Acknowledgments, Bridges and Crosses

Aaron Tarpley
4 min readNov 1, 2020

Look in the mirror. That’s you. And all that comprises the image you see. Others see something you don’t. You see all they don’t. How can we bridge thee and thy together as one, per sea?

Impossibilities, quantum imaginations and rumors of a spirit in the sky. All of us are a little crazy. For loving or leaving and doing or not doing, in hindsight, what we wish we would have or would not have if we could wish it was possible. We’ve overcome the wages of sin and death, all together, you just don’t remember yet.

Shoot for the stars, believe in your dreams! Only our imagination is our limit. Until we start talk’n bout elvis, allah and jesus. And now Jeffrey Epstein and Trump and Biden. Sheep are easily persuaded, it seems for gross profit and glory. Does anyone question that fact?

We are not earnest for the rewards promised of heaven on earth as it is no argument to pursue. At least not with my high ideals of Love. Don’t BS me… I can hear your thoughts before you think them. Pie sky and pipe dreams. Rainbows and puppy dogs. Have you seen Charlie’s Angels naked!? We can’t follow Jesus to find God, who is Love, and who the hell is Allah, Confucius, Seth and Rib? Does one lead to the other through heritage? Did one cheat the other? Did they all cheat off another? Where is Columbo? Pink Panthers need help! Oh! Go get Andy Griffith and Agatha Christie. Holmes and Watson. Spencer for hire. 007.

The road between acknowledgement and cleaving then letting go. How treacherous is it? We, do or should, beg for knowledge like we thirst for oxygen buried in a box below sea level. Oh it wasn’t like that for you? Pride cometh before a fall to sleep.

If you can’t relate are you accountable. Seems that is the, underlying, question all the scriptures seem to profess. Faith comes by hearing, you do the rest. I can’t convince you. They tried for centuries with greater eloquence. Now the clan is tickling funny bones, while I profess and try to throw a few seeds in the mix.

Like producers working on the same play, we the people can work together on the same project for all to be proud of leaving for our inheritance. Resulting abundance throughout all of creation for all to profit from. I’d rather have a pound for a hundred than 100 pounds from you. I’ll be the last one off the planet. I ain’t wait’n that long for you. Who was knock’n at the door?

Truth, Freedom and The Good Times are finally almost here! We can embrace a whole new creature! If only we could all believe together. it’s real? It only takes a small group, like the electoral college, I hope. To herald in a new chorus. We need to fix the system; that we can all finally admit is broken with one voice. No more bandages, gauze and red tape to fix for later. Take this opportunity to make revolutionary, peaceful change to governance and economics. Overcome waves, cages and jails. Do you realize how much it costs us? Resources that could go for better purposes.

What could be possibly possible? Start with a basic human need. A cause, reason and inheritance. You see we innately have a sense of freedom, faith in our existence. Not all are aware, that we have an inheritance due our hard work and efforts from lives others lived before us. Many are distracted with yokes, rings and sidetracked with cunning advances. Small game, like a penny for your thoughts or shoot’n ducks for stuffed animals. All is used for Good by Love I tell ya!

We all know a part of Love; facets of The Diamond multiplied for us to seek and find in each lifetime. Like puzzle pieces we eventually all form one picture of Love, Life and retell the Love Stories. Only the pure heart goes the distance… Every one wins the race! Not really too hard to figure out. But what about the here and now and not the now and later strategies. How is anyone less crazy than the other? Current results are obvious, path of least resistance. Rest, relax and trust sounds good most of the time. But, again we find we ain’t all so great to others around us. Like many tried to point out along the way back and now we are here again.

They were persecuted like the bible said. I’m sent to witness to the Religious leaders of the US in A. All the nations have their scriptures or ways. No one condemns the other; if it weren’t for man and his ways. Of contriving and finagling angles and schemes and twisting stories to mislead sheep, inadvertently albeit for some and some purposely mimic invisible hands and fatherly ways.

When can we talk freely about it all… like captives set free? When will us and we meet at the river, Can I get all parties to agree? How many interests are there? We need a bigger table for all the aggrieved, it seems. Never get to the bottom of this. Too big a problem for any of us. Place bets, wager your hand. Maybe we find safe passage and come back to better than we left. Casting lots here and there all along the way and reaping rewards in heaven on earth.



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