nature. Like Animals do what they do. Mother Nature is supposed to extract Signature DNA, Store and Cultivate its use.

It is the intellectual process that determines what Mother Nature does with it. A process that only occurs with Spirits under willing submission to the Planetary Domain. Remember the effort required to enter.

It is at this point in the beginning of the relationship that the Spirit could have left and wandered on to explore another Planet. But didn’t. Mother Nature has some experience in this process and has developed a strategy from the aftermath of those prior relationships, before this Spirit came to be in her sphere of awareness and influence. A Spirit she will name Goodness Mercy.

The difference is that this Spirit came at the right time for Mother Nature to fall in an ‘Evolved Sense’ of ‘Love’ with a ‘Spirit’ of Creation. She had all the prior experience of trial and error with the other Spirits. While she had little understanding of her actions’ effect on the Spirits, she did form a sense of primitive empathy that developed with each equation expression. She, like us, does not fully understand Creation. We just have our experiences with the mechanics of the process we observe. And seem to fit into.

Mother Nature doesn’t know that she is a product of the evolvement of her sub-species. She has never had direct contact with another like her. She does not have questions to resolve either. She operates in a matter of fact way and is focused on Forming Creatures to facilitate interactions with another Spirit. She is bound to the Solar System and not able to leave if she ever could decide to of Her own Will.

Spirits are formed through the enigma of Creation. They are undetectable apart from unknown potentials while inhabiting tangible Creatures. Most Creatures can be Inhabited and potentially controlled to some degree. It varies with the engineered designs of the Creatures, created.

It is not readily known nor documented how Creation operates. Most of the Spirits do not question it. It is not until an advanced form of Human Creature comes, through evolvement, that these questions begin to become important to those Humans. Humans that are the offspring of Mother Nature and Goodness Mercy.

The yet to be named Spirit, becomes ‘Perplexed’. Another New Sensation. Nothing seems to cause the Burning Bush to reappear.

As time passed, the Spirit never thought to leave.

It couldn’t conclude that it might have been some random experience. It was too impressionable and interactive. A sense of transference seemed to occur beyond the Spirit’s understanding.

It simply reacted to nature around it and the ebb and flow of its sense of being.

A yearning was left, in the wake of the event, that still caused it to seek for more interaction. The first primitive ‘Senses’ of ‘Hope’, as we know it today, produced then in that moment, as an offspring of the Yearning. A Yearning that Mother Nature had Created in the Spirit, through the events they shared.

Mother Nature was ‘Yearning’ too. It was a matter of process, though, and not ruled by the advanced form of repetitive familiar yearning that had also formed in her as an aftermath from the experience. She had experienced a prior peak sensation with another Spirit that now seemed to pale in comparison. Yet a steadfastness from a ‘Sense’ of ‘Purpose’ overrode any potential for emotion to interrupt the process she had calculated. It would be 7 Sol before she would make herself known again.

The Spirit Goodness had begun a systematic scanning, to and fro again, about the planet. Determined it seemed to become familiar and acquainted with the Planet, waiting for some reason to hope in the potential for interaction again. After 7 Sols of wandering about systematically, the Spirit decides it wants to inhabit a Penguin.

Goodness had taken notice of the Penguins in the area, known now as Vindication Island, earlier during its first tour of the planet. Noticing the movements of the Animals activity that seemed expressive and appealed to it. They also seemed to be content, docile and harmless.

Hovering about the Island, The Spirit peered closer to one of the Penguins and found the passageway to inhabit the Animal Creature, as it danced about in what must be a sense of Joy and Happiness. As Goodness entered the Penguin, it found it easy to influence the animal’s activity. Provoking the Penguin to bandy about and explore the other Penguins habitats.

As Goodness explored the colony it approached other Penguins to incite some form of engagement. This led to a territorial dispute with another larger penguin. The Emperor Penguin. Finding itself quickly surrounded now by a crowd of curious and angry Penguins; the Emperor strikes Goodness with its Beak, drawing blood. Goodness feels the pain of the inflicted wound left behind. Not familiar with this sort of conflict and unable to maneuver the penguin to safety, Goodness exits the Penguin and watches the Emperor attack again and deliver a fatal blow to the smaller Penguin.

