A Childlike Commotion Production

Preeve! Just Preeve… and prey.


Started with preeve. Sounds like superman. pray you know what prey is. Its not my Mother!

I’ve come to think... peev. Is a word to describe my Mother.

I watched Veep. And still recall the pet peeve. Smells like my 'mothers' m.o. I really shouldn’t know I really haven’t seen her since I was a child. Well 27.

Your walk would only frustrate me. she said not long ago. Finally email. Triggered by earnest effort.

Did you actually eat the fruit? I asked. Waiting for answers.

When did I answer your ad? Looking for signs of life. Like preeve or peev and words of life.

Do you still love me or just need to use me? to save the one you love? What the hell you been doin, all these years, you Holy ghost!

All I need is to not? trust and hold on? What about this, this and that. I can do all that? And still feel good?

Original assessment correct... shield and deflect. Shelter in place. Now Mask your face.

Ain’t nothing these people haven’t heard already. Yet, they can’t seem to stop. Provoking me to want to ring a bell. So it will all stop.

Myths, rumors and stories to tame and train the lamest among us. Makes sense when you assess. Knot knot all the sums together. Figure out which sum uron and forget all about me. Lost coin forget my number.

Satisfy my spirit. You have. As Yoda might say.
Princess Lea? All in One I figure.

#relentlesslove #randibarbs #barbidarts #14ALLERA






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