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Aaron Tarpley
6 min readDec 31, 2023


A Prince uttered

“Let’s go crazy… Let’s get nuts.”

Pressing the devil to consider It; as It had considered them.

Starting at the beginning of our journey into existence there is a void, a lack of information, available to all of us equally. We may come from a Pandora’s Box of some Existential Nature that is then born through the Spirit of those that rule or simply coexist on this Planet; in some unknown hierarchy that pre-exists between them. Like a pack of wolves roaming the planet. Many who have been domesticated, trained by others, born a little higher in their mind than another faction of any other Order, Race or Creed.

What Force of Nature would choose to produce a Life through Rape or Forced, Negotiated Unions? Is there some unknowable Justice in this aspect of the Mechanics of Creation? Is Procreation only concerned with our Sexual Congress? Is our Creator Neutral about all our imaginable formations of Congress between us?

How do we reconcile or rather reckon the Truth in the Matter between us, all on this Planet? Slave Traders were blessed on Planet Earth by our Creator. They evolved into Servant Breeders by Nature; religiously crafting a better Slave. To serve their Masters, eventually as Freemen on Earth.

Who wields the Invisible Hand George Washington proclaimed ruled the People of The ‘Untied’ States? Have we ever had a true Union of Creations Soul on this planet? In what way does the Invisible Hand operate? What are the Mechanics of Creation involved in the process? Man on this planet acknowledges or accepts they are Capitalists. Many are mute on the subject. Busy tending something like a Secret Garden.

Why did George Washington feel compelled to share the knowledge that the Invisible Hand had come to exist?

By that time in our shared History of the Civilization on this planet we had many generations of Offspring derived from the Corporate Industry of Slave and Servant Crafting. The Chaos of the Wild Nature of Man had become disciplined and trained, with future generations evolving, learning or adopting to rule over its Sub Creations. We seem to have an invisible inherent hierarchy formed on this planet between us.

A Parent Child relationship formed between the self-proclaimed Gods on this planet and the Alchemy Projects they endeavored in. Potentially producing a Golden Calf to worship or fight over; competing for affections. We can see the Capitalization of this Ancient Knowledge in our current day. Examining our Cultural Histories from across the planet, since George Washington confessed, we might find traces of the effects of the Invisible Hand.

The Golden Calf is still worshiped by believers on this planet. Some Men’s and Women’s Religions, Flags, National Borders and Congress of Military prowess is valued and treasured above some of the Human Life that came to exist on this planet.

Why wasn’t George more forthright about the Invisible Hand? Why didn’t anyone ask for more information then? Does it really matter in Vaster Creation?

If Vaster Creation is truly Unfathomable, how gullible are we as Humans?

As a New Creature on this planet, with close to 55 years mileage, I have some experience gathered. Avoid any unvetted Congress. Investigate the Rape of Dinah and learn to discern Spirits, better than Isaac and even Jesus.

Our Semen is our Gold. The Daughters of Men here are looking for deposits from the Sons of God. The younger the better. They are very evolved today. The Lion’s are not the only Animals in the Den, anymore, there are now Cougars.

I’m befuddled with our Creator in the matter of YHWH. You’re Here We’re Here. Let’s Party. We have plenty of Nuts.

Naivety does not require accredited righteousness. It seems you can rape and plunder if no one is looking or knows what they are witnessing. Or an Invisible Hand is extended in plain sight. What is the real value on this planet? How might the Daughters, Brothers and Fathers, Capitalize on the Sons of God and their Offspring? Considering The Rape of Dinah.

The ambiguous ‘I Love You’. Can become a Tool for a Yoke, if it is not a real Mutual Bond. The Laws Man created have been used to enforce the ideals of Union, imposing consequences and offering potential rewards for incentives to submit willingly. Even if dazed and confused, unaware of the deception.

Deception in this World must be real. I have experienced the Corporate Effort. It lacks Intellectual Intimacy. Which is Imbued by our Creator.

I’m baffled with my Creator in the Matter. Knowing it must Matter.

I mapped out long ago that If I exist there is an unknown purpose. Trusting was simply a dynamic feature imbued in me. Not an Action or Work of Faith, on my part. In the end times, I realize now, the experience I encountered was potentially the purpose. Affirming and Confirming my New Existence in Vaster Creation. With everything else a Creator planned or allowed by-product of my existence in this Life Season.

Only an Unknowable Personal Relationship was important for me in this Life Season. The resulting Train Wreck of my Life Season was the reason I came to exist in this position within Vaster Creation. Only our Creator knew what I would experience and how it might benefit me in Vaster Creation. Elsewise I wouldn’t exist, nor would my Neighbor and any resulting Offspring. True Love Never Fails, according to Folklore on this planet.

For whatever reason I never melded with a Neighbor or even my presented Offspring. Yet I spilt a lot of seed on this planet. Led by some Spirit(s). Can the Brothers and Fathers, of the Daughters, be misled by our Creator? If Confusion and Deception exists through the activity of Men on Earth? Are the Daughters involved in the cover-up or needing saving?

Apart from the Human Body, are we all non-gendered Creatures?

What Dynamics are involved between us on Earth? Do they exist in all sectors of Vaster Creation?

What is the real Chemistry between us as Humans bound to this Planets Gravity?

How are the Spirits on this planet leading or training the Children of Creation? The New Creatures noted in the Bible. How have the Spirits operating on this planet been evolving? Should we see change in their behavior or even some sort of acknowledgement of the mutual need for corrections or advancements at a Corporate level after all these generations? So that “We the people…” can manage the affairs of Men on this planet without obfuscation; confusion and deception. How important are God’s Nation Builders in this Fashion? Would our Creator like them to willingly go work on another planet?

Hubris results in revealing the Affairs of this Activity. Will it matter by then? Will there be any non-members on this planet to be off-ended? Exorcised, cast into Pigs. Will it only be those that began this experiment and those they adopted from the Crops and Harvests, that remain bound on this planet by their own free-will?

I’m frustrated by the activity and neutral in the matter. Unfathomable has led me to Wonder.

As a New Creature, why have I not assimilated and found home yet?

I’m no real catch from the Sea between us. I admit. I don’t fit.

Only the Creator of my Existence could find a way to use me for any good in Vaster Creation.

I am equal. Equally guilty in failing or falling short of perfection too.

Still I find no purchase for footing on this planet. Only a desire to carry on any goods I can find in the rockpile of my bad. One piece of Rare Earth Opal that may only be Potch was stolen by my Earthly Mother, acting as Co-regent. Serving Her God(s) or our Creator in Her or Its mind.

Why bother? I wonder.

Organized Men Testing and Trying. Creatures Qualifying and Identifying. Fallible Man Examining, Poking and Prodding. Seeking ways and means to Capitalize on Creation. Profit from their Neighbors and Willing Followers. Separating the Wheat and Chaff, according to them, in the process.

One Creatures Eye may not Beholden like all the Others.

I may be at crazy or have gone all the way to nuts. I’m still seeking for truth and understanding between us. Oh God, I can’t stop wondering about Vaster Creation; to settle myself here under this Sun.

Yours Truly Engendered,

-Aaron Gavin Tarpley (My God Given Name… or so I am led to believe)

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