Goodness retreats to a higher ground, even though it is formless and not vulnerable in this state. Resting for an extended period on the ledge of a lower portion of the Island just above the Penguins dense congregation. Observing and wondering what had happened to cause the conflict. A New Primitive ‘Sense of Fear’ had been born through the Incident. We know it well.

Eventually a single Penguin approaches carrying a pebble in its beak. Wandering about in a persistent direction of where Goodness was resting in a hover like state near the ground. The Penguin wouldn’t know by sight that Goodness was there. Indeed the Penguin waddles right up to face Goodness and drops the pebble at the foot of where Goodness rested. It then waddled away in the opposite direction.

Not fully aware of the Nature of Penguins, Goodness is puzzled by the incident and stares for a long moment at the pebble. A sense of desire forms that caused Goodness to consider how it might pick up the Pebble and keep it. Without a readily available Animal Creature to inhabit and complete the task Goodness begins to note its location and surroundings to form a Marker to remember the Spot where the Pebble is.


The same or another Penguin appears from another direction in the same manner. Waddles up to the same spot facing Goodness and drops another pebble which lands next to the first one. As that Penguin leaves another appears, dropping another Pebble. Goodness realizes it is surrounded by, all the Males from, the colony of Penguins, each with a pebble in its mouth. Soon each Penguin has deposited their pebble and a large mound is formed. Marking the location.

Goodness is amazed and delighted at the incident. After further examining the other Penguins, who had resumed their normal activities, and finding the smaller mounds they had formed for their eggs, it made sense that the gesture was another Burning Bush interaction. After a Sol cycle passed, Goodness formed the desire to try to inhabit a Penguin again.

Observation and the Pebbles Incident, led Goodness to understand the territorial concerns its exploring had provoked. It went about identifying a loner Penguin not seemingly attached yet to another penguin or a mound of pebbles. Not knowing which is Male and Female, Goodness ended up inhabiting a female Penguin who had not become attached yet.

Goodness directed the Penguin to the pebble mound that had been formed and began doing as it observed the other Penguins’ doing, imitating the dance and following the same nesting patterns. All while staying close to the large mound of pebbles and a fair distance from the other Penguins. The day begins to dim to night before another Penguin makes its approach.

The Penguin that arrives is another Emperor Penguin and has a smooth pebble as a mating gift. He drops it at Goodness, Penguin Feet. The Penguin then stands face to face with Goodness, also in Penguin form, waiting for a reply. They stare into each other’s eyes, holding still for a long moment. Goodness finds a way to cause a wing to extend as if reaching for the Emperor Penguin. The Emperor Penguin then extended both its wings as if to hug.

Goodness then reached down and picked up the smooth pebble with its beak and moved it to a safer place it had cleared as a nest earlier, not far from the large mound of pebbles that had been accumulated. This was both a natural desire of activity for Goodness, as a Spirit, who had wanted to save the first pebble and the natural mating process between Penguins, which by accepting, essentially married the two together for life, as penguins.

The dirty secret is, Mother Nature had formed Penguins in a Tryst with the Spirits that she had Created Fish and Birds with. She had been intimate with both Spirits at the same time and had enticed them both to form and inhabit a Male Emperor Penguin and then vie for her affections. These were the first Penguins to exist on Earth and also within Vaster Creation. From which all other Penguins would be created on Earth.

This was then Mother Nature’s way of making her own Spiritual Creation apart from another Spirit. She had experienced the tug of war of collaboration with other Spirits and had come to devise and execute this plan to produce what would become Penguins. Existing In Her Mind, as Her first non-collaborative Creation. Something to call her own. Now She had formed other crafty ‘designs’. Evolved from and through the past experiences. Matured now, as she has become, at the point when Goodness the Spirit arrives.

