All of Creation…

Aaron Tarpley
5 min readNov 13, 2020


A sparrow’s view of the Kingdom.


“All of Creation…” with out argument or doubt, is a continual work in progress. A document I started and published. Boldly in spirit, with the Word.

Jesus was my shepherd. His story, as told in the Bible and Churches; and all the overheard arguments about God and Love and Life. The Law. I have witnessed much. So have you… Your neighbor too. Our understanding of the Word only makes sense when we sell what we are beholden to; not lean into our own understanding. End up overly pious. Or insubordinate. Sin crouching at our door.

Although, you wouldn’t know it, by looking at me, on a good day anyway; I have a heart for the tormented and silly. Like described in the Bible… the silly bride. Brides of Frankenstein and the Body of Christ. Adulterated and bound up, by the sins of man. All together, one by one. We all took turns. Bribes. Not one is not guilty… unless you believe otherwise.

Only the Spirit can convict you. Silly to think otherwise? We should hold accountable and call to action, when another person is flailing and waving for help. It ain’t no secret, turns out, we been doin this since the beginning of all creation. Let’s investigate.

I sent dogs ahead… we’ll take this trail.

I started with the Bible, yet have love for all documented history between us and will ask the Spirit all kinds of questions. To find a way to talk to my neighbors, hurting. The ones on TV. And over there arguing at those over there on that side. See… both looting.

Nothing but division for as far as the eye can see. Lots of stories document war and famine; recorded since the beginning? Of eternity? Even the rights we have and all the wrongs?

Before we begin this investigation, let’s agree, We the people… do not know anything, enough to say, go rot in hell; if you don’t agree with my interpretation. Or disparage anyone in any way, anyway. If we agree, you can just keep reading.

Where do you begin to find The Beginning?

As it turns out, I found the problem.

It seems, there is no absolute way to prove or disprove where it all started or even how it all began. We can start by simple observation of all that we can sense, with our 5 known senses.

6, 7, 8, 9, 0

Everything else is suspect, until you decide whether or not, any or all scripture is profitable for your consideration.

There are many factors that affect what a person comes in contact with; and ultimately, forms thoughts and feelings. Have these thoughts and feelings always been the same experience? For all those in history that came before us?

Are these the building blocks that become staunch beliefs? Folklore, hearsay, misspeak and wo/man splaining. And all that’s been done under the sun; especially, the explaining.

Recorded and documented. Now we have cutting edge documentaries, that reveal a lot, if we watch them; and acknowledge the efforts the people put in, to expose the story.

Many characters have come before us and left us table scraps. It’s all discovery and much has been deciphered. We have it really good, with seek n search on the internet and the Spirit of Love and Truth, and everything else, to counsel and lead, how to rightly divide and consider it all. For all eternity.

The end of part 1

Beginning of part 2

All Of Creation 
part 2 — draft

Can we boil everything, we need to know, from all the Creation stories, down into 3 simple statements?

Be watchful and aware… of all Creation.

Seek Truth, in all things, with a pure Heart about all Creation.

Trust we can Love. All Creation. Equally, without partiality.

If a Creature, born and raised by lions, snakes, goats, foxes and wolves or even pigs, needed to know anything? Would an eagle fly down and save it? Or judge it? Condemn it? Is that the best solution; you can come up with?

Our existence is a simple miracle, nothing but what we refer to as Love could explain it. We all know this. But something causes us to do and do not, what we wish; but what reactions, of the flesh, dictate. Based on all sorts of variables. It requires time and experience. Not just knowledge. To justify matters, between us.

If you don't really believe Grace about Mercy… you can go ask Faith; if you trust your left knee. Your right one will follow the flock you choose. Left or right, if you will. Or up the middle through the narrow... bringing to light, all the bs.

If we go back to the beginning… we'll need a boat and a magic carpet. A lamp for light. Bows and Arrows? To kill and impale?

Barbed Arrows, only to pierce the heart. Produce bleeding.

Now we are awake and aware of the pain and sorrows. Sharing in someone else's suffering. All for one purpose… to Love the least among us. To show Love you love it.

Just wallow around in their muck and mire? Kick them around till they do something about it. Pick up my yoke. Get to tilling, building and profiteering. Whisper in your neighbors ear about it.

Tell him or her or them… they owe taxes.

In the beginning, faith came by hearing and feeling. There were no known teachers, priests and prophets. No bullies, just babes and a snake.

Just Love. In the beginning we knew Love. In the end it will be again. As it was. Chaotic? God is sovereign.

The point of the stories are, to let us know, we are still on a journey. Through Life, on earth, with each other, we learn about what's created. Coming to know all about it, through the stories. And hearsay. Some naysay. Some creative words play. Intelligence. Luring and persuasive, persevering and enduring. Resilient. Never failing... Never flailing.

In, through and by… the people that came before us. We learn about human nature. And the power of Love to preserve Truth in all things. Love, in, through and by Word told us. In so many words, to wonder and learn about.

In the beginning there was nothing as far as we know. But our gut, our heart or soul knows better, bout something. What have you become staunch and beholden to? 
Can you set aside, all you lean into and just Love your neighbor? The other one your Love created.

End of part 2