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All ‘men’ are created equal. Just as it is written, in our Constitution. The transliterated meaning of ‘men’, after 1893 in New Zealand, meaning all human creatures, men, women and the children; who will grow to be a man or woman, who will judge the prior generations.

As children, we are at a disadvantage. Initially unaware of what Mom, Dad and the other Adults are doing, how they are ‘being’. As children we come to know, through time and experience, what Love is though witnessing; observations.

The bible seems to allude to a 40 year journey, through a desert or wilderness, most children might take to enlightenment. For some, maybe only one, that is part man and part god, the journey could be completed in 40 days and nights.

Is it all a matter of awareness? Are many adults simply still children, coming to know what Love is, was or will become? Is love crafty? Using mans’ proneness to miss the point; sinning every moment of the journey.

“Only Lovers, testing the boundaries of Love, should come to live here on Earth; and only for a season.”

“Only Lovebirds, testing the boundaries of their Love, should fly close to the sun and land here on Earth; and only for a season.”

The inhabitants of Mercury have no form?

Are we all being tested? Tried and convicted on Earth? Is it just the one submitted? Is it just me here with the robots?

Did my lover ever exist? I do exist.

Did my love abandon me here, for now, or until eternity?

Am I the devil in the details?

If you exist in my mind, are you of God or Love?

Are you the devil in my details?

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You Qualified and Won. A Race to the End, Fighting off Demons, Following Angels and Finding Love Exists for all it created; unbeknownst to you and I.

The End



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