The average life of a Penguin is 10 to 20 years. Goodness and Mother Nature lived in this state as Penguins for 13 years before the smaller Penguin form that Goodness inhabited died. They had produced 26 eggs of which 21 hatched chicks and 13 of those chicks persisted to live past the first winter and still lived when Goodness died. Also notable is that Goodness is the 13th Spirit to Interact with Mother Nature.

The Spirit that would become named Goodness Mercy had never experienced birthing in any form of Creature. Nor a sexual experience of any kind other than what had occurred in the (LEO) Light Orb Egg earlier. Sex as a female Penguin was truly an entertaining task. A primitive form of trust and intimacy had formed between them while in Penguin forms. Doing the things Penguins do.

Now Goodness was free from the Penguin form and was curious what to do next. It rested again in the same nesting spot as it had when it was a Penguin and the same Emperor Penguin came to sit on the last set of eggs Goodness had produced and had not hatched yet. It was clear the Penguin was aware of Goodness’ presence. And the chicks they had produced together also seemed to be aware, gathering around where the Spirit rested. Feelings of longing, and missing the sense of being Penguin, formed in Goodness. It was tempting to consider inhabiting another Penguin, but something resisted within Goodness to delay the matter.

Once the Eggs hatched and the chicks had grown, Mother Nature abandoned the Emperor Penguin it inhabited and requisitioned an Albatross.


Goodness had observed the Emperor Penguin, it had become attached to, take a Pebble to another Female Penguin and drop it at her feet. New sensations filled Goodness and for the first time felt angst that developed into anger in a fast moment. At the same time a bird came to pass through where Goodness was resting in its Spirit form. The Bird made many passes, to and fro, swooping down and flying through the Spirits resting place. Much like Goodness had done with the Burning Bush earlier.

This activity distracted Goodness from the anger that had formed and quenched the resulting confusion with the revelation that the bird was now the Spirit it was seeking a bond with, not the Emperor Penguin that had gone on about its natural business.

Mother Nature led them on a flight across the Ocean and up the coast of what will be Brazil to land atop the very Mountain Top that the future statue of Jesus would be erected on. The view was amazing and they both rested there for the Night.

During the early hours of the morning two Eagles came within close proximity to the mountain top where Mother Nature and Goodness had rested. Mother Nature immediately flew away to release the Albatross at a lower altitude and then inhabited one of the Eagles. As Mother Nature approached Goodness on the Mountain Top, as an Eagle, another Eagle had come into view migrating in the same direction.

It seemed obvious to Goodness it should inhabit the other Eagle spotted. As it moved to approach and peered close, it found passage to inhabit the Eagle.

In fact, Mother Nature had wanted Goodness to inhabit the same Eagle it had.

This base desire to communicate intent, while in the physical form, created the first considerations of how to communicate desires or ideas, between these Intelligent Spiritual Creatures. Mother Nature had been attempting this in various ways since the first ‘Spiritual Creature’ it encountered, long ago. Goodness has now formed the desire to communicate as well.

A subtle natural willingness to accommodate each other as integral to themselves is forming between them. Mother Nature is pursuing her natural state of purpose to procreate in unity with creation and the Spirit is following its natural state of purpose to explore and discover, in unity with creation.

AI Summarizes:

Isaiah 40:31

“But those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint”

Psalm 103:5

“The One “who satisfies your mouth with good things, so that your youth is renewed like the eagle’s”

Exodus 19:4

“You yourselves have seen what I did to the Egyptians, and how I bore you on eagles’ wings and brought you to myself”

Revelation 4:7

“The fourth living creature like an eagle in flight”

Eagles are associated with speed, strength, security, and care. In this verse, God is attributed with these elements in his relation to Israel.

Eagles can soar and glide with minimal energy because they can work with the wind under their wings.

The Wind Beneath Wings

The two Eagles Soared 2500 Fathoms above sea level. They glided effortlessly for ‘Unknown Fathoms’ of distance and time, riding thermal air currents that occurred as a by-product of some other unseen force of action, as they rode one to its fruition and would find another to hop onto.

The Sense of View and Expanse from above the Planet was mesmerizing accompanied by the ‘Knowledge’, now formed in the Spirit from being ‘Together’, in the experience, with this other unknown ‘Spirit Force’, ‘It’ had encountered by chance, upon entering the Planetary Domain; we call Earth today.

Racing each other across the Sky, Goodness notices the various ‘Trails’ they had made and left behind earlier during the Burning Bush encounter. They have circumvented the Planet and the Animal Creatures default Nature seems to force them to Land and Rest. Choosing to perch themselves for the night in a nook on the side of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. Watching the Sunset produce its show of fond farewell, together. Making way for the Rule of the Moon, while the Sun moves on to other prior obligations.

As the Sun made its exit, Mother Nature may have broken a ‘Vow’ with a ‘Cloacal Kiss’. A ‘Vow’ or promise or agreement made in faith, made prior to another Spirit that inhabited both of the Eagles at that very moment as well, witnessing the events since they inhabited the Eagles. Which leads to the conundrum that would hang a jury on this charge of infidelity by breach of contract of an agreement made in the spirit of good faith. That and there are no documents to support either claimants.

Mother Nature admits she initiated the advancement of sexual intercourse between the Eagle, Goodness was inhabiting and the Eagle she was inhabiting. While perched there precariously on the convenient tree limb jutting out from the nook in the mountainside, Mother Nature would have the Jury believe she was initiating the gesture, knowing the unnamed Spirit Plaintiff was aware and engaged in the congress between the union and the subsequent Cloacal Kiss that all parties acknowledge occurred. The Triplets produced and their Offspring Heritage on Earth is demanding recognition along with everyone else. The prior Spirit, that was formed in the Eagle, wants nothing to do with them, just the award of damages. Leaving Goodness Mercy to take Full Paternal Rights

A Recounting of the Incident found in the Report:

Mother Nature begins repeating a single, soft, high-pitched note.

Then leans forward luring the Eagle, Goodness is inhabiting, to Kiss.

The Eagle naturally reacts and lands on her back, as designed into the Nature of the Animal.

Mother Nature purposely moves her tail feathers to one side.

Causing the Eagle to press and twist his cloacal opening around her cloaca.

Sperm passes from his cloaca to hers and the Eagles

Also noted is that this potential infraction is proven to have occurred many times each day over the course of the period of unwanted occupation. As alleged by the unnamed Spirit Plaintiff.

Mother Nature would reference a form of divine right, she established, over the copulations as part of the freedoms we have to inhabit the Animal Creatures in Nature.

Goodness Mercy in the end would take the fifth on everything but the declaration that what was done, was done in a Spirit of Mutual Love and Trust for Creation, as far as It was concerned. It would not press charges of harassment and bodily harm from the ‘Eagle Clan’ that provoked infighting and acts of intimidation. Which truly stemmed from a very different deep rooted set of problems than the charges could convey.

Until the end, the affair was on par with the experience they had as Penguins. Leaving them both wanting more. Still yet experiencing another evolved form of the prior sense of missing and yearning as they parted ways again.

The constant repetitive harassment of the other Eagles made it untenable to remain in the Eagle Animal Creatures. After the birth of the three hatchlings had progressed to maturation, Mother Nature released the Eagle, it had inhabited, to tend to the new birds as Nature would dictate. Goodness had spent the last 12 weeks staving off threats of attacks from other Eagles. Multiple times a day it would be harassed and taunted. This brought back the sense of pain and fear that Goodness had experienced earlier as a Penguin, caught in a precarious situation.

No actual physical violence occurred and Goodness would point to that fact as a neutral party in the matter, later.

It was the next day when Goodness realized Mother Nature was no longer inhabiting the other Eagle. The familiar taunting and harassment had subsided and not returned. It was also on this day that the baby Eagles would leave the Nest. Leaving Goodness in a whirlwind of new and budding Senses of Emotion.

An unfamiliar presence or sense was noticeable to It, entangled somehow within its own sense of its own presence. Something It had never experienced before. It changed or altered its sense of self in ways it couldn’t comprehend. Producing a sort of synergy of being that didn’t seem stable. Some sort of wrangling within itself began producing unknown conflicts and a sense of repelation.

Still in the Eagle form and not aware of what is happening it expels itself from the Eagle and sets itself above in the Air, observing the Eagle it disengaged, awaiting some reference for the events to become made known. The Eagle remains calm and slowly rises to the same altitude and gently rides the air current as if in a slow pace to arrive at a proximous destination where the Spirit had set itself.

It takes a long extended moment for the Eagle, Mother Nature is in, to make its way over, seemingly, as a way to diffuse the chaos that occurred and reset the relationship that had been forming. It worked to soothe Goodness and allow It to connect the dots and figure that Mother Nature had tried to Inhabit the same Eagle It was in earlier. Accounting for the events of chaos and confusion It had encountered.

Left now to a State of Wonder and now equipped with the new developing Senses of Understanding it had acquired through the experiences it had encountered since entering Earth’s Atmosphere. The Spirit found itself pondering as if to process the entirety of the circumstances to determine a next step of action, as the Eagle persisted to remain steadfast before it.

Eventually, Goodness moved to ‘Peer Closer’ at the Eagle, with some sense of caution and hesitance that had never existed before. It found passage and took purchase within the Animals SAC. Just as it had before. Yet Mother Nature was also present. They shared a mutual control over the Animal only hampered by Goodness’ lack of experience and awareness.

They weren’t really any closer to each other than they had been in the Orb or even in any other circumstance. They simply could share a control over the Animal Creature. Invariably one would be dominant and the other compliant or submissive. A mutual compliance seemed to form naturally.

Mother Nature had no real sense of directive or purpose other than to interact, allowing Goodness to do most of the ‘controlling’. Mother Nature would occasionally demonstrate a maneuver that Goodness would then try to emulate. Leading to Goodness demonstrating and Mother Nature emulating.

The Goodness makes an approach to join a group of Eagles they spot in formation, seemingly migrating together. Mother Nature is in agreement and sets them into a proper formation point with the other Eagles.

The Large Flock of Eagles flies a couple hundred miles and collectively finds purchase for rest in what is today known as Yoho National Park of Canada. More than 100 Eagles collectively find a perch to nest in for the evening. Many fly off to forage and hunt for prey. Mother Nature takes control of the Eagle and follows off with them. A Colony of Rabbit comes into view below.

The pack of Eagles circle and dive to catch their prey as they scatter about. Mother Nature circles the field of battle watching and waiting for the moment to strike and snatches a prize bounty as two other Eagles were working to corral the bunny and avoid its defensive retaliations. Just as the bunny leaped vertically to avoid the chase and attack of the other Eagles, Mother Nature, and Goodness, dove in to grasp the bunny in the air at the height of its leap. The other two eagles were left to seek out a new target of prey as Mother Nature and Goodness make off with their bounty.

This seemed odd to the Spirit, Mother Nature had been courting. It had observed other Eagles and various Animals, chasing and capturing prey to eat and had thought nothing of it before now. It had not been subjected to the actual actions of hunting, killing and eating. It could not equate the need and want to justify the action of hunting and killing or the need to eat for nutrition and to perpetuate its existence.

Mother Nature causes the Eagle, with its bounty, to land at a distance from the group of Eagles it had joined. Mother Nature allows the Eagle to ‘freely’ feed on the bunny rabbit, naturally, for a bit and then grasps what is left of the bunny with its Talons and flies off back towards the group of Eagles. After circling about, Mother nature spots a group of young Eagles that had not been provided food yet by other Eagles and drops the leftovers of their meal to be consumed by the other Eagles.

Mother Nature and Goodness Mercy find a perch to rest on while they wait now for the group to decide to move on. In these moments of rest and inactivity, while both reside together in the same Eagle Creature, a sort of ‘processing of recounting the events’ occurs within both the Spirit and Mother Nature. The Spirit can now identify a ‘Sense’ of Mother Nature’s presence now and vice-versa.

In early morning hours, as the Sun broke through the darkness to extend its first rays of light, the Eagles seemed to move in unison as one whole body, rising out of the trees below to fall into formation as if they were trained warriors, marching onward to their next battlefield.

Over the course of twelve hours the group of Eagles soar for more than 666 miles to reach the next destination. These Eagles seemed to follow a familiar circuit or route as they migrated further South. Touching down on the peak of a Mountain that overlooked the River that would eventually be known as The Salmon River in Idaho, just South of the town of Dixie, Idaho that exists today.

The Salmon River in Idaho is also known today as “The River of No Return” for reasons that will become obvious as our story unfolds.

The whole group of Eagles, now scattered about the Mountain in sub groups of 3–5 Eagles in each sect, rest for the afternoon as they recuperate from the prior flight; and prepare for the next battle for survival of the most fittest designed creatures on Earth.

Just as the Sun begins to set in the West, a number of Eagles lift off the Mountain in some sort of synchronized flight that had seemed to be pre-scheduled and coordinated amongst them. Without wristwatches and clocks these Eagles could synchronize between themselves to moments of exact precision humans still try to imitate today.

The Eagle that GM and MN inhabited had sensed the moment as well, flying off with the others by instinct in lieu of prompting or resistance from GM and MN. The flight was a short run down into the valley below to the “The River of No Return”.

The still unnamed Spirit, Goodness Mercy, observed the other Eagles thrashing into the Water, with some retrieving Salmon from the bountiful River Stream. For whatever reason, Goodness chose to take control and attempt the same activity. Mother Nature may have crafted the events that led up to this incident; we may never know. The future Incident Investigation revealed the potential for identifying a pattern of behavior that was difficult to nail down as a matter of proof. Mother Nature would take the fifth on this matter. Stating that the Truth should always come to light, yet not denying any premeditation in the matter.

Mother Nature was able to distinct this Truth in the matter from Her own intentional actions and behavior that She knew She had engaged in. In Her Mind, Her Core Nature is to design and create the tangible potential for interactions that occur between Herself and other Spirits. She would contend with Her silence on the matter that she was following Her course of Nature from moment to moment with no design for a longer term purpose. After the Trial, many at the time would parse Her statements for examination and realize She had won the game of Words.

Goodness had now chosen to become more than an explorer of Creation, Discovering the potentials of Creation from a distance. He had engaged now, by purposeful intent, in the ravaging and killing of other Animal Species. It had some insulation or buffer of accountability regarding the Rabbit, back at the Yoho National Park. In the matter of the Salmon and its ‘Life’ it stole from the River Waters and Creation, It was solely responsible. Mother Nature had not instigated its actions in any way other than by the longer term process of Grooming that may have been occurring.

Goodness had witnessed the other Eagles and observed the Salmon in the River Stream from above. The first approach and swoop down to the River produced no reward. The Salmon had already dispersed from the location Goodness had chosen to strike. Goodness reset its approach, spotted another school of Salmon in motion and made another attempt which proved profitable, snagging two Salmon, one with each of the Eagles augmented Feet.

Goodness would experience another evolved ‘Sense’ of Pride and Achievement while making its way back to the temporary nest the Eagle had made earlier in the afternoon, while not being controlled by the Spirit and Mother Nature. Goodness realized it had no reference for what to do next. As the Spirit guided the Eagle’s approach to land It relinquished control to allow the Eagle to resume a Natural Course of Activity or allow Mother Nature to take over.

The Eagle was left to its own instincts. Mother Nature simply witnessed the events and tried to gauge Goodness Mercy for more understanding. Goodness observed as the Eagle went about eating the Fish, noting the process it seemed to follow. After the Eagle had its fill, the remaining Salmon left was collected and the Eagle flew upwards to survey the wider field of Eagles and determine where it should supply the Salmon to. It spotted a nest of young Eagles that had not been served by other Eagles bounty yet and delivered the leftovers of its meal for them to devour.

The End For Now

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