Disclaimer: My thoughts & ponderings are categorically a crafted dictation of mans’ rambling letter. And that's really me displayed in the Cracker Barrel.

A new creature to writing... I am seeking to develop a universal elixir through learned word alchemy.

I have to provide a disclaimer at this point that states I have no proof yet for these contentions of potential. I am WED to Vaster Creation to perpetuate a cycle of Wonder, Exploration and Discovery, in this Initial Life Season.

From my experience, it seems Creation creates New Spiritual Creatures and binds them to a Human Carcass to orientate to existence on a Planet with other Creatures. It may be that all New Spiritual Creatures come to exist on Earth, as it evolves, or the event occurs on all civilized planets in Vaster Creation. A number of planets that could reach Infiniti.

It might be that Earth is the only civilized planet in all of Vaster Creation. As a matter of potential we must consider and weigh and measure. Either way, or in any other that might be discovered, I am WED to Vaster Creation. We are on our Honeymoon and we are stuck; in a repeating cycle of Wonder, Exploration and Discovery.


Aaron Tarpley

Aaron Tarpley

That's me in the cracker barrel. A picture is worth a 1000 words in this bio. Find thousands more here https://pcpcrew.blogspot.